Sunday, September 15, 2013

Africa And African Traditional Religions At Egregores

Africa And African Traditional Religions At Egregores

Luminous and Well: African Conventional Spirituality in the 21st Century:

Angelique Kidjo on Voodoo and Catholicism

"Such is the connection together with Africans and queer religions"

"African Conventional Spirituality Allows Syncretism"

"To the same extent intense is it about traditional religion that we fear?"

"The Hurt of Christianity" (On the place in Kenya in 1955)

"Why not vacation spot them in peace?"

"Witchcraft holds out opposed to modern age"

200 Million African Pagans

"Togo's Voodoo Oddity Markets Do Brusque Source of revenue"

"Africa became Christian by Implication not by Replace"

"The summit thing Christianity did in Africa...."

You potency be Pagan if.... (Shared Deux)

You potency be a Pagan if....

Apiece picture tells a story

Advanced On Conventional African Religions

Conventional African Religions Carry on To Flower

Fela Kuti and Conventional African Spirituality

In Knowledge, Sacred Knowledge (on Candomble)

The Christian Family of the "Witch Childish" Be amazed in Africa:

April, 2010 UNICEF Schoolwork on "Childish Accused of Witchcraft"

Worldly Placement Travel clock relate on "Childish Accused of Sorcery" in DR Congo

"A new Frankenstein religion"?

Christianity and the Creation of Witch Childish in Africa

Sweeping statement, jump a timeline of actions, sources, and media lay out

Intermediate of Darkness: Christianity, Colonialism ">Part Five: Preparing the Way for Genocide in Rwanda

Shared Four: Strife and Genocide: Credo from Rwanda

Shared Three: Perform the Lord's Aid In Rwanda

Shared Two: Christian Demographics Fun Keep details

Shared One: "By This Wave We Boom"

The Immediate Former of Monotheism in Africa:

Muhammad (A first-rate history of Radical Monotheism, Shared Four)

Constantine (A first-rate history of Radical Monotheism, Shared Three)

Moses (A Swift Former of Radical Monotheism, Shared Two)

AKHENATEN (A Swift Former OF Radical MONOTHEISM, Shared ONE)

Attacks on African Conventional Spirituality and Afro-Caribbean Religions

Blood Insult, Witchcraft, & Ratzinger's 2011 Fall to Africa

Ashen Explorers in opposition to Black Charisma (And Black Jesus in opposition to Ashen Jesus)

"Wierd Negro Order Raided": Worldly Part with In The Rumor

Blood Insult Against African Conventional Religions: "Baby Part with" Accusations Mug Anew in Uganda

Dear Paul Krugman: Voodoo is a religion, not new to the job name for evil futile bullshit.

Vodou Priestesses & Priests Original Lynched in Haiti

Blood Insult Against Africans & African Conventional Spirituality

Al Jazeera's New Chauvinist Documentary: "Charisma & Carnage"