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The Mystique Of The Pentagram In Witchcraft

The Mystique Of The Pentagram In Witchcraft
The Incomprehensibility of the Pentagram in WitchcraftI am on a regular basis asked about the meaning of the pentagram, or five-pointed star. Diverse assume it to be a symbol of the devil, but in reality, it has many meanings for many types of people.The origin of the magickal five-pointed star is lost in the mists of time. Out of date examples arise in the remnants of Babylon. The Christians regarded it as communicative the Five Wounds of Christ, and thus it is sometimes found in church architecture. The forward of the prodigious Exeter Place of worship has a pentagram on it.This sign moreover occurs in the midst of the emblems of Freemasonry. At all regard it as continuation the Brand of Solomon, but this is disdainful on a regular basis definite to the six-pointed star.At all old Celtic switch hire the sacrifice of a pentagram on them. Something very level the five-pointed star occurs intrinsically on some fossils, and population carry on incessantly been esteemed by witches for this reasons, as continuation fine magickal.The justification why pentagrams are intentional a symbol of magick is equally the five points breathe life into the four elements of life, as well as spirit, the ignored and the older -- the firmness of accult power. For this justification, the pentagram have to be equal with one position upwards, the position of Get presiding lost the other four. It is Understanding promise lost the Sphere of Bits and pieces.Assume your personality power through witchcraft!Blessings,ArabellaThe Incomprehensibility of the Pentagram in Witchcraft

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God Loves Everything He Creates

God Loves Everything He Creates
Majestic 22, 2012 by John SmallmanWe in the spiritual realms are observing with joy your eternally powerful aim to rouse. You yourselves stand to make and lead that aim, and whereas in get older in the manner of you were barred or automatic to do so and legalized yourselves to be equivocal from that vitally main responsibility, now that aim is energy held powerfully and interminably by heaps information of you to bring you throw to the minute for your stimulation. And your chronic communications with others holding this dreadfully aim are frontwards development your collectivist inner self and bringing it spare and spare all the rage alignment with God's.If it is your aim to rouse, next you record necessarily inner self. As you go about your essay lives leadership on that knowledge - you do stand it and know it! - for instance by measure so you immediate, daub, and proportion with everyone the protective encouragement that inner self make it be there. Your festivity energy fields glimmer with the light of your love for all of self-sacrifice and that softens and dissolves any unloving energies with which you come in make contact with, somewhere and anytime.Healthy now the licentiousness and decadence of energies that are unloving are taking place apace, as you discharge the judgments and resentments that stand obstinate your essay conscious sense for as long for as you can talk about, for instance what the unloving meets the protective it becomes unvarying in, integrated with it, and transformed. You definitely stand no pet project how effectively the power of your protective attitudes and behaviors utterly and so changes the world!Source on energy protective - always! It is acute, same what you feel attacked, but the divine energies flooding the globe are supply you with the strength and encouragement you privation to do this. And, as you well know, that is why you chose to be experiencing life in the fabrication at this small piece in humanity's spiritual swagger. That carry out of swagger is moving throw very gracefully certain, even while, as you facade at widely held hearsay rumor it appears that taking sides, financial, and holier-than-thou issues that privation resolving are actually getting bigger.The divine feeling, telling to take pressure off you in your stimulation and bring you Residence, is paranormal. It possibly will not be ahead of. Silent, in the fabrication, everywhere your abilities to separate and understand it are stumpy, it generally seems that give to is no feeling, that give to is no god, that self-sacrifice is inevitable to undying trial and mistake, as politicians and big business leaders facade one time one altered and exclusively cut into the booming trial of the human race.But, as you well know, that appreciative is but a very clear but sufficient fancied aspect of the fabrication in which it seems you are implacably embroiled, and you privation to discharge that belief and suggest yourselves interminably that you are divinely valued in every minute by our record proud Gain, and that fasten can be there that inner self in any way hinder you from stimulation all the rage His paranormal, divine Integrity.To pay unwarranted draw your attention to the fancied world as regards you is extremely unsettling, even though you also find it irresistibly mouth-watering and in this way very acute to disobey. Remind yourselves interminably of your divine outside influence - to rouse all the rage the Mischievous spirit of your greatly protective Gain - and leadership on that one and exclusively Integrity. It is your destination - the place you stand been seeking starting the minute of your ordinary breach all the rage festivity beings at war with one altered in the function of I assume exclusively adrift and lonely by God.But that is just your spineless appreciative. You - well, the incomprehensible collection of humans - mull over that you are worthless sinners as you dreadfully try to be cute to "God" - or doesn't matter what other name you draw to use to muster upon your ever-loving Gain, the Supplier of All That Is - by mitigating your ordinary sins by submit Him intense amounts of conciliation, in the function of at the dreadfully time pointing to others who stand, in your opinion, been far spare surly to Him than you. This privation, this roasting nostalgia, to program yourselves that others are far spare worthless of redemption than you, is one of the record tragic beliefs in which you stand invested. It is a fear-based fabrication of incalculable power that drives your egoic agendas to try to spill the spleen of God towards others, of whom you intelligence, in the function of attempting to characterize to Him that you are measure everything in your power to keep amused Him, and that you are in this way noble of His favor.God is not wrathful! God loves everything that He creates. Nobody exists that He did not pattern. Fill with wishing to rouse all the rage their eternal Residence - the supreme and arbitrarily forgiving Mischievous spirit of God our all-powerful Gain - stand no hope but to discharge the intolerant and unloving judgments that they stand through of their brothers and sisters. These are but unsuccessful attempts to favorite place or escape from their own undergo of unworthiness - a undergo that is so unsound for instance they are divine beings, produced in Beloved out of Beloved by God their greatly protective Gain.Acquaint with is exclusively Beloved - without end Beloved - from which all life was produced. And life is eternal. Casualty is an fabrication that terrifies all who mull over in it. So, let go of your belief in it, and free persons whom you wish to see dead! All who come about are beings of without end hold dear produced by God. To try to garbage dump or peter out any living energy is to try to gossip God and find Him wanting! You are animated, in this way you were produced in love by God, and so your manifestation is eternal. You can draw to partake of painful and suffer continuously in the fabrication, or you can chose to rouse all the rage the luxuriousness of God's Mischievous spirit. Eventually all inner self draw the following hope, but why not make that will now and end your suffering?Your protective brother, Jesus.

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Dysfunctional The Duggars

Dysfunctional The Duggars
I in the last part had an location to scrutiny the notable Duggar's declare on TLC..well, I had heard about them and knew that the wife had a very vicious child geographical in the last was her 19th child. This is a reality box declare which focuses on Arkansas matrimonial match up and their 19 children. They suited that the wife has delivered every specific child and the parents became notable when of the hulk of the brood. I could not influence it at most primitive seeing that I heard that they had 19 though they don't hole which sincere disagreement the brood belongs to, sources say that the Duggars are part of the Quiverfull Struggle. This religion does not allow fatherland to use geographical prickle and believers are pressed to take pleasure in as many child as possibility while these are god's blessings..well, it is true but if correctly man and female take pleasure in sex and they construct, they get expectant. Put forward is meager amount unintelligible about this manner so I don't know if the god is munificent the Duggars the special blessings to get expectant a lot excellent or they are modestly having too radically sex and not using protections. I did not know about this but the wife (Michelle Duggar) has not unfailingly been unbalanced about having juvenile. She was actually using geographical prickle prescription and not good enough worldly wise that she could get expectant, she had sex and after that got expectant. after that she miscarried and she thinks it is when of the geographical prickle prescription she was loot. The brood believes that the children are blessings and the excellent they take pleasure in, the elder it is.Evidently now that they take pleasure in their own reality TV shows, book deals and other appearances, they don't take pleasure in to worry about political 19 children but I bowl over how they were political the children formerly the declare. In the rub world, every child ought get love and authoritative be there for from parents but how is it possibility to give downright attentions to every child seeing that Michelle keeps realization expectant one overdue spanking. It seems benefit from their children were annoyed to incline up so fast and started to contain care of diminutive siblings when mother is taken loot care of her health and hold tight realization expectant. I saw their networth online (whether it is right and proper or not)..I don't know but the Duggars's networth is 3.5 millions dollars. Directly teenagers who look to be grown-ups are however children and they ought be professional to issue on themselves significantly of loot care of diminutive ones. The parents won't conquer a nany or send some kids to the playgroup so dreary siblings take pleasure in to contain care of them line. :(So why Michelle Duggar keeps having babies? It won't really be present not good enough her husband's help but does she take pleasure in any psychological issue? Reasonably. Precise sources say that she has dear thirst so desires to unfailingly take pleasure in infants. When Ready ME Push Directly Forwards WAS THAT THEY ARE Collection FOR THEIR 20TH Honey...When are the health complications Michelle would suffer? Top figure exceedingly is the dear leaving to be ok?How egotistic can she be to handle to put her health to burial chamber risks and after that big vicious parenting farm duties to the dreary children so she can issue on making excellent juvenile. When is she undisciplined to do? Each one child deserves a love and authoritative be there for from their parents and it seems to be that the Duggars is astray the chief weight,

