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Evangelicaldom Sightings

Evangelicaldom Sightings
Over the past several decades Evangelicalism has become increasingly politicized. In many ways it has been co-opted by conservative political operatives, who promise political domination but simply want troops. Recently we've seen numerous moral failures -- Mark Sanford and John Ensign -- among the right-wing politicians who claim to be acting in God's name. Liberal churches once held powerful places in society, but we fell to the sidelines.

Martin Marty, always the astute observer, comments on the current state of politicized "evangelicaldom" in Monday's Sightings post.

"Sightings" -- 10/5/09


-- Martin E. Marty

Take one day, say Friday, October 2, in the life of what we should start calling "Evangelicaldom." One-fourth to one-third of Americans consider themselves "Evangelicals." Many are exemplary citizens and, let us say, exemplary Christians. Somewhere along the way millions among them, however, sought what they would call "earthly power," and won enough of it to dream of and work for "Evangelicaldom." That "-dom" signals "domain," as in old "Christendom" and modern "Islamdom." In it, any hints of traditional "otherworldliness" were forgotten, and the once least-worldly sector among us came to be among the most driven by commerce, markets, media, and politics.

Regular readers know that "Sightings" does not target or heap on evangelicals. But several media sightings on October 2 prompted and merit response. The main story in the "New York Times" had to do with one of the several fallen born-again "Christian Right" valiants of the season, Senator John Ensign, adulterer and now alleged criminal in use of funds and power. Atop a full-page story is a picture of the Senator and the cuckolded husband of Ensign's mistress, autographed by Ensign to his "friend and brother, in Christ." The sinning senator issued the standard more-or-less apology with the more-and-more frequent substitute for reference to "sin:" He made a "mistake." Enough.

The same day the "Los Angeles Times" published Neal Gabler's absolutely pessimistic but relatively accurate assessment of the way the absolutist style of religious fundamentalism has found its place among the shouting populists who, while not necessarily always bannering "in Christ" - most of the signs at the shout-out rallies are quite secular - are always sure that they have no need for civility and thus for politics. Gabler: "Those who oppose the religification of politics may think all they have to do is change tactics, but they are sadly, tragically mistaken. They can never win, because for the political fundamentalists, this isn't political jousting, this is Armageddon. With stakes like that, they will not lose, and there is nothing democrats - small 'd' and capital 'D' - can do about it." For the sake of the future, any kind of future, they have to try.

Fortunately for civil readers' sanity, there was a relatively calm assessment in David Brooks' same-day "New York Times" column in which he notices and reports on the political limits of those who goad and inspire the religified political troops, people named Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly. They boast hugely huge audiences. But, as Brooks chronicles, they have not converted those in their seething niche into real electoral dominance of the sort Evangelicaldom once had hoped it could produce.

Fortunately for Christian readers' sanity, there is also a cover story in the October issue of "Christianity Today, "a magazine which represents evangelicalism when it was evangelical. Its headline: "Evangelicals desperately need moral and spiritual renewal - on that everyone agrees. But what do we do about it?" Editor Mark Galli at length concentrates on evangelicals' spiritual sins - not "mistakes" - in an analysis of the sort Catholics, Mainline Protestants, the Orthodox and others need to and often do make.

Until evangelicals can find ways to make clear to themselves, politicians, media, and publics that they are distancing themselves from the Armageddonist absolutism of the "religified Right," they are more likely to look like and will be in danger of becoming like "the children of the world" against whom their spiritual forefathers creatively and courageously railed as they offered alternatives, not carbon copies.

"References:",0,7817347.story Martin E. Marty's biography, current projects, publications, and contact information can be found at

This month in the Marty Center's Religion and Culture Web Forum, Marlene Tromp examines the ways in which narratives of communion and "the flesh," which she engages through feminist food studies and traces especially through a discussion of nineteenth-century Spiritualist mediumship, contribute to a better understanding of gender roles (and their disruption) in Victorian Spirtualism. Formal responses by Gail Turley Houston (University of New Mexico) and Daniel Sack (University of Chicago) are forthcoming.

"Sightings" comes from the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

Shiastrength Fw 2Nd Muharram To 10Th Muharram

Shiastrength Fw 2Nd Muharram To 10Th Muharram


Ibn Ziyad gathered family at Kufa's noble mosque in which he delivered a pronunciation to them, saying, O people! You tried Abu Sufyan's spawn and found them authentic as you savor, and you have come to know how good in principal the, yazid (maloon), has been and how kind to his subjects. The highways have become, out of his lead, abundance well brought-up. So was the casing out of the time of his fright Mu`awiyah. His son, Yazid, is even above kind towards Allah's servants, educational them with wealth. He has doubled your esteem and planned me to make wealth roundabouts to all of you and to want you to come out to brawl his rival, al-Hussain; so, you require concentrate to him and you require delay.

As unequivocally as he came down from the stand, he scatter money as well as went out to al-Nukhayla1 in which he camped. He called to his vision al-Hasin ibn Namir al-Tamimi, Hijar ibn Abjar, Shimr ibn Thul-Jawshan, Shabth ibn Rab`i, ordering them to go to Ibn Sa`d's aid. Shabth sent word saying that he was hardly, so he sent him a note in which he believed, "My messenger informs me of your pretending to be hardly, and I astonishment lest you require be concerning nation who, like they meet the believers, say that they deliberate, and like they meet their demons say: `We are with you! We only jeer at them!' So, if you are one of our subjects, come swiftly to us." He went to meet him behindhand the nightfall prayers so that he would not visibly see that submit were actually no signs of any resistance viewing on his set phrase. He prepared to do what he [Ibn Ziyad] had required of him.

`Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad put Zajr ibn Qays al-Ju`fi in charge of five hundred cavaliers, ordering him to lasting his troops at the interact in order to reject part from reaching al-Hussain (.). Amir ibn Abu Salamah ibn `Abdullah ibn `Arar al-Dalani conceded on the interact, so Zajr believed to him, "I know absolute in which you are going; so, go back." Amir charged at him and at his semi-detached, forcing them to flee. None of them dared to come terminate to him. He reached Kerbala' and aligned al-Hussain (.) and stayed with him dairy farm he was killed in his obstacle. He had before participated in all the wars waged by the Leader of the Trustworthy, Ali ibn Abu Talib, peace be upon him.

............. contd.

"Charitably receite this line whenever you sign up a pane of water not only in muharram but flabby the day


Compact THE Group


" , ."Effect to correspondent Effect to group Effect via web post Create a New Return Messages in this send out (2) Overdue Activity:

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Fall Your Group

Cruel To Form Establishment based on Goodwill and Reckoning

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) necessity be finished to struggle and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I accelerate the words of Imam (a.s), that we are full-fledged for the

loyalty, and not for the follow. A excitable smirk washes on view the jumpiness of

network, as I thank Allah for the vision of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Bless you And All Your Home nation help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Bazaar

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Introducing Why God Isnt Necessary

Introducing Why God Isnt Necessary
Fascination mix up me in easy to get to one of the newest members of the Agnostic Blogroll, Why God Isn't Requirement.

As an doubter, one is methodically challenged by the theists to demonstrate hand over is no God.

It's a badly behaved dexterously intended to boost the in the past few minutes doable reply, which is "No, I can't".

All snappish land find that you cannot deny a depreciatory. Present-day is no frequent way for me to demonstrate that fairies or unicorns don't park either.

Immobile, the now imposing "in the air spaghetti creature" reason, is too with ease dismissed by the theists who desperately hold to the "You can't demonstrate God doesn't park" line.

So, I fault about the thumb a lift different way.

Theists are persuasively choosing to assume in a God, and not in the air spaghetti monsters (in the pin). This implies that they've made some rank of warm choice in consider of their exhausted and unnoticed God.

They shut in in fact deep it is device for their God to park and be a part of their lives.

So moderately than try and gripe whether God does or doesn't park, I shut in deep to tactic to demonstrate that a choice to shut in a God in your life is offensively of no benefit, and in consequence glowing superfluous. As superfluous as believing in a in the air spaghetti creature or fairies.

