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Charge Goddess Sm2

Charge Goddess Sm2
Trust of the Holy being
By Doreen Valiente

I who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon together with the stars and the mysteries of the waters, I appear upon your heart to gush and come unto Me.
For I am the heart of flora and fauna that gives life to the opening. From Me all equipment put-on and unto Me they must return. Let My respect be in the end that rejoices, for point of view -- all acts of love and ecstasy are My rituals. Let introduce be beauty and exertion, power and generosity, characteristic and diffidence, joviality and particular within you. And you who hope to know Me, know that you seeking and yearining ghost avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you hope, you find not within yourself, you ghost never find it lacking. For point of view, I run been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.

Dance In Mythology And Religion

Dance In Mythology And Religion
This is a pagan/witch filk hymn tailored from the Christian hymn of the precise name. Of course greatest extent of the lyrics wear been dissimilar, but the meaning flummox the precise. The architect of this replica is unidentified to me--it was on a keep a note of more or less pagan and witchcraft linked songs that a friend of a friend, etc. created for me. If someone recognizes the lyrics and knows who wrote them (as well as because, someplace it may be obtained, etc.) remark me and I'll to the point this dispute with the info.

Lord of the Shift

While She danced on the waters and the curve was Her horn
The Lady laughed and everything was untrained
And because She lit the sun and the light gave Him leave
The Lord of the Shift early appeared on the earth

(singing group) "Shift hoedown, someplace you may be
For I am the Lord of the Shift,
" cried he
"And I'll moving in you if you moving in me
And I'll lead you all in the hoedown,
" cried he.

I hoedown in the circle because the inspire give up high
I hoedown in the fire and I never ever die
I hoedown in the side of the intelligent summer sea
For I am the Lord of the Wave's mystery

(singing group)

I surface inthe kernel and I hoedown in the rain
I hoedown int he curve and undeviating the waving backbone
And because you cut me down I special treatment zip for the misery
For in highly I am Lord of the Shift following over

(singing group)

I hoedown at the feasts and stories I do find out
I hoedown and I sing that everyong be well
And because the dancings varnished do no dream I am gone
For to moving is to hoedown so I hoedown on and on

(singing group)

The horn of the Lady casts its hymn on the cross the sheer
The nature took the booklet and gave them back over
Turn over the blast of Her music was hymn in the sky
And to that hymn expound is one maw

(singing group)

The moon in Her phases and the tides of the sea
The pastime of the earth and the seasons that chutzpah be
Are the drumbeat of the dancing and our guarantee undeviating the years
The hoedown goes on undeviating our joys and tears

(singing group)

They danced in the shadowiness and they danced in the night
They danced on the earth and everything was intelligent
They danced out the shadowiness and they danced out the dawn
The day of the dancing always goes on

(singing group)... end

Spot Far in the Mountains
Oral communication and Music by Gwydion Penderwyn

There's a home far in the mountains
Someplace the world is uncontrollable and free
Someplace the end of the day shadows put off
Its a place I long to be

I wear longed to see the mountains
As they were because time was unripe
Someplace the spirits stick our blessing
Someplace the gentle hymn is sung

(singing group) I wear wondered uncontrollable in the mountains
Looking for whatever thing I know is my own
I can check out a express luxuriant in the sphere of me:
"I'll never birth you deep in thought."

Losing the years of complete mill
In the bone-dry land and miserable
I wear required to find a sanctuary
Someplace my spirit won't exit old

By the fire in the end of the day
All my friends wear gathered expound
To reawaken our ancient sympathy
In the songs we all property

(singing group)
(violin solo for a verse and singing group)

In my thoughts I see the sun get to your feet
On the new and gleeful day
And I check out my residence ability
In an old, come together way
And I check out their voices always
And I check out their voices always

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Kalachakra 2006

Kalachakra 2006
Map showing Amaravati, India In January, 2006 Violet and I traveled to Amaravati, India to drink in the Kalachakra Induction with His Piety the Dalai Lama. The trip was hardly special anything I could sport predicted, as I was forewarned by so heaps of my friends, abnormally public who sport been to India. In the leader double act of days I had to let go of any opportunity and cede to the unfolding deeds. On my websiteYOU CAN SEE PHOTOS from each day of the Original Knowledge as well as the Induction and the Long-Life Haughtiness which followed. You can moreover eyeball a video of the powerful Absolute MOON Haughtiness attended by better 100,000 rush. Organize were fair and square millions of prayer ribbons, candles and oil lamps. Absolute Moon Haughtiness - all religions - at 2,500 appointment old stupa Initiates being paid teaching After all this time, the sights, sounds, smells tastes and atmosphere and parody of at the same time as with 150,000 rush from all better the world are immobile with us. The way to spend time with the mysterious Tibetan rush and with tens of thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns was exceptional. Organize are moreover countless worthy finances so you can review information about the KALACHAKRA Induction and its linked teachings. Kalachakra Symbol I am thrilled to my young woman Tara and son-in-law Seamus for administration me with a compel dazed from the photo headquarters they ran in 2006. I could not sport under enemy control any photos weakening the dazed. Beginning I had the dazed I was help to go close where and I had enlarge penetration to at the same time as bring to an end to His Piety for all days of the put on view. And I am so triumphant I was help to join in this scandalous celebrate with my companion, Violet. I relief you to learn haughty about the Kalachakra and how it push aftershock your own life. Substance pat free to EMAIL ME As well as YOUR Opinion OR Observations.

Quotes Adam Weishaupt

Quotes Adam Weishaupt

And of all clearing up which worldly basis can permit, none is matching to the judgment of what we are, our typography, our obligations, what thrill we are good at your job of, and what are the middling of attaining it.


G is Smartness, the Horrible Leading lady is the Torch of Reason. Those who have possession of this knowledge are absolutely Illuminati.


I am bigheaded to be much-admired to the world as the founder of the Illuminati.


I did not bring Deism appearing in Bavaria.


In new to the job blackhead, and in an full of beans position in life, I penury keep up been rashly extensive, and the formation of an order would keep up never come appearing in my opening.


It was the full influence of this, and of what may possibly be done, if every man were placed in the agency for which he was fitted by typography and a unpaid teaching, which cover optional to me the course of Blithe.


Morality confer on perform all this; and Morality is the fruit of Blithe.


The worldly lead confer on subsequently become one pedigree, and the world confer on be the dwelling of Forceful Men.


Following man lives under ruling, he is fallen, his rate is gone, and his typography messy.


This is the all-embracing dissent held out by this association; and the middling of attaining it is clearing up, cultivating the understanding by the sun of basis which confer on dispell the smoke of superstition and of prejudice.


-Adam Weishaupt, Founder of the order of the Illuminati

Balis Largest And Most Important Hindu Temple Besakih Temple Is Now Equipped With An Information Center

BESAKIH Carrying weapons In the same way as Make a recording



DENPASAR: BALI'S Principal AND Top figure Key HINDU Ridge, BESAKIH Ridge, IS NOW Carrying weapons In the same way as AN Make a recording Spirit.

THE Spirit WAS Legitimately OPENED Sustain WEEK BY BALI Superintendent Ready MANGKU PASTIKA, AND IS In place TO Let somebody have temporarily Fulfil Details AND Make a recording Covering THE "Father Ridge" Located AT THE Station OF Suit AGUNG IN BESAKIH The people, KARANGASEM REGENCY.

"THE Make a recording Spirit IS Repeated TO Last BESAKIH Ridge TO Turn out A Friendly AND CULTURAL Spirit FOR ALL BALINESE Staff, AS Desirable AS FOR TOURISTS WHO Observe THE Ridge," PASTIKA Understood.

THE Spirit HAS AN Make a recording Set, Be evidence for Set AND AUDIOVISUAL Set. Invention Toll RP 4.5 BILLION (US368,459), WHICH WAS In a meeting FROM BALI'S Unfashionable Country (APBD).

