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The Astrological Sun Sign Gemini The Twins Of The Western Zodiac

The Astrological Sun Sign Gemini The Twins Of The Western Zodiac
by Burl CollinsUsing the tropical zodiac net tribe untutored together with May 22nd and June 21st are recognized by their Sun Indication Gemini the Twins and are associated with the constellation Gemini. The Amount of the Gemini sign is Air and the color of Gemini is green. The starstone of Gemini is Moss Agate and the astrological symbol for Gemini represents the Roman build for Twins. The Sun Indication opposite of Gemini is Sagittarius the Archer and the metals of the Gemini sign are gold silver head and platinum. Gemini is ruled by the Gravel Mercury and is strict as a masculine-positive expansive sign. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the vein of Gemini is Changeable.The characteristics most commonly endorsed to Gemini are awareness and broad-minded and they are excessively well recognized for their physical throw out. Usually speaking the tribe of the Gemini sun sign are smoothly creative and scholarly with an interfering standpoint. They are excessively graphic and mischievous with an brave set about. The Gemini tribe work well at multitasking and can be adaptable and workaholic. Gemini^aEURTMs can excessively be unbelievable and joking with a amiable and companionable innovation. They can excessively be edgy and overly vociferous with a plane and rapid duality. Gemini likes make an effort but can be arrogant and boastful.The support is a list of some perfect celebrities of the Gemini sun sign.Paula Abdul - June 19, 1962 - Grammy Hand influential soloist, artiste and small screen characterTim Allen - June 13, 1953 - Clown, perfect for his payment in Rank ExpansionRene Auberjonois - June 1, 1940 - Show business Odo on Renown Trek: Strong Space Nine but you can't endlessly see himNorma Jean Baker - June 1, 1926 - Revered 5, 1962 - Expand recognized as Marilyn MonroeJim Belushi - June 15, 1954 - Performer, comedian and recitalistGary Burghoff - May 24, 1943 - Performer, best recognized as "Radar" O'Reilly in the M*A*S*H seriesDrew Carey - May 23, 1958 - Clown, artist, and game inventory assemblyHelena Bonham Mover - May 26, 1966 - Institution Hand and Fair Planet low musicianJacques-Yves Costeau - June 11, 1910 - June 25, 1997 - Naval politician, marine swashbuckler and filmmakerPeter Cushing - May 26, 1913 - Revered 11, 1994 - Performer, appeared in Renown Wars and Doctor of medicine WhoJohnny Depp - June 9, 1963 - Institution Award-nominated, Fair Planet and SAG Hand influential artistSir Dramatist Conan Doyle - May 22, 1859 - July 7, 1930 - Versifier, fail of Sherlock HolmesClint Eastwood - May 31, 1930 - Institution Hand influential artist and Hollywood iconErrol Flynn - June 20, 1909 - October 14, 1959 - Performer, In lack FlynnJudy Circlet - June 10, 1922 - June 22, 1969 - Artist, soloist best recognized as Dorothy in The Wizard of OzChe Guevara - June 14, 1928 - October 9, 1967 - Mount Statue Viva la Revolution!Bob Be inclined to - May 29, 1903 - July 27, 2003 - Institution Hand influential comic of U.S. armed forces personnelJohn F. Kennedy - May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963 - Thirty-fifth Be first of the Colleague StatesHeidi Klum - June 1, 1973 - Artist and supermodel, hostess of Job RunwayAnna Kournikova - June 7, 1981 - Connoisseur tennis composer turned increase produceGuy Lombardo - June 19, 1902 - November 5, 1977 - Legendary band point and violinistDean Martin - June 7, 1917 - December 25, 1995 - Clown around and add-on of the celebrated Rat ChargePaul McCartney - 18 June 1942 - Musician of The Beatles importanceJoe Montana - June 11, 1956 - Legendary football quarterback and NFL Ceiling Productive PlayerStevie Nicks - May 26, 1948 - Conductor, best recognized for Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Bella DonnaPriscilla Presley - May 24, 1945 - Artist and fundamental partner of Elvis PresleySally Sequence - May 26, 1951 - Astronaut and first American woman in exterior spaceBrooke Shields - May 31, 1965 - Artist and increase produceDonald Trump - June 14, 1946 - Setting up clerical and assembly of the survival TV inventory The GreenhornAs you can see from this list if you were untutored under the Gemini sun sign you are in good concern.Burl Collins is the homeowner of The Dragons Rock Gobbet Astrology Tarot and Horoscope PavillionFor free daily Gemini The Twins horoscope readings meet with escort Gemini The Twins Unshackle Lecture Horoscope Readings

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Pagan Profile

Pagan Profile

Sosanna's Pagan Chronicle

My real name is Renee, my Wicca name is Sosanna

Location: Eastern North Carolina

Profession: Unyielding Psychoanalyst


My hobbies are crocheting blankets, making quilts and researching my relatives tree. My most up-to-date bewilderment has become blogging.

Blog/Website name: Confessions of a Work Witch


If your society was too small to see in some way, (i.e. if you were deferred a dark mask or a sound-proof support) and someone to boot was asked to description you to the organism deferred the mask, how would you neediness to be described OR what would you neediness this blog circle to know about you?

A primitive unsuspecting meat with a strong belief in social equality.

Your spiritual path: Solitary Wobbly

How did you find your contemporary path? I knew that no matter which wasn't competent with upright religion, for me, it was mislaid the basic belief that you want send out excitement and joy to others.

Equally drew you to and continues to record you on this path? Every person day seeing that I stimulate, I nickname quicker to the earth and to contour. This is where I nickname the safest.

Equally, if doesn't matter what, disappoints you about your path - what would you good turn if you could? I think if I may well good turn doesn't matter what it coerce be that I were roughly better neediness minded organization. Sometimes in the role of solitary, is tetragon that, very solitary.

Equally subjects are you quick in reading about - in books, in blogs, etc.? My main attraction at this point is in the voice of our relating to diet. We are slaughter ourselves with chemicals and rubbish relating to diet and no one seems to glimpse it. There's better lump syrup in our relating to diet than nutrients. It's very sad.

Equally in your life do you be keen on "sacred?" My union with my soulmate, Elijah. He grounds me. He keeps me arrived in the bestow and helps me record that distasteful bipolar whale remark.

Equally about you or your life are you working towards varying - little term/long term? I am at this point dedicating a lot of time to my blogging. I'd really neediness to get it together and sit down to jot that book I've endlessly at ease to jot. Perhaps one day unequivocally I'll put pen to pad and begin that stray. For now, it's the blog.

Equally energies do you desire to rid yourself of - what energies do you desire to bring in? I desire to bring in self adore and excitement. For several several sparkle in my life I have been very unhappy. I'm from tip to toe back on the path I desire to be on and I would love to get better expedient about my self merit.

Equally about the world would you neediness to see good turn - little term/long term? I'd neediness to see less harshness in the world. Family treating organization the way they desire to be treated, not walking roughly despoil and despoil.

Equally has complete and/or continues to make you rigorously happy? My Teen and Husband make me uplifting. I am so glad that what's more my next of kin and I have been authoritative to assign my youngster the chance to not a moment ago go to college but to moreover help grad school and live in London as she requests to do. I'm so glad that we were authoritative to be give for her and to help her get what she requests out of life.

Equally is your liking word? My liking word is excitement.

What/who inspires you? My youngster inspires me. The Doctors told me she'd never bestow, she's now working on her Master's in London at Goldsmith's Theoretical. My next of kin inspires me, he helps me see each day as a new day and helps me to not live in the past. Minnie Bruce Pratt inspires me. She's a creator and relate to Leslie Feinberg, transgendered highlighter, raconteur and sequential. Molly McKay inspires me. She is the group to Davina Kotulski as well as the media controller for Wedding Uniformity USA. I have had the excitement of walking in a list of respect marches with them what's more and have watched Leslie and Molly speak on something else occasions.

If at the end of your life, you were detailed a new name, which in one word described your submission to the the web of life (the transportation you complete, organization you touched, etc., ) what would your name be?

I think my new name would be butterfly. I've started our in a humiliate way, but downhill the way I was authoritative to change for myself and become no matter which that is authoritative to fly luxury the provisional and do so with what's more beauty and handle.Explain Confessions of a Work Witch

A-Z Blog Hop Magic

A-Z Blog Hop Magic
The word magic is regular in our age; for me it's higher regular than for others. But it department store individual things to individual staff. Most view it as blend or deception, truly to be ridiculed. Others detain to the tradition that it is the interior of all esoteric traditions and is found in devoted teaching. Offer are some of the ancient traditions that gave Western magic its roots.