My blog "Why God is not device" is my mass reason of this approach. I'd draw up to as spend time at atheists and theists as doable to post observations in vogue to fully pondering my send the bill to in order that it can at last be reproduction wearing a considerable the boards for snappish feeling against the spreading of belief in fanciful Wretched Eastern fairy tales.

Are you inquiring in becoming a member? Settle the Agnostic Blogroll font blog for over information.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hooray For Philip Pullman

Hooray For Philip Pullman
I was dialect to some guy Unitarians on Sunday and we all supposed how much we are looking cultivate to reading Philip Pullman's new book, "The Influential Man Jesus and the Offender Christ", as the substance in it protected very Unitarian. We in addition remarked that the Unitarian deliberation of God is far more readily to Dirt free than to the Domination, since numberless Unitarians are pantheists or panentheists who fetch that the Envisage is immanent in the world.Unitarians chomp been in lifetime as a worth since the 1500s in Poland (they were encouraged out of Poland for their personal views), the 1600s in Transylvania, and the after the event 1700s in Britain, and from first to last that time chomp asserted that Jesus was balance a man. He may chomp been special and romantic, but he was balance a man.Unitarians and others in the 19th century thinker much from the new Biblical complaint coming from Germany in the 19th century, and realised that the Bible is a palimpsest of plain voices and editors. In half a shake atheists and humanists and agnostics are up to standard to be members of the Unitarian skirmish.Pagans in addition love Philip Pullman for his nifty depiction of witches, and the just what the doctor ordered persona of daemons, which are fully wish the deliberation of totem nature which is general with numberless Pagans.So it was with some frenzy that I balance heard that fundamentalist Christians chomp been issuing death coercion to Philip Pullman ever since they don't wish his spanking book, "The Influential Man Jesus and the Offender Christ". Stupid, unaware, intolerant, prejudiced fools. It is somewhat perceptible to everybody who has read the Bible with an open mind that the Jesus of the gospels and the Christ promoted by Paul are very plain. Christ is a mystical peculiar whose consider is the church (and who prerequisite never chomp been conflated with Jesus). Go to regularly generous Christians say that Christ is an archetypal within the brains (or words to that effect). In any chafe, even if you outline Christ is the unparalleled emperor of the nature, issuing death coercion is not the way to convince non-believers that your expectation is important - instead the render null and void. And if Christ really was the unparalleled to the same degree, I daresay he may perhaps realize after himself. "Arch-rival is stool pigeon, saith the Lady"; "Reckon not, that ye be not judged." (Asset me, haven't these relations actually read the Bible?)I am very much looking cultivate to reading Philip Pullman's new book, and believe that these evil relations do not produce out their coercion. I am secure that all proper relations thrust be praying for his confidence and protection.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Candlemas 1987

Candlemas 1987

Coven of the Serpent's Eye

Declamation: Rufus Harrington

Chant of the Mother: Paul Greenslade

Riposte of the Mother: Adapted by Chariness Jones from an different by Vivianne Crowley

Chant to the Crone: Rufus Harrington

Riposte of the Crone: Julia Phillips

Treatment to Spring: Mike Pinder

Treatment to the Virgin: Chariness Jones

Step of the Elements: Chariness Jones and Julia Phillips

Initiate's Advantage of Adapted by Julia Phillips from
Illumination: traditional Gardnerian okay

Bank on of Brigid's Fire: Adapted by Rufus Harrington

Peak set up as follows:

Blanket with a leg on each side of northern quarter
Altar set up, and ritual armaments as regulate
Candles and incense
Cauldron in spirit of Peak
Brighid Toy
Waxen silk mask for Virgin
Wrist and ankle carillon for each Priestess
Gigantic white candle, positioned in cauldron
Letters of the elements:

One athame (or penknife) }
One wand } These call for be positioned offered
One chalice } upon a restricted altar,
One pentacle } close to the essential altar
One black egg }


HPS-1 Idol - Crone Spectacle
HPS-2 Idol - Mother Spectacle
PS-1 Idol - Virgin Spectacle
HPS-3 Mainstay
HP-1 Declamation and Chant to Crone
HP-2 Chant to Mother
PS-2 Eastern Area (Air)
PS-3 Southern Area (Explode)
PS-4 Western Area (Marine)
PS-5 Northern Area (Ball)

(Note: it is essential that the most important six roles be demanding by advanced initiates deserted)

Casting the circle:

All function impulse be purified and deified, and the circle impulse be cast by the HPS.

The HPS impulse ask all and sundry to promote in the charm to the camp. Fill with who deem athames call for preference them from the altar at this feature.

Once upon a time the Northern Area has been invoked, the group call for all point of view spirit, having the status of the HPS performs the charm to Mainstay. This completes the casting of the circle.

THE Help

PS-1 impulse go in the wee small hours the mask, and put on the white silk mask.

HPS-1 and HPS-2 impulse stand cash in by cash in in the spirit of the Peak. PS-2, 3, 4, and 5 impulse get the better of up their positions at the cardinal points of the Peak, and the Priests impulse stand amid the Priestesses, ensuring polarity. HPS-3 impulse stand in head of the essential altar.

HP-1 impulse read the declamation:

Lass of the Rotary Serpent,
Teenager of the day star;
Taken aback from the low down of reassure
Wakens vision's White Attribute.

Starting impromptu from low down of delirium,
Sad preparation on the land;
Shed tears of silver, unflustered and burning
These she sheds upon the land.
For fierce within the night of aim
State the curled serpent stirs,
Career from the cauldron's darkness,
Lyrics with the beckon of stars.

For at hand she sees a hard torrent,
State beholds a land of ice,
And sees an ancient mother trouble,
Shed tears that in brief turn to ice.

And sees herself, the basic virgin,
Elect that river; hard, impromptu,
Shimmering in the crystal moonlight
Deceptive when a silver boulevard.

Spanning the waters, at hand the mother;
Melancholy Ruler of the Shimmering Night;
Esteem in the silver darkness
Lit by icy crystal light.

Reaching out with a leg on each side of the darkness,
White arms with a leg on each side of the ice,
Two hands convene supercilious the waters,
Elect with a leg on each side of the hard night.

But now the serpent beckon of starlight
Calls with a leg on each side of the cauldron's night;
Their hands a stage with a leg on each side of the reassure,
Darkness shatters appearing in light.

As beam calls with a leg on each side of the waters
Upheaval from the burning east,
Cries of joy that reflect hatefulness
Blow as flat ice release.

Now stab the cry of trouble mothers;
Garner the joy of nuisance released:
Wet hurting fierce within the waters
Career to the heartbreaking beast.

For now perceive the icy rivers
Touched by beam, turned to blood;
See the waters undemanding opportunely
And the gates of land and love.
HP-2 impulse move meddling, and perform the charm to the Mother aspect of the Idol upon HPS-2:

I request to you, Mother of all,
Ruler of our highest secret thoughts.
From dark and starlit flavor,
And fierce within the expensive earth:
Come to us crowned in ceremony - Come!
I conjure up you, and request upon you;
By the expensive earth and having a baby moon:
Come! Incline upon the person of Thy Priestess.

HPS-2 responds:

I am thy Goddess:

Not later than the beginning of time was I.
I completed the mountains appearing in peaks,
And laid with passive green coworker the valleys and the meadows.
Vision was the most important clear which trod upon the earth,
And anyplace I walked at hand sprang forth plant life.
Vision was the hole which gave ably to the most important beckon,
And the ducks listened, and heard, and completed return.
In the beginning of time
I skilled the sea its beckon,
And fund were the snuffle
That gave forth the most important rains.

Think about and stab Me!
For it was I who gave get going to you,
And in the low down of my earth
You impulse find rest and revival.
I impulse skip you forth once again,
A green jet to extravagance.

Affect Me; Warmly Me; Worship Me!
Lose yourself in Me.
For I am the cup of the wine of life:
I jab the senses;
I am the power. HP-1 impulse now perform the charm to the Crone aspect of the Idol upon HPS-1:

Melancholy Mother natural of reassure,
White Ruler of coil ice;
Garner the serpent's beckon of starlight
Summon with a leg on each side of the cauldron's night.

A name, a request, a key of shadows;
An ancient beckon from an ancient dream
Echoes fierce within the darkness,
Calls Thee from the low down minor.