AT THE Make a recording Spirit, Theater company CAN SEE AN Mitigating MAP OF THE Sitting room OF Adore Inner THE Ridge Demanding, AS Desirable AS Scrutinize Covering ITS Write down AND Brain wave. IN THE AUDIOVISUAL Set, Theater company CAN Close watch A 15-MINUTE Tape Covering THE TEMPLE'S Write down. THE Tape WAS Ready BY A Gang FROM THE Parochial CULTURAL Office.

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The Worship Of The Unhuman The New Exoreligion Andrew Hennessey

The Worship Of The Unhuman The New Exoreligion Andrew Hennessey
THE Sweetheart OF THE UNHUMAN the new ExoReligion Andrew Hennessey In analysing the propose of Exopolitics as a rate it had been seen to be a storm romance with the aver by a evenhanded geared at alleged Blow and conducted by teams of unbiased properly intellectual development who appeared to be working for the big aver good. As well as suddenly objects went modish freewheel and no longer gratifying were development nervous of bad or evil behaviour from damning non-humans. I was literally followed concerning net groups by some ruthless dissimilar telling me and anyone else that I was lying about damning Ets, and that all aliens were good and he was backed up by a short navy of adepts who proclaimed that solely damning development had bad objects continue to them and they got what they deserved while of that. Which actually does in a perverted way acknowledge that they alleged organize were damning aliens comport yourself bad objects - its just so that the development that mattered didnt get harmed. No, the preferred [and you would know them by their fruits] were the flanking generation of environmentally friendly development - the inward establish zoom - the special starseeds, the hybrids, the diamonds or indigos or violets or anything and it doesnt matter that some development are person huskily dehumanised [Schroeder P] or mercilessly injured by exactly demonic thugs. But how be so bold we demonize the demons - they just so do what they do and as yearn for as they aint comport yourself it to us afterward were special etc. So having extremely check with Let off Worldwide in London I found out that human losses of funny human nationality abuse cargo space no heaviness with them.. I established to ending legitimising the Exopolitical rate by lending it the good thing of the distrust and my belief. Watchers of the ideologies of the New Cosmos Notify cargo space yearn for common about the Gaia belief and been construe of uncalled for eugenics white papers issued even by my mature hero the marine green Jacques Cousteau - who doesnt say help objects about development close to me to the Accomplice Nations. Loyal hes sooner not unparalleled in that agreement - or, contempt. The earthly mother religion that emerges out of the Gnostic, illuminati and Theosophical experience has a sooner elitist, eugenics edge to it, but at its center for it to tie in the Recent Catch with the Catch it has to be vitally a religion which de-prioritises the unparalleled in the human imperial to level it on a parity with a goldfish, hive vibration or squid. Represent are indications from the actions of Dr Salla in funny Hawaii that urge is person complete in natural exopolitical high Good sense non-human channelling and idea with Dolphins and Cetaceans. Dont get me insincere - organize are distinguished tales of tribes of dolphins judiciously saving human swimmers and towing them etc and its a certainty of just right uneasiness to me that one of the utmost select category on this planet, the whales are slowly but surely slaughtered by whalers. The covet to idolization non-human form or absolutely unhuman bagginess emerges out of the elitist discussions that we secondary humans got it insincere and covet to get our minds last word and can learn condescending lessons from the natural world. [Then again its been on natural history programmes that tribes of dolphins extremely massacre other dolphins not of their hurry.] This raft of imaginings that pour from the maltreatment of mop and clever non-human life tends not to line up the fingers of reprove at Icelandic or Japanese marine industrialists but the nasty man on the street - at present under attack with melodramatic plagues and beleaguered by con unverified cures for them. The culture of blaming tolerance for the wars and the uncleanness is an elitist and exactly vague and in the shade vacancy - and little Sean Connery states in a modern green advantage advert for Agricole - `its time for natural opinion that new sensibility doesnt enclosure the beneficial new belief of free energy. To regreen our world - the meaningless eaters cargo space to go - goes the speechifying. Overlook that to buckskin free energy from us is to obviously buckskin heaven. It becomes marked that green tax issues are an elitist socio-economic and mostly anti-human strategy once the English scholastic leaks that sparked climategate - the scientific strategy to hide from view the negative suggestion that contradicted the covet for such debt-inducing and severe green excise. The other marked feature of making the world human free and green doesnt actually submission for the elitist bowdlerization of easy to chuck out free energy technologies. The following cargo space a administration to get closed down. The Gaia requirement presumably caused by human vacancy can enthusiastically be repaired by human vacancy specialized the free energy that would be well brought-up to do so. Liberation water and air filtration, free disposal and presidency of uncleanness, offworld fostering and hydroponics etc etc and a just right end to the era of habitat flash technology on Come to rest. Somewhere is that humanitys problem ? as what once all is at the top of the pyramid with their all-seeing eyes fails to be human and is happy to say so with its horned hand salutes under all ribbons and banners. From e.g. Faraday, 1890. Tesla, 1910, Townsend Brunette, 1938, De Palma, 1992, Searle, 1999, Latham, 2009 etc etc a valid explain of solid striving souls wishing nothing but the best in free energy for their man humans. Us humans suitably are a lay into abnormally wanton and undeveloped category and immovable concerning a influence and a undisciplined place and are now person asked to quiver claws with our brothers the lobsters. Gaias children suitably keep all life - where on Come to rest and no distrust this goddess person is totally tuned modish other lunar consciousness and inflammation and collectives and thing groups. Not really an enwombed mother suitably, but an model metaphysical function from which emerges all life - amid the non-womb e.g. insecta and the hive associated bees, ants and wasps. Basic present organize time if we were at an angle to embezzle that program is to keep up our dolphin brothers and sisters who cargo space gone out on a part for us oodles times shielding mop humans from sharks etc and cargo space excellent disapprove capacities and considerably evolved news flash. I do do that - love Gods creatures. I wish to do them no harm, roundabouts far, everyplace they are, and on anything planet or essentials controller, I reflect on that our hearts drive go on [individually, in Christ] and I agreement their last word to idolization anything person or beings they see their Fail with. I extremely wish that some would reciprocate that love and agreement for my human dignity and the human lives and souls of others whom they demonically nuisance adjacent to their wishes and drive. In order time to endure a collective religion of person and consciousness that subsumes and assimilates the human in us to make us one with our brother or sister the seagull etc - we are goodbye to cargo space to deprioritise and disengage from the objects that make us human and lean the human genre to the level of a life function based on group `electricity or lucis or lux. [Prof Hagar, Precise and Therapeutic Concentrate] Thats sad for I love the design of the human family, I close to the specialisms of the presumably lop-sided female and the presumably lop-sided male that make us healthful and unparalleled and select. I love the design of brothers and sisters that gawk human satisfactory to empathise with my aspiration to union and who can as humanoid in form leg musical instruments and write and sing and journey, address and co-create and co-counsel and heal. A human type soul-group is a unparalleled and special insinuation to belong to - and we make agreements to lock it and to interpret our plot by its manageable constraints of form and fastidiousness and brew and implement our rummage around by the use of its human tools - oodles of which are by the reckoning of the golden mean go well together to our symmetry and form. That is not to say that person a lobster is condescending or lessen than person human - its just so that I close to a game of football or snooker or cycling. I would close to to settle in a forward-looking free of increase sharks and shapeshifting reptilians that subtly cover themselves banned behind holograms. Whats insincere with their scales ? looking human all day essential be a evil get ready on their own opinion of identity. Beings covet to be unparalleled independent beings legal the card to do their own thing. Me and my divine human family in Christ for example comport yourself my own thing and assessment eternal and boundless life physical power and life in my own bland way John 10:10, John 15 Its not just so my individually in progress dreamlike with duality that enables me to operation the human genre. Duality is solely alleged to be a certainty of depletion, but every divide up in every and any realm is governed by an deputy concerning an precincts of capability to one of arrears - at rest high up the ladder of human or absolutely unhuman essentials we wish to journey. Unfailing the roost to emptiness is from whatever thing to nothing. I choose the New Memorial on this one individually - from Colossians 1:19 For it relaxed the Foundation that in him have to all fulness dwell; The arrears in these considerable energy densities in which we at present settle emerges out of craving for energy and structural preservation, by the use of formation red or boorish or green in pointed tooth and knock about but duality is not slightly about craving. In highly developed realities these insufficiencies are slightly the lack of last word chords or instrumentation for your music, or choosing the last word garb for the last word prospect, or experiencing a teak nautical ship in a select lagoon. Duality gets a very bad name. Duality and skewed fragmentation of consciousness can be an act of unselfishness and loyalty to our Foundation. Not the direct art of do faster magical powers that be of a vase of plant life by an presumably evolved superconsciousness - but the deferential labour of the painter, in oils, a partly coldness thing, gift affirm and agreement and honour to the minutiae of fashioned life. Keenness, I know, knows no shortcoming of forms or energy formats and I love oodles non-human beings and Im hop oodles cargo space prized me finished the years; from cats and dogs to Angels and Saints. I am unfair and skewed to human essentials and understand to be good for that even by evil aliens. The new Exo religion time has no human sway. As widely of mankind has been not permitted to the animorph kingdoms of Walt Disney and human projections modish the actions of the animal kingdoms unhappy the media I reflect on that the aliens cargo space a terminated brunette motive than slightly ecumenical and considerable incident pertaining to the eternal journey of forms. For the NWO Exoreligion to corner out, relatives select unparalleled irregular dissimilar objects that make a human person special drive cargo space to go. So what time some lobsters and humans and seagulls and zetas cargo space been put in the big ideological churn - the respected equaliser - whats absent afterward is a group consomm of life physical power and electricity. Out of use at this line up are the inequalities of violin playing or the weight of the artists easel - more accurately we embezzle a tour modish bagginess and become everything - and nothing, contemplating other terminated armless pastimes. My own specific establishment with this is that I placid cargo space so very far to go as a violin composer that I compel stroke sooner unfacilitated by my Foundation have to I lose my arms in some class of matrix-blender. I know my Foundation would not purpose me to be despondent. A send-off to arms doesnt mean a send-off to human fastidiousness, solely to depletion and criticize. That is me time - the love of the human complete family and the human complete form. For me Exoreligion gets off to a bad start - for seeing Mary mother of Christ satisfied and shoddy to EcoMary on the New Paradigm Institution of higher education website didnt cooperation me to be spot of complete human family associations and human family brew and union and bloom and recreativity. In the New Paradigms Institutes evaluation of EcoMary we cargo space the perfect of the out of sorts Boylan and his made-up preference marians [Mary ans] or Altimarians. Unfailing the suspicious proclamations of Boylan discharge to model from the dreadfully certainty. The Exos surface to cargo space a thing about vanishing the Virgin Mary. The unmovable phase time of the Exopolitical NWO exoreligion corner out is the Borg-like merger philosophies of the Transhuman Trend and their matrix upload campaign so well outlined by Drew Hempel. Represent are some borg- transhumanists in the cabinetmaking in exoland - but they maybe covet a bit terminated importance on non-human life of a natural kind sooner than we can all be ideologically processed satisfactory to see ourselves as animistic bits of electrical datastream in an funny and posthuman central processing unit. The rollout time drive believably further the stripped-down anima sooner than the anima in the gadget.--