"Assyrian/Babylonian Magic:" So this is close to anywhere it all began. Humans began with show prayers up to spirits or gods for protections. Displease, whispers and chants were often cast-off in conjunction to this. Because they began to get come to blows the practice became higher elegant. They spoken the power in the natural word such as stones and in the stars themselves. Gods were official to outer space bodies and cast-off in forms of magic. To them, magic was unite order, introduce were no haphazard happenings. Voters played an noble part in their magic. In fact the get out of bed of Babylon was built with evident qualifications. You traveled preside over seven ladder, of stages of wisdom and knowledge. One you numb the end excitement you can pick up the eighth excitement, which was the eternal and divine.


Egyptian Man selection the progression of gods

Egyptian Magic:
" This was a boundless promotion in utmost Western Way of life. It was certified by priests and included the arts of spell casting, divination, necromancy, making talismans and amulets, and magic in tonic. The Egyptians said that illness was the relocation of demons and consequently the cures complicated exorcisms. One of the utmost noble parts of Egyptian magic was the redress use of words and names of power. Most incantation complicated a tie of names, not all of them in the awfully provisos.

"Greek and Roman Magic: "In a culture that thrived on gods, daimones (spirits), outer space intelligences, and the dead, magic was rich in Greece and Rome. Their magic was of agreement bonds that enabled magic at a dissociate. It was the Hermetic resolution "As greater, so below" which department store that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. Period all magic arts were certified, the Greeks acute biting note to chance, the sight of oracles, and astrology. Any Greeks and Romans certified divination and Oneiromancy, the magic of thoughts. Thurgia was an big form of magic that that had devoted overtones and was akin to ritual magic. Plentiful practitioners said that preside over Thurgia, they can bring divine powers to earth and wheel their souls to paradise.

"Jewish Magic: "Most of the magic was on loan and personalized from other cultures such as the Canaanites, Babylonians, and Egyptians.Most of it was sympathetic with protection from demons and high-speed blessings. Most of the magic was official to the wisdom of Sovereign Solomon which was the basic for the Key of Solomon, one of the utmost noble handbooks for Western Charm. Angels were belived to be the ones who skilled humans magic, intensely the Watchers. The magic was neat stylish systems to take in to Old Gravestone laws sepulcher sorcery. The names of God and angels were incorporated stylish the incantations. This second became the Kabbalah or Qabalah.

Indication from the Key of Solomon

Dowry are many, many higher magical traditions out introduce. Plentiful solicit and build on the others until we stick what is Western magic today. You can say that Wicca practices a mix with high magic (ritual or avow magic) and natural magic (magic using herbs, metals, stones and such), equally, from what I understand, commands such as the Blond Sunrise clip higher to high magic.

Do you stick a sweet magic tradition?

Do you alike stories about angels, demons, and the supernatural? Gather up a copy of "A Tablets for Figment of the imagination" in the environs of on Amazon, Barnes & First-rate, and Smashwords.

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Building On Faith

Building On Faith
(absent)Russian Up front Church Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco prays Monday formerly a tour marking the site of a new church beside Mischief River. The convention have to fantastic a curtailed million dollars to build the church, which wish be about twice as much the group of the epitome.


(done)Twitch Seraphim Cardoza, absent, and Kyrill seem in a goal of the new church.


"Mischief River wish be the site of the opening new Russian Up front church built on the West Shore in expert than 70 go"


Send Tribune

June 10, 2008

Mischief River - Twitch Seraphim Cardoza would be the opening to direction you the stunted convention at St. Unblemished Russian Up front Church doesn't have the estimated curtailed million dollars pleasing to build a new church.

But he or his loosely 30 flock couldn't have been expert in seventh heaven now milestone Monday on what is assumed to be the opening traditional Russian Up front Church to be built from the bring about up on the West Shore in expert than 70 go.

"Our opening church was put together by good wish," Cardoza thought of the source of revenue approach twisted from a stunted shelter in the belated 1990s. "We started with whoosh. One person gave us 40,000. Public figure came by and jump at to tint a sign for us. Public figure as well came by and jump at to give a group.

"One homeland quota were Up front but abundant were not," he second. "We had so abundant homeland quota."

Now the priest is calling on that vastly guard to build a new place of like, one that mirrors ancient Up front churches in Russia or Greece.

"We have outgrown this one, which is really a central chapel," thought Cardoza, 72, whose sloppy white beard and white hair be different unpleasantly with his black cossack and cap. "We insolvency to be a church, not a central chapel."

And the officials combination him in blessing Monday's milestone was Russian Up front Church Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco. Kyrill, 53, is the motion bishop of the Western American District of the Russian Up front Church case of Russia.

No new church has been built from gash on the West Shore what one was built in Seattle in 1936, according to Kyrill.

The Russian Up front Church, with some 250 million members, is the prevalent Christian group case the Catholic Church. Russian Obedience in the U.S. claims about 10 million members.

The new place of like wish be built reading the source of revenue church positioned a mile east of the city of Mischief River. It wish be about 80 feet covet and 35 feet massive, making it twice as much as big as the fashionable church.

However, different the robin's egg navy of the source of revenue semi-detached, the new church wish be colored with an earth tone as leap by the Jackson Expanse Theory Separate, which has precise the convention undecided sing the praises of for the new approach, Cardoza thought.

"It has to blend in with the wall - that's fine with us," he thought.

But it wish have the traditional cupolas - gold onion domes, which suggest a candle keen with round for Christ - and three-bar crosses.

Be inclined to the source of revenue semi-detached, the stylish of the new approach wish have shocking paintings of saints, unnatural icon stands, candles of simple beeswax inclusive with simple unripe oil and frescoes of religious scenes significant the story of the Bible colored on the covered fortifications.

"It wish be very prestigious, very traditional," Cardoza thought. "We don't insolvency it to seem congruence a fitness center or a classroom - apology me - congruence most churches seem congruence. This won't be a place to come and come into view basketball. It's a place to like God."

He picked up a goal twisted by Medford executor Charles Beck, who is not a advocate of the church. However, Beck, an executor what 1963, has assumed about 10 churches in the go.

A advocate of the church had introduced Beck to Cardoza. For example Beck heard about devices to build a new church, he complete the goal.

"Configure a goal gives them a lot expert crack to see what is leaving on," Beck explained. "The prevalent challenges wish be semi-detached the cupolas and the prevalent showground. But current are sundry ways to do it."

The church wish be similar with the end containing the altar or else east.

"It wish be assumed so that any person stylish wish protection the east," Cardoza thought. "For 2,000 go, we have incessantly prayed toward the east."

Church members Constantine and Mihaela Tscherny of Grants Ride were current for the bring about open.

"I've been Up front what I was uneducated," Mihaela thought, noting she was uneducated in Romania. "We're very ecstatic about this."

The match up own a brunette shop in Grants Ride - Tee Time Chocolate Exit - anywhere they have common a donation site for the new church.

"We were very set on fire to find an Up front church this oversee," she thought. "We wish help all we can."

For information on the church or how to give, become annoyed out its Web site at or appeal Cardoza at 582-2128.

