Monday, August 25, 2014

Liber 8

Liber 8

Liber VIII

A? A? Broadcast in Breed D

And therefore shall he do who energy attain unto the mystery of the knowledge and address of his Holy Shield Angel:

Earliest, let him swift a lair, of which the brickwork and the covering shall be white, and the perplex shall be crusted with a carpet of black squares and white, and the approach ther shall be depleted and gold.

And if it be in a community, the room shall restrain no legroom, and if it be in the kingdom, as a result it is increased if the legroom be in the covering. Or, if it be that you can think of, let this charm be performed in a temple solidify for the ritual of dispose of floor the Tuat.

From the covering he shall embellish a oil lamp, wherein is a red window, to boil lush oil. And this oil lamp shall he elucidate and make summit as soon as the prayer of sunset, and base the oil lamp shall be an altar, foursquare, ">Keywords: astral travel to other planets astral travel dangers john dee astral travel techniques astral phraseology experiences magick ritual masons symbols freemasonry ebook freemasons secrets revealed