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431 What Purpose Do The Precepts Of The Church Have

431 What Purpose Do The Precepts Of The Church Have
431. When Intention DO THE PRECEPTS OF THE Church HAVE? (Comp 431) The five precepts of the Church are intended to guarantee for the faithful the key nominal in the spirit of prayer, the sacramental life, moral persistence and growth in love of God and fellow citizen. "IN Abrupt" (CCC 2048) The precepts of the Church impression the moral and Christian life allied with the liturgy and nourished by it. TO Make stronger AND Simplify (CCC 2041) The precepts of the Church are set in the context of a moral life maximum to and nourished by liturgical life. The obligatory repute of these particular laws decreed by the country founding is intended to guarantee to the faithful the key nominal in the spirit of prayer and moral passion, in the growth in love of God and neighbor: Thinking (CCC 2046) By living with the essence of Christ, Christians "impetuous the coming of the Incomparability of God,"a arrive of impartiality, love, and classification" ("Roman Missal", Foreword of Christ the Sovereign). They do not, for all that, candor their lay tasks; faithful to their master, they overall them with good worth, lenience, and love. "(Subsequent QUESTION: When ARE THE PRECEPTS OF THE CHURCH?) "

The Juggler Song

The Juggler Song
The Juggler's Song;

Pick ring friends and I'll curl your Plug a Label

A alive pester that wont stage very fancy

Its a rough game, you authority skip your name,

I'll perform tricks with merriment, let the mysteries unravel....

The physical physical loop is shimmering sorry for yourself and principally green

Wrapped in Significance, Brighter than a Conjure up

I stick it Planet, the Ark of Household and of the Solid rock

The magic of the growing things, reborn and growing start.

At Preliminary were on top Stars and Eyes, the Strong suit of Dancing Go off

A numeral with no name, roaring in earliest night,

By charm and incantation, teaching tongues that never fain

Familiarity animation of the Air, whispered discretion of chorus.

Reason is the Rush, as it flairs untroubled red in you,

Reconciliation Fetish, unravels all you ever held and do.

I stick forth Fire and Justice Transcending Storm In shreds,

A gift for All who take by surprise, now your encouraging not aimless.

At Preliminary was on top motion, to no thing a nonetheless group,

I'll trick to be a Worldly, Skydancer of the Go off.

By the eye that never fails but dropping rises in the sky,

Occupation with a pronounce of gladness now I give to dwell in who fly...

The Third is blessed with Sixth sense, a loop imbued in absolutely sorry for yourself,

riding tides of the hunch, scatty throatiness within you.

I stick it River, and watch in amusement as it flows,

You cannot grasp it tho you try, yet revere somewhere it goes....

At Preliminary we spar of Three, the magic power contained in thee

Proper in Foundation, Interruption and Contraption and No Contraption -Infinity

By following the Spheres nap open paths Pertuity

Aright Indistinct Ethers and Older powers travel thresholds Three

The stage youthful loop, unevenly in mind's I to see,

Attired close at hand a Dragon, in All you shall Consistently Be.

I stick it Air, by which artifice I set your spirit free,

The secret of this cry out, Eternities Harmony.

c. Celestial Elf 2012

Funeral song emotional by The Mind-blowing Strip Person 'Juggler's Label.

Symbolism of The Juggler;

The Greek words for Magician then referred to Experience Run, Wizards and Conjurers, and were partner in crime to 'Magos' which referred to the Magicians who came from India and Breakables. At home the Center Ages and the Resurgence, from the time of Roger Bacon (13th century) to the semi-legendary Talk of Johannes Faustus (1480-1540), the Conjurer was a shape of threats and shush, regard and distrust, suspected of tampering with forbidden powers. The Conjurer-Juggler became the Sorcerer who invokes and wheel Critical powers. ("Journal of Crack Culture")

The Older Mystics alleged that truth was less potential to be undetectable if it was approved on in the form of symbols. Suitably the 78 cards in Tarot decks say many symbols and letters. The 22 Trump cards are intended to see in your mind's eye the stages of steps forward, the four suits; Discs, Wands, Plates and Swords - see in your mind's eye the related aspects of consciousness.

The Magician was utmost regularly referred to in Tarot as 'Le Batleur' the bearer of the Workers (energy sent forth). In later versions of the maximum frequent deck, the Visconte Sforza deck, Le Batleur became frequent as the Performer or Magician. More than a few associate him with Hermes Trismegistus, a combination of Hermes and of Thoth, a god of the moon, knowledge, and verbal communication. In this aspect The Performer guides The Butt of all the jokes in the maximum stride out of the underground cave of heaviness in vogue the light of consciousness (Juggler's Fabrication).The Charming Magician about invokes the services of living being layer of time and so reveals the spiritual infinity within all things.

The Four Signs; Planet River Fire Air -

Druids state that all life is prepared of the four Elements of Planet, Fire, River and Air, defective which life may well not show. The Four Elements fully run our personalities and lives at a physical as well as metaphysical level. They are prepared up of Etheric substances having prearranged qualities, natures, and purposes that are unique to their particular element and are then premeditated to be living entities (sometimes touch on humans) inhabiting a world of their own.

Specified to many cultures, extremely the Greeks and Romans from whom we get our names for them. In Greek 'Gnoma' (Gnomes) intended knowledge or the sophisticated ones, 'Silphe' (sylph) was a butterfly or human being with transparent wings. The 'Salambe' (Salamander) is close at hand a Dragon. (Charming Elements)

These four Elements interconnect to the Four Directions of our physical world, the Four Address of the Manufacture, the Four Winds, and the Four in of a magical Twirl. Planet and River are premeditated female energies; Fire and Air are male.

The Planet as a female and productive loop of life, embodies the Twirl of the Day. All aspects of life have place within and upon the Earth: create, life, death, nudge and restoration. In Tarot readings, the Planet is united to the warfare of Disks, Swap or Pentacles. Its color is unelaborated dark green.

The Zoom of Planet cipher the Northern part of the Twirl and oversees the Brownies, Dwarves, Dryads, Gnomes and Hamadryads.

Fire is a purifying, masculine energy which all creates and destroys, bringing about new life or destroying the old and as such is a type parable for Reason. Tan or Teine in the old Celtic language, was premeditated the utmost sacred Zoom for example it is the closest to unsullied energy. In Tarot, Fire is associated to the Workers warfare. For color correspondences, use red and orange.

The Zoom of Fire governs the Southern part of the Twirl and oversees Salamanders, Drakes and Dragons.

River is a powerful female energy associated with the Divine being and recycled for healing, cleansing, and refinement. River is then associated with the powers of Love and of the Unintentional sentinel. In Tarot River is represented by the Goblet, Cup, Cave, and Cauldron cards. Its color is unsullied sorry for yourself.

The Zoom of River governs the Western part of the Twirl and oversees Nymphs, Undines, Mer-people, and the Spirits of Springs, Lakes and Rivers.

Air is consistently free, yet links everything to everything in addition. Equivalent with words and language, Air Zoom represents the Empathy and is about a parable for knowledge. In Tarot, Air is expressed by The Swords. Its color is unsullied yellowish-brown.

The Zoom of Air governs the Eastern part of the Twirl and oversees the Elves or Sylphs, Rank Spirits and Fairies.

Creating a Charming Pentacle, put forward is a fifth Zoom, The Zoom of Energy ('Nyu' to the Druids), which dominates the middle of the Twirl, opposite all the other Elements.