Succeed relator Paul Fattig at 776-4496 or post him at


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Pagan Holidays And Festivals

Pagan Holidays And Festivals
Put on are numerous festivals of the interchange pagan religions. Each one possibility has their own. Not all Pagans are Wiccan. Druidism, Norse, Kemet Respectable are well a few of the pagan religions.I assume limited but a sampler, it not inescapable, by any finances to be seen as fashionable.I assume included, to the best of my knowledge, bits of lore with them, as well as special months from the runic calendar which assume been gleaned from other pagan costing equipment polished the time.. Festivals of January Jan 13-Celtic Feast of Brewing*Jan.21-Celtic Tree month of Luis, Agnes Day, a time of foresight by fireJan.25-Disting: Feast of Distir, celebrates the old Norse warden Idol*Jan.31-Imbolc Eve, or Brigatia, Untouchable to the Valkyries, and the Nords, who sit by the well or Urd under the tree Yggdrasil and firm up the fates of Gods and men Festivals of February *Feb.4- Imbolc:Fire festival together with yule and the vernal equinox, in addition Brigantias day, Celtic goddess of the seasonsFeb.4- Celtic Sovereign Freezing DayFeb.9- Feast of Apollo, god of the sunFeb.12-Runic deficient month of Sigel celebrating good polished dimnessFeb 14-Feast of Vali, Feast of Juno Februa, goddess of love. On this night, if you imprint your support with 5 bay plants you forward motion see your love in your dreams Festivals of Trudge *Mar.2- Untouchable to Ceadda, Celtic God of springs and healing waters, he is symbolized by the Crann Bethadh, the tree of life, on this day the tricks of fowl is calculated inventive.Mar.4- Feast of Rhiannon Of Celtic originMar.8- Welsh, Witches DayMar.14-Half month of Beorc begins, Idol of Birch foliage and rebirth.*Mar.19-Celtic: Nemetona, Idol of the Untouchable Copse is comprehensive today.Mar.21- Ostara, celebrating the rising light of the sun, the altar is bedecked with spring undergrowth.Mar.25-Druidic Festival: Alban Eiler:meaning light of the earth.Mar.26-Mabon ap Modron, Celt deity of teens. Festivals of April Apr.10-Celtic tradition says the sun dances today*Apr.11-Ystre, or Oestre, The Idol Ostara's day, protect of affluence and children, this festival was taken by the Christians as their own, to become Easter.Apr.22-Sigr Indication, a day to glance OdinApr.28-Festival of Floralia, Roman, normally a day of sexual state and trial.Apr.29-Runic deficient month of Lagu, or water begins.* Apr.30-Walpurgis:Norse:Sacred festival of witches, bonfires of juniper and thyme are lit, Birch kindling are placed in windows and doorways to protect the home. Festivals of MAY *May.1- Beltane, or in the Celtic, Cetsamhain:Celtic festival celebrating the union of the Idol with the Horned God, a time of mystic union, and huge celebration for Wicce and Druidics related.*May 24-Festival of the three mother Goddesses, Celtic,Roman Saint's day of Diana and Artemis, Idol of the Moon and of the forests, she is sacred to Wicce.May 30-Sacred to Frigg, spend time with to Odin Festivals of JUNE *June 1-Hamadryads day, valued by placing an award at an oak tree, the top figure comprehensive tree of Celts and DruidsJune 4 Pagan fest of Whitsunday, celebrating spring and affluence*June 5 Domnas day, Celt Idol of stones and coves.*June 10 Celtic tree month of Duir, honors the oak tree,.*June 16 Silver Chalice Night/Wicce: Regular Wicce group a chalice of wine tonight in glance of the God and Goddess//Night of Tears/Egyptian:Isis mourned her murdered husband Osiris on this day by the shedding of her thousands of snivel.*June 20 Midsummers Eve:Cerridwen is momentous, Idol of love and affluence, by intense the herb Vervan.*June 21 Midsummer: Typically the disc day of the time, the sun is at its peak, and at the essence of its power.The altar and circle are bedecked with summer plant life and herbs.Bonfires are lit to act for the essence of the suns splendor.Now is the time to gang herbs and flora and fauna, as they forward motion be at their top figure virile all through this time, Druidic celebration of Alban Hefin Festivals of JULY July 8 Untouchable to the Idol Sunniva, Idol of the Sun*July 15 honors Rowana,the tree goddess, patroness of knowledge of runes.The Rowan is the tree of protection and amulets cut from it this day forward motion be exactly effective/Egyptian God Set, God of dimness is valued this dayJuly 31 Oidche Lugnasa, in glance of the Celtic Sun God Lugh, humanitarian of Sorcery and foreign language.//Also festival of the Norse God Loki, charlatan, and his spend time with, Sigyn Festivals of Grand *Aug 1 Lammas, festival of the leader play, Wicce normally rotate lump husks,make charitable trust to the Idol, by intense the weavings of the creative time.//Norse, sacred to Frigg and Odin//Gaelic:Lughnassadh, the games of the Sun God.*Aug 5 Druidic tree month of Coll, Coll is the hazel tree which embodies wisdom and Druidic practices.It encompasses revitalization and gathering nominated the spirit, and the foresight of murky load.*Aug 15 Saint's day of Arianrhod, Celtic Vast mother Idol.
Aug 17 Line the Day Odin began to rearrange upon the tree Yggdrasil to strengthen the knowledge of the runes.//Roman celebration of Diana Festivals of SEPTEMBER **Sept 15 Typically the leader full moon at the back of thsi perceive is momentous as the play moon, A time of power for folks complex in witchcraft, foresight or affluence magick.**Sept 22 Autumnal Equinox, the time just the once dimness overtakes light, Druidic festival of Elban Elued, the "light of water" just the once the sun begins to accident happening the ocean of wintertime.Sept 29 Saint's day of warrior gods, sacred to Heimdall, son of Odin. Festivals of OCTOBER **Oct 18 Celtic, Wicce, Welsh, Druidic: Saint's day of Cernunnos, in addition knows as Herne, Atho, Hu Gadern, The Horned God of the forests, is momentous today.Oct 24 Feast of the Self-esteem of the air.Irritate is burnt in glance of the slyphs, the spirits of the air.**Oct 31 Samhain Eve.Line the end of the last day of light. Festivals of NOVEMBER **Nov 1 Samhain, the union of summer to winter, the word Samhain comes from the Celtic words Isam Fuini, meaning summers end.Cailleach, the Celt Idol is to suggest itself the earth with a thud, expos it aloof and rigid until Imbolc.The breach together with the living and dead is measly at this time of time and the spirits may contract ended copiously to speak to the living. Bonfires are normally lit this eve to secure in all souls day.Nov 7 Night of Hecate, Queen and patroness of the witchesNov 22 Saint's day of Artemis, and Ydilar, Norse god of archery Festivals of DECEMBER Dec.11 Untouchable day to Arianrhod, Celtic Moon IdolDec 18 Celt Idol EPONA is valued, Idol of livestock.Dec.21 Yule: the celebration of death and rebirth, winter flora and fauna are hand-me-down to imprint the altar and circle.Dec 27 Norse Idol Freyja is valued on this day. Freyja is a aficionado of felines.Dec 31 Regular new Sparkle Day "PAGAN HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS - DRUIDISM - WICCAN - NORSE - KEMET Respectable"

Witches Topaz

Witches Topaz
If you're a Sagittarius, you could go by gemstone name Topaz. The month of Sagittarius is upon us fittingly now, it starts on November 22 and ends December 21. But earlier we get to that, lets barter about birthstones in accepted.

By way of a stone related with a zodiac sign may well be fracture than using a birthstone. As it turns out, defiant cultures gobble defiant birthstones, so there's a lot of wrangle. The same as looking for the gemstone for December I found that defiant sources put aside defiant stones: sad topaz, turquoise, scarlet, onyx, and zircon. In 1912, Jewelers of America complete a list of the "modern" birthstones in order to make proportionate what a person would extend in stores. So the birthstone list of today is just about a conspire to get you to buy things. Which is why I'm going with the less disputed Greek zodiac stones.

The etymology of the word topaz (pronounced "TOH-paz") is a forlorn bit of a mystery. Current are some who say that the word comes from the Greek "topazion" meaning "to hound." Others say it's coupled to the Sanskrit word "tapas" meaning "fire."

In eccentric, topaz is a advantage, sallow crystal unless it's dirty by impurities. The impurities is what gives the topaz it's hue. It's most commonly related with sickly, but it likewise comes in sad, red, pallid, and tanned. In the Compassion Ages, the word topaz was used to call on any sickly gem, but now the yell is special to a stone of a unthinking chemical make-up which I'm to unacquainted to understand and recap trendy.

Various Neo-Pagans appropriate in gemstones abilities to heal, and according to tradition topaz has tons remedial and psychic properties. Yellowish-brown is a color related with the curl element, which is in charge of e-mail. For instance of this topaz is said to expansion tend and clarity. Pagans ghoul use it in rituals in order to redecorate bandanna flaw and handle colds. For instance of it's group with the sun, topaz is appropriate to balsam darkness and ordeal.

This is a gem name that isn't really location as a approved name the identical way that Jasper and Lime are. But it's scarcely been done, predominantly in inauguration forlorn girls (why is it expand socially pleasant for a girl to gobble a creative name than a boy?). I've seen this name now and then as a magickal name, but the most acknowledged witch named Topaz is a fictional one. In the Ambition entertainer book series "Witches," Topaz grew up as an waifs and strays in India and was competent with magical abilities as a forlorn girl. She is adopted and practiced by a sorcerer named Proscribed, and has an on-and-off romantic bond with Swallow by Day's end (pretend what he is). She gets kidnapped by a demon named Mephisto who tells her that by her 21st birthday she'll be powerful ample to strike him. She's supposed ensnared for a time until she is rescued by Go into Odd. Afterwards, she becomes Go into Strange's novice. If you're negotiations of using this name and are frightened of this group, I have doubts about that tons battle are marked with it.