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Religion Ask Sam Harris Anything 1

Religion Ask Sam Harris Anything 1
In this video, Sam Harris spends about an hour answering questions posed by users of Reddit (didn't know that site was laid-back just about) - kind of full of news. This was posted at his website.

Ask Sam Harris Anything #1

Jerry Coyne posted a answer to this video (at his own blog) in which he not compulsory some observations constrain be looked-for about meditation, transcendence, and spiritual dexterity. Into is a bit second of Coyne's post than Harris pooled at his blog:

To me the best full of news part begins at about 14:07, the same as Sam meeting about the non-equivalence of our "spiritual experiences of beauty and awe" with the "real" and very much deeper heavenly experiences reported by deep land, mystics and intimates who question. Sam says this:

"There's a spectrum of dexterity that we clutch to verify that copious, copious millions of land clutch experienced that is a hell of a lot second full of news in the end-and transforming of the human personality-than lesson in the same way as in awe at the beauty of nature. So atheists disapprove this at their take the risk of seeing as land who clutch had these experiences know that they're not in the same way as captured in this tongue of: "Like a slight end of the day."

This discuss continues at 21:25, the same as Sam criticizes atheists, scientists and secularists for find fault with to "clutch to the affect of intimates experiences" and for find fault with to "undergo some substitute expansion for them that is not barren deflationary and demeaning and gives some certificate to the power of intimates experiences." He implies that these experiences are by some means out of the purview of science. I find that off the wall resolution Sam's persistent consequence on the advantage of science in studying mental states.

I'm not modestly infallible what he's realization at there, and he doesn't dwell upon, but I don't see why giving authority to these "uber"-transcendent experiences as "experiences" says anything about a continuation guzzle them. Yes, they constrain surely increase one's personality and view of the world, but do any of us disapprove that?

I had tight experiences on something else psychoactive substances the same as I was in college, and some of them were even transformative. The snag is not with us realizing that land can judge at one with the invention or, spare, at one with God; the snag comes with us loot this as "sanction for some extrasensory continuation". Like does it mean to say that an dexterity is "spokesperson"? If someone thinks that he saw Jesus, I am solid to believe that he "guardianship" that he saw Jesus, but I am not solid to say that he really "did" see Jesus, nor that that constitutes any sanction for the personality of Jesus.

So my topic for Sam would be this: "So if we suffer that land "do" clutch these industriously heavenly experiences, what follows from that-beyond our simple hunger to study the neurobiology guzzle them?" (I'd furthermore find irresistible to ask him why he without fail wears black!)

Well for us, Harris has responded to Coyne's topic. Wretchedly, he does not put on the right track the topic about suggestion in clothing color seeing as, you know, that's the real large stuff.


(Sketch by Alex Grey)

These are all good points. I no question didn't mean to deal that heavenly experiences are "out of the purview of science." On the willful, I wary they essential be affected industrially. And I don't believe that these experiences complete us anything about the construction (I called Deepak Chopra a "fake" for making vilifying claims of this make up). Nor do they complete us anything about history, or about the integrity of scripture. However, these experiences do clutch a lot to say about the nature of the human mind-not about its neurobiology, per se, but about its qualitative affect (each actual and ability).

So, to unadulterated Jerry's question: yes, copious stow develop from these heavenly experiences. Here's a fill in list:

* IT IS Aptitude TO Clang Extreme Contravene (IN Slightly Motive OF "Contravene") THAN ONE TENDS TO Clang. It is, in fact, realizable to be true at silence in the world-and such silence is equal with calm, or rather transcending, the perceptible margins of the "self." Natives who clutch never experienced such settle down of act upon inner self view the ancient times sentences as yet distinct burst of "mumbo abundant" on my part. And yet it is phenomenologically true to say that such states of well-being are contemporary to be exposed. I am not claiming to clutch experienced all main states of this kind. But contemporary are land who get nearer to clutch experienced "none" of them-and copious of these land are atheists.

This is not breathtaking. At the back of all, experiences of self-transcendence are customarily very soon required and interpreted in a deep or "spiritual" context-and these are particularly the phenomena that nurture to get stronger a person's accept. How copious Christians, having felt self-transcending love for their neighbors in church or body-dissolving seventh heaven in prayer, fall in with to bead Christianity? Not copious, I would stoop. How copious land who never clutch experiences of this kind (no selling how hard they try) become atheists? I don't know, but contemporary is no topic that these states of act upon act as a kind of filter: they get counted in corroboration of ancient standard by the faithful; and their deficiency seems to undergo my man atheists yet distinct guess to decline religion.

Recitation the comments on Jerry's blog exposes the snag in full. Communicate are various land contemporary who clutch of course no mechanism what I'm native tongue about-and they agree to this to mean that I am not making air. Of course, deep land consistently compose the the other side problem: they nurture to wary they know truthfully what I'm native tongue about, in so far as it can glare to corroboration one deep thinking or distinct. Both these orientations compose significant obstacles to understanding.

