Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tonight Transit Of Venus Is A Powerful Time For Magic

Tonight Transit Of Venus Is A Powerful Time For Magic
Tonight dowry is a inimitable celestial utility renowned as the transit of Venus, equally the den Venus attitude come to pass as a fleeting, dark ring moving on both sides of the face of the Sun. Transits of Venus are plus the rarest of highly praised celestial phenomena and slip away in pairs eight existence apart. The storage transit was in June 2004, the contiguous link of transits attitude not slip away until December 2117 and December 2125.

Magically, this is a very powerful time. Venus is the God of Pet, but each policy all our heart's needs. The Sun is the upper limit vigorous purveyor of life energy. The Sun and Venus each pull out male and female, the God and the God. This night, equally their paths come to pass to break in two, is a very good time to make an confirmation for what you heartfelt intricate in life, as well as unit the perfect time to charge your love to someone.

Venus is each the God of Zone, so the days either conclusion of the transit of Venus is archetypal for trouble to your garden - or for working magic to help the background.

In the UK, the transit of Venus attitude be discernible for about an hour from crack of dawn on June 6, at in the region of 4.45am, but never examine at the sun with bare eyes as it can negative effects your announcement. Many observatories, such as the one at Herstmonceux in Sussex (pictured), are organising special goings-on so members of the state-owned can innocently beware the transit.

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