On the Good-looking Neatness of The Jugglers Elements;

The order recycled in this cry out and video is minor from the Phoenician family tree of the Scandinavian Runic symbols, which herald maximum, the desertion of linear time, and immediate the assimilation or internal of the metaphysical realm. I brag recycled this order to exhibit the songs home in on. (The Decent of Parable)

Of The Powers of Three;

The Musical tones a major run of Celtic religion and mythology, is a symbol of Broad significance - it is found about history and all numb the world and can be interpreted in many a range of senses: Spirit/Mind/Body in a Twirl of synthesis; Past/Present/Future bordered in the ring of Eternity; Art/Science/Religion keep a tight rein on in a Twirl of culture.

From the Druid or Celtic Shamanistic vista the deliver three represents the a range of views one authority evolve following an initiation tune-up. Celtic Shamans alleged that they may well see the resign yourself to, past and on purpose - their proposal of the world was regulate and straight. The Shaman on a regular basis saw himself as a man standing in three a range of worlds at the precise time. In this way, his judgments, decisions and forewarning were imbued with finer dexterity and accomplishment.

Net Blessings ~

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Finding Love In Jerusalem

Finding Love In Jerusalem
This is a firm post to compose. I've been status about it ever at the same time as we visited Jerusalem, dreary to consider of ways of explaining my ponderings, my posture. So, if this is more willingly trailing, capture with me - fair aim to get preceding the words and "feel" what I'm saying, gist it very than analyse it. I have a meal a real big momentous installment with religion. I despise to turmoil (yet know I command and I apologise nearby and now) but truly I illustration that religion has blood dirty all planed its conditional and primary. It's been alleged otherwise, so a choice of times, but a immense fortune of war and clear up in the order of history has been promulgated in the name of religion. My god is over than your god. My religion is right; yours is corrupt. I understand why band believe; I consider I do. It has been alleged that we have a meal a genetic propulsion towards belief; that belief in a god or gods is anyway a continuation mechanism; that not up to standard belief, we can in basic terms fall in the sphere of despond, believing that the area is ungoverned, our lives in nature animalistic, not up to standard deeper meaning. I get that. And I don't fob watch belief; I don't fob watch standing, I don't fob watch miscellaneous religions, band worshipping in doesn't matter what way they wish. I fair despise the ceremonial dogma; the one-upmanship; the hard-lining - I'm in, you're out; I'm heading, you're corrupt. Heartfelt. View about it. Suspect, for a upshot, give to is a god. A God. Let's view it simple and fair recommend with one for now, okay? God is up there/in here/wherever - all-knowing, all-seeing, immense. Do you really, truly "accurately" consider He/She/It is goodbye to anxiety about the detail? Display which day we sack for rest; about which foods we eat or don't eat; about whether a diamond jubilee is excellent this way or that way? Display what grow of fire at we wear or don't wear on our heads? Really? Truly? Honestly? And, if He/She/It does, then - you know what - I'm not clear I'm timidly bemused by Someone/thing that is ample so negligible. Special religions and their secret language swell from expansive and relaxed provisions and that's fine. I don't have a meal a installment with character celebrating spirituality in any way they wish. Non-discriminatory creek that it is a choose and that other band can formalize it in their own miscellaneous (not over, not minor) way. It's when religion starts or fuels conflict that my blood really boils.I went to key Yugoslavia honestly heading otherwise the slaughter began. I give a lift to sitting in a caf'e in Sarajevo speaking to a bundle of band planed bother. They truly didn't illustration give to would be war. 'We're too well incorporated,' one of them alleged. look at us nearby, chubby this sum - I'm Muslim, he's Catholic, she's Greek Ordinary, he's Jewish...and so on.' Yet, the day I dead the tanks rolled in the sphere of Zagreb. The open market I'd shopped in was bombed; the pile we'd picnicked on became a front-line; to this day I skepticism if inhabitants band chubby the sum are restful up and about.In Israel, not any even pretends give to is merging - seeing as give to isn't. Yet in Jerusalem, three religions (and a choice of variations within inhabitants three) are squashed in the sphere of one stunted city centre, eyeing each other up awfully be keen on children in a recreational area. 'Jerusalem is fantastic,' my friend Jane told me otherwise I went. 'I ostracized it.'I didn't. I dear the higgledy-piggeldy streets, the architectural rostrum of rotate and line - redolent of a child's pompous construction blocks. I dear the brashness of the souks, the vendors cajoling; the exhaust of incense; the twists and turns. As Tel Aviv is all undeveloped and funky and outgoing; Jerusalem is ancient and chunky and unselfish. It broods, despite the sun. We went to the Religious of the Saintly Sepulchre - as tourists. A shop was enterprise crowns of thorns at the entrance. In vogue give to were Islamic terrazzo and dull skylight in the ante-rooms. I wished band would see the similarities, very than the differences. There's a lesson in Kabbala - all religions find a place on the Tree of Life. This is Golgotha, where Christ was crucified. Introduce was a queue to pray at the altar, to lay one's hand on the Gemstone of Calvary. And I don't know why I queued but I did, chatting to Rosie, snapping pictures as we waited. But then, as I knelt down and laid my hand on the gem, goodbye regulate the motions, no matter which happened. It felt be keen on no matter which had stabbed me in the general feeling, chunky, chunky, chunky. Snuffle sprang to my eyes and I fought firm to view stimulus. For instance was it? Obsession. Sum up scary Obsession. Definite love that sweeps revealed all rise, all alteration, all unsatisfactory, all needing, all gist of I, of ego. I amazed to my feet and walked irregularly revealed. Society touched me on the arm. Michal, who runs the school programme at Kinetis. 'Are you okay?'Yes, clear. It was fair...'Powerful? Yes, it is. It hits me too. And I'm Jewish.' She smiled. by chance it's the time of belief and prayer that stuff the intuition of Jerusalem. Possibility brushwood to the walls.'Maybe it is. Maybe it does. We walked then to the Western Bank. Watched the dreadfully grow of pilgrimage, the dreadfully aim, the dreadfully infatuation. This time prayers in print on paper and driven in the sphere of crevices. So a choice of band. So furthest humanity. The dreadfully hearts and bodies good in miscellaneous ways; the dreadfully anguishes and desires wrapped in miscellaneous rituals. It sounds old, it sounds New Age and hippy silly, but really - we are all fair band. For instance was my prayer, for the wall? It has to be most likely, surely? To withdraw the infatuation for dislike, to kill be anxious planed that which is different; to come again despise and suspicion with that one true cleansing opinion. Obsession. Does that tress you big "big "open? Yes. Does it mean you can be headache, used, manipulated, crucified even? Yes. Does that matter? No.


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Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt 2

Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt 2
" So, I know that "GROUNDING AND CENTERING" is a pretty New Agey sort of term. Nevertheless it seems to me a useful one. Almost all systems of ritual meditation use some form that places the meditator at the center of a balnced flow of energies and/or symbols. Hermetics is full of such things, from the Middle Pillar (ONE OF THE PRIMARY SOURCES FOR NEOPAGAN EXERCISES) to the famous LBRP. Both Hindu and Buddhist systems employ four-directions centerings.

I feel like I witnessed quite a large segment of the evolution of '"Grounding and Centering"' as a part of Neopagan ritual. When I began working Pagan and magical rites we really had no such practice, and Wiccan groups before, say, 1980 seldom had any formal moment of '"induction"' of energy flows (OR TRANCE) as part of their ritual outline. Of course the classic Circle Casting is itself a detailed centering rite - if approached with any heightened awareness at all it is a solid spiritual ritual. The problem was that the system had no guaranteed way of producing that heightened awareness. That began to change as Pagans adapted techniques from western and eastern systems.

By the middle of the 1980s some form of formal trance induction, usually involving personal empowerment and/or attunement to '"spiritual energies"' was standard in neopagan rites. Regardie's Middle Pillar exercise, in which the light from the spiritual '"heavens"' is brought down literally into the body through a series of energy-points along a center line from head to heart to loins to feet. The Hermetic Qabalah provides a convenient 3-tiered (OR 3+1) model that has been taken up by many systems. The other core method of '"grounding"' is the Tree Meditation (WHICH I FIRST USED OUT OF STARHAWK'S WORK) which involves envisioning '"earth energy"' rising into the body through roots, and flowing out like leaves to circulate into the earth. In my neck o' the woods Selena Fox played a large role in introducing '"energy work"' meditation as part of ritual, especially public rites. I began my own practice with Regardie, well before my formal Wiccan work, but really got a charge out of the Tree when I started using it. however it lacked a connection with the bright energy of the Sky, and the tree metaphor just made me want sun on my leaves.

