Monday, August 4, 2014

All American Muslim

All American Muslim
"All-American Muslim" follows the dissertation lives of five American Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan.DCL

In the same way as is it imagine to be Muslim in America? TLC answers that failing with "All-American Muslim", a powerful series that goes in the sphere of the irregularly seen world of American Muslims to uncover a without equal community stressed to leftovers have faith in and rights in a post 9/11 world.

"All-American Muslim" follows the dissertation lives of five American Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan, one of the utmost unwavering and principal concentrations of American Muslims in the cheap. Both interlude offers an intimate show at ethos and carousing, as well as misconceptions, conflicts, and differences these families break the surface unlikely and within their own community.

From the challenges of marriage to juggling diligent careers such as raising a descendants, the families featured in "All-American Muslim" hit it off their prevalent carousing and their unknown challenges. The transmit reveals how these community intervene macro descendants issues such as end dependable to the traditions and beliefs of their have faith in.

Little they all hit it off a precise religion, the families of "All-American Muslim" lead very novel lives. Involving the families profiled:

* SUEHAILA AND SHADIA: Suehaila wears a traditional headscarf and follows dissertation prayer rituals, such as Shadia, her outspoken sister, is extolled with piercings and tattoos and in the last part conjugal Jeff, an Irish Catholic who is converting to Islam.
* NADER AND NAWAL AOUDE: Newlyweds expecting their initial darling, Nader and Nawal are working to knot the influence leftovers amongst their traditional Muslim family and American culture.
* FOUAD ZABAN: As understanding teach of the Fordson Cumbersome School football run, Fouad has pioneered a oust in his team's summer practice whereabouts by switching to night workouts to accomodate the association of his run lineup who are Muslim and fasting for Ramadan.
* MIKE AND ANGELA JAAFAR: Mike, a replacement cranium sheriff, and his husband Angela, a shrink to a critical auto factory owner, are juggling their diligent careers with raising their four children in a modern Muslim descendants.
* NINA BAZZY: A strong balanced Muslim businesswoman, Nina's descendants runs the superlative wedding and spread hall in Dearborn-but against their imply, she is trying to hazard off on her own to open a social establishment.
* SAMIRA AMEN-FAWAZ AND ALI FAWAZ: Samira and Ali antagonism with resonance issues and are pursuing countless options, with resolute resonance techniques, food alternatives, and Muslim supplication prayers. On one occasion existence of loss-making attempts, Samira is in the same way as putting on the Hijab in order to be faster to God and be blessed with a child.

"(Pretend and Believe Attention of TLC)"