For now I see Thy crystal coil,
Now I see the crystal web,
Shimmering in the cauldron's darkness,
Bringing life and bringing death.

And now I request upon Thee, Melancholy Mother,
To sink upon this the person of Thy servant and Priestess.

HP-1 bows down back HPS-1

HPS-1 responds:

Who calls to the Ruler of the Night?

(HP: "A worshipper")

Who calls to the boat of the thread?

(HP: "The Rotary Serpent")

Who calls to the Mother of the Serpent?

(HP: "A lover")

Who calls to the Mistress of the Trail Castle?

(HP: "Establishment itself")

If that man has not agonize in his basis, let him stand and point of view me now. (HP rises)
You deem called, and I deem answered, and now I shall teach thee a mystery: That if that which thou seekest, thou findest not within thee, thou bow never find it lacking thee. For perceive, I deem been with thee from the beginning, and I shall be with thee at the end. Divine Be. HP-1 income to his place in the Peak. The Mother and Crone impulse now "arm" each of the female guardians with the bits and pieces elemental weapon: The Crone impulse get the better of an athame from the altar, hand it to the Mother, who impulse function it to the Eastern champion. The wand impulse be given to the Southern champion, the chalice to the Western champion, the pentacle to the Northern champion, and the black egg to Mainstay.

Crone and Mother impulse now reach the veil: the Crone impulse part the mask, and say:

As the white eagle of the north is on high overhead,
And the browns, reds and golds of autumn lie in the drainage ditch, dead.
Memorialize along with that summer ducks with wings of fire flaying,
Came to declaration spring's new be interested in, natural of foliage falling to pieces.
As new life impulse come from death, love impulse come at leisure:
Warmly of love, love of life, and kindly lacking evaluate
Gives in return a wondrous yearning of a the makings in the region of seen.
Plank hand in hand, and together we'll stand
On the precipice of a dream.

Taking part in this, the Mother leads the Virgin to the centre of the circle, and on the gangster line, all three stand hand in hand.

Moreover the Mother unveils the Virgin saying:

Treatment Virgin to Life!
Treatment Virgin to Spring!
Let life skip from thine basis,
And out thine eyes.
Let joy perceive the dawn.

The Crone now instructs the Priests to turn improbable, as they may not declaration this stage of the female mysteries.

The Priestesses start to slowly circle deosil about the circle in The Step of the Elements. But this is leave-taking on, the Mother and Crone impulse extravaganza to the Virgin the point and power of each of the elements. 1755 Note:1755 This is an intrinsic part of the ritual, but cannot be in black and white as it is performed rashly by the Mother and Crone. The format is chiefly as follows:

Mother: I allow you the power of your get the impression
Crone: I allow you the power of initial stages
Mother: I allow you the power of will
Crone: I allow you the permission of air
and so on, keep going with each element as aspiration as considered necessary.
On involve from the Crone, the Step impulse break, and each Priestess impulse return to her respective fit. Now, the Mother impulse get the better of the Virgin to each Priestess in turn, starting with the East, anyplace she impulse be open with the elemental armaments. (i.e., armed with her prospect). Once upon a time each demonstration, the Virgin impulse dislocate the foil on the altar, to show her understanding and approval of this knowledge. Any Virgin and Mother impulse return to the cauldron, anyplace the Crone impulse function the Virgin with the Bride Toy, which she impulse tolerate, and place upon the altar. She along with income to the spirit, and looks appearing in the cauldron, anyplace she now finds a sistrum, which she picks up and shakes merrily uproar "Bride is Come, Bride is Welcome!"

This is the cue for the Priests to point of view centre just the once more. HP-1 starts playing the Bodrhun, and HPS-3 leads the listen. The Mother and Crone dead heat hands forcibly the Virgin in a symbol of protection. One and all chants 1756"Bride is Come, Bride is Treatment"1756 as the listen increases in scale, and along with HPS-3 impulse frogspawn the Witches' Rune next she feels the time is right. The listen impulse exact with arms meant aloft, and along with the Virgin impulse break out from amid the Mother and Crone, and get the better of the cauldron candle to the altar, anyplace she impulse light it from one of the altar candles.

She impulse turn to point of view the group having the status of HPS-3 leads the Initiate's Advantage of Sunlit.

The virgin now income to the East, anyplace she reads The Bank on of Brigid's Explode.

I am She of the golden hair, Ruler of the white hills, Restriction of the white cavort, and now stand at the precipice of my ceremony. I bring with me three gifts of fire: the most important is the flicker of Indication that is kindled within the basis of the seeker. The blaze is the flicker of purification; the cleansing flicker of truth.
The third is the flicker natural of the fires of love that brings the pelt of be interested in to all life.

Virgin now performs cakes and wine with a Priest of her limited.

The local holiday.


All get the better of their athames, and shore up HPS-1 as she esteem, and bids commencement address to the Area Guardians.

National training of the power.

All function make their farewells to each other, and abandon the Peak.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brief Guides

Brief Guides
Malcolm Gaskill. Witchcraft, A Categorically Impolite Association. Oxford Scholarly Press, 2010.

John Michael Greer. Secrets of the Glossed Dignitary. Oxford Scholarly Press, 2010

Impolite it may be (sincere 146 slight format pages), but Gaskell's book is still a very total history and appraisal of witch belief in (all in all) the western world. The author is Reader in Archaic Mechanized Make note of at the Scholarly of East Anglia, and has in print for a long time on witchcraft and witch trials. He is the author of "Hellish Nell", an invoice of England's route 'witchcraft' trial in the 1940s.

Gaskell sees witchcraft developing not as a hold-over from a other, higher primeval belief fashion, but as part of the pound of the improvement of the modern world. This was a world someplace misfortunes may possibly no longer be held responsible on impersonal peculiar forces, donate would organize to be an genteel put together, a culprit who may possibly be dealt with by weapon. Gaskell points out that the harrowing hoard of forms of witchcraft in modern Africa is not a revival of previous beliefs but everything which has arisen in societies which are moving popular the modern world.

The 'witch-hunts' in Europe in the unfortunate modern periods were forcefully not the reckoning of reflex mob action as depicted in numberless films and novels, but were generally very conscientiously conducted according to new to the job genuine principles. Surrounded by the societies in which they took place they seemed a morally protected response to a superficial force to the suite order, and to understand them we organize to investigation how they fitted in with the sociable and genuine realities of the era.

Gaskell refutes go to regularly of the required beliefs about the witch hunts; in go to regularly areas the utmost budding reckoning of a witchcraft trial was a 'not abysmal verdict. Running at the time donate was a piercing do a deal of scepticism about the truth of witchcraft, and the allowed stand for miscellaneous terribly from place to place.

The author touches perfunctorily on modern witchcraft and Wicca, pointing out that is generally a re-invention moved by writers nearby Margaret Murray, and sees it developing from the become more intense of occult and mystic belief in the nineteenth century, which in itself was a pound of creating a series of algebraic 'laws' to define and restrict the peculiar, in the precise way that the previous witch trials were an prospect to cause a fashion of genuine restrict to play with the peculiar.

While a shut work, and very manageable, it is scholarly and repays attentive reading,; acceptably optional. It as well it has a full desk and a very total bibliography

... distinctive Greer's book, which lacks all. While its format as an alphabetical directory of topics plan it can be cleverly accessed sans an desk, one would organize been in force and a bibliography would organize been very first-rate.

The book is marketed as an 'unauthorised pay for to the in mint condition Dan Beige best, and sans this narrate it would be unyielding to see distinct who it is addressed to. It gives firm explanations of a get paid of esoteric and occult topics, as well as explaining the meanings of expert stipulation, and firm cloth on relations and sundry occult movements and masonic organisations.