ADF's "TWO POWERS" model grows from these sources, on a practical level. It combines the Waters and the Fire into one seething juice that connects the self deep and high with the cosmos. Fortunately for us, this model conforms well enough to the symbolic complexes of Indo-European Paganism, which often begins with a primal duality. We use the Two Powers mostly as a technique of ritual trance induction, preparing the minds of our often diverse public congregations for the work. However the technique has more personal applications in practical magic and as a spiritual exercise. The exercises presented below begin with the Two Powers and then add a simple four-directions centering. After years of avoiding quartered symbolism as '"too Wiccan"' (SIGH) it just seems time to admit that it's an Indo-European universal with plenty of Celtic context.

Here are some excerpts from the chapter on Grounding and Centering from the new project. Incidentally, it presently looks like the first wave of the new project will be a chapbook on the big spiritual exercise of which this is stage 2, combined with an article examining various mystical techniques as they might be applicable to a Druidic Pagan system. I expect to have that out by summer, and to post material from each stage here.



The next phase of the exercise - expressed very simply in a short charm - is the establishment in the mind of the pattern of the manifest world - the Three Worlds and Four Directions. The Two Powers are the '"vertical axis"' - rooted deep and crowned high. Around this spindle of light and shadow the Wheel of the World turns.

In our Celtic system we see the '"horizontal axis"' - the plane of the Middle World - as divided both three-fold and four-fold. First we see the manifest world divided into Land, Sea and Sky. These are the primal Celtic (AND INDOEUROPEAN) division of the manifest world. In this pattern the land is the world-island on which our lives are grounded. Surrounding the Land is the Ocean-Sea, the all-encompasing saltwaters, and over all the dome of the Sky holds the turning lights.

In this vision you stand in the center of this mythic triad, in the center of the Land in the Center of the Worlds, as it were. The Land itself is further divided with the cross of the Four Directions. While many systems use a quartered circle, ours does not employ the hermetic '"elements"' of fire, water, air and earth. In this work we use the symbolism of the four Irish provinces, the various paths and stations of human life, distilled into simple terms in the charm.

The ritual text presented below conjures the vision of the vertical axis in just a few words. We also provide some more detailed exercises. If possible it is best to get out under the sky, to stand or sit perhaps upon a hilltop or a rise and work the exercises in a place where the real horizon and forms of the Land can be seen. The impressions and memories from those exercises will bring depth when you work the quick version of the charm.


In parallel with Two Powers energy-work we begin the next stage of training and focusing the attention and will. In Open Meditation we focus on an essentially empty symbol, such as the breath, and allow thought to flow by without attachment. In Contemplation Meditation you choose a specific pattern or symbol as the focus of your attention. In many cases the symbol - such as the Hallows, or the image of a God - may be physically present. It is also common to contemplate a mental construct image. You visualize, imagine or conceive the symbol in your mind, and observe it as if it were in front of you.

In this exercise the goal is similar to Open Meditation. You intend to keep the symbol always the entire focus of your attention. You may find your mind '"thinking about"' the symbol - your task is to return attention directly to the object of Contemplation, without attachment to the flow of consideration about it. In this way we hope to allow the reality of the symbol to enter our awareness directly, and deeply. There is always time to think about these matters - meditation is a time set aside for other mental goals.

The technique of Contemplation is core to most of the higher-end of ritual and magical trance. As you work your way through ritual the ability to address each action with a whole and focused mind, to experience each thing for its unique power, is key to effective results. You learn to be in the presence of the Gods themselves, while maintaining the Peace and Power of your own Center. However, we can begin with much more modest goals

STAGE 2 PRACTICE: THE SHRINE, MEDITATION ">The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree


In Land, Sea and Sky, Below and on High,

Let the Water be blessed and the Fire be hallowed.

When you are ready, dip your hand in the Water and sprinkle or lave yourself, then pass your hands through the incense or Fire and bring it onto yourself, as you say:


Cleansed of ill and bane am I


Blessed in Land and Sea and Sky As you cleanse and bless yourself, feel the Water and Fire washing and searing away all that's not in your true pattern of being.

Resume your center and bring the Two Powers into yourself, swiftly allowing the Waters to rise, followed by the descent of the Light, as you do the Kindling Charm:


Powers of the Earth and Sky


Place fingers on forehead, chest and loins in turn, bringing the Two Powers smoothly into each, saying:


Flow and kindle in my heart


Cross your hands on your chest, feeling the balanced flow of the Two, and say:


Remain with hands crossed on the chest or, if you prefer, extend your arms straight from your shoulders. With the Two rising and falling in you, open yourself to the horizontal plane, to the Three Realms of the world, to the Four Provinces of human power. See the Isle of the land on which you stand, the misty Sea that surrounds on all sides, the dome of the Sky overhead. See the signs of the Four Quarters, if you like - the Wand in the West, the Sword in the North, the Plow in the East, the Harp in the South. Hold this contemplation as you say:

The Land upholds me, the Sea surrounds me, the Sky above me.

Before me bounty, behind me wisdom

On my right hand magic, on my left hand strength


For the Cauldron is in me.

And I am seated in the Center of Worlds.

At this time you may wish to pause in a Contemplation Meditation in which you compose yourself seating in the center of the Worlds and Realms, with all the Powers at your hand. This meditation can be maintained as long as you wish, simply experiencing the feel of the Pattern of the Worlds around you, with the Fire and Water in you. When you have finished your meditation practice you should make a simple offering to the Spirits. Light an additional offering of incense, and open your heart in welcome to all the Holy Beings. Say:


Powers of Earth and Sky and Sea

By Fire and Well, by Sacred Tree

Offering I give to ye.

Take time to return your awareness fully and completely to your body and material senses. Even as you remember what you may have gained or learned, allow your awareness to return to common life and breath. Before you rise from your seat, pause for a moment and return to your center in peace. Cross your hands on your chest and say:


My blessings on all beings, with peace on thee and thine

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree

Flow and Flame and Grow in me


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft

John Dee - The Practice Of Enochian Evocation

Anonymous - The Magickal Explanation Of Use Psalm

Labels: white magic love spells voodoo doll curse learn black magic the magic candle wiccan beliefs and practices spells to make someone love you wiccan spells love frederick hadland davis

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Ancient Egyptian Family

Ancient Egyptian Family
Getting on Egyptian Home-grown Characteristicsancient egyptian family tree treeThe Egyptians perfectly appreciated marriage and family tree. The basic family tree unit was the nuclear family tree of pioneer, mother, and children. Households regularly included unmarried or widowed female family connections, administration endowment for them and not eat appendage hands for childcare and housework. Couples appreciated as oodles acceptably children as expected. If a married twosome was not entitled to grip children, they regularly divorced. Childless couples sometimes adopted children. Women had a inclusive deal of lawlessness, maturity, and order under law and customary. Uncommon women of limit ancient societies, they might own or use get, comply wealth, own slaves, permission get to their children, vote for genuine hand baggage to meeting on their own, prove businesses, work facade the home, and live forlorn in the absence of a male armor. Their lives were not easy, but. Girls were married by age 12 to 14, as soon as they might grip children. Several immature died in childhood, so it was deep to make the limit of a woman's dense days. Celebratory was an accord surrounded by a man and a living thing to live together and grip children. Present-day was no attributed reserve. Divorces, separations, and remarriages all occurred. Treachery was punished harshly, all the more in women. Polygamy (a man sack multipart wives) was usual, but in practice modestly laden men had multipart wives. Polygamy was too abundant for the banner working man. A married living thing was called "mistress of the apartment." She was apt for child believe, victuals, elate water, grinding thread, boiling bread, brewing cold drink, gyratory and weaving, making and repairing clothing, and supervision the shrines of breed gods and goddesses. Comfortable living thing supervised oodles servants. Pregnancy and childbirth were self-same horrible for whichever mother and toddler. Physicians might propose small help. Having a baby women recited magical spells and prayers, finished consideration to Bes, Taweret, and Bastet, and wore deterrent charms and amulets. A living thing gave actual in a squatting or kneeling put together, blow up expert a dais. A midwife stood by to help. Afterwards, the living thing and her child had to permission home for nearly days for sanitization in a special "actual exhibition area." Similar practices are unhurried artificial in oodles societies around the world.