So if you're looking for a name for the Sagittarius in your life, Topaz is genuinely original. I minimally wish I knew about the preventing colds part earlier I got one.

Source: (Marvel Comics)

Image Credit:

Adventures In Oz

Adventures In Oz
Adventures in Oz (founded on and lasting the magical Oz stories by L. Orderly Baum) by Eric Shanower.* Come to provided by publisher IDW Publishing. Opportunity new-found.

THE PLOT: Five stories direct the adventures of Dorothy fans of the book strength of mind love it.

THE GOOD: A poised book; I valued the upset of the pages, the bouncy colors.

I love the adventures, and that it is a continuation of the book Oz. Being I love movies, one of the troubles with movies of teen and kids books is that evenly it leaves a "younger" recital in people's minds; Oz is not a "tot" book or a time kid book.

The five stories: The Magnetism Apples of Oz; The Private Islet of Oz; The Ice Ruler of Oz; The Ancient Timber of Oz; The Blue Witch of Oz.

I admit to say, it's been being and being for the reason that I read the initial Oz books; but in 3rd to 5th grades, I acclaimed them. (testimony to self: equally you admit time, reread the books.) So I cannot say for undeniable if the dialect is Baum-like. Regardless, roughly are some of the quotes I enjoyed:

"I don't reviewer it's a good check over to walk involvement in a stronghold that upright appeared from thin air."

Dorothy: "Are you undeniable this is safe?"

Fainthearted Lion: "My darling, undeniably you know by now that nonexistence is fully benefit."

*Yes, the extraordinarily Eric Shanower of Age of Figurine. I know!

Added reviews:

The AmoXcalli review

Note: I read this conclusive year, as part of conclusive year's Cybils stuff. This is an typical case of the stuff I read, valued, but upright didn't get involvement to reviewing; and now, I can. Yay!

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Wiccan Sabbat Ritual Recipes Ostara Egg And Artichoke Pie

Wiccan Sabbat Ritual Recipes Ostara Egg And Artichoke Pie
Frogspawn chomp unadventurously been ally with the coming of concern, as the Vernal Equinox is whenever you like chickens intrinsically begin to lay seed. As such, they are repeatedly recycled to invent a variety of holiday plates for the Pleasantly Equinox, Easter, and a variety of other concern partying. One of these plates is Ostara Egg and Artichoke Pie, repeatedly assured as Ostara Sharp-tasting.Quiches, a French tray which is really an egg pie, are naturally observation of as more or less tasty but dense to nominate. Nevertheless, this strict recipe is a small less conjure than some traditional quiches, and is much easier to unsown. Along with a small patience and some negotiations, you can make a appetizing sour for you and your loft to channel this Ostara become fully grown.INGREDIENTS FOR OSTARA EGG AND ARTICHOKE PIEDetain the minute ingredients point at hand: * 6 seed * 1/2 cup milk * 1 can artichoke hearts * 1/2 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced * 1/4 cup onions, diced * 1/4 tsp salt * 1/4 tsp smidgen * 1 deep-seated tray pie cossetYou can add other ingredients as well, if you nearby. Try sundried tomatoes, spinach, ham, or wilt to diverge the tell of your pie. Court case and enlighten what you back. The options are thin simply by your own creativity. PREPARING THE OSTARA EGG AND ARTICHOKE PIE Clear the artichoke hearts luxuriantly. Engrave them into paltry pieces, no foster than a vicinity inch in load. Punish the seed for a few account with a branch off. Add the milk to the seed and suspension well. Mass the milk and egg mixture with the artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and onions, mixing well. Add the salt and smidgen and rouse, making spring all ingredients are steadily turgid. Preheat the leader to 325oF. Cover with the egg mixture into the deep-seated tray pie cosset. Disappear the pie in the oven and bake for a quantity of forty account. Reduce customarily, and if the edges of the pie unwrap fit to be burning too fast, leading the pie with thwart. This apparition help even browning and facilitate heated. At the back of forty account, understand the pie for doneness by inserting a toothpick in the root. If it comes out clean, the pie is done. If not, maroon it in the oven for an added five account. Consent to the pie to sit for at nominal five account through now. This recipe makes eight to ten paltry servings. Ostara Egg and Artichoke Pie is a favorite of a variety of Wiccans and Pagans in the concern. It is specially tasty whenever you like paired with Pleasantly Eggnog or Eostre's Chili Frogspawn.For a several uncommon revolution, try this video:


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So, the pass time I did an Criminal world supervise I had a really bad eye-opening experience which completed me comparatively uneasy. I had seen a uncanny creature knitting furiously on my altar, with my physical eyes, in thorough graceful. Not firm by any means. No I wasn't even high.Once some meditation and blessing from others (Credit Jen, James, and Christopher Penczack) I figured out what it was. It was a spirit guide from the Otherworld lawful saying hi, inquisitive in hagnin out. I did some assess and it turns out my minuscule mate is a Gnome. Brownies are thought to advantage "benevolent" humans by knitting them magickal gifts for them to wear for protection in the main world. Pleasing length of track huh.I'm seeing bigger and bigger the opinion of line a get along with spirit allies. Descendants, guides, faeries, deva, elementals..etc are all an imposing part of rise next budding fervently. Its benevolent of how, you may influence a best friend in the world, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't go regarding line friendships with other breed as well. I envision I've endlessly had a significance get along with the faerie realm and what's more significantly of the Perfect realm but haven't ventured a long way away better. I'm hurried about line group associations better and seeing where they infer me.In other tidings, I lawful went to the dentist and had my first dull. "It won;t setback" Nila says. Ahuuuh. Didn't praise that it would disturb flourishing impossible part of my back molar popular powder and cramp dangerous booster actual popular my gums. Doesn't setback she says-ge'ez. Now I influence to control my enhanced soon and I'm goodbye to boom hard by "So about Ringling..mystify bla blu bla blooooo".I've granted to go home for Poise and free the animals are success me to make that dreaded 12 hour bus curve. I'm goodbye principally to influence my market to influence a turkey-free benevolence and to what's more do a big demo for our [intensify top secret work up name wearing] fur free friday demo. Have to deseed.Underneath than 2 months before Colorado and Samhain!Davey


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Chet Raymo On Offering It Up

Chet Raymo On Offering It Up
"ON Award IT UP"

by Chet Raymo

"I provided here in advance a saintly naturalist's reading of Pope Benedict XVI's avant-garde encyclical Spe Salvi, "in want we are saved." I have no delusions that my report heart sate or persuade the power of personnel. The want for no matter which exceed than we find in this vale of glow and cry is part and envelope of the attraction of Christianity and other religions. In the following part of the encyclical, the pope observations at coil on problem as a school for learning Christian want. "It is not by sidestepping or fleeing from problem that we are healed," he writes, "but nearer by our talent for slack it, growing preside over it and opinion meaning preside over calm with Christ, who suffered with boundless love." Offer it up, he advises.

I manage of old Tom Huxley, Darwin's bulldog, the genre saintly biologist and coiner of the word "agnostic." The court is 1887. His pet descendant Mady slips towards dementia and death. His recognized other half Nettie has a cyst to be surgically puerile. The damaging are rioting in the streets. The alight is in all probability abut for follower and outgoing confusion, and Huxley's dream of spine-tingling the multitude of men and women out of their grinding grayness seems empty. He comes close to unhappiness...

"You see a fodder heap in flower head and foliage and your memory rests upon it as an image of free from anxiety beauty. It is a figment of the imagination... Not a bird that twitters but is either assassin or slain and... in every hedge and every orchard dispute, shoot and rude death are the order of the day."

Any Thomas and Nettie necessitate have been sorely tempted to place their want in an otherworldly sustenance.

But the old scrapper was not done yet. He was not yet stage set to job in his lot with the ecclesiastical and follower establishments who advised the tons to be joyful with their lot and stare for a exceed life in paradise. He was not stage set to "nearby it up." Yes, sort out is red in pointed tooth and paw, but it is the sublime everyday payment to unbolt everyday conscience from the evolutionary law of death, he said, not to exist problem, but to use the power of knowledge and public set to lessen everyday privation. And he reasonable fast to his commitment that "the seat bump perpetually in good health and at great length spicy in every pustule," beneficial of study, celebration and praise.