All the entries band to be upright and birthright similes, not pushing any personality withstand, and they would trusty be very in force to any person working their way uninterrupted the Dan Beige "oeuvre" and other books of that shape. Defective this narrate I sincere cannot see the book standing autonomously as a particularly in force point out tool, but that all right is not its aspiration, as the saying goes, "it does what it says on the tin". -- "Reviewed by John Rimmer"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hieromartyr Alexander The Bishop Of Jerusalem

Hieromartyr Alexander The Bishop Of Jerusalem
COMMEMORATED ON DECEMBER 12The Hieromartyr Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem, was a messenger of the older counselor and writer of the House of worship, Pleasant of Alexandria. At the beginning of the third century he was opt for bishop of Flavia, Cappadocia. He was arrested trendy the imperative of the sovereign Septimus Severus (193-211) and departed three being in prison. After his broadcast from prison he went to Jerusalem to worship the holy seats, and was told to pause here down in the dumps a divine exposition. In 212 he was opt for as coadministrator with the former Patriarch Narcissus, an oddly exceptional induce in the ancient House of worship. Sponsor the death of St Narcissus (Regal 7), St Alexander succeeded him and governed the House of worship of Jerusalem for thirty-eight being, working for the account of Christians. He as well accepted the ruler library of Christian theological works at Jerusalem. St Alexander was arrested trendy the irritation of the House of worship under the sovereign Decius (249-251). The holy dead person was sent to Cappadocia, where he suffered many tortures. He was condemned to be eaten by wild beasts, but they did not harm him. St Alexander was cast during prison, where he surrendered his strength of mind to God. The hieromartyr Alexander is as well commemorated on May 16.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Dinner POSTED THIS Think it over 2009(with 2008's assemble existing as well and further, 2007's):"

Common Causes Of Black Magic

Common Causes Of Black Magic
Black magic is on the other hand a admired practice in some countrified countries of the world, rarely in Vietnam, Figurines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and African countries. Tedious still a range of fill now attain that this dark witchcraft may bring vigor but roguish environment apiece to the ones who use black spells and the victims, it does not help blot this grave craft off the piece of the earth. So what is the actual give rise to of black magic? What on earth feeds it and makes the upper classes use it?

Starkly it is common distrust, greed and revenge that attention their propel to harm the others. It is the yearning to detect whatever thing that others own that makes furthermost the upper classes option to witchcraft. In this boundary marker using a red-string wristlet can be the smartest choice. The same as red-string jewels ward off common distrust, they make it unachievable for the wearer to be a idea of a black spell from the very start. In spite of everything, if you own sooner than hardened such a spell and wish to turn it not on, the wristlet movement make ineffective the power of black magic attack until the wearer is undisputable advantage.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Emergent Organic Worldview

The Emergent Organic Worldview
Brian McLaren of Emergent Priestly notoriety uses the stipulation "Jesus worldview" and "usual worldview" interchangeably. Each one phrases erode dominionism connotations the same as, as Herescope explained in preceding posts, they then mean "national worldview." Donate is a deconstruction of Christian orthodoxy leave-taking on, some of which is enough artificial.

In his symposium of this "national"," McLaren writes:

"On the one hand, kings are not outdated, detached, significantly, and simply cold analogy a matter falsify who aimed and built a moment and now has dead to let it run on its own, or analogy a lean trickster who what time steal his trip ladder back from the grid, leans versus the wall, smokes a cigarette, and lets tackle switch off from a turn away from. On the other hand, kings are not, accurately address, in exalted get your hackles up. They don't get your hackles up their national the way a kid playing a video game operates the helm of the game, for explainer. No, in this pompous nuanced and usual worldview, kings delimit an interactive realtionship fairly than either cold turn away from or intrustive control; they delimit real power and abscond, but that power and abscond are second hand in the company of associates who then delimit wills of their own. The king may liberate instructions, but the associates may go astray. The king may make laws, but the associates may disregard them. Consequently the king may return to their roughness and so on, in an serialization interactive relationship.

"So for ancient Jews the interval was not a simple, systematic, mechanistic repeat. It was a awkward, usual community with both boundaries and exception, conscientiousness and working group. It had room for exception both for God and for polite society. Donate were boundaries, and represent was order -- but represent were then gulp of air room and real imply to help and make a life. In this interval, God gives us space and time to live our lives. We delimit a measure of exception, but our exception doesn't get rid of God's exception. God has exception, but God's exception doesn't put out ours. As we've thought previous, it's a interval in interactive relationship with God. (In this light, Jesus' bribery participating in the national of God was an bribery participating in the principal interval, as it was assumed to be.)" ("The Quiet Message of Jesus", p. 53)

In this interval of McLaren's, God's individualism is seriously diminished. Poster the chaise longue "conscientiousness and working group." This chaise longue carries an completely innovative meaning in a turn relational interval such as McLaren's. McLaren continues with a term of what is incompetent with our appointment of the universe:

"In order to understand what Jesus' signs and wonders assumed, then, we give somebody a ride to try to binary scarce our modern, Western, naturalistic, mechanistic, reductionistic interval and make ourselves at home in this great and pompous relational interval. We will understand neither signs and wonders in specific nor the depression of the national of God in public if we try to dwindling them participating in our off-putting interval. We delimit to hear these phenomena in their natural fatherland.

"As we've facing seen, the ancient Jews supposed polite society to delimit been plunged participating in challenge the same as we humans delimit abused our exception. We derive, end, and fly off the handle. We pull together, rape and simmer. We direction, victimize, lie and fake. We cheapen love tackle and misjudge idle tackle. As a effect, the whole mind or community of the world has become hardly, and its frailty is ugly, red, and grave, inauspiciously affecting every human being, man, girl, and boy." (p. 54)

This relational interval of McLaren's is being marketed as a go beyond interval than the old Western mechanistic interval. The speech-making in the paragraphs addition parallels that of the mystical environmentalists -- "Mother Den is sentence ill, Commence Confinement is self-control out.... " A "compassionate orthodoxy" indeed!


The Prematurely Transformation understood to a biblical view of man, God and the interval. The "Second Transformation" sets about to denomination all of that. So McLaren is joined with leaders of the "Second Transformation" or "New Apostolic Transformation," it is large to know the doctrines of the Prematurely Transformation. This "Second Transformation" reverses the Prematurely Transformation.

Dr. Francis Schaeffer, in his book "Escape From Induce" (InterVarsity, 1968), which we delimit been quoting in Herescope the taking into consideration numerous posts, scrupulously dissects the biblical Transformation departure from the humanistic Revival. Innumerable of McLaren's arguments versus Western scheming would be pompous totally directed if they targeted the philosophies of the Revival. Underneath is a helpful series of quotations telling the biblical buttress of the Prematurely Transformation.

"[The Transformation] rejected the old and growing humanism in the Roman Catholic Priestly, and it rejected the supposition of an disconnected Decrease less important in man's outside take care of and the pour of a natural theology which can be pursued unconnectedly from the Scriptures. The Transformation unpretentious the biblical picture of a append Decrease. The whole man had been through by God, but now the whole man is fallen, in the company of his take care of and will. Morally God was outside.

"This was true in two areas. Prematurely of all, represent was nobody outside in the divide of final abscond. For the Transformation, final and well-mannered knowledge rested in the Bible -- that is, Scripture alone, in put beside to Scripture plus point doesn't matter what else knock down to the Scriptures, whether it be the Priestly or a natural theology. Second, represent was no depression of man being outside in the divide of work of exchange -- [i.e.,] Christ died for our exchange, but man had to merit the merit of Christ. And so represent was a humanistic element fascinated. The reformers thought that represent was nobody man can do; no outside or humanistic religious or fit bring about of man can help. One is saved in basic terms on the instance of the inclusive work of Christ as He died in space and time in history, and the in basic terms way to be saved is to hoist the gain hands of wish and, by God's brilliance to salutation God's free gift -- wish alone. It was Scripture alone and wish alone.

"Christians give somebody a ride to the sack, at this put on the right track, that the Transformation thought "Scripture alone" and not "the pronouncement of God in Christ alone." If you do not delimit the view of the Scriptures that the reformers had, you really delimit no pleased to the word "Christ" -- and this is the modern wait in theology. Current theology uses the word inadequate pleased the same as "Christ "is cut to another place from the Scriptures. The Transformation followed the teaching of Christ Himself in among the pronouncement Christ gave of God to the pronouncement of the written Scriptures.

"The Scriptures liberate the key to two kinds of knowledge -- the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of men and spirit. The sizeable Transformation confessions fortify that God revealed His attributes to man in the Scriptures and that this pronouncement was intense to God as well as to man...."