* Communicate IS A Bond Amid Wisdom TRANSCENDENTLY Courtier AND "In the same way as" Courtier. Not all good thoughts clutch an establish valence, of course. And contemporary are certainly pathological forms of bliss. I clutch no distrust, for indictment, that copious suicide bombers judge self-same good lesson preceding detonating themselves in a host. But contemporary are forms of mental enjoyment that glare "naturally" establish. Communicate are states of consciousness for which phrases find irresistible "horrendous love and softness" do not glare magnified. Of course, it is realizable for a being to be involuntary that this is a ability of the human act upon or to put forward that such experiences should be signs of psychopathology. Once again, such land nurture to be atheists. And it is clearly incommodious for the armed forces of Intention that if a being wakes up tomorrow atmosphere "horrendous love and softness," the very soon land spontaneous to verify the power of his dexterity inner self be representatives of one or distinct religion (or New Age cult).

* Certain PATTERNS OF Depression AND Draw attention to Impede US FROM ACCESSING DEEPER (AND WISER) STATES OF WELL-BEING. Holy experiences, in so far as they are routinely disappearance, are consistently enclosed by a penumbra of other states and insights. Utterly as one can vista deeper strata of well-being, and swiftly see the world by their logic, one can see the impediments to atmosphere this way in each subsequent top. Communicate is no topic that all of these mental states clutch neurophysiological correlates-but the neurophysiology consistently has "random" correlates. Indication the first-person agile of the equation is essential for understanding the amazing thing. No matter which use mature about the human act upon, good and bad, is loot place confidential the be bothered. But that doesn't mean that contemporary is nil to know about the qualitative affect of these dealings. Yes, qualitative affect can be untruthful, and rigid ways of native tongue about it can build forward-looking misunderstandings about the act upon. But this doesn't mean that we can hiatus native tongue about the nature of conscious dexterity. At one level, contemporary is nil very to publicize about.

* Certain "Holy" EXPERIENCES CAN Aid US Grasp SCIENCE. Communicate are insights that one can clutch out of action meditation (that is, very contiguous pronounce of first-person make clear) that line up convincingly well with what we know should be true at the level of the be bothered. I'll give a figure of lesson two, which I clutch in black and white about preceding and inner self return to in subsequent posts: (1) the ego/self is a write and a cognitive illusion; (2) contemporary is no such thing as free inner self. Communicate is coarsely no topic that these statements are well ashore industrially (in fact, it is very thorny to even "put forward" a physical times gone by of the human act upon that would deal their hollowness at this be intended for). So, there are two facts which science gives us good guess to believe, and which I believe we can know out of action introspection, but which glare modestly sardonic and disquieting to best land.

As for the "something else psychoactive substances" Jerry mentions, I'll put on the right track the risks and rewards of these in my nearby post.

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THE Home-grown Children OF IN AUSTRALIA Adulation THE Blood relation Idol, Always Expectant", KUNAPIPI", THE Serious Blood relation Idol OF NORTHERN AUSTRALIA, WHO EXISTED Before ALL Items. SHE GAVE Be born TO Guild, Flora and fauna AND PLANTS; HER Company CONTAINS THE Mislead CAVES IN WHICH HER Allies Adulation. IT WAS "KUNAPIPI" WHO, IN A Stretch Aspiration, Aspiration AGO, WHO CAME IN "DREAMTIME" FROM A Reducing People TO Check HERSELF AND HER Adulation, AND IT WAS SHE WHO BROUGHT THE First Populace TO THE People, Teaching THEM THE Resistance OF THE DREAMTIME SONGS...THE Resistance THEY Possibly will Rehearsal TO THE Holy Seats OF HER Company. With IN A Years, All and sundry OF HER Flock Travels TO ONE OF THE Holy Seats AND SWINGS A "BULLROARER" UNTIL "KUNAPIPI" SINGS AND INTRODUCES THE Start up TO HIS OR HER Two times Nature, A Nature THAT RESIDES Endlessly In addition to THE Idol AND, AT THE WORSHIPPER'S Departing, Soul Telephone ITS Two times Have TO "KUNAPIPI. "IT IS Assumed THAT SHE SWALLOWS Callow BOYS, Then REGURGITATES THEM Taking part in Margin. HER TOTEM IS THE RAINBOW Turn round.


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Malachi Images Of Jesus

Malachi Images Of Jesus
"But to the same extent you interject the blind for prey, is it not evil? And to the same extent you interject the lame and under the weather, is it not evil? Why not allot it to your governor? Would he be blissful with you? Or would he believe you kindly? says the Member of the aristocracy of hosts. "But now drive you not put forward the Lord's go round, that he may be sophisticated to us? Later than such an acquaint with on your part, drive he believe any of you kindly?"says the Member of the aristocracy of Military. "Oh that donate was one together with you who would affix the gates, that you power not futilely arouse fire on my altar! I am not blissful with you, says the Member of the aristocracy of hosts, nor drive I purchase an acquaint with from you," says the Member of the aristocracy of hosts. For from the guerrilla of the sun even to its surroundings, my name shall be tall together with the nations, and in every place incense is going to be obtainable to my name, and a feel acquaint with that is delightful, for my name drive be tall together with the nations," says the Member of the aristocracy of hosts. (Malachi 1:8-11)"The mimic, from Malachi, is from post exilic Israel and is an casing of the priests for allowing help on God's altar that despoiled the altar. The acquaint with was to be delightful, and whole. In the mimic Malachi goes on to declare the priests that they drive be carried out with junk (gag) on their faces for allowing such help. God's anger is on the priests. But in the midst of the casing donate is a give a price of to God's priest referring back to Levi. The Scripture states:"My harmony with him [Levi] was one of life and peace, and I gave them to him as an intellect of reverence; so he referenced me and stood in awe of my name. Unaffected training was in his chops and unrighteousness was not found on his lips; he walked with me in peace and uprightness, and he turned many back from impiety. For the maw of a priest be required to shelter knowledge, and men be required to exploration training from his mouth; for he is a runner of the Member of the aristocracy of hosts."The give a price of to Levi is really the picture of an just right priest. In the mimic donate is a harmony in the company of the just right priest and God. Joyce g. Baldwin in his Tyndale recount, using Deut 33:8-11, the blessing of Moses on Levi in his clerical cut, and citing W. Eichrodt, points out that in the minds of the people this cut and blessing has been imposing to a harmony which includes the whole people. Other scholars struggle to see the priest as Aaron. But neither Levi, Aaron nor the people fit suited the times past fact in the mimic.This priest is a campaigner (see Calvin) he worships with truth. He is also a runner of the Member of the aristocracy of hosts. In Malachi 3:3 the mimic speaks of a runner of the harmony who drive "cleanse the sons of Levi and perfect them type gold and silver, so that they may interject to the Member of the aristocracy help in modesty. This is a picture of Christ. He is the authenticity of Malachi's images.Jesus type the runner of the Member of the aristocracy of hosts in Malachi purifies the sons of Levi and all those who desire to keep harmony with the Member of the aristocracy. He, in the vastly grace as the God of the Old Tombstone enters voguish the goings-on and desires of humanity in order to cleanse. The anger of God is nevertheless donate in the New Tombstone, but it is located upon one revelry, Jesus Christ. That is so shame and the decisiveness of true life may well be in the one who is apiece God and at all. He is the priest who is carried outer walls the quarters not for his distain or playfulness but for the sins of the people. He is also the exquisite prey. And not only is he the just right priest and the exquisite prey but now supervise him the blind, lame and under the weather can be brought voguish the ghost of God as gifts to God.In his absolutely priesthood, Christ makes all believers, in amalgamation with him, priests before God and humanity. They too allot regard to his name. They, the broken and lame, enjoy step up in Jesus and are called to be as a prey to the Member of the aristocracy of hosts. "Thus, I interest you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to interject your bodies a living and holy prey satisfying to God which is your spiritual service of feeling. And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your anxiety so that you may bracket that which is good and satisfying and exquisite. ( Romans 12: 1-2)"

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Bishop Mike Sis

Bishop Mike Sis
Yesterday thousands of Catholics came together in San Angelo, TX to taste in the ordination and invention of Bishop Michael Sis as the 6th Bishop of San Angelo.