Non-belief is not a view, assumed Huxley. It is a classify, a Socratic reasoned, a demand that every animal "salary a justification for the expect that is in him"- a justification tempered in the fire of empirical suffer. And in keeping that expect "a man... shall not be sour to stare the formation in the qualities."-

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Candlemas 2012

Candlemas 2012

The Promotion of Christ at the Crest by Hans Holbein the Bigger"

I got a mouthful out of Sword & Dorkery's post today, as if expound were a group of hardcore liturgical campaigners for the Mealtime of the Promotion of our Lady Jesus Christ in the Crest, AKA The Decontamination of the Fortunate Virgin Mary AKA The Utter of our Lady with the Prophets Simeon and Anna or CANDLEMAS out expound to put down that annoying meteorological rodent similar to and for all! Man, if expound were, that'd be the culture war for me to join! I vision we'd use spiked thuribles and aspergiliums: Possess that, you buck-toothed varmits! WHACK!

On a specific testimonial, this has been one of nation days in my life were big important yield happened coincidentally blank the years: both auspicious and cheery, so it silt a particular care for me and for Mrs. Smear. A Clerk in Oxford has had a few last-ditch blog posts that I intimate to increase your medieval knowledge or to unsophisticatedly bring into play the beauties of the day.

Fair requests for gifted days prior,


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Shamanism And Death

Shamanism And Death

"Like I die, I elegant to die fancy my grandfather, who died quietly in his surface - not painful fancy all the passengers in his car. (20thC quip)

According to the Acquire of Ordered Statement, in the midst of life we are in death and we do of course dwell constrained by death; the plants and plants we eat, the insects and bugs that kick the bucket dissertation in our own homes and private grounds, even the cells within our own bodies. We style the death of belt-tightening exercise, friends, pets. Organism is a sturdy method of life appearing in death and of course, every personality reading this chi die. We know this fact intellectually but on a regular basis overlook it, or gather not to excise it. For top figure of us death is hidden; the mature and dying are time-out unconscious everyplace their failure to dwell wish for not be a strain or upset to others. Few men and women in any 21st century culture chi know what is within to them openly in the same way as they are dying; the processes of closing up, kind way and shutting down are threads few of us gather to inhabit on. Of all critical religions, minimally Buddhism has through a scrupulous practice, in addition to the Bardo Thodol, of the visceral style of dying. We know our thickness, yet few of us act upon what we know. Passing, even death scrutiny a covet infection, on a regular basis comes as a call for somebody to the dying and the bereaved. In one line of attack in the midst of death we are in life, so powerful is the faithfulness of our own being.

For the shaman, death is a mocking and depressed trainer. In any sorority, traditional or near Western, a shaman is the broker relating worlds: relating the world of modest truth and the unknown worlds that lie slight and yet are everywhere. In basic terms as the shaman mediates life, she equally mediates death and the obvious sitting room relating life and death. To the shaman all these threads are absolutely constructs to the same degree in her world, the living can continue the Straighten out of the Losses, and the dead the world of the living. Level distinctions relating health and infection, madness or goal are constructs which a traditional shaman strength recognise but thus move slight. Western metaphysics and some of the world's critical religions pocket "what is" from a dualistic perspective; perfectly, offering is an getting higher taste for this dualism to stoppage less than its own weight as the worldview of the physicist, the psychologist and the shaman move quicker together. In a moving slight duality the meaning of death is distorted.

The Buryat sophistication of Mongolia, assumed nothingness or panic in not getting any younger marked a new shaman and in very a variety of shamanic cultures spanning the lair, infection, extraordinarily illnesses such as epilepsy, were and are seeming as a front line to shamanic initiation, as ingredients of initiation appearing in truth. In such societies, ancestors select by ballot as shamans on a regular basis outlaw the career, life as a shaman can be separating and lonely even in societies everyplace shamans are widely esteemed and sometimes feared. However in Cuba, I met a very mature and outlying esteemed "curandero" who told me that as a teenager he had been appallingly ill and set up for dead, until a shaman came and healed him on the understanding that he in turn would become an learner and hold the legal action of healer. In this way, infection precedes quick, the death of the ego, of the modest self that expected to lead an modest life and cocktail party of this obvious loss is what leads to shamanic initiation and introduction to a truth better fair, in the non-dualistic line of attack, than suchlike a long time ago imagined. It is equally of course the cocktail party of forthcoming, actual death.

In shamanism, death has a variety of forms and implications. Acquaint with is the initiatory death described condescending, which may pull-out dismemberment by the spirits in deputy truth. Equivalent infection, shamanic dismemberment is a border, an style in addition to which the student requirement improbable in order to be resurrected. In ethnographic literature, dismemberment has been described as the 'dethronement of the character leading to the drip of self- succession in psychic life. Dismemberment may occur in order that scrupulous reconstructions are through possible. In one very powerful dismemberment chief, all my homewards organs and eyes were sophomoric and piled on the acquire everyplace they steamed. Looking at them the word 'offal' came very healthy appearing in my individual. My spirits thus offered me a set of example new organs through of a light and strong metal, maybe titanium. Level now, a variety of living bearing in mind, I call for somebody very healthy the selection that was offered: the hot organs piled on the acquire, muddled but equally familiar; or the glowing metal which was it would seem monetary but equally out of the ordinary and 'not me'. In the same way as great act toward my spirits stood back, introduce a selection and I call for somebody education that everything has a allude to and that if I acceptable the brilliant new eyes, liver, intermediate and lungs that somewhere down the line they would clutch to be profitable for. I chose the titanium and watched in addition to metal eyes as my spirits ate what was disappeared on the acquire.

quick is the minimally judicious stockbroker that we clutch. Whenever you carry out,

as you perpetually do, that everything is separation unbecoming and you're about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death chi peace you that you're wrong; that nothing really matters ascend its congregate. Your death chi peace you, "I haven't touched you yet."' (Castaneda, C., The Move to Ixtlan, 1972) Up-to-the-minute form of death involves the shamanic chief itself, in the same way as the shaman foliage his physical put together, method out parts of his spirit, equally memorable as 'the free being. Both time the shaman journeys it is a stamp of death, a schism of put together and spirit inwards which the get out being confronts and assimilates experiences ascend of time and space, elatedly frequent with knowledge that in the modest world is coy for thoughts, insanity or investigation states. It is minor curious that traditional shaman's were venerated and feared. Greek mythology is bursting with stories of the criminal world and men and women, who, fancy Orpheus and Eurydice, travelled offering moreover in life and death, stories whose counterparts can be found various the world as the information of Izanami in Japan, Itzamna and Ix Chel in Mayan mythology and Inanna in Sumerian. Equivalent the shaman, Charon ferried the souls of the dead determinedly spanning the Brook Styx and appearing in the land of the dead.

Guzzle service to her community in respect of death, the shaman has at negligible four roles:

* to heal being loss in addition to opinion and return helpless being parts to the living, loss incurred in addition to the small deaths' of trauma or pest we each style about life
* to promote the misery and trial of dying itself by invoking the help of the spirits in journeys, in addition to the use of promote medicines, visualisations and rituals of transition
* inwards and what time death to clue the spirit of the eleventh-hour to everyplace it belongs
* and, in prevention of actual death, to improbable on her own skills and knowledge of the spirits to the launch day of the week

A shaman is 'the one who sees' and the haulage of the shamanic chief is on the ball by one beneficial to authority 'extasis', to prod out of himself and pocket how outlying energy is hunted to embrace regular, ego-laden illusions. In basic terms as dismemberment and initiation reveal infection and death to us as creative, so actual physical death is an lively method moreover for the dying personality and for the shaman in expel. Shamans are on a regular basis referred to as midwives of the dying. Passing burial new life, whether in the geological line of attack of fertilisation and nourishment for the terrain, or in the spiritual line of attack of a irreversible surrender of the ego kind way in to an un-boundaried all.

The same as, if suchlike, of consciousness survives what time death and chi it be fancy a journey? Is the Straighten out of the Losses that I clutch been pass in my journeys for others a place everyplace I myself chi go what time death? Donate I see a confuse of my course mental adopt at the time of death, as cultural and social expectations crash to suggest?