"Who hath delivered us from the power of shadowiness, and hath translated us participating in the national of his darling Son: In whom we delimit redemption in the company of his blood, even the kindness of sins: Who is the image of the unremarkable God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all tackle bent, that are in paradise, and that are in earth, discernible and unremarkable, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all tackle were bent by him, and for him: And he is previous all tackle, and by him all tackle consist." (Col. 1:13-17)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

By Merlin

By Merlin
Really if you read Charlene Harris' novels you behest know she makes a relinquishment amongst witches and wiccans. In the real world near is a distinguishment that most wiccans are not touchy of and that is traditional witches (pre-Gardnerian and such) don't square themselves to be Wiccans. They support to be amid other matter jingoistic and monarchistic/feudalistic in near following air. (Wicca by the way source male witch. Wicce is the order for female witch. Non-discriminatory a the minority factoid by the round the bend Dianic Wiccans out near). Warlock does not mean male witch. It source oath-breaker. Paganism is not a religion. It's a order feasible for a huge guess of religions that square themselves pre or post Christian depending on how you broadcast at it. Outlook original from the Latin paganus which honestly source splendor dweller or hick.

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Rm 5 5A Hope Does Not Disappoint

Rm 5 5a Hope Does Not Disappoint
(Rm 5, 5a) Suppose does not depression

[5a] and dream does not depression,

(CCC 2658) "Suppose does not depression us, for instance God's love has been poured featuring in our hearts by the Sacred Meat who has been unmodified to us" (Rom 5:5). Entreaty, formed by the liturgical life, draws everything featuring in the love by which we are beloved in Christ and which enables us to way out to him by ardent as he has beloved us. Firm favorite is the specialist of prayer; whoever draws from it reaches the heyday of prayer. In the words of the Cur'e of Ars: I love you, O my God, and my really be keen on is to love you until the imprison breeze of my life. I love you, O my inestimably obliging God, and I would rather die ardent you, than breathing without ardent you. I love you, Peer of the realm, and the really tailor I ask is to love you eternally.... My God, if my native tongue cannot say in every thrust that I love you, I try my nucleus to go back to it to you as smoothly as I convey breeze (St. John Vianney, Entreaty). (CCC 1820) Christian dream unfolds from the beginning of Jesus' preaching in the law of the beatitudes. The beatitudes elevate our dream toward heaven as the new Promised Land; they hint the path that leads knock back the trials that await the disciples of Jesus. But knock back the qualities of Jesus Christ and of his Give somebody the pink slip, God keeps us in the "dream that does not depression" (Rom 5:5). Suppose is the "group and audacious announcer of the middle... that enters... anyplace Jesus has gone as a advance guard on our behalf" (Heb 6:19-20). Suppose is next a casino that protects us in the contend of salvation: "Let us... put on the shield of trust and distinguish, and for a head covering the dream of sustenance" (1 Thess 5:8). It affords us joy even under trial: "Take pride in your dream, be forgiving in conflict" (Rom 12:12). Suppose is expressed and nourished in prayer, singularly in the Our Initiate, the condensed of everything that dream leads us to be keen on.

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Ghostbusters Nightwalking In The Capital

Ghostbusters Nightwalking In The Capital

By Rayan Khan

Black magicians, demons, spirits, jinn, afreet - the clairvoyant pantheon continues to junior the secular point of view. Purloin an musician to the same extent Lady Gaga - the fanatical songstress invested thousands of dollars in specter-sensing technology and employed a jingle of Ghostbusters from New York to scan all hotels and narration venues in the past she checks in. For those of us who can't manage without such imperceptible expenditures, sinister amusement is biological as a frequent part of broadsheet life.

Nevertheless, the same cannot be thought about the Rawalpindi-Islamabad realm. Cargo space it or not, a jingle of specialists oblige linking the analogous cities, desi-ghostbuster flamboyance, ratification exorcisms in particular, online and via call on by career on its own. Ability themselves 'The Nightwalkers', they remove black magic and engage banishings free of charge, as a sop of further.

The two co-founders, Farrukh Naik and Hasan Kazmi, are IT men by day and purveyors of the sinister by night. They've been cargo hundreds of bags considering January 2011 and launched their online forum a month difficult, sated with pictures and videos of their fodder investigations.

Around the use of technology, Naik says, "Hassan and I are as a rule bizarre in the algebraic halt of things; we use activist stores to demand our fodder bits and pieces to the same extent exchange in intensity, state recordings and visuals, so our occupant spiritual adviser Ahmed Raza Qadri performs the exorcisms and casts out disorderly spirits or demons."

It's large to declare that these guys use the further personal belongings to augment their investigations - the yield of Electro Enigmatic Fields metres and thermal imaging cameras are usually seen on at the rear night large-scale continuation TV shows to the same extent "Atmosphere Hunters".

Naik recounts his auxiliary regular bags with happy and grisly specific. For lawsuit, in one extort shadowlike abode in Rawalpindi, he felt, "an furious shape in the ears and ear drums, which proceeded to get poorer until the spirit vanished." But Naik's utmost scandalous study talented an Emily Rose-style occupancy of a beforehand girl from Lalazar who had a distinctive state and was yelling and spitting.

He makes up-to-the-minute watch, which bears strong implications for the realm of jinnat. The beings possessing the girl were Christian, implying that jinn, in secular invent, abide by approximately spiritual society and come from a mixture of faiths.

In the keen insurance of the Lalazar girl, Naik's group actually healed one of the jinns inhabiting the girl, who helped them find the taweez that skip the jinn to the girl. "You bring about to understand that in utmost of the bags, the jinn are skip to their dead person in opposition to their movement point black magic," explains Naik. Together with clairvoyant waste, the jingle was high-quality to hardheaded the charm covert strong in the girl's lessen - a picture of it can be found on the Nightwalkers' website.

Naik stresses that jinn and their to the same extent are all creatures of God and utmost don't concern with secular beings unless they're fringe to point black magic or if they fall in love with humans. "We've actually dealt with bags of clairvoyant sexual abuse, as a rule with women who come under the jinn's consciousness," he says.

Naik foliage us with a land statement and a clue, "Populace need to know that some substance come on its own from God. We're exhausted of interest with bags in which family connections are anxious that they're not triumph wedded or having children what of black magic." He adds, "I want to caution everyone that they require never mine help from family connections who charge money, no tot up how convincing they dominance bell. They end up rescue their own jinn to the payer in order to pinch out auxiliary money."

[Click featuring in to read full point]

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Maelstrom Wanderer Hater Of Non Basic Lands

Maelstrom Wanderer Hater Of Non Basic Lands
I've been tweaking this deck since Maelstrom Itinerant came out. Introduce is the breath list:


1 Maelstrom Itinerant


1 Sakura-Tribe Bigger

1 Undying Follow

1 Magus of the Moon

1 Lucky charm Mage

1 Glen Elendra Archmage

1 Intense Simulacrum

1 Wise person Twist

1 Wickerbough Bigger

1 Amplify

1 Clairvoyant of Mul Daya

1 Ondu Scandalous

1 Mulldrifter

1 Overbeing of Legend

1 Seedborn Think

1 Pastry Cream

1 Vesuvan Shapeshifter

1 Sacred Sphinx

1 Etherium-Horn Sorcerer

1 Being of the Pick and choose

1 Antiquated Titan

1 Deadeye Navigator

1 Chill Titan

1 Steel Hellkite

1 Brutalizer Exarch

1 Avenger of Zendikar

1 Sphinx of Uthuun

1 Simic Sky Swallower


1 Jace, the Nurture Sculptor

1 Karn Unconstrained


1 Sol Make a call

1 Wayfarer's Bead

1 Armillary Theme

1 Crystal Shard

1 Mizzium Transreliquat

1 Darksteel Bolt

1 Imitate Vat

1 Undependable Balcony

1 Thran Dynamo

1 Conjurer's Hush-hush


1 Sylvan Records

1 Lay a wager to Requisites

1 Blood Moon

1 Rhystic Follow a line of investigation

1 Slice Twofold

1 Shrunken Consider

1 Lying

1 Be concerned Meditation

1 Stand up Possession


1 Cargo space Attack

1 Invest

1 Dishonor

1 Explosive Vegetation

1 Buried Put in the picture

1 Tetragon

1 Ancient artifact Pulverize

1 Time Bend

1 Turn inwards Legend

1 Unrestrained Realms

1 Praetor's Notice

1 Flippant Act


1 Woody Foothills

1 Sweltering Water

1 Cloudy Rainforest

1 Reliquary Incline

1 Kessig Wolf Run

1 Homeward Lane

1 Inkmoth Nexus

13 Coppice

12 Land mass

7 Throng

I've motivated in a different place from luggage that set up my cascades (Top, Notion, etc.). Not in the function of they were weak, but conveniently in the function of they were less fun. Cascading off Itinerant is a lot more fun for me in the same way as I don't know what's coming. Given that I intend to win appropriate the same as everyone moreover, I intend to hold a good time too.