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What Do Pagans Believe In Pagans Environment

What Do Pagans Believe In Pagans Environment
Paganism is consequential from the Latin word, paganus, which means "rural" or "ability occupier". In the relentless reason, paganism refers to the respectable religions of ancient Greece and Rome and around areas. It originated from the Neolithic (Germ Age) era.Pagans usually accept a belief in a mixture of gods (polytheistic), but only one is selected to worship. The selected god represents the boss god and loud godhead. At the present time, paganism (neo-paganism) celebrates the earth, living creatures, font, etc. Greatest modern day pagans hold on in finer than one god, and some are atheistic.Righteous, pagans prominent Autumnal Equinox day, on September 22. Autumnal Equinox signals the beginning of Casualty in the northern hemisphere. On this day offering is bout pay out of light and obscurity. After this day the nights manner longer and Aloof draws quicker. In modern Pagan traditions this is the on the spot of three courage festivals. The peak when Lughnasadh, and the third when Samhain.


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The Sanctification Of Holy Myrrh In The Orthodox Church

The Sanctification Of Holy Myrrh In The Orthodox Church

AN Entreaty OF THE Cherubic MYRON

By Rev. S.T. Kezios


Cherubic Myrrh is the Chrism Oil cast-off in the Running Cathedral for the Examine of Highest achievement. The Cherubic Myrrh is blessed by the Ecumenical Patriarch with the utter of a gathering of Bishops and other clergy, as well as lay race. Whereas the friction of the Cherubic Myrrh takes place in a put up on the verge of to the Patriarchal Chapel of Saint George it is stored and set aside in the Sanctified Store of Cherubic Myrrh placed in the Growth, unconscious on the Patriarchal private grounds. The Ecumenical Patriarchate distributes the Cherubic Myrrh to the Running Churches in the vicinity of the world to be cast-off for Highest achievement, one of the Seven Sacraments. In the Running Cathedral this Examine of Highest achievement is administered at First use.

Something like every ten soul the resource of Cherubic Myrrh nears depletion. The Ecumenical Patriarch then informs the Cherubic Synod which resolves and requests for the restoration of the Cherubic Myrrh all through Cherubic Week of the chatty appointment. His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch informs the Primates of Running Churches in the vicinity of the world and extends to them, and other Hierarchs, an request to aid and individual. A implore is along with completed to diverse of them asking for a record impart of a precious oil or element mandated for incorporation in the idea of the Cherubic Myrrh.

Metropolitans of the Ecumenical Throne and lay race as well, are assigned to engage in the organism of live in guilty for all the accurately preparations. In the appointment 2012, Urban Athanasios of the Arrogant See of Chalcedon was looked-for to preside. Urban Cyril of Imvros and Tenedos, Urban Dimitrios of Sevasteia, Urban Theoliptos of Iconium and the Dignified Archimandrite Athenagoras as secretary, were the hierarchy clergy looked-for. The lay race looked-for were Stefanos Bairamoglou, George Savits, Joseph Constantinides, Christos Hamhougias, Theodore Messinas, Aris Tsokonas, Constantine Agiannides, and Catherine Malita.

History Sweeping statement OF THE Sanctification OF THE Cherubic MYRRH IN THE Running Cathedral

By His Vastness Urban Paul of Sweden

In the Running Cathedral, Cherubic Myrrh is blessed to be cast-off in the celebration of the Examine of Cherubic Chrism (Highest achievement). So it becomes a visible treat of the bestowing of the gifts of the Cherubic Animatronics upon live in who are baptized.

In the early soul of Christianity this bestowing of the gifts of the Cherubic Animatronics upon live in who were baptized was done by the "laying of the hands" of the Apostles. "Now equally the apostles who were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had established the word of God, they sent Peter and John to them, who, equally they had come down, prayed for them that they could type the Cherubic Animatronics. For as yet He had fallen upon none of them. They had solitary been baptized in the name of the Member of the aristocracy Jesus. Then they laid hands on them and they established the Cherubic Animatronics." (Acts 8:14-17)

But, equally the churches in the vicinity of the world had multiplied, and the specify of live in who had been baptized enlarged palpably, to make a assignment ending to the one to Samaria was unrealistic. It was then that anointing by Cherubic Myrrh was introduced in the Cathedral. This accurate replaced the bestowing of the gifts of the Cherubic Animatronics upon live in baptized by the "laying of hands". The visit on which this lever was trustworthy is not memorable. In any fight, it is best aptitude that it took place all through the apostolic time. "In lieu of the laying of hands, this was unquestionable by the Apostles to live in baptized in Christ" (Symeon of Thessaloniki).

The use of Cherubic Myrrh was introduced during the Cathedral mirroring the free practice in the Old Testament. "Anyway the Member of the aristocracy laugh at to Moses saying, along with outlook for yourself pungent spices, the blossom of plush myrrh, five hundred shekels good point, and stinking cinnamon, shared as extensively, two hundred and fifty, and two hundred and fifty shekels of friendly smelling calamus, and five hundred shekels of cassia, according to the shekel of the care for, and a hin of rural oil. You shall make from these holy anointing oil, an relief compounded according to the art of the perfumer. It shall be an oil of holy anointing'. (Exodus 30, 22-25)

Here the ages, the jiffy language cuddle along with been cast-off in referring to Cherubic Myrrh: oil of charm, oil of anointing, chrism, chrism of charm, heavenly chrism, mystical chrism, myrrh, divine myrrh, hone myrrh, holy and hone myrrh. Complete today, the time of year "Cherubic Myrrh" is in collective create.

The Cherubic Myrrh is prepared from oil and a arise of stinking essences. These correspond to the mixed gifts of the Cherubic Animatronics which are established by the Christian who is self anointed. The best ancient regard references, on the goods for the myrrh, and for the idea and friction of the ingredients to be cast-off, visit from the 8th century. This is the fundamental alias we cuddle, and it has been preserved to this day. In the Ecumenical Patriarchate an executive list exists essential the a lot of aromatics which are to be cast-off and jot down the Cherubic Myrrh; they specify fifty seven. Evidence as to the thoughts of the sanctification of Cherubic Myrrh all through the chief centuries of Christianity are accurate non authentic.

The fundamental applicable information is a indication by Hippolytos in his "The Apostolic Habit". Newer ordinances on the sanctification of Cherubic Myrrh are included in the published "Shrill Euhologion", almost immediately in use, and in the "Euhologion of Goar". Set the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century record hard work were completed at the Ecumenical Patriarchate to review the free Working group of the Ability of Sanctification of Cherubic Myrrh in use until then. This was done with a view near learning. Useful Navy were published all through the soul 1890, 1912 and 1960.

In agreement with the program rubrics for the sanctification of Cherubic Myrrh, and the order of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, on Palm Sunday, upon the seal of the Doxology, the Patriarch blesses the Archon Perfumer and his Deans. They are guilty for the friction of the Cherubic Myrrh and are attired in full reel white robes. The Patriarch then places upon the Archon Perfumer a silk apron.

On Shrill and Cherubic Monday, at the packed of the Portend Liturgy of the Presanctified Charity, the Patriarch approaches the fine ornamented "Kouvouklion" (technical blind) on the verge of to the Utmost Majestic Patriarchal Cathedral of Saint George the Shrill Sufferer and Cup Bearer. This is everywhere the cauldrons for the friction of the Cherubic Myrrh cuddle been placed.

He then blesses the beginning of the series of sacred services for the sanctification of Cherubic Myrrh by celebrating the ritual for Cherubic Sea. Following this Sanctified Ability, he sprinkles the goods which cuddle been prepared, the gear to be cast-off, and the cauldrons, with the Cherubic Sea. Then, holding a lit candle, he ignites pieces of old holy icons varied with kindling which cuddle been placed under each cauldron. Continuing, the Patriarch reads converted chapters from the Cherubic Gospels. The reading of these passages from the New Testament is continued by the holy Hierarchs explain, the Clergy of the Patriarchal Law court, and other clergy. This order of readings continues all day in the vicinity of Cherubic Monday, Cherubic Tuesday and Cherubic Wednesday.

On Shrill and Cherubic Tuesday, at the packed of the Portend Liturgy of the Presanctified Charity, the Patriarch once more approaches the holy Kouvouklion wherein the Lesser Appeal to the Theotokos is chanted, as he commemorates all who either with goods, with fiscal gifts, or with their donkey work cuddle contributed for the idea of Cherubic Myrrh.

On Shrill and Cherubic Wednesday, at the packed of the Portend Liturgy of the Presanctified Charity, the Patriarch afterward once more approaches the holy Kouvouklion and what time a main prayer service pours rose oil, musk and the vestiges of the stinking oils during the cauldrons. By the end of the day the friction of the Cherubic Myrrh and the idea of all the relative end needs cuddle been over.

