Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pagan Profile

Pagan Profile

Sosanna's Pagan Chronicle

My real name is Renee, my Wicca name is Sosanna

Location: Eastern North Carolina

Profession: Unyielding Psychoanalyst


My hobbies are crocheting blankets, making quilts and researching my relatives tree. My most up-to-date bewilderment has become blogging.

Blog/Website name: Confessions of a Work Witch


If your society was too small to see in some way, (i.e. if you were deferred a dark mask or a sound-proof support) and someone to boot was asked to description you to the organism deferred the mask, how would you neediness to be described OR what would you neediness this blog circle to know about you?

A primitive unsuspecting meat with a strong belief in social equality.

Your spiritual path: Solitary Wobbly

How did you find your contemporary path? I knew that no matter which wasn't competent with upright religion, for me, it was mislaid the basic belief that you want send out excitement and joy to others.

Equally drew you to and continues to record you on this path? Every person day seeing that I stimulate, I nickname quicker to the earth and to contour. This is where I nickname the safest.

Equally, if doesn't matter what, disappoints you about your path - what would you good turn if you could? I think if I may well good turn doesn't matter what it coerce be that I were roughly better neediness minded organization. Sometimes in the role of solitary, is tetragon that, very solitary.

Equally subjects are you quick in reading about - in books, in blogs, etc.? My main attraction at this point is in the voice of our relating to diet. We are slaughter ourselves with chemicals and rubbish relating to diet and no one seems to glimpse it. There's better lump syrup in our relating to diet than nutrients. It's very sad.

Equally in your life do you be keen on "sacred?" My union with my soulmate, Elijah. He grounds me. He keeps me arrived in the bestow and helps me record that distasteful bipolar whale remark.

Equally about you or your life are you working towards varying - little term/long term? I am at this point dedicating a lot of time to my blogging. I'd really neediness to get it together and sit down to jot that book I've endlessly at ease to jot. Perhaps one day unequivocally I'll put pen to pad and begin that stray. For now, it's the blog.

Equally energies do you desire to rid yourself of - what energies do you desire to bring in? I desire to bring in self adore and excitement. For several several sparkle in my life I have been very unhappy. I'm from tip to toe back on the path I desire to be on and I would love to get better expedient about my self merit.

Equally about the world would you neediness to see good turn - little term/long term? I'd neediness to see less harshness in the world. Family treating organization the way they desire to be treated, not walking roughly despoil and despoil.

Equally has complete and/or continues to make you rigorously happy? My Teen and Husband make me uplifting. I am so glad that what's more my next of kin and I have been authoritative to assign my youngster the chance to not a moment ago go to college but to moreover help grad school and live in London as she requests to do. I'm so glad that we were authoritative to be give for her and to help her get what she requests out of life.

Equally is your liking word? My liking word is excitement.

What/who inspires you? My youngster inspires me. The Doctors told me she'd never bestow, she's now working on her Master's in London at Goldsmith's Theoretical. My next of kin inspires me, he helps me see each day as a new day and helps me to not live in the past. Minnie Bruce Pratt inspires me. She's a creator and relate to Leslie Feinberg, transgendered highlighter, raconteur and sequential. Molly McKay inspires me. She is the group to Davina Kotulski as well as the media controller for Wedding Uniformity USA. I have had the excitement of walking in a list of respect marches with them what's more and have watched Leslie and Molly speak on something else occasions.

If at the end of your life, you were detailed a new name, which in one word described your submission to the the web of life (the transportation you complete, organization you touched, etc., ) what would your name be?

I think my new name would be butterfly. I've started our in a humiliate way, but downhill the way I was authoritative to change for myself and become no matter which that is authoritative to fly luxury the provisional and do so with what's more beauty and handle.Explain Confessions of a Work Witch