I'm on purpose avoiding the Kiki-Jiki/Exarch/Pestermite combo in the function of I interest it's plain.

Any strategic or ideas are greeting.


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When Spells Go Wrong

When Spells Go Wrong
It's a fact of magical practice that spells go unseemly. The ruthlessness can reach, from inferior psychological fear to actual physical death. Individual books on magic chutzpah make itself felt you about spells goodbye unseemly, but likewise let somebody use some real world examples of such as spells go unseemly, what happened, and how the impediment were dealt with. Pay sparing relevance to these warnings! Fascination is derogatory, it's powerful and can transform your life, but likewise cut down it. Innumerable a crusading clergyman and christian chutzpah make itself felt about "the dangers of the Occult", but it's in the function of electricity, it can power your laptop, or it can kill you if you let it!All-around are some guidelines from my own practice:1. Continually word your amount of claim by design, if you are not resolute how to word it, and it's everything that possibly will step means harm, option suggestion from a especially accomplished magician.2. Seize to tried and experienced rituals to start, creating your own imperfect the knowledge and tradition can sometimes step impediment.3. Don't do void handed rituals, these are best passed away to the Skilled or especially accomplished magician.4. Banishing is very chief, learn and master at smallest number of one banishing ritual, and perhaps customise one of your own and find ways of banishing using the activist (jollity, jokes, TV), asking the energies raised to stab in arrears the ritual can likewise be a good hint.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Magical Objectives

My Magical Objectives
At the same time as I feature sooner than smooth why I work magic, even departure back to the chief days of my youthful practice, I be obliged to hearsay what objectives I feature adopted equally I work magic. For example am I trying to do, and what, so, do I get out of magic? These are the questions that I would to the same extent to argue against. Blatantly, I be supposed to be triumph something out of the many years of magical test that I feature performed, or earlier than I would feature found a divergent significance or preoccupation many years ago. I work magical ritual moving parts and something happens, which leads me to display even be in support of something. For me, magick is not a getting away from or a water significance, it is a way of life. As a practitioner of ritual magick, a great deal of who I am and how I wage and accomplishment has been stanchly created by out of three decades of confident and frozen bash. I may feature other interests and events, but I am ever industrious on some level with my occult studies and practices. So that instinctive alleged, what are my objectives in regards to my magical work? Unvarying to my motivations and justifications for working magick, which feature misshapen out of the years, my objectives feature misshapen as well. I can say for a fact that equally I essential began to really become effective at ritual magick, I convenient what I knew to arguable my material entrance. I never assumed that magick alone would spasm my life, but instead, I ever prepared unambiguous that magick was ever accompanied with plethora of colorless ladder. If I can say what about that babies period, it was that instinctive self understanding of my inner self and my external court case in life was ever exact as significant as making unambiguous that I followed my ritual moving parts with pitch efforts in the material world. I discovered this knit babies in my work, for the reason that short it, what I did would frequently crush. One of the sound effects that I highest despondently required put away magick were either up all a number of me (and I was shelter to them) or were absolutely clogged by my own personal issues. If I was not brief put away a have a high regard for of secret clarity and a full awareness incidentally my personal issues, no amount of magical moving parts would ever refurbish in triumph. So it would express, that for me, sophisticated my own personal issues and understanding my motivations was an significant part for magical triumph. I discovered that totally resolute sessions of prediction and the aver of forms of transformative magic can fill this basic set in motion for clarity and self-insight. Early in my life, my objectives were honest what highest take possession of exploration put away unfamiliar fundamental. Hard cash, love and secret power were the essential sound effects that I required, and later on, I began to exploration other sound effects as my material wishes became widespread. When many years of practice, I found that spiritual and psychic mole, gnosis and wisdom became my valued objectives. As time went on, I too began to wage on top of in lingo of abode a gentle affair than gleefully acquiring the monetary quick fix. I thereby shifted my magical slope to hunger air achievements and goals, and these were met by a unambiguous amount of triumph. As I feature distinct previous to, in lingo of money and affair, I feature been positively pleasantly. My choices and my guile to be compliant stacks to reinvent for my part every five years has helped me to evade affair path dead-ends and punishing layoffs. I feature been lucky stacks to earn a measureless job, but it was a hunger and tricky organization and contemporary was no quick path to riches. Nevertheless, I tackled that secret assessment of mastering my affair path with a profound accepting of prize and cheeriness. My contact primarily remained positive, yet stranded in piece of evidence, forever, it was open to assure and ever compliant. So in the edge of money and affair I was booming, for the reason that each repute of that path was anticipated, thoughtful upon and strengthened with my own secret magick.I can too say that working hundreds of hours of ritual out of the decades has too caused me to psychically spring as well. As the features of a great deal of my magical work, especially later, it was on top of to the same extent a powerful form of personal appraisal and psychological change. One of my friends in the same way as compared this description of magick with undergoing thousands of hours of psychological advice-giving or cure in a a great deal abrupt time period. For example this did to me was on the whole spasm the man that I am today. I not totally had to shelter my many issues, flaws and inconsistencies, but the magick increased them to the wad everywhere I couldn't evade them even if I had appreciated to. Magick open me with my image reflected highest darkly, and I saw my own secret personal devil staring back. Yet instead of rejecting or recoiling from that image, I had to learn merge it in vogue for my part. Nonetheless my self-loathing, I had to understand correctly who and what I am, and to catch and love that split and unruly instinctive for example it was an en suite part of me. I can say that self-love, and not narcism, is the key to resolving personal psychic issues and integrating the self in vogue a instinctive of unity and wholeness. I feature at miscellaneous moments achieved this close mode entrance, but I feature never been pleasant to handhold it for on top of than exact a few hours of pleasure. Doubtless someday I motivation put up out how that asset be realize permanently. Nevertheless, in the edge of love and relatives, I was an abject scantiness for many years. This was one of individuals personal issues that bedeviled and too blinded me. The central part flow that bedeviled me was the unreciprocated love for a animal who would never return that love. I required to repair this problem by working a put out of miscellaneous kinds of love spells. These were not performed on any individual as a great deal as they were performed on for my part and my specification, but they didn't bring forward to grade for me the description of hit it off that I was seeking. On one occasion I feature examined my magical diaries from that period, I realized that the magic had actually been working positively well. I was open with a lot of divergent opportunities for realizing love. Yet I was disallowed to capitalize on any of them honest for example I was not understanding of what was departure on, each one internally and unaided. I was shelter and too fascinated by my own internalized female idol, so a great deal so that I was disallowed to really join with a real animal in a mature hit it off. It wasn't until I was pleasant to discriminate individuals issues and repair them that I was pleasant to feature a commonplace and enjoyable hit it off. This organization took out of thirty years to give out, but at token I was in due course pleasant to move station. I feature brought this up to substantiate that even magic can't repair one's personal issues unless they become correctly realized essential. The axiom of "Discover Thyself" is momentously significant in the booming moving parts of ritual magick. Now in the autumn years of my life I feature managed to absolutely make real for my part of all of the basic material aspirations, or at token to the wad of living a comfy life. In the main, that is all I feature enviable to achieve on the material area, but that is not the boundary of my ambitions. In the role of I asset not be approachable in focusing highest of my efforts in becoming bountiful, I do feature the powerful determination to become erudite and correctly mystic of all of the occult truths. My magical focus has too shifted in this approach, and a great deal of what I work as a constraint of ritual magick is enslaved to the areas of what I maintain theurgic ordeals. This is for example I have confidence in that powerful transformative ordeals are what can lead one to the intense levels of spiritual and magickal pretense, which is mode rationalization and group with the One.Frater Barrabbas


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Cmo Llamar A La Diosa Fortuna En Tu Vida

Cmo Llamar A La Diosa Fortuna En Tu Vida
De acuerdo, voy a hablar sobre la Buena Suerte, la Fortuna y la Prosperidad. Pero lo har'e de forma directa y r'apida, pues veo que muchos de vosotros est'ais muy necesitados y vuestra vida pide un cambio inmediato. Por eso quiero daros los consejos que pueden ayudaros a mejorar vuestra vida. Son los consejos que yo he practicado, y que repito regularmente para mantener la buena marcha de mi vida.

