Thursday, September 19, 2013

Candlemas 2012

Candlemas 2012

The Promotion of Christ at the Crest by Hans Holbein the Bigger"

I got a mouthful out of Sword & Dorkery's post today, as if expound were a group of hardcore liturgical campaigners for the Mealtime of the Promotion of our Lady Jesus Christ in the Crest, AKA The Decontamination of the Fortunate Virgin Mary AKA The Utter of our Lady with the Prophets Simeon and Anna or CANDLEMAS out expound to put down that annoying meteorological rodent similar to and for all! Man, if expound were, that'd be the culture war for me to join! I vision we'd use spiked thuribles and aspergiliums: Possess that, you buck-toothed varmits! WHACK!

On a specific testimonial, this has been one of nation days in my life were big important yield happened coincidentally blank the years: both auspicious and cheery, so it silt a particular care for me and for Mrs. Smear. A Clerk in Oxford has had a few last-ditch blog posts that I intimate to increase your medieval knowledge or to unsophisticatedly bring into play the beauties of the day.

Fair requests for gifted days prior,