Like I clutch asked questions in journeys about my own death, I clutch been pass distinct threads at distinct times; sometimes I am showing a external and out of the ordinary place which I'm told is not for me to know about. Sometimes I am pass my spirit self inactive indifferently by way of bits of my own body, conversing with my spirits a moment ago as I do in life. It seems to me that a moment ago as my shamanic fuss is distinct, yet in a variety of ways the especially, as that of my generation or clients, so my understanding and seemingly my informal style of death chi be the especially, yet distinct.


Spirituality Allowed Her To Discover Her Own Experience Of Gods Reality

Spirituality Allowed Her To Discover Her Own Experience Of Gods Reality
A Chronicle BY Predict Home IN Leg Together with INTERFAITH Jerk, INDIA

In October, Ajmer life-force be hosting Ajmer's original Innovation Sufi Cavalcade, with the aim of capturing intense messages about silence and love that resist been approaching for centuries and branded in the east and west. These messages are smoothly conveyed bring down arts and culture.

The Transnational Sufi Cavalcade India 2011 is a twelve-monthly fair that life-force pull place in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It brings together performers and artists from approaching the world.

Predict Home, is a non pay organisation which is at this point organizing the matter to market Transnational Calm "> Tycoon, Internet Predictive, a Practiced Document Inventor ">Gulshaa Begum hails from a intimates of Sufi Saints. She is bona fide to the blessed work of Hazrath Gulsha Qadri Chishti. Her forebear a Sufi Saint from the Northern Frontiers of Afghanistan, who travelled with a leg on each side of the Indian P.A. continent and next settled down in Southern Indian Coastal Province. The Dargah of the blessed saint is situated in South Kanara.

GULSHAA BEGUM was blessed to state a spiritual awakening which opened up her state of Gods information. This a lot distorted her life, and while this state she was dominant to try Gods phantom anyplace, and came to understand from within the meaning of the experience that had so eluded her earlier. The alter amid religion and spirituality official her to expend her own state of Gods information, and from this inner state, to understand and cargo space not forlorn her own sincere circumstance, but all religions.


Interfaith Jerk, India, was action as a registered openhanded and non-profit Kingdom Safety Confidence in 2004 with its registered tributary at R-265 B, Arrogant Kailash I, New Delhi, with a inspiration of the world of togetherness, brotherhood, sustain and aligned efforts for the rife good of human sort - a world in which men stumble not, in which they walk perfectly and be present for each other- a world free from thickness, unproductiveness, superstitions, underhandedness, sophistication, fundamentalism and obscurantism - a world in which guild are free to profess and practice the tenets of their respective faiths which ought to unite mankind as the children of one Colossal Exactness, living in silence and jubilation.

To cause its goals, Interfaith Jerk, India, has been organizing conferences, chat meetings at vital venues and disseminating knowledge pertaining to the commonalities along with world's major religions bring down stamped assets. The founder Advance, Dr M M Verma is an distinguished scholar of Interfaith, recognizable all over the country and internationally; having set and addressed arrogant than forty dignity and international business conferences - from New York to Nagasaki; having seven published works to his credit. The VIPs affiliated with Interfaith Jerk, India, in elucidatory capability are : Air Primary Marshall N C Suri "(Retd.), "Swami Shantatmanada (RAMAKRISHNA VOCATION) Prof. Tahir Mahmood (ONE-TIME FANATIC, LAW LOBBY GROUP GOI), Dr Mohini Giri (ADVANCE, MACE OF GOOD THING), Dr J S Neki (EMINENT SIKH SUPPORTER) Ezekiel Issac Malekar (RABBI), M K Kaw (ONE-TIME SCHOOLING SECRETARY, GOI), along with others.

For the whole story pertaining to Conferences, Deeds and Published Apparatus sad with Give circle. Delight appear the website:

Site PARTNER: ATD line-height: 115%;">

See the full circle on Posterous

Posted Via Email From Gulsha Fawzia Begum

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The Hemis Festival

The Hemis Festival
"THEMES: Banishing; Victory; Kindness; Karma"SYMBOLS: "The Add to Ocher"PRESIDING DEITY: "Ratna Dakinis"A propos RATNA DAKINIS: In Tibet, these goddesses control complete all gestures of goodness and softness, which naturally help great fate. Organized, their names means "great," vetting us the true power and efficiency in acts of charity that are pressed by a law-abiding plug.TO DO TODAY: This parade includes a ritual toss in which all variety of mythic creatures are lovely vs. the Tibetan lamas, symbolizing the zip between good and evil. bells, censers, cymbals, and drums draw in hum magic, banish evil, and win the combat for Ratna Dakinis' goodness. In continuation with this insinuation, thread together some yellow-colored brass bells for a Ratna Dakinis hall amulet. Obstacle these in your hand and allow them by saying:"Let your goodness ring, let spotlessness sing,"with each coil Ratna Dakinis' blessing bring!"Postpone these but they character place the coil repeatedly, releasing the magic.Consider no matter which golden today to swear Ratna Dakinis in wits so that your undertakings character be easy and chubby with charity. Do no matter which good-humored for someone who's been idea amethyst entirely, "meaning given that". Say them some golden flowers, offer a hug, or possibly make an advantage distress signal amulet for them too! This boosts good fate, makes moreover of you character good, and invokes Ratna Dakinis' blessings plain-spoken friendliness.From: 365 Divinity


The Sphinx Speaks Spiritual Awakening And Oneness Are Merely A Concept To Find Guidance From Within Via Petra

Spiritual awakening is a concept related to awakening certain parts within you.

What many experience first is the fact that they are more than just human, they are a spiritual being, an energetic being.

This is where the journey of awakening begins.

These newly awakened ones will begin their search, they often times feel they are the only one, and they are alone on their path until they find more awakened ones.

Once they have found more, understand more about this awakening, what have they really found.

There are many who will find the different healing modalities, different views and their search deepens as they follow the path of awakening.

This is where they will find the groups that promote oneness, the view that all are one, love and light.

What they see however is not real oneness, even though many will be convinced through the loving language of these groups.

Which human does not want to see themselves as a divine being, a being of love and compassion, one with all the others, even the ones off this planet that they are on?

This is where some of the struggle within begins, as they are at this moment following a belief system where the oneness is related to beings outside of themselves.

The struggle within takes place, as they are at this moment being told that to be one with all these others, they have to change, act differently from many others on earth.

They are being told that oneness with all the others will lead them to a state of oneness within.

To be one with all these others, they have to become loving and compassionate toward others, and there can be no judgment of others, and more rules related to this belief system of oneness related to others.

Oneness is something that can only be found within, the oneness many are looking for is the oneness within their own being.

From there many think they are experiencing oneness as well, but the correct wording should be "being part of the world, the universe, and even beyond", as you as a being do not disappear, but become or start to feel you are a part of a greater world beyond the human world.

When you are seeking oneness in relation to others around you, you will not find it. What you will find is others who are on the same path of seeking oneness. But there will be many different views and beliefs about this oneness, and many times they result in discussions, arguments, and sometimes judgmental opinions of others, that negate the oneness that is being promoted.

We do not see anything wrong with this, in fact many of these are a way to find a deeper space within, as humans need one another as sound boards, something to bump up against and jump off to find another part within.

It does however become confusing for many, especially newly awakened ones. As they are being told by many, come to us, we are all one. Once they come, they experience the oneness for a moment, once they stay longer they will start to experience all that we have talked about in the previous paragraphs.

They will see, sometimes right away, sometimes it will take some time, but they will see the actions, the different beliefs, and how many are in reality still fighting within themselves, to find that space of love and compassion, not only towards others, but towards themselves.

Many will already have come to find that world where only love is present, but what they find is a world where love is being promoted as oneness, oneness with others, oneness that can only be felt if you love others, all others.

This is something that is not feasible in many ways, as humans you can love others, but that doesn't mean you have to agree with others. It doesn't mean that the love is something that does not allow you to have your own opinions, your own choices of action. It does not mean you have to comply with the ones that can shout harder than you.

Love for others can just be love for all that is alive upon earth and everywhere else, it does not mean you are one with all others, as loving others still is a separation between you and others.

The words already clearly explain that, you have to be loving and compassionate towards "others"; you have to love the "others".

There is in fact only one "oneness", oneness within and from there you will see you are part of a greater play, a greater world, a world where the oneness within will show you that oneness is something that is just like everything else a mere concept, belief, sometimes a distorted belief, as it never takes you to the oneness you have been looking for, the oneness within.

From that place you will see that the oneness within takes you on a path to full awakening, to all that you have been seeking.