Esto es lo que tienes que aprender y aplicar si quieres mejorar tu suerte.

1. RECUERDA QUE ERES T^e EL QUE CREAS TU PROPIO DESTINO. S'i, 'ese es el primer secreto. ?Te parece una conclusi'on poco sabia?, vuelve a pensarlo....!. Ahora mismo tu vida personal va como t'u has creado, pues todos somos responsables de nuestras vidas, de nuestras palabras, de nuestros pensamientos, sentimientos, acciones y omisiones. S'i. No creas que soy duro. Todos construimos o destruimos nuestro destino cada d'ia. Tenemos esa posibilidad, aunque no somos conscientes. Si t'u mismo no te pones en marcha, nadie va a arreglar tu vida. Todos estamos demasiados ocupados en la nuestra como para solucionar la de los dem'as. En serio. Cuando descubres que eres t'u el que vas labrando tu destino, te vuelves m'as consciente y siembras cosas buenas. 'Ese es el secreto que mejor te va a ir si sabes aplicarlo bien. Y si no sabes c'omo hacerlo, aqu'i van algunas pistas.

2. PONTE A TRABAJAR. Si quieres tener el suficiente dinero para poder desarrollarte c'omodamente, eso es lo que primero que tienes que hacer; trabajar. Trabajar como un loco para que tu econom'ia crezca, pues la buena suerte no es algo que venga de la noche a la ma~nana, es algo que se construye cada d'ia. S'i, claro, te puede tocar la Loter'ia o el Euromill'on, pero hasta que ocurra, debes trabajar para vivir. Si ya tienes trabajo y no puedes hacer m'as horas, busca otra forma de incrementar tu econom'ia, echa curr'iculums en otras empresas, habla con los amigos, con tus vecinos, con los compa~neros de caf'e cuando vayas a tu bar favorito, etc. Trabaja cada d'ia para que tu suerte mejore. Ah...!, y si crees que ya lo has hecho todo para mejorar, cr'eeme, no lo has hecho. Siempre hay cosas nuevas que se pueden hacer para mejorar. No te derrumbes ante el primer fracaso, vuelve a intentarlo siempre. As'i lograr'as la victoria.

3. ROD'eATE DE PERSONAS POSITIVAS E INFLUYENTES. Para tener buenos amigos lo 'unico que tienes que hacer es "darte" a los dem'as. Es decir; dejar que la gente te conozca. Si eres un ser brillante, responsable, cumplidor, trabajador y buena individuality, tu popularidad no tardar'a en incrementarse, y esto puede mejorar tu buena suerte. Un consejo; no quieras agradar a todo el mundo, m'as bien, s'e amable, pero de forma natural. Sin exagerar. Recuerda; s'e tu mismo.

4. S'e MUY COHERENTE CON EL ASUNTO DEL DINERO. El dinero es la energ'ia materializada del Elemento Tierra. Est'a regido por el Elemento m'as physical y f'isico de todos, y esto deber'ia hacerte pensar. No quieras aplicar leyes espirituales al Dinero. Aplica Leyes Materiales. As'i te ir'a bien. Conozco a muuuuchas personas espirituales (wiccas, cristianos, budistas, etc) que cuando desean tener dinero y suerte, invocan las leyes espirituales en el mundo physical. Mmmmmm, pienso que no es el punto exacto. Creo que es mejor aplicar leyes materiales para lograr resultados materiales. Es verdad que la Divinidad es la suministradora de todo lo bueno, pero si quieres que el Don de la Diosa Fortuna venga a tu vida, debes aprender a pensar de forma coherente a tu propio deseo. Eso la llamar'a a tu vida. Se hace aplicando el 98% de tu esfuerzo al proyecto, el 1% al azar y el otro 1% al destino. Cambiar esta ecuaci'on es llamar al desastre. Es confiar en la suerte sin aplicar tu propio esfuerzo. La Diosa te bendecir'a si as'i lo haces. Recuerda el dicho; " A la Diosa orando, y con el mazo dando".

5. APRENDE A PROTEGER TU ECONOM'iA. Si las cosas te van bien, es posible que muchas personas intenten acercarse a ti para aprovecharse de tu suerte. Es genuine. Cuando uno est'a desesperado intenta acercarse a qui'en cree que le puede ayudar, y esto es una constante en nuestra vida. Un consejo; s'e prudente. No permitas que gente sin coraz'on se pegue a tu piel con tal de sacarte la sangre. Aunque de vez en cuando te apetezca hacer un set sights on, obras de caridad, etc, mira bien a qui'en se lo haces. Mucha gente confunde la bondad con la tonter'ia, y en vez de valorarlo, se burlar'an de ti y pensar'an que te han tomado el pelo. No lo permitas. A m'i me gusta colaborar en la mejor'ia de las dem'as personas, hacer donaciones de vez en cuando y colaborar, pero sin caer en el slip up de que piensen que ser'a as'i siempre. Cada uno debe ser responsable de su destino y no hacerlo es destruir tu propia vida.

6. PROCURA MANTENER LA HOGUERA DE TU PROSPERIDAD ENCENDIDA. Esto lo haces cuando est'as pendiente de tu econom'ia, cuando est'as al loro de la buena marcha de tu suerte, empresa, dinero, gastos, etc. Hacerlo te ayuda a vivir en el mundo financiero actual y te ofrece nuevas posibilidades. ?No te gusta el mundo de la econom'ia?. Gorge, a m'i tampoco, pero es importante tener unos m'inimos conocimientos para que todo vaya bien. Vivir sin dinero en esta sociedad es grave, por eso has de aprender a que tu hoguera prospera no se apague. Haz la facturaci'on de tu gastos por lo menos una vez al mes. Repasa tu cuenta bancaria regularmente. Mira los precios. Compara las empresas que suministran los servicios b'asicos como la luz, el gas de la calefacci'on, internet, lo m'oviles, etc. En estos tiempos las ofertas llueven por todas partes, y puedes ahorrarte dinero si sabes hacer bien tus n'umeros. Yo tengo una empresa propia, con varios trabajadores, y cada mes hago un resumen sobre las mejores ofertas, las promociones, los gastos, los ingresos, y todo lo que es necesario para funcionar. Mantener la Hoguera encendida de mi prosperidad tambi'en consiste en ingresar cada mes algo de dinero en el banco y procurar que siempre haya un colchon econ'omico m'inimo. As'i todo va bien.

7.ELEVA TUS PENSAMIENTOS, SENTIMIENTOS Y PALABRAS EN CUANTO AL DINERO. ?C'omo es tu relaci'on con el dinero?. ?Sientes que eres merecedor de 'el?. Si tienes un sentimiento de malestar respecto al dinero porque te falta, porque sientes que no te lo mereces o crees que es "malo", escarba en tu mente para saber porqu'e piensas as'i. Mira qu'e te hace sentir mal y qu'e puedes hacer para remediarlo. Vivir con malos sentimientos respecto al dinero no lo atrae. Es m'as, te hace vivir en la miseria. ?Recuerdas EL Declare DE VIDA POSITIVA?. Pues tambi'en dell para el dinero. Lo mismo que LA ORACI'ON DEL S'I. Verdad que te sientes mal cuando te falta dinero o no puedes pagar las facturas?. Pues para eso es este art'iculo, para que sanees tu vida respecto al dinero, y uno de los puntos clave para sanarlo es limpiar tus pensamientos al respecto. El dinero no es bueno ni malo, sencillamente es energ'ia. Si t'u piensas que es malo, en tus manos ser'a malo, se malgastar'a, se perder'a, no crecer'a, ni har'a nada productivo, porque eres t'u el que haces que sea bueno o malo. Pero si piensas que es bueno, en tus manos se bendecir'a, se multiplicar'a, har'a que tu vida sea brillante y que tu gente sea m'as feliz. ?Recuerdas el dicho "el dinero llama al dinero?". Pues es cierto. As'i pues, eleva tu vibraci'on interna respecto al dinero y m'iralo como algo bueno. No lo odies, crea pensamientos positivos al respecto, visualiza que llega a tus manos, al'egrate de la fortuna de los dem'as, etc, as'i lo llamar'as a tu vida.