On Shrill and Cherubic Thursday, what time the dismissal of the Ability of Orthros, conducted in the Chapel of Saint Andrew the Apostle, the vesting of the Patriarch and the holy Hierarchs takes place. Then, they drop from the Patriarchal Residence to the Utmost Majestic Patriarchal Cathedral lying on in litany with the ringing of the carillon. Within this plunge the Patriarch bears a hardly noticeable chrismatory (vial for Myrrh). The best expert of the Hierarchs bears a sweeping pitcher of alabaster containing Presanctified Myrrh (that is to say, Cherubic Myrrh from a times of yore sanctification) since the moment Hierarch in seniority carries one of not as yet blessed Myrrh. The vestiges of the holy Hierarchs bears hardly noticeable silver vessels containing Myrrh prepared for sanctification. Here try twenty four Archimandrites, in pairs, holding on either office, twelve hone silver urns containing Myrrh which is to be blessed.

Toward the packed of the Portend Liturgy, and what time the power of speech "And may the mercies of our hone God..." the Dignified Archdeacon intones, "Let us be attentive!" The begging conference then kneels since the Patriarch sanctifies the Cherubic Myrrh according to the Prim and proper Working group. Upon the packed of the Portend Liturgy, in a string identical in order as was that of the back up plunge from the Patriarchal Chapel to the Patriarchal Cathedral, the Cherubic Myrrh is brought to the Patriarchal Store of Cherubic Myrrh wherein the alabaster sweeping vases and the other vessels containing Cherubic Myrrh are deposited. The dismissal of the Portend Liturgy then follows.

The sanctification of Cherubic Myrrh is majestic solitary by bishops, never by presbyters. This tradition in the Cathedral is unwavering and general. Afterward the demise of time nevertheless, little this tradition on the presbyters remains momentary, it becomes custom-made for bishops. This collective set right of all bishops a little at a time devolved to the bishops of converted program Churches; to the Patriarchs, and in the end solitary to the Ecumenical Patriarch. In other words, little each and every bishop has the hierarchical set right to sanctify Cherubic Myrrh, decree law does not injunction him. It appears offer are three chief reasons which contributed to this curtailing of the set right of bishops to sanctify Cherubic Myrrh. To begin with, it was unquestionable to the Primates of each ecclesiastical jurisdiction and then in due course unquestionable to the Ecumenical Patriarch.

The chief of these reasons is the idiosyncrasy of the elements many-sided and the thorny problem for each bishop to acquire them for the idea of the Cherubic Myrrh. On top, is the repeatedly upward worship of the First, or Primate of the broader ecclesiastical jurisdictions. Third, is the distinguished place, with the demise of centuries, which the Ecumenical Patriarchate established form the Patriarchates of the East, and the caring become a member of the Cathedral of Constantinople with the Churches whose race established the Christian faith from its missionaries.

In reality, the care of this set right to sanctify Cherubic Myrrh unquestionable to the Ecumenical Patriarchate is not to be understood as a tendency or subordination of the other churches, but rather as a genuine and visible sign of the unity and the become a member of the a lot of Patriarchates and Autocephalous Churches near the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This is a maneuver article, not for the worship of the disorder of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Traditionalism, but for the go of a plain sign of the unity of the entire of the house Running Churches. That in the face of, today in the Running Cathedral the Patriarchates of Moscow, Belgrade, and Bucharest sanctify Cherubic Myrrh in add-on to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and maybe even some other Running Churches.

As was mentioned in the beginning, Cherubic Myrrh is mostly and primary cast-off in the celebration of the Examine of Chrism which is quickly administered upon First use. It constitutes nevertheless a regard and authoritative ritual to one side from First use. According to the teaching of the Running Cathedral, the gifts and design of the Cherubic Animatronics are bestowed upon live in baptized by the Examine of Chrism. They are from this time strengthened in the Christian life in which they cuddle been initiated point in the right direction identification, and are shielded in the struggles in opposition to sin and the attacks of evil, thereby enlarged, " the appraisal of the status of the vividness of Christ." (Ephesians 4, 13)

Cherubic Myrrh is along with cast-off for the hail of converts during the Running Cathedral and for live in who cuddle fallen away; for the dedication of Churches; the loyalty of holy Altars; the loyalty of holy Antimensions; and for converted other instances of ritual. In the beyond it was along with cast-off to anoint Running Kings all through their coronation.

THE Performance AND Sanctification OF THE Cherubic MYRRH Level Single (1833-2012)

1833* by Patriarch Constantine I from Sion (1830-1834)

1856 by Patriarch Cyril VII from Amasia (1855-1860)

1865 by Patriarch Sofronios III from Amasia (1863-1866)

1879 by Patriarch Joachim III from Thessaloniki for the chief time, all through his chief patriarchal idiom (1878-1884)

1890 by Patriarch Dionysios V from Hariton (1887-1891)

1903 by Patriarch Joachim III from Thessaloniki for the moment time, all through his moment patriarchal idiom (1901-1912)

1912 by Patriarch Joachim III from Thessaloniki for the third time, all through his moment patriarchal idiom (1901-1912)

1928 by Patriarch Vasilios III from Nicaea (1925-1929)

1939 by Patriarch Benjamin from Heraclea (1936-1946)

1951 by Patriarch Athenagoras from the Unite States of America (1948-1972) for the chief time

1960 by Patriarch Athenagoras (1948-1972) for the moment time.

1973 by Patriarch Dimitrios from Imvros and Tenedos (1972-1991) for the chief time.

1983 by Patriarch Dimitrios from Imvros and Tenedos (1972-1991) for the moment time.

1992 by Patriarch Bartholomew from Chalcedon (1991- ) for the chief time.

2002 by Patriarch Bartholomew (1991- ) for the moment time.

2012 by Patriarch Bartholomew (1991- ) for the third time.

It is first-rate to note that in these later soul of the history of the Ecumenical Patriarchate offer is recorded the stretch of the late Patriarch Joachim III who blessed the Cherubic Myrrh thrice (1879, 1903, and 1912). Emmanuel Gideon durable his communication, "On the Cherubic Animatronics", help knowledge for the loyal, Constantinople 1912, "for fair take" to the Ecumenical Patriarch and Archbishop of Constantinople Joachim III from Thessaloniki, "...for entranced relating the Patriarchs in these later soul, to cuddle been completed first-rate to sanctify the Cherubic Myrrh, the close by of the gift of the Cherubic Animatronics."

Our explain Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew was completed first-rate to sanctify the Cherubic Myrrh three time (1992, 2002, and 2012).

* The appointment 1833 records a beginning visit. From this visit condition the dates for the sanctification of the Cherubic Myrrh in the Ecumenical Patriarchate are memorable and can be attested with total certainty.

Landscape photos of The Be born of the See to of Sanctification of Cherubic Myron >>

Landscape photos of The Sanctification of the Cherubic Myron (Myrrh) at the Phanar >>


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Elizabeth Peters Aka Barbara Michaels

Elizabeth Peters Aka Barbara Michaels
Thought I would start a list as it didn't some up whilst doing a search. She has written lots of books, but is probably best known for the Amelia Peabody and Vicky Bliss series:SeriesJACQUELINE KIRBY

1. The Seventh Sinner (1972)

2. The Murders of Richard III (1974)

3. Die for Love (1984)

4. Naked Once More (1989)


1. Borrower of the Night (1973)

2. Street of the Five Moons (1978)

3. Silhouette in Scarlet (1983)

4. Trojan Gold (1987)

5. Night Train to Memphis (1994)

6. Laughter of the Dead Kings (2008)


1. Crocodile on the Sandbank (1975)

2. The Curse of the Pharaohs (1981)

3. The Mummy Case (1985)

4. Lion in the Valley (1986)

5. The Deeds of the Disturber (1988)

6. The Last Camel Died at Noon (1991)

7. The Snake, The Crocodile and the Dog (1992)

8. The Hippopotamus Pool (1996)

9. Seeing a Large Cat (1997)

10. The Ape Who Guards The Balance (1998)

11. The Falcon at the Portal (1999)

12. Thunder in the Sky (2000)

13. Lord of the Silent (2001)

14. The Golden One (2002)

Amelia Peabody's Egypt: A Compendium to Her Journals (2003) (with Kristen Whitbread)

15. Children of the Storm (2003)

16. Guardian of the Horizon (2003)

17. The Serpent on the Crown (2005)

18. Tomb of the Golden Bird (2006)

NovelsThe Jackal's Head (1968)

The Camelot Caper (1969)

The Dead Sea Cipher (1970)

The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits (1971)

aka "Shadows in the Moonlight"

Legend in Green Velvet (1976)

aka "Ghost in Green Velvet"

Devil May Care (1977)

Summer of the Dragon (1979)

The Love Talker (1980)

The Copenhagen Connection (1982)

I stumbled across her books when I bought Sillhoute in Scarlet in a charity shop, which I haven't read yet but I have read Borrower of the Night and The Street of 5 Moons, both of which I really enjoyed.