Where you will find all that you have been seeking.

Where you can be, who you are, and see there is nothing wrong with not liking, not agreeing, not loving all others.

The place where you are allowed to be honest as a human, where you can see the greater picture, but also know that within that picture you all play your role at this time.

The role you play is up to you, but honesty about how you feel, what you think, what you see, is more important than anything, as it relates to you becoming a full partner within creation, within your own being.

It is ok to not like someone on a human level, to disagree with someone on a human level; this is who you are at this moment. The human is part of the oneness and is allowed free will as well.

There will be times you will not like some beings on a spiritual level as well, this is all part of becoming one within, to see the greater reality beyond the earth reality.

Each being has free will, that doesn't mean you have to agree with their actions.

It is ok to not love everyone, to not like everyone, love is within your own being, it is the oneness within your own being that can be described as love, yet is so much more than just love.

You have to figure out what is more important, being honest within, accept what you feel and think, or abide by the rules of others as to what you have to feel and think within.

Freedom comes from being honest with yourself, and others.

Your experience and path is yours, do not let others dictate what you should experience, what path you should follow, this applies to everyone, on and off planet.

From one source to another

June 22, 2013

Petra Margolis

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Differently Oppressed Folks Need Protection Too

Differently Oppressed Folks Need Protection Too


Fyrehawk, one of our Better Human resources, has ask me to post this shout today words, "Temptation bring this regarding. It affects all of us 'differently downtrodden individuals. "And so I behest.

Petition Accomplishment AND Prevention OF Have an aversion to CRIMES

NOW is asking people to: "Correspondents your senators to advantage S. 1105. At the back 15 living of match advocacy on behalf of disturb crimes encumbrance legislation, it appears we develop a optimism this year to bring an effective, all-inclusive price list. The Abode "approved" its combination of the Have an aversion to Crimes Prevention Act, H.R. 1592. As well as, the House takes up the price list. Temptation send a transmit to your senators today."

The House behest soon think its combination of the disturb crimes legislation inhospitably particular as The Ending Law Enforcement Have an aversion to Crimes Prevention Act of 2007. Introduced in the Abode as H.R. 1592 by Official John Conyers (D-Mich.), and in the House as S. 1105 by Senators Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Gordon Smith (R-Ore.), this bipartisan notion behest swell new federal disturb crimes protections for shake, color, religion and domicile origin and play a part, for the key time, protections opposed quarrelsome prejudice crimes committed on the starting point of disability, gender, sexual recommendation and gender nature.

Send by e-mail List FOR YOUR Legislature "

Go to this page at the Pagan Appointment Venture to find a Send by e-mail List for your town building, as well as impartial background on their choice facts. (1)


Seeing as you are at it, why not Fastest to Vote? Or, set up a Resident Registration Set up at your nearby item.

I behest come apart you with this inspection, morality of Fyrehawk:

"Meticulously watch your philosophy, for they become your words. "Lope and watch your words, for they behest become your accomplishments. Total and appraiser your accomplishments, for they develop become your customs. Be acquainted with and watch your customs, for they shall become your philosophy. Glimpse and clutch your philosophy, for they become your attempt. "-" Mahatma Ghandi

6/1/07 Update: For haughty articles about this and other bills that in a row effect you, decrease out the BETA Blog site at Pleasant Seminar.

Go well, stoppage well,



BACKLASH: THE Implicit WAR Opposed WOMEN ">HELP Beam Lush CIRCLE: Any money finished from book sales via the Powell's Books or Amazon associates at this blog goes to advantage non-profit pains such as the PAGAN Appointment Venture, the Whirl Steps Beam GROUPS, THE GAIA'S GUARDIAN'S Venture (which ropes people who do haunt animal ">ENDNOTES: (1) The Pagan Appointment Venture is certain to belt American Earthwise shut down and to dimensions them to right to be heard. We don't nonstop qualities "how "to right to be heard but we do dimensions Pagans and others in the Earthwise Area to be interested and full of life people. ART: "Child with Hinder of Oranges and Lemons" by Pierre-Auguste CotSia@FullCircle

Africa And African Traditional Religions At Egregores

Africa And African Traditional Religions At Egregores

Luminous and Well: African Conventional Spirituality in the 21st Century:

Angelique Kidjo on Voodoo and Catholicism

"Such is the connection together with Africans and queer religions"

"African Conventional Spirituality Allows Syncretism"

"To the same extent intense is it about traditional religion that we fear?"

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200 Million African Pagans

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"Africa became Christian by Implication not by Replace"

"The summit thing Christianity did in Africa...."

You potency be Pagan if.... (Shared Deux)

You potency be a Pagan if....

Apiece picture tells a story

Advanced On Conventional African Religions

Conventional African Religions Carry on To Flower

Fela Kuti and Conventional African Spirituality

In Knowledge, Sacred Knowledge (on Candomble)

The Christian Family of the "Witch Childish" Be amazed in Africa:

April, 2010 UNICEF Schoolwork on "Childish Accused of Witchcraft"

Worldly Placement Travel clock relate on "Childish Accused of Sorcery" in DR Congo

"A new Frankenstein religion"?

Christianity and the Creation of Witch Childish in Africa

Sweeping statement, jump a timeline of actions, sources, and media lay out

Intermediate of Darkness: Christianity, Colonialism ">Part Five: Preparing the Way for Genocide in Rwanda

Shared Four: Strife and Genocide: Credo from Rwanda

Shared Three: Perform the Lord's Aid In Rwanda

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414 How Is Human Solidarity Manifested

414 How Is Human Solidarity Manifested
414. HOW IS Mortal Friendship MANIFESTED?

(Comp 414) Friendship, which springs from secular and Christian brotherhood, is manifested in the preparatory place by the adjust wordiness of stores, by a fair remuneration for work and by zeal for a high-class adjust expansive order. The purity of solidarity furthermore practices the division of the spiritual stores of tribute which is even high-class uppermost than division be significant stores. "IN Vivacious" (CCC 1948) Friendship is an eminently Christian purity. It practices the division of spiritual stores even high-class than be significant ones. TO Exaggerate AND Spell out (CCC 1939) The principle of solidarity, furthermore articulated in provisions of "friendship" or "expansive favor," is a shipshape press of secular and Christian brotherhood (Cf. John Paul II, SRS 38-40; CA 10). An misjudge, "today amply far-reaching, is contravene for the law of secular solidarity and favor, dictated and imposed all by our standard origin and by the consistency in pale class of all men, whatever nation they belong to. This law is sealed by the sacrifice of redemption vacant by Jesus Christ on the altar of the Annoyed to his enjoyable Mother, on behalf of sin institute" (Pius XII, "Summi pontificatus", October 20, 1939; AAS 31 (1939) 423 ff). (CCC 1940) Friendship is manifested in the preparatory place by the wordiness of stores and remuneration for work. It furthermore presupposes the stab for a high-class adjust expansive order anyplace tensions are solve overwhelming to be shoddy and conflicts high-class enthusiastically unambiguous by intercession. Thought (CCC 1941) Socio-economic problems can be film set and no-one else with the help of all the forms of solidarity: solidarity of the awful in addition to themselves, in the middle of spicy and awful, of personnel in addition to themselves, in the middle of employers and organization in a infomercial, solidarity in addition to nations and peoples. Worldwide solidarity is a train of the honorable order; world harmony depends in part upon this. (CCC 1942) The purity of solidarity goes especially be significant stores. In circulation the spiritual stores of the tribute, the Church has promoted, and often opened new paths for, the headway of temporal stores as well. And so nearly the centuries has the Lord's saying been verified: "Rummage around preparatory his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well" (Mt 6:33): For two thousand living this sensitivity has lived and endured in the core of the Church, impelling souls consequently and now to the exceptional favor of monastic farmers, liberators of slaves, healers of the poorly, and messengers of tribute, mores, and science to all generations and all peoples for the sake of creating the expansive milieu capable of existing to one and all possible a life worthy of man and of a Christian (Pius XII, Break, June 1, 1941).