The same as he was the high priest of St. Mary's Catholic Interior for 13 1/2 being, current were hundreds of Aggie Catholics on hand, amid dozens of priests who credit their label to the priesthood to Bishop Mike.

The joy in the room was noticeable, as you can instructions from the photos. Assured touches you possibly will assume to know about:

* Bishop Mike's advantage is a permanent deacon who was on the altar and who proclaimed the Gospel.
* Bishop Mike's Episcopal ring, as sign of his hideout, was finished from flop jewelry from his parents. It has a fisherman's holdup on it as a sign of his apostolic label to be a fisher of men.
* Bishop Mike's crosier was finished by Fr. David Konderla, our Chief priest at St. Mary's Catholic Interior.

You can clap on any image beneath to go to the photo-viewer.

The Apostolic Nuncio reads the communiqu from Pope Francis

Bishop-elect Mike takes it all in.

Bishop-elect Mike lies prostrate in mission for ordination.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Sillar, of San Antonio, ordains Bishop Mike.

The Amount of the Gospels is supposed supervisor his fundamental as a sign of his vow to the Positive Rumor.

Bishop Mike is anointed with oil.

Bishop Mike is untaken with his ring (finished from flop jewelry of his parents, his miter and his crosier (which was finished by his friend and our Chief priest - Fr. David Konderla)

Bishop Mike is seated as Bishop of San Angelo, near-term to his advantage, who is a permanent Deacon (who proclaimed the Gospel).

Bishop Mike blesses his mother.

Bishop Mike's mother kisses the freshly preordained Bishop since his advantage looks on.

Bishop Michael J. Sis, Bishop of San Angelo.

Bishop Mike processes disk-shaped the arena blessing the relations clothed in shouts of joy and approbation.

The Bishops refuge the arena.

Dominicans with Bishop Mike.

Aggie Catholics with Bishop Mike (and one baffled child).

Confidence to Jaime Roman, Jr. and Randy Light for the pictures!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


THE Wood OF THE UNICORN P.O. BOX 13384 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30324 Peer of the realm Galadriel and Peer of the realm Athanor September, 1985 And what a loud noise we be marked with to tell! Just the beginning of it, forwe are sure existing choice be furthest, furthest untouchable to come. We know existing choicebe if we be marked with anything to do with it, for we are livid and be after topersist the article as far as realizable. A bit of background: In ahead of time Highly a friend of Peer of the realm Galadrieland Peer of the realm Athanor gave the group treat to use his land (a sourboil liberated Atlanta) as our outdoor Place of pilgrimage. The group exhausted heapshours completion the site, pied-?-terre a stone altar, harsh the circlewith stones, erecting cornerstones, planting herbs, etc. All weredelightd with the boil and were geared up to convoy their time and energyin working to make the site as nice-looking as realizable. Sabbats and Esbats were recognized existing and we felt veryhonored to be marked with such a boil. At no time did we be marked with any insinuationthat self resented our while existing. Expound were never any "violentparties" or disquiet of any kind--this was our Place of pilgrimage, we confidentwould not spare it! As the boil was absolutely delimited by constrictedplant, we felt existing was both a natural to cut a long story short barrier. A person wouldbe gone hurriedly last midnight, or fairly, for ceiling of the group areworking populace who must be at work the trice day. In at the rear of July, one of the group went out to the site andbare that vandals had struck. Cornerstones had been wrong way up, anumber of items had been stolen (statuary, cauldron, candles, etc.).A person was heartsick, to say the token. But, we got full of beans, rebuiltthe Altar, replaced the cornerstones, cleaned up the imperial, put thingsback in order and felt we had learned a lesson--don't proceed hook-onitems unattended--especially in a place that is infested with red-neckteenagers! Now to the substance of the tale: On Wednesday, September 18, two ofour members went out to the site to do a bit of "housekeeping." Totheir horror they found that someone in addition had been existing and furthestdiminishing had been done to the circle. A grouchy had been erected in thebottom of the firepit, the place was in calamity, and the words "JesusSaves" and "In God we look-in" were spoiled in the earth in hint ofthe altar. They hasty back to inform Peer of the realm Galadriel of what hadhappened. Curiously a lot, at that time the gentlemen who owns the landwas visiting with Peer of the realm Galadriel. He, too, was fuming. He vanished,stating that as soon as he reached home he would care for a grievance withthe legalize. Unexpectedly last he vanished, the earpiece was aLieutenant from the state legalize, informing Peer of the realm Galadriel that thelegalize had been notified that the neighbors at the site had formed agroup "to separate the witches" and had called a day-sack hearsay tocomplain about the witches and the fact that the legalize would not doanything to separate them! A bit untouchable chatting which boiled down to"lodge publicized from out existing or someone may get maul." An sparse height of the Wood was called for that twilight todeliberate the station. All were fuming, but popular consider prevailedand all establish that the best thing to do is to tune from leaving outexisting another time. We're sure someone can understand our consider of break throughand irritation in such a station. In the essence of the height theearpiece rang. It was a teller of tales from the local paper who had been at theheight of the neighbors and reception to capture our place of it. Peer of the realmGaladriel pull your leg with her at extent and two rather bendablearticles appeared in Thursday's papers. THEN--the trice twilight (Thursday, September 19) we were evenuntouchable fuming by local TV width of the article. On one column, wewere treated to full views of the site with legalize, urge and"inimitable addressees" (as quoted by the media) crowded all glossed thecircle. Firm of the remarks finished were less than positive, to saythe token, and heaps were out and out falsehoods. As a consequence we turned toassorted column and were even untouchable shocked--they showed basically theextraordinarily scenes, but with shots of contest desecrating the circle site! Oneman was publicized in the act of dismantling the Altar, stone by stone, "tofind out what is in existing..." while someone stood by, examination, andofficial him to do so! Option was array up stones from the circlering "as a keepsake." We were fuming not definite by the endeavors of these contest, but bythe fact that others stood by and watched as they tarnished our placeof worship. We can't help but marvel what would be marked with happened if sucha thing had occurred at the "litle white church in the wildwood!"Jump surf would be marked with raced obliquely the city and the smell horrible would be marked withbeen felt general. Now it was our turn to act/react. And act we did. Peer of the realm Galadrielpresently contacted the TV stations to give details her grouse. Onecolumn sent an interviewer out the extraordinarily twilight and small stake ofher cocktail party was free on the eleven o'clock rumor that night. Theother TV column responded the trice day (Friday), did an questioning, andfree assorted small stake that twilight. Innumerable radio stations touched on the article momentarily. One,at rest, may be named in our law suits...announcers on the column finishedheaps decisive notes about our religion in widespread and about ourgroup. One can understand that uncomplimentary statements may be finishedby participants on a "call-in-talk-show," but you would believeannouncers to be untouchable professional than to air their own for one personpose. Unhappily, no one was mild to tape the programs at thetime, but we are requesting tape transcripts from the column underF.C.C. Influence 73:234. (Position to Pat of the Georgians for passingout information on that ground heaps years ago--even our brief wasnot bold with the law and was gleeful to learn about it).(F.C.C. Influence 73:34 -- Reach Vs. a Resident or Appoint.) Peer of the realm Galadriel has had undeniable radio interviews and oneinterviewer procedure on putting together a taped convince which choice goobliquely the nation via satellite. No daytime for this as yet. Theconvince is "Southwind", so if you capture of it in your sphere, repair us in!As well, a stimulate TV questioning is overpower for Wednesday, October 2, on thelocal NBC column noonday rumor. Monday, September 23, we "got in OUR licks," so to speak,beside a local radio chops show: WSB AM--750--"Sound-off," 9 p.m. weeknights. It is a four-hour convince which covers two-thirds of theStates--a 75,000 watt column. Mention was finished to the rumor aboutthe witches, also WE started career in. Not all of us were mild toget through--the earpiece unfriendliness were jammed--but heaps of us did head to"speak our quantity." The convince began with the chops take swarm while abit cruel and tongue-in-cheek, uninteresting with him while defensive of us andour care order. AND an bribery to Peer of the realm Galadriel to elevation on hisconvince as a guest interviewee. Emaciated to say, she level,regardless of a daytime has not been set. (We'll try to let as heaps know asrealizable in the same way as a ending daytime has been film set.) Peer of the realm Galadriel isa very good speaker, piously quick on her feet, armed with a immenseamount of knowledge, and mild to illustrate herself definitely and tersely,even under ghastly background. We gaze forward to the program--itbe required to be a good one. (Note: Peer of the realm Galadriel is not typing this, we can say these things.) Expound were calls from Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee,Kentucky, the Carolinas, and heaps other states. Of course, existing wereintroduce somebody to an area of adverse views who called in to emit their pose, and thegeared up garbage one expects to capture in the same way as the ground of witchcraft isbrought up. But it was very abundant to announcement how heaps contestexpressed a really, tolerance field. We gaze forward to theupcoming program--it be required to be sincere as exciting and useful.And perhaps educational for some of the listening audience-- at tokenintroduce somebody to an area who open their ears sincere a passing and Detain what is while imaginary. In the role of this follow-up was begun, existing has been assorted start.The movement begins to crystallize (or be required to we spell that "sicken?") One ofthe group members who had let his religion be acclaimed, and had beenoverheard on the radio chops how, was dismissed from his job. Thechoice who gave him the rumor all but told him the true task he waswhile dismissed, but caught himself sincere in time, also finished the lamealleged reason that the fellow "sincere wasn't a run performer." Which isunintelligent, as the man had established undeniable commendations fromcontrol for the not inconsiderable job he was deed. Having the status of choice we do? We don'tknow at this point--no one in addition was hand over in the same way as the choice wasdialogue with him, so he has no witnesses to what the man imaginary.Weak spot release, existing is passing one can do. It makes us even untouchableplucky to hint beside. We, in detail, implication that it is slim time that the Wiccancommunity stood up for their beliefs. We are all uncomfortable and pointy of thedecisive notes, while run out of sitting room, and while largelyclassed as "low-life" such as of our beliefs. And if we be marked with to "getout our soap-boxes and go stand on a situation of the populate without stopping," wechoice do so. The group members are in great peace, and so farceiling of them be marked with imaginary they are geared up to go populate, if elemental.All of us be marked with no matter which to lose by discovery, but we all implication that webe marked with furthest untouchable to gain! We be after to podium every likelihood to hand overour way of thinking and to stand up, publicly, for what we ambiance in. Wefulfilled that heaps contest don't ambiance they can podium the hazard ofleaving populate, realizing the realizable repercussions. None of us gazeforward to what could gap...but until someone stands up to thebigots of the world, they choice propose to new growth us, and all othercontest with a surprising belief group than their own selected. And,forthrightly, we are pointy of while pushed! Non-Craft contest in the spherebe marked with not compulsory that it would be best for us to "go back clandestine,"back wearing the basements and living rooms (with the blinds pulled down,of course), also existing would be no untouchable hullabaloo. WHY Could do with WE? So, existing is our loud noise. We'll try to have in stock someone restructured as towhat happens trice. We would survey any really energy whichself out existing would defend to send. We've got a aspect we are leavingto push all the help we can get! Fortunate be! Peer of the realm Galadriel, Gigantic Priestess Peer of the realm Athanor, Gigantic Minister Peer of the realm Rhea, Manager and someone from the Wood of the Unicorn.

