Sunday, September 8, 2013

Deus Caritas Est

Deus Caritas Est
So I was in a trade yesterday with Xanthias and Brother H better-quality this gorgeous editorial by a Rabbi who feels that the Tetragrammatons (YHVH) secret twang is that it was assumed to be strong backwards, which yields no matter which that sounds dear the Hebrew words for "He" and "She".

The trade spun on with supplementary linguistic extrapolation by Xanthias who optional that if we improve the blazing "Shin" happening the name, how we get YeHaShuA, and read it backwards we get Hu-Shia which would be the Egyptian HU (logos) and SA/Sii (powerfully synchronized to Sophia).

As we supplementary contemplated the wonders of Spirit as union of opposites, Brother H observed the following:

"What's being entrancing are the relatives who attempt to mechanism out the unity of Honorable & Nastiness, Jesus and The Opponent. I..e. Religious of the Pure Outing, close down old Mr. Manson and in after everything else existence I've read about some South American cleric with a engagement in the 100's of 1000's claiming to appease the two. I fit into I shouldn't get started on the Yezidi (sp.?)"

In the environs of, unmoving, is but I must part ways with the design. You can say that Spirit is a union of Staff and Female principals and all that extends to. You can say that it's a union of Chthonic and Ouranic principals and all that extends to as well. But not everything we thoroughgoing opposites desires to be in union.

Through study and mystical be diagnosed with I seat come to the understanding that Loathing and Nastiness are extensions of Heaviness. In my be diagnosed with of divinity, God does not loathe and God is not evil like God is not Unaware. Equally in Buddhist language Good value, Generosity, and Wisdom are qualities of Buddhahood or enlightened goal. Nastiness, Loathing and Heaviness are qualities of unenlightened goal. One does not be acquainted with Heaviness with Hint to success Gnosis, so similarly one does not be acquainted with Honorable and Nastiness, or Revere and Loathing. Buddhas and Gods seat no Nastiness in them.

Pope Benedict got it fittingly in his very zenith encyclical: Deus Caritas Est. God Is Revere

I wont dispute that the Outing, Charles Manson, and Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda all reliable to number sequence Honorable and Nastiness, but that's not appropriately the stock I pick out defend, theologically or by. The Yezidi of seat been extreme misunderstood like of olden and tasteless vacate, and if you read at all arrogant after everything else than Idres Shah about them you know that Melek Taus is a pleasantly redeemed angel. No blending of Honorable and Nastiness.

Of course if you are dialect "The Evil spirit", like a house on fire as Lucifer a touch than Satan, impart is a really good controversy on top of painting him as Nastiness. I seat come to know Lucifer well, and roam this view. You can see Lucifer and Christ as in lieu of paths of Pay for and Withdrawal that probably lead to the awfully Gnosis. Unaffected to Tantra and Sutra in Buddhism.

Splendidly, that's my view. It's important in magick, like a house on fire high magick, theology, and esoteric religion, not to roam metaphors to far or to equally, and I purposefulness this was a good imitate.