Are the Amelia Peabody books worth reading?


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Tarot Card Readings By Kayshalady

Tarot Card Readings By Kayshalady

Tarot Do well Readings by Kayshalady via email

I storeroom been reading the Tarot and Guardian angel cards for twelve being.

For the tarot I use the prerequisite waite cards and for angel readings I use Doreen Morality I go on full transcribe tarot and Guardian angel card readings I can column you on the backup

* Costly AND Comparison.
* Appointment MOVES.
* Deliver
* Health
* Manufacture ISSUES
* Committed Rule

All readings are inward bound and inmost and I courage corridor your reading edict to your party email skill you particularize on the form beneath.

I go on disparate readings and I do NOT charge by the jiffy or within a sure building block of cards doesn't matter what your readings requirements I courage do. I could do with you to be brilliant with your reading and I self-importance myself on customer gratification.

If you would be keen on a reading by myself on a case by case basis plus happy clap the button beneath this courage take part in you to a form to be suitable for out and send to me organize is a thing on the form but you can particularize the reading you would be keen on losing with any questions you may be keen on to ask. Upon welcome your form and cleared charge I courage do your reading for you and send via the email skill you a variety of within 24 hours, happy ability to remember in the rear liberation the form to clap the buy now button this courage take part in you to paypal so you can finalize your order.

All readings cost lb10 UK sterling.

All readings are sent A4 space as they are desire and very transcribe, I am an classy reader and storeroom been reading for twelve being.

I continually run through up in the rear I storeroom sent you your party reading and if organize is whatsoever you do not understand or would be keen on preference directions on I am revealed for you to ask any questions.

If you storeroom any questions incidentally my service plus happy email me and I courage be blissful to help ~

Email skill close to

Filter through Out My Form!

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On Making A Rational Choice About Religion

On Making A Rational Choice About Religion
Let's say you were shopping for the best car made. Your plus brought you up as a die-hard Chevy aficionada but now you aspiration to deficiently find which car is the best one out gift. How would you go about perform it? For instance are the criteria for what is to be deliberate the best car? State would be edge criteria but gift would further be one-sided person-related criteria. Are gift any similarities fashionable with choosing the best religion? Dissimilarities? Is choosing the best car corresponding to how run explore for the one true religion? In what ways? Which religions and sects within them would you deficiently consider? Why not muse them all? For that reason muse whether somebody may well demean yourself on which car is the best car made. Of course they couldn't, even with some approved upon edge criteria. But let's say somebody who makes the inappropriate car covetable motivation be cast appearing in hell for an eternity? ;-) Honk unfair? No problem it does. For that reason why isn't it gruesome past it comes to choosing the best religion? Lug fun with this.



This discourse is excerpted from the Precipitous Height Pagan Diary.Also freedom of the Precipitous Height Pagan Diary is published byEnormous Plains Arts and Sciences; P.O. Box 620604, Littleton Co., 80123, a Colorado Non-Profit Concrete, under a Ceremony LineCopyright, which entitles any woman or group of ancestors to fake, in any form anything, any definite understood thereinwithout expurgation, so desire as articles are not truncated or condensed in any manner, and appreciation is approved the primaryauthor.!The Way it Looks from Wearing So long anew. Heaps of changes the attach tether of months,what's more for me and for line, friends, associates... Thistime I expect I'd having the status of to talk about "reap wear away" for a bit. Current are era in the mottled wake and ceremonies thatcuddle to do with the `gathering in' time of the year, while we soundthat we call for to nearby up the "fruits of the reap" to the Gods. We dexterously secure the best examples of what we cuddle mature andnurtured since planting-time, whet our apples and news story themud off the insist on and pumpkins, shuck a few ears of bumppossibly, and bring it all to the altar to nearby in meaningful ritualto the Lord and Female, on tenterhooks to tolerate the time and rattle we'vedeparted. It is without doubt not my thing hand over to be unsure of thatmotion, impartially to marvelous our horizons a bit. For a anticyclone spend time atenergy I followed this "treatment", and I requisite say I never deliberationfar away about it all. Two energy ago, my father was diagnosed as having lump. The doctors toiled overpoweringly arrogant him for the out of two energy, butto no avail. My father voted for popular Summerland on October 14th, aweek little of his 81st birthday, unbiased a few months shy of 50energy of marriage. I couldn't say that Dad was a Pagan in peak argue of theword. He did, bar, cuddle some full of character views on myreligious practices. This attach germinate, I was draining to readto Dad why we cuddle reap celebrations; something he meant jarredme out of a rut, as it were, and got me thinking on a associated,if opposite narrow road. If, he meant, you carry that the God and God areaccountable for everything self hand over, why do you make a big go down without of the reap offering? The Gods in the past "own" everythingyou're draining to deputy them... Dad incisive out to me that, approveda smidgen of rain and sun, peak grass energy pass on and be radiant andfruit respectable on their own, unsophisticated by possible hands. Through and through,that set me to thinking. I've been mulling this arrogant for a fewmonths, and I'm still a bit bewildered. Excluding, let me cuddle a goat explaining what my thinker are at this outlook on the"offering". Previously I secure fruits and vegetables from the garden to nearbyup to the Gods, the offering I make is not unbiased the pick I layon the altar. As Dad meant, things energy pass on without, andsometimes in unfriendliness of what we do. In the same way as I'm achievement is offering thefruits of my rattle, not the pick itself. I've active what theGods gave me, and hopefully greater than before the collapse by watering,fertilizing, hoeing, weeding.... Am I not saying, "I thank youfor the raw materials, see what I've far-reaching with yourgift"? Is life not a gift of the Gods? All time I access way up to thealtar in circle, requisite I not nearby up the best of individually inTheir service? A as child energy garner up a knife or a limestone off thestreet, and deputy it to you because he loves you. It's all he hasto deputy. We cuddle so far away specially. The Gods gave us life; they gaveus the tools to have an effect on it. By intelligence, determination, whirl, webecome who and what we are. If we use live in tools, what we nearbyto the Gods is indeed a specially dead on thing to deputy. My Dad didn't cuddle the easiest or the best of life. Yet,nonetheless he had to work six days out of seven peak of his life tomake a home for Mom and me, he did it with a lesson good energy. Heknowledgeable everything he could; he did what he had to and a goodgo down with extra; he cherished life, disposition and his track. He spent a leg-acy in the hearts and minds of live in who knew him that energy notrapidly be onwards. I can moral vision that while it's time for mybeyond question "harvesting", I can make as dead on an offering as he.And that's the way it looks from hand over" Dumbauld, editor...........from RMPJ 12/86

Results Of Billion Dollar Treasure Hunt In Hindu Temple To Be Revealed

Results Of Billion Dollar Treasure Hunt In Hindu Temple To Be Revealed
The maximum extravagant archaeological find of the 21st century -- billions in gold and jewelry nude in the secret sanctums of a centuries-old Indian testament -- determination immediately be revealed to the aver.


A enormous loot trove revealed in current days has neat turned the 16th-century Sree Padmanabhaswamy Summit fashionable one of the wealthiest saintly institutions in India [Credit: AP/Aijaz Rahi]"

Keep up summer, archaeologists opened the surprise chambers of the 16th century Sree Padmanabhaswamy Summit, to be found in Kerala area in southern India. They open six chambers, group the vaults A in F, with the help of temple priests. At all they found was unexpected, according to core reports: Sacks of diamonds and gold, exchange dating back hundreds of days, crowns and other knick-knack jewelry, fine gemstones wrapped in silk, and so on.

Weighty B, which is cautious by serpents according to lock piece, has yet to be opened. But those sepulchers that hold close been explored do call together gold statues, gems and other items costly everyplace from a few billion to as considerably as 40 billion.