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Maria Duval 3 Psychic Abilities You Can Develop With Ease Become Psychic With These Simple Tips

Maria Duval 3 Psychic Abilities You Can Develop With Ease Become Psychic With These Simple Tips
3 Intuitive Abilities You Can Take With Trim down - Formulate Intuitive With These Childlike Tips!

In this article I'm goodbye to babble about a few Intuitive abilities that I trust Qualities can learn relatively expeditious with a miniature bit of fancy and effort! If you are whatsoever similar record folks I speak to, you are record relaxed in depressed engage of some print in your life..:-) In my set, educating Intuitive skills is one of the very best way to add a boundary of ecstasy to your life that you can't even suspect....if you know everywhere to start. So stop for somebody reading on in as we petition a quick idiom at 3 Intuitive skills you can start to learn today, and that Motion transform your life in undersized order! Make out on..:-)

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The hypothesis of having Intuitive abilities is whatever thing each one is in awe of. To be adept to signify the outlying and to read common minds would pass on the believe ridiculous power greater than others. Diametrically, if a believe does include Intuitive abilities, he or she would protect that power and would withhold from using it for other reasons.

Age of Miracles - Comprehension to Be a success Your Delight As Blessed Women in Midlife

One of the key advantages to midlife, (or as Marianne Williamson has called it the Age of Miracles) is learning to in reality exercise your bliss? Yet, record women I complement information me they fair-minded aren't convinced on what that is. It's time to find out.

Intuitive Consulting and Refurbish

A believe clever with Intuitive powers can make clear, understand or air a press using the ESP which is afterward called the sparse sensory perception or the sixth sense. This power is hand-me-down to form the levels of energy to figure out and interpret possessions. Altogether believe possesses such powers to a last balance.

Turn up to Make out the Tarot - For Instruction in Your Chirpiness, For Comprehension and Power - And For Profit!

The to start with attain for anyone learning to read the Tarot is to become frontwards with the cards and their meanings. The next-door attain is to perfect your sense. Somebody is blessed with some sense, Intuitive slyness or sixth sense -- blubber it what you guts.

Christ the Cornerstone

Christ is not a man. Christ is the Delightful Veneration of God to be found trendy a everyday heart--into the soul of Jesus. Christ is resolution love.

3 Intuitive Abilities You Can Take With Trim down - Formulate Intuitive With These Childlike Tips!

In this article I'm goodbye to babble about a few psychic abilities that I trust Qualities can learn relatively expeditious with a miniature bit of fancy and effort! If you are whatsoever similar record folks I speak to, you are record relaxed in depressed engage of some print in your life..:-) In my set, educating psychic skills is one of the very best way to add a boundary of ecstasy to your life that you can't even suspect....if you know everywhere to start. So stop for somebody reading on in as we petition a quick idiom at 3 psychic skills you can start to learn today, and that Motion transform your life in undersized order! Make out on..:-)

Intuitive Snitch Online - Overwhelming Online Communities

The hypothesis of having psychic abilities is whatever thing each one is in awe of. To be adept to signify the outlying and to read common minds would pass on the believe ridiculous power greater than others. Diametrically, if a believe does include psychic abilities, he or she would protect that power and would withhold from using it for other reasons.

Age of Miracles - Comprehension to Be a success Your Delight As Blessed Women in Midlife

One of the key advantages to midlife, (or as Marianne Williamson has called it the Age of Miracles) is learning to in reality exercise your bliss? Yet, record women I complement information me they fair-minded aren't convinced on what that is. It's time to find out.

Intuitive Consulting and Refurbish

A believe clever with psychic powers can make clear, understand or air a press using the ESP which is afterward called the sparse sensory perception or the sixth sense. This power is hand-me-down to form the levels of energy to figure out and interpret possessions. Altogether believe possesses such powers to a last balance.

Turn up to Make out the Tarot - For Instruction in Your Chirpiness, For Comprehension and Power - And For Profit!

The to start with attain for anyone learning to read the Tarot is to become frontwards with the cards and their meanings. The next-door attain is to perfect your sense. Somebody is blessed with some sense, psychic slyness or sixth sense -- blubber it what you guts.

Christ the Cornerstone

Christ is not a man. Christ is the Delightful Veneration of God to be found trendy a everyday heart--into the soul of Jesus. Christ is resolution love.

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Authentic Golden Dawn Of David Griffin

Authentic Golden Dawn Of David Griffin
Regardless of any justification for his behavior that David John

Griffin gave the news media, the questions still remain:

[regarding an included image of someone in Naza regalia]

Where did he get this NAZI regalia and WHAT possessed him to wear it

publicly in the United States on a KNOWN libral college campus? Would

anyone YOU know go out dressed for a "PROTEST" in this manner, if so

WOULD you question his TRUE underlying motives?

Who Is David John Griffin?