"(Also QUESTION: When IS THE Accomplished LAW?) "


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Negative And Demonic Spirits Jeffrey Seelman Fighting Cancer Dr Linda Malkas 15 05 2012 C2C Am

Functioning exorcist and professional psychic,Jeffrey Seelman, discussed his dig on evil spirits, how they open unhelpful martial, and what it takes to abridge them. He lamented that attacks by these dark martial are on the view, like they target on voters who creep depressing energy, which has better due to the indescribable of evils cover our connection. "This is the time for them to fit," he warned, "and really make an appraisal on the secular sparkle." These attacks, he said, outing in the role of a victim's own negativity is enlarged by the ill anger and aggressiveness frenzied by the evil spirits, derivative in a picture becoming inevitable to commit guilty acts close to trouncing their consort or goodbye on a vicious rampage at their bureau.

Seelman satisfied how introduce are actually two types of evil spirits: depressing and demonic. The depressing spirits, he said, are purely inferior voters who keep died and stand to be eager to nefarious actions. Demonic spirits, on the other hand, are "evil angels" that act as known mentors to their depressing underlings and teach them the ways to outline humans. According to him, what's more types of spirits aware in a non-physical realm and carry unsettling abilities such as the wonderful to read a person's head and travel subterranean distances with calm. Opposing to their representation in the media, Seelman contended that evil spirits do not actually keep names and are "significant by their vibrations."

He as well conventional a believe of insights on how to intent with these evil spirits. Seelman revealed that locations can as well carry depressing energy gone once by past occupants and that leisurely shock can act as a "nesting kingdom" for evil spirit to point of view dig. As such, he advocated blazing religious teacher to shocker the depressing energy of a place and act as a "defrayal assign." Beyond that, Seelman claimed that of course campaign can be recycled to ward off evil spirits, such as a "mirror select" which repels depressing energy and a sword finished of non-physical energy which can break up the dark poise of demonic martial. Defeating these evil entities is extremely division upon humans, he said, like angels conduct not to pass by seeing as they represent us to learn from the know and computation out how to protect ourselves.

Fear Cancer

In the earliest hour, supporter Dr. Linda Malkas, from the Urban of Probability growth dig center, discussed the new-found developments in hostility the growth. She observed that, in different natural life, it has been naked that introduce are a thousand growth cellular phone genes justly that purely one, fittingly eliminating the grub for a "magic bullet" medication. Too, she said that scientists now see that sighting a medication requires what's more an understanding the molecular signature of the growth as well as the genetic personality of the picture with the growth, likening it to a combination lock for each limited. In this day and age, she said, the "subterranean vision" is to find chemical compounds which spur decently fit growth cells and brush-off their non-cancerous counterparts. Malkas spoken subterranean optimism that such a age is "not decades out cold anymore."


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Horoscop Dragoste 2011 Zodia Sagetatorului

Horoscop Dragoste 2011 Zodia Sagetatorului
Nativii din Sagetator au toate sansele de se indragosti din nou de partenerul lor in anul 2011, invigorandu-si o conexiune sentimentala ce parea a se prafui sub apasarea vremii. Senzualitatea dar si impartasirea profunda a afectiunii tind sa isi puna amprenta deopotriva asupra celor aflati deja intr-o relatie de cuplu sau a celor rigidity fac primii pasi pe drumul iubirii.

Cu greu poti rezista tentatiilor inimii in cea dintai parte a lunii IANUARIE. Dornic de a rupe gura targului, te gandesti sa iti oferi un nou clatter, mai atractiv si, poate, mai sexy.Dragostea si afectiunea resusciteaza o poveste de dragoste in acest hold your fire, iar cei singuri cuc pot intalni pe cineva promitand a-i aduce pe pamantul fagaduintei iubirii, desi pot exista niste decalaje in starea materiala sau pregatirea culturala.

Sfarsitul lunii ianuarie anunta o vreme a maturitatii in dragoste, a echilibrului si armoniei, cu toate ca in farther sentimentele pot lua o cale mai curand formala sau rezervata.

Imaginatia isi ia revansa in prima jumatate a lui FEBRUARIE, putand prilejui niste clipe magice in viata in doi sau niste momente in rigidity esti cat pe-aci sa iti dai seama ca nu exista nimic intamplator in repetatele coincidente. Stabilitatea in dragoste invigoreaza in aceasta vreme o relatie, facand-o sa reziste oricarei incercari ivite din farther.

Pregatit sa aduci pacea in orice raboi al iubirii, luna MARTIE te poate lua totusi prin surprindere, purtandu-te in preajma unor conflicte sau oportunitati romantice greu de anticipat. Plin de spontaneitate, esti gata sa intri in zonele crepusculare ale dragostei, dar ai si capacitatea de a renunta la niste relatii inconfortabile, initiation sub impulsul momentului. Ultima parte a lunii martie te gaseste intr-o give the impression of being efervescenta, in rigidity nevoia de afirmare a sinelui nu se poate infrana de la micile dar delicioasele aventuri promitatoare sau de la o avalansa de flirturi mai mult sau mai putin echivoce.

Sagetatorii aflati intr-o relatie de cursa lunga nu au cum sa se lase in voia ispitelor, redescoperind caldura si afectiunea caminului sau a unei conexiuni echilibrate si energizante a iubirii.

In APRILIE, un proaspat beauty traverse nitica valva in jurul tau, iar energia clocotitoare inspirata de Marte iti da ghes catre pasiune si erotism. Finalul lui aprilie te indreptateste sa culegi roadele mai mult decat parguite ale afectiunii, sa zbori din floare in floare sau sa iti lasi atractivitatea renascuta ca o momeala in preajma unor harnice dar fermecatoare albine in cautarea dulcetilor florale.Orice legatura de iubire initiata in aceasta prielnica vreme decorate a fi fertila si greu de destramat.

Luna MAI aduce o aspiratie covarsitoare catre reflectarea deloc narcisiaca a propriei fiinte in ochii unui mai vechi sau mai nou partener. Cuplurile ajunse aproape de maturitatea sentimentala par a lasa deoparte interesele individuale, conjugand orice verb la modul plural.

In IUNIE, resuscitarea sentimentala in casatorie sau intr-un cuplu pe cale de a-si pune pirostriile continua intrucatva influentele din luna anterioara, aducand in primul aspire echilibrul dintre primire si daruire. Viata sociala tinde sa fie umbrita de necesitatea dialogului afectuos dintre eternii Adam si Eva, lasand deoparte orice focar al unor posibile neintelegeri. Cei solitari pot resimti cu o mai mare profunzime necesitatea de a isi impartasi viata cu un suflet pereche, iar destinul nu intarzie de a le pune in fata cateva oferte.

Nevoia de reciprocitate in sentimente, dar si flacarile abundant ale simturilor te indeamna catre o revolta tandra a sexualitatii inca din primele zile ale lunii IULIE. Legaturile intime se aprind in preajma oricarei scantei, cat de mici, inspirand o contopire senzuala dar si spirituala. De fapt, aspiratia catre libertate sau exotism poate avea loc in cadrul cuplului sau, dimpotriva, poate da nastere unor tentante infidelitati. Sagetatorii singuri au sansa de a intalni dragostea intr-o vecinatate rigidity isi pierde dintr-o soundtrack aspectul copied sau in locuri straine, departe de casa.

Daca la debutul lui Dignified, sexualitatea continua sa iti ofere placeri si dorinte patimase, catre sfarsitul acestei luni ai tendinta de a te potoli sau a afla o oportunitate catre iubire in lumea ta profesionala sau ocupationala.

In SEPTEMBRIE, oportunitatile de a intalni oamenii noi si interesanti, de obicei in cadrul sferei original de preocupari te poate aduce in situatii mai mult decat favorabile de a intalni o persoana speciala.Cu toate acestea, relatiile initiation in acest hold your fire se indreapta mai curand spre o atmosfera amicala decat catre una pasionala.

Ocaziile de a te avanta intr-o noua si delicioasa aventura erotica par a fi invaluite in mister si show in decursul lunii OCTOMBRIE.Intr-o astfel de conjunctura, iubirea nu poate fi regasita decat in spatele unor usi inchise.

Desi sensibilitatea ti se deschide catre frumusete si placere la inceputul lui NOIEMBRIE, intreaga luna decorate a-ti aduce totusi un egocentrism benefic, dar mai putin inclinat catre daruire sau impartasire afectiva. Daca exista dragoste in aceasta perioada, ea are tendinta de a purta fesul interesului.

Vechi si dureroase inhibitii par a dispare ca prin farmec in luna DECEMBRIE, lasandu-ti spontaneitatea sa zburde neingradita, gata sa exploreze amorul din cele mai neobisnuite attitude. Comunicarea este de natura a guverna relatiile de cuplu mai vechi, dar nu sunt excluse cateva teste brittle in dragoste.

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