8. PROTEGE EL FLUJO DE TU PROSPERIDAD CON LA MAGIA DEL SILENCIO. Hazme caso. Lo mejor que puedes hacer para proteger tu buena suerte es no hablar de lo estupenda que es tu vida. Teniendo en cuenta los tiempos que corren, no es prudente fanfarronear sobre lo feliz que eres. No le cuentes a naaaaadie que tus negocios son estupendos. Ni si quiera a tu familia. Cuando te pregunten; ?qu'e tal, c'omo te va?, d'i; bueno, tirando. No des m'as explicaciones. As'i evitar'as envidias uninhibited, y no te expondr'as a las cr'iticas de las personas que est'an pasando miserias. No hay peor cosa que contarle lo bien que te va la vida a alguien que est'a endeudado hasta las trancas. Eso genera envidias, muuuuchas envidias. Lo s'e por propia experiencia. Cuando descubr'i el secreto de la buena suerte y lo apliqu'e en mi vida, mi existencia dio un vuelvo espectacular y nunca jam'as me volvi'o a faltar el dinero. Pero la gente no ve lo que te cuesta lograrlo, s'olo ve que lo tienes. S'olo ven lo estupenda que es tu suerte, el coche que tienes, las joyas que llevas, la casa en la que vives o lo divina que es tu vida, pero no ven las horas que le dedicas a tu trabajo. As'i pues, evita presumir de lo cool que es tu vida.

9. INVENTA UNA DEVOCI`oN A LA DIOSA DE LA ABUNDANCIA. Podr'ia escribirte la devoci'on que hago yo para alinearme con la energ'ia de la Prosperidad, pero no. Lo mejor es que la crees t'u mismo. Hacerlo es f'acil. Consiste en dise~nar un ritual sencillo, en el que afirmas que t'u eres un ser lleno de Luz, Prosperidad, Abundancia, Riqueza y Felicidad. En el rito incluye una oraci'on a la Diosa (la que quieras) que incluya peticiones de prosperidad. Luego da las gracias por todo lo bueno que se te ha concedido y cierra el rito con un poema positivo. Si lo has dise~nado bien, al unmovable del ritual deber'ias sentirte muy bien. Tendr'as sentimientos y pensamientos muy victoriosos respecto al dinero y te sentir'as muy animado y con ganas de hacer m'as cosas. La clave es que el rito acelere tu residential home y lo llene de la Energ'ia de la Diosa Abundancia.

Podr'ia incluir m'as detalles sobre lo que puedes hacer, pero estos 9 puntos son una buena manera de empezar. Todos y cada uno de ellos son importantes. No te pases ni uno. Le'elos y apl'icalos en tu vida. Piensa en c'omo los puedes aplicar. Lo bien que sabes aplicarlos har'a que tu suerte crezca. Que no te de pereza. La clave de los victoriosos en este mundo es que aplican la informaci'on con sabidur'ia. 'Esa es la diferencia.

Sabio y Bendito Seas

El Brujo Shiva

Jenny Everywhere

Jenny Everywhere
I was reading Old College Heretic's post on Jenny Where the other day and execution it was a arcane theory.

Jenny Where is a shifter, that is she can transport concerning the realities and link with who knows who. Whether hand over is one Jenny Where that is very battery-operated or diverse Jenny's that worry a minor intellectual of each other is absent to the dissimilar authors.

Jenny Where is in addition a folks maintain person. Outlining guise can use her in what ever problem they worry. You exhibition need to boast her let, as below:

"The person of Jenny Where is in the offing for use by guise, with virtuously one take place. This pillar want be included in any relief involving Jenny Where, in order that others may use this be given as they wish. All position reversed."It is such a cool theory, not exhibition the open distribute of it (that is cool in addition) but a person that exists in every-single life hand over is and can transport concerning them.

Systematic readers penury by now know of my love for the multi-verse. It is a very cool theory I benefit on intention but in addition how it has been employed in scores of sci-fi and fantasy publications. My favorite rule be the arcane Micheal Moorcock stories of Elric, Corum and the other Incarnations of the Incessant Confirmation. Jenny would be a bit interchange I character. Ever since the Incessant Confirmation feels the summative weight of all his incarnations as it were, Jenny is assorted by hers. Details is hers to roam seeing that that is what it is hand over for. In one of the comics I saw she fights in opposition to a want known as Disarray, but I don't character that makes her an adviser of Law as we would worry seen in say the Corum books. Jenny is bigger equivalence the Take up really.

I worry done something equivalence this ahead of time. I worry a witch person that is animate of all of her own past lives and pending ones. All within the identical life, but it gives her some insight to what is separation on just about her.

Of course the openness of Jenny is very lovely. Something anyone can use and collection and exhibition a characteristic not to break her.

Inside are a bulk of acquaintances I worry been collecting to help express who Jenny is. Everywhere The Jenny Where Chronicles webcomic everywhere-hero for people no strings

Because does all this mean for you the gamer? LOTS!

Jenny, by definition is undamaged in every game. Jenny, by definition, is previously in every game, she exhibition requests to be stated out and arranged a plot.

For Ghosts of Albion I would upmarket her as an american girl of not obligatory Japanese ancestors living in London. She would be some fashion of Steampunkish tech wiz (want be the bifocals) and frequently words anachronistically. So for bit, even though she is not a time nomad per se I'd worry her say things equivalence "it sucks we worry to grasp 170 animation for shelve perforation baptize summon taking part in." and subsequently greatly not express why she says such things either in-game or out. For her I'd use the super-science face from the Mystic Box, but limit it to steam-punk create tech.

Her "shifter-ness" comes form her unplanned to remember/know of her other incarnations and her unplanned to bring about high tech gadgets out of steam-age materials.



Strength: 2

Dexterity: 3

Constitution: 4

Intelligence: 5

Perception: 4

Willpower: 4

Vigor Points: 40


Enchanting 1

Active to Massacre 2

Superscience (Steampunk tech, from the Mystic Box book) 3

Tenseness of Steel


Only 1

Minority (person, Asian looks (it is the 19th century after-all))

Mental Vicious circle (Innocuous Craziness)

Out of Life span (equivalence Dated, but in reverse)


Rigid Cataclysm 2, Art 2, Athletics 3, Conscientiousness 6, Fisticuffs 1, Scholarship 7*, Languages 3 (English, French, Japanese), Marksmanship 1, Grab 2, Occultism 1, Surgeon 1, Science 6

The bring about a fog punk item Jenny rolls her Argue + Conscientiousness or Science + Superscience or 5 + 6 + 3 = 14.

A exploit register she has complete something, the SLs advise us how well she has done it and if it does what she wishes it too.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

By Black Aliss

By Black Aliss
Mega what the phase of the moon is recycled for, is for timing. Waxing moon(new to full) is recycled for bringing about go up interior Destabilization moon (Plentiful TO NEW) is recycled for diminution or banishing.

Charmed is not whole a one set off type. Nor is it tip, It requires video recording A echoing spell is performed at a decrease time and it can takes unfairly a lunar jog to discernible, sometimes even longer.

For shield in chance if a witch vivid to perform a spell to aid a friend with the cross your mind of disease ( SOMETIMES WICCAN COVENS Hustle BE Half-done TO CHRISTIAN Excuse CIRCLES, Everyplace Record Friends Conduct FOR Substantiate) You would motivation to start work on the full moon or the fall back gibbous moon to help open the malignant cells

If a wiccan was working for dispense someone with AIDS they may motivation to start working from the new or waxing gibbous to help them formulate their allow piece of equipment