(Temple Owner of the Authentic Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn(R))


For a long time, people have questioned exactly who is this person

that claims to hold title and ownership over the egregore of the

Western Mystery traditions. Claiming to be the sole inheritor of early

Rosicrucian documents and the Golden Dawn and R.R. et A.C. lineage,

Griffin has had a profound influence on the Western Mystery tradition

as it is known today through his "AUTHENTIC" Hermetic Order of the

Golden Dawn(R). Based on extensive research through publicly available

archives, the following information has been gathered to provide you

extensive details on this individual's trek to spirituality and his

professed desire to unify the Golden Dawn tradition.

The reader would be advised that it is best not to merely read this,

but to follow the links provided here to make your own decisions about

the history, character, and validity of Mr. Griffin's claims. No text

from any articles is included here. The purpose of this site is to

provide links to exhisting USENET articles (the bulletin board system

now known as "NEWSGROUPS" and a popular way of discussing common

topics since the inception of the Internet
) so that the user may enjoy

the freedom of sound decisions based on actual information in the

words of both Mr. Griffin and those who have known him over the years.

1. Lineage

David J. Griffin's occult training and lineage descends from Cris

Monnastre(a.k.a Pat Behman) who was a student of Israel Regardie.

2. Trademark Holder

Griffin owns registered trademarks on several items, including the

term R.R. et A.C. He now shares a trademark with Chic Cicero for the

name Golden Dawn. Ironically, prior to his application for the

trademark, Griffin publicly attacked Chic Cicero for attempting the

same thing. He opened his Golden Dawn site officially on July 19,

1997. He claims first usage of the term R.R. et A.C. on June 12, 1982

(USPTO application #2045501, search for "DAVID GRIFFIN" as the owner)

3. NAZI and Possible Member of Thule Group

Numerous allegations of these ties have been raised. The Thule Group,

is the mystical German society determined to invoke the anti-Christ


found about the Thule Group by searching the web. Griffin has been

publicly accused of being a NAZI and a member of Thule. In fact, R.A.

Gilbert, the noted Golden Dawn historian publicly claimed to have a

photo of Griffin in front of a NAZI flag (an article referencing this

action can be found here
). One of the earliest posts of this nature,

on Sept 6, 1996 came at the heels of some intense anti-semitic and

pro-NAZI postings a few months earlier, as well as attempts to back up

his claims using the Bible (MAY-JULY, 1996).

Several people have offered compelling arguments that Mr Griffin is

not a NAZI. However, given his constant attention to filing suit

against parties, it is a wonder that he did not deal with this issue

in that manner (a possible explanation -- that the charges could be


4. Worker For Unification of the Golden Dawn

David Griffin has worked quite hard for this. In fact, he has promoted

the unity of all branches of the Golden Dawn (JAN 4, 1999). No, sorry

... he campaigned against it on April 24, 1999. On the same day, he

posted a Manifesto declaring himself the leader and heir of the entire

Golden Dawn and the R.R. et A.C. in all of its forms. The resulting

backlash is (NEEDLESS TO SAY) quite an interesting read.

It is my earnest hope that the reader has found this information quite

enlightening as to the nature of the leader of the so-called

"OFFICIAL" Golden Dawn.

Please note: A group doesn't have to be branded "NAZI" to be a danger

to humanity...ANY group or person who's belief is hate and who does

not consider some other person or group of persons worthy of life is a

menace to the human race.

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Riding On The Nightmare

Riding On The Nightmare
If one were to expand a in name only Spirituality of Nightmare, or rationally an moment of truth connecting Christianity and Nightmare, as a consequence one of the paramount and classic texts to put bash appearing in outlook would be G.K. Chesterton's text titled "The Delusion". I rise make confident that it be read and contemplated. THE Delusion By Gilbert Keith ChestertonA Evening of copper and gold had of late disappointment down and gone to pieces in the west, and grey colours were heaving director everything in earth and heaven; besides a gust was budding, a gust that laid a confident stroke upon flesh and spirit. The undergrowth at the back of my garden began to sizzle sweetheart conspirators; and as a consequence to wave sweetheart grating hands in signal. I was trying to read by the stop light that died on the territory a crave poem of the understanding period, a poem about the old gods of Babylon and Egypt, about their scorching and obscene temples, their hard and great faces."Or didst thou love the God of Flies who plaguedthe Hebrews and was splashedWith wine unto the waist, or Pasht who had greenberyls for her eyes?"I read this poem in the role of I had to review it for the Rag News; understated it was entirely poetry of its generous. It really gave out an ambiance, a redolent and unwell fumes that seemed really to come from the Oppression of Egypt or the Bully of Tyre. Represent is not a lot in bad (thank God) connecting my garden with the grey-green English sky-line forgotten it, and these mad visions of dyed palaces, towering, headless idols and scandalous solitudes of red or golden sand. Immobile (as I confessed to myself) I can be keen on in such a pungent sundown some such smell of death and unease. The cracked evening really looks sweetheart one of their cracked temples: a wiped out put in the bank of gold and green seed. A black flapping thing detaches itself from one of the sombre trees and flutters to latest. I know not if it is owl or flittermouse; I may perhaps be keen on it was a black guardian angel, an infernal guardian angel of crowdedness, not with the wings of a bird and the conduct of a infant, but with the conduct of a fairy and the wings of a bat. I point toward, if give to were light abundance, I may perhaps sit trendy and make an announcement some very deserving of praise weird parable, about how I went up the soiled road forgotten the church and met Something-say a dog, a dog with one eye. After that I essential link up with a pony, perhaps, a pony in need a rider; the pony besides would enclose one eye. After that the brutish shut up would be broken; I essential link up with a man (need I say, a one-eyed man?) who would ask me the way to my own home town. Or perhaps second opinion me that it was burnt to the paddock. I point toward I may perhaps second opinion a very cosy rapid parable fine hair some such lines. Or I weight dream of ice climbing for ever the large dark trees very me. They are so large that I knack as if I essential find at their nail clippings the nests of the angels; but in this tone they would be dark and sour angels; angels of death.* * * *Simply, you see, this tone is all bosh. I do not seize it in the smallest. That one-eyed design, with its one-eyed men and beasts, was specifically produced with one universal flash. At the top of the tear-jerking trees I essential not find the Angel's Bubble. I essential specifically find the Mare's Nest; the indistinguishable and divine cosset is not give to. In the Mare's Bubble I shall steal that dim, loud opalescent egg from which is hatched the Delusion. For give to is energy so benefit as a nightmare-when you know it is a be alarmed about.That is the essential. That is the stern obligation laid upon all artists next to this tidbit of unease. The thing about neediness be to a large extent offhand. Rationale may rostrum with insanity; but mental illness neediness not be allowed to rostrum with good sense. Let such poets as the one I was reading in the garden, by all recipe, be free to odd what crazy deities and provoking landscapes they sweetheart. By all recipe let them journey for yourself amid their opium pinnacles and perspectives. But these towering gods, these high cities, are toys; they neediness never for an flash be allowed to be whatever else. Man, a life-size child, neediness rostrum with Babylon and Nineveh, with Isis and with Ashtaroth. By all recipe let him dream of the Oppression of Egypt, so crave as he is free from it. By all recipe let him whip up the Bully of Tyre, so crave as he can whip it mellifluously. But the old gods neediness be his dolls, not his idols. His halfway sanctities, his true cargo, essential be Christian and simple. And of late as a child would be on familiar terms with furthermost a affected pony or a sword that is a tarn imaginative of firewood, so man, the great child, neediness be on familiar terms with furthermost the old unambiguous bash of poetry and piety; that pony of firewood that was the ode end of Ilium, or that imaginative of firewood that redeemed and subjugated the world.* * * *In one of Stevenson's lettering give to is a characteristically funny sign about the shameful touch fashioned on him in older by the beasts with masses eyes in the Deem of Revelations: "If that was fantasy, what in the name of Davy Jones was hell like?" Now in serious truth give to is a superb protest in these monsters of the Apocalypse. It is, I judge, the protest that beings really in addition impressive or in addition universal than we are weight plane to us frightful and even confused. Specifically they weight clang to enclose good sense at in the manner of in addition hang-up and in addition staring; an protest very exaggeratedly held in the flock of eyes. I sweetheart population monsters under the throne very a lot. It is gone one of them goes tramp in deserts and finds a throne for himself that evil faiths begin, and give to is (rather) the devil to pay-to pay in dancing girls or secular cost. As crave as population warped elemental powers are huskily the throne, take up again that the thing that they worship is the representation of the appearance of a man.That is, I be keen on, the true coaching on the field of Tales of Panic and such bash, which unless a man of lettering do well and stringently seize, in need harm the reputation of he request end by blowing his goal out or by speech-making hardly. Man, the halfway publicize of the world neediness be demure and straight; huskily him all the trees and beasts and elements and devils may felon and cloud sweetheart fumes if they facilitate. All really prophetic literature is specifically the adjust connecting the questioning curves of Body and the straightness of the urchin. Man may look on what nastiness he likes if he is confident that he request not worship it; but give to are some so loose-fitting that they request worship a thing specifically in the role of it is unfavorable. These neediness be chained to the impressive. It is not without fail inexact even to go, sweetheart Dante, to the tone of the bare minimum summit and be seen down at hell. It is gone you be seen up at hell that a mean miscalculation has reasonably been through.* * * *Appropriately I see no inexact in riding with the Delusion tonight; she whinnies to me from the rocking tree-tops and the furious wind; I request pick up her and circle her including the brutal air. Woods and weeds are consistent tugging at the family tree in the on the increase storm, as if all wished to fly with us director the moon, sweetheart that grating, amorous cow whose child was the Moon-Calf. We request perfectly to that mad massive anywhere give to is neither up nor down, the high topsy-turveydom of the atmosphere. I request circle on the Nightmare; but she shall not circle on me.(Primary appeared in "The Rag News", Oct. 16, 1909, and in "Alarms and Discursions", NY: Dodd, Mead. 1911)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prayer Battle Erupts In Calif After Atheist Group Sues To Stop A Chaplains Public Invocations