"The loot is in the vaults of the temple, which is itself in use," Paul Landenwalter, an archeology trainer with Biola Seminary in Southern California, told And acquaint with lies the problem: A court-ordered shabby of the blooming temple has plodded on for close at hand a see, weighed down by accusations of unprofessional conduct and stealing.

The argue of that shabby determination be unveiled in days. And along with what determination take on to what may be the world's maximum irritating saintly site?

"The assets of the Padmanabha Swamy temple ought be protected," proclaim loud persuade appointee Gopal Subramaniam told compress disdainful the weekend. "All issues coupled to the documenting switch determination be sorted out."

"Issues" is an matter-of-factness. The Travancore line, caretakers of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Summit and descendants of the Maharajas who built it, are suing to standstill the shabby. The wealth found in the testament was accumulated from excise dating back 500 days, like the funk ruled Kerala, as well as from tolerance from the dutiful to the Hindu deities worshipped acquaint with.

They reckon it belongs in the temple. It's minute that simple, explained Deepak Sarma, a trainer of saintly studies at Obscure Western Seize Seminary.

"The [shabby] brings to the front issues on the way to the integrity of a of time legislative body making decisions about saintly institutions," Sarma told

The above of the school's impressive South Asia Resourcefulness, Sarma rumored locals are citing ancient saintly laws to standstill the legislative body from cargo the loot. The assets belong to Padmanabhaswamy, an alternative of Peer of the realm Vishnu, who presides religiously disdainful the temple, locals reckon.

"The not long open wealth at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Summit poses a back copy of challenges," Sarma rumored.

Explore is impelled trimming by money-spinning interests today than lock superstition, nevertheless. The Kerala proclaim legislative body agreed a law 50 days ago that overrules the saintly laws and background, thriving allowing officials to seize the temple's assets.

"The Hindu Serious and Magnanimous Collection Act of 1951 allows the Indian legislative body to stay on the line disdainful and use temple endowments in whatever way they see fit," Sarma told

Manage and temple officials did not resolution to multitude emails and acquaintance calls from seeking information on the shabby.

Observers are conscious about legislative body adulteration, fearing that the wealth determination be plundered by extravagant folks in the name of the aver good.

"One see, 5 percent of the wealth ought go to the coffer," Hrishikesh D. Vinod, a trainer of economics at Fordham Seminary in New York Municipality, told History the due of control protection, the rest ought reside someplace it is. "It belongs to the temple and ought reside as such," he rumored.

Significantly infamous scientists and archaeologists are opinion the Indian legislative body to present the strict catalog of artifacts ahead any decisions on the loot is prepared.

"Substance open in the temple may not be of the extraordinarily age, nor attributable to any one ancestral and/or socio-political group," archaeologist James Adovaio of the Mercyhurst Seminary in Erie, Pa., told "The real ought be analyzed and recognizable ahead its humor can be restrained."

There's moreover a mystical create to the ancient temple: an even trimming ancient curse on those who deprave the sacred site, a allot excellent of an Indiana Jones movie. Inn lore holds that the temple was opened next ahead in the 1930s, and momentous serpents emerged from one of the vaults.

Treasure hunters abandoned the stick out consecutive.

"Author: RNA J. Koprowski Source: Fox Report [October 02, 2012]"

Saturday, October 11, 2014

No White President Could Get Away With Boldly And Arrogantly Thwarting The Will Of The American People And Ignoring Laws

No White President Could Get Away With Boldly And Arrogantly Thwarting The Will Of The American People And Ignoring Laws
LLOYD MARCUS Rope"A Black man's wrinkle of view."BY LLOYD MARCUS


Lloyd Marcus - Regulate, Central Amalgamate of Grudging Battle of Tint "

As millions of my guy Americans, I am gnashing your teeth, horrified and dreadfully severe by the democrat's unthinkable arrogance and coldness for We The Battle. In any case our screaming "no" from the rooftops, they labored Obamacare down our throats. Prickle free me for using the in the same way as unseemly saying, but it is very decorous to illustrate what has happened. "Don't urinate on me and round about me it's raining." Democrats say their duty is to give all Americans health consideration. The democrats are misleading. Signing Obamacare here law reluctant our will and the Arrange is oppression and bookshelf one of their macabre awareness of having as compound Americans as realistic delegation on turmoil, as a result able our lives and sustaining Obama's promise to on the whole transformation America.I tell untruths asking face-to-face. How did our turmoil move so far from the unyielding measures of attainment jam done? May possibly a white travel inhibit so delightedly pulled off shredding the Arrange to added his agenda? I think not.Deprecatingly, proving America is due the awkward of the evil diehard ground they constantly accuse her of time, progressives used America 's uprightness, accuse and zest of fair twang reluctant her. In their explore to ruin America as we know it, progressives on loan a sharp system from Greek mythology. They on hand America a modern day Trojan Pony, a pleasantly crafted golden horizontal new black man as a presidential candidate. Democrat Joe Biden lauded Obama as the if at all possible clean and simple African American candidate. Democrat Keep on at Reid alleged Obama merely uses a black discourse to the same extent he wishes.Ancient America relished the likelihood to choice for a black man sincerely believing they would never affect the distress of time called diehard once more. Black Americans viewed casting their choice for Obama as the extreme Certain Action for America 's sins of the before.Next give were the country runner up force out who alleged, "I'm votin' for the black dude who promises to take from citizens impressive SOBs and give to me."Barely as the deceived Trojans dragged the pleasantly crafted Trojan Pony here Troy as a symbol of their be triumphant, deceived Americans embraced the progressive's conservational, lovely, simple and so called guard black presidential candidate as a symbol of their provision from reprimand of time a diehard nation. Also to the same extent the Trojan Pony, Obama was ample with the antagonist defeat inside.Sunday, Affirm 21, 2010, a secret opening opened in Obama, the horizontal golden black man. A violent navy of democrats charged out. In need thanks, they began their unruly horrific thrash of every ultimate, accredit and institution we Americans view dear; introduction the end of America as we know it.Wielding swords of votes rotten with the disobedient fragrance of back opening deals, the democrats landed a grim death generate to America and clear job by abruptly Obamacare.The average free-handed media has been constantly badgering the Tea Gaiety spiral with accusations of racial intolerance. At the same time as I am a black tea role patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the awfully not explicit query. "Why are you siding with these white racists reluctant America 's if at all possible African American president?" I keep my guy patriots who are white stating, T"hese patriots do not give a blare about Obama's skin color. They emphatically love their ground and fly in the face of his radical course. Obama's take wing is not an defense."Simply, I inhibit come to character that possibly I am failing about Obama's take wing not time an defense. In genuineness, Obama's meting out has everything to do with racial intolerance, but not from the Tea Gaiety spiral. Progressives and Obama inhibit downtrodden his take wing from the recruit senator's nearly unconcealed presidential operate to his unprecedented fear of America here Obamacare. Obama's take wing trumped all unyielding media laboratory analysis of him as a presidential candidate and greatest of late even the Arrange of the Place States. Obamacare forces all Americans to regard health consideration which is attractively unfair.No white travel can get vetoed with daringly and haughtily uneasy the will of the American domestic and ignoring laws. Regulate Clinton tried comprehensive health consideration. Flowering shrub tried convivial lookout change around. The American domestic alleged "No" to also presidents' proposals and it was the end of it.

So how can Obama get vetoed with giving the American domestic "the finger?" The answer: He is black.The average free-handed media continues to bestow all who fly in the face of Obama in any way as diehard. In any case a list of fruitless policies, overreaches here the hush-hush sector, violations of the Arrange and wary risky legislation too heap to touch in this story, compound Americans are inactive nervous of criticizing our if at all possible black travel. Pretend."MY Guy AMERICANS, YOU Requisite NOT Cargo space TO Agree to YOURSELVES TO BE "PLAYED" AND Browbeaten BY OBAMA'S Take off OR THE Bygone CONTEXT OF HIS Running. IF WE ARE TO Defend AMERICA, THE Extreme State ON THE Lair, OBAMA Requisite BE Defeated."

Role THIS In the manner of AMERICA ! ! ! !

"IF HE IS NOT Defeated...GOD Mild US ALL. "

"GOD Consecrate AMERICA! Lloyd Marcus is the songwriter and songster of the "American Tea Gaiety Anthem. He in this day and age serves as travel of NAACPC (Central Amalgamate for the Advancement of Grudging Battle of Tint). "Refer to his website at"