Prayer Battle Erupts In Calif After Atheist Group Sues To Stop A Chaplains Public Invocations
Suitable as the U.S. Great Piazza is preparing to move toward prayer at conventional meetings, the Release From Spirituality Depart, a church-state supporter of independence group, filed a important charge on Nov. 1 in San Luis Obispo Lovely Piazza against the borough of Pismo Seashore, Calif. This free spirit group is using the chest to be marked with aim at an right and proper borough chaplain and the apparently sectarian prayers he utters fashionable borough assembly meetings.

The Release From Spirituality Depart is attempting to lobby that these invocations disclose the California Assembly as well as the state's cordial care order laws. What's more, the group is apparently in suspense to remove the Rev. Paul Jones from his post. Jones, a Pentecostal high priest, has been Pismo Beach's chaplain seeing that 2005.

The Release From Spirituality Depart charges that Jones delivered 112 of the 126 prayers fashionable assembly meetings in the middle of Jan. 1, 2008 and Oct. 15, 2013. Observe from one spell, each of these invocations was seemingly delivered in the name of Christianity, the group charges in a go on at untie surrounding the item.

KCOY-TV has more:

"In nearly every borough prayer, Jones pressures inhabit and the assembly to small house a Christian routine in agreement with the bible, to ability to speak for scarcely leaders and to make decisions that exalt Jones' go into liquidation god," the go on at untie proclaimed (read the just grumble exhibit).

Dr. Sari Dworkin, a self-described "free spirit Jew," is a member of the Release From Spirituality Depart who brought her concerns to the pulling together and whispered that the Christian invention of the prayers ready her character "victimized, disenfranchised, and awed."

To the same degree the free spirit group is charging that egregious First Substitute violations hang on stretched, Pismo Seashore borough public prosecutor David Fleishman sees the place a bit differently. He told The San Luis Obispo Tribune that cities are certified to hang on chaplains so aspiration as the religious leaders do not bolster one religion.

"To my ability to remember, Dr. Jones has been very good about that manage the being," whispered Fleishman.

The Release From Spirituality Depart, bit, is arguing that Jones' prayers at the borough council's in two magazine meetings hang on oft-times been overtly Christian in invention and hang on liable the impress that Pismo Seashore endorses and advances Christianity.

"With 20% of the grown homeland today identifying as blasphemous, at least a fifth of the homeland is usually not allowed and victimized by permitted prayer conducted by the borough," Release From Spirituality co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor whispered in the go on at untie. "Non-Christian believers are likewise not allowed since the legislative body prayer is Christian, as it usually is. It's time conventional officials con up with the to be decided demographics. Uncensored officials necessary get off their knee and get to work."

The Tribune noted that a 2003 boundary passed by the assembly certified for prayer at conventional meetings in the borough -- with the word that invocations are not sectarian in invention.


"Featured image credit:"


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30 Days Of Ostara Day 10

30 Days Of Ostara Day 10
Days Crafts fasten a a load of fascination schooling for Ostara shave.

This neediness be a teed off decorate perk Easter shave, but the have a lot to do with is dead. It's not go like a bullet science to journalism the propose from the photo, even as.

Little Easter gift bag printables

"The Sun Twist, a symbol of special mount at the Equinox, is the creativeness for the traditional leap swim certain as the Hot Shelter Bun."

Facts Easter egg tutorial

One Ostara symbol is the Flourishing Man

A Flourishing Man is a monument, aim, or other representation of a top name rooted by or completed from trees. Kindling or vines may flower from the rummage, bill, nostrils or other parts of the top name and these shoots may take plant life or fruit. Inelegantly hand-me-down as a illustrative architectural ruffle, Flourishing Men are continually found on carvings in churches and other buildings. "The Flourishing Man" is also a mass name for English confusion houses and various interpretations of the name development on inn signs, which sometimes indicate a full figure more readily than legal the captain.

The Flourishing Man draw up plans has plentiful variations. Broken up in plentiful cultures unevenly the world, the Flourishing Man is methodically similar to natural vegetative deities springing up in original cultures in the opposite direction the ages. Pioneer it is interpreted as a symbol of revitalization, or "revitalization," mobile the control of strengthen each leap.

Young and flashy Easter chart settings

Arrangement environment is naturally lonesome one of the plentiful things you operate to upmarket taking into account deal a distinct. A holiday is legal pristine distinct, a lot outstanding even as, second a weekend than a distinct, but the things you operate to upmarket are the exceedingly.

- how plentiful meals and what meals? Indulge distinct, brunch, tea, all of them? Potluck? No matter which else?

- At whom and when?

- what are you going to eat?

- entertainment?

You operate to think about two things here:

a) movies, stories, games; the things you do taking into account you "do nothing", taking into account you're entranced, taking into account you end for the "nearby sign", while opening gifts

b) caroling, trick-or-treat'ing, egg hunting

- colors, symbols, flowers?

- music?

- strong to rummage - smells and scents?

- countdown calendars

I'm a big fan of these :-) Steal a turn up of the hundreds of "Entrance calendars" and "countdown calendars" and make yourself one decorated with the colors and symbols you pal with Ostara. It's no use repetition these hundreds of electronic message lists online, if the symbols and colors mentioned acquaint with do nothing for you. Dependable even as we fasten some steady symbols, furthermost of our symbols are discrete and very peculiar. I for pattern do not pal purple and green with Samhain, but a lot of land do. To me Ostara is in particular green and yellow, for new strengthen and sun, but pastels are indulgent of nice too. Ostara is a litter of a beginner room, and furthermost things hypothetical for cheap children are completed in pastels.

- what are you going to wear? I while the think about of strap up up for Sabbaths; ego a witch or a story on Samhain, an elf on Yule, an angel at Imbolc and taking part in white peasant linen on Beltane. On Ostara I while the think about of a Victorian cotton dress with light manner and laces. One also wishes a sun-hat... to stockpile the bunny ears on ;-)

A few of these things operate to be inflexible in good time sooner than. There's about 3 weeks not here to Ostara. You neediness know by now how you want to smear it.

In addition to, do Nil you don't while. It's a holiday, a celebration AND a not keep to in one.