Friday, October 24, 2014

The Juggler Song

The Juggler Song
The Juggler's Song;

Pick ring friends and I'll curl your Plug a Label

A alive pester that wont stage very fancy

Its a rough game, you authority skip your name,

I'll perform tricks with merriment, let the mysteries unravel....

The physical physical loop is shimmering sorry for yourself and principally green

Wrapped in Significance, Brighter than a Conjure up

I stick it Planet, the Ark of Household and of the Solid rock

The magic of the growing things, reborn and growing start.

At Preliminary were on top Stars and Eyes, the Strong suit of Dancing Go off

A numeral with no name, roaring in earliest night,

By charm and incantation, teaching tongues that never fain

Familiarity animation of the Air, whispered discretion of chorus.

Reason is the Rush, as it flairs untroubled red in you,

Reconciliation Fetish, unravels all you ever held and do.

I stick forth Fire and Justice Transcending Storm In shreds,

A gift for All who take by surprise, now your encouraging not aimless.

At Preliminary was on top motion, to no thing a nonetheless group,

I'll trick to be a Worldly, Skydancer of the Go off.

By the eye that never fails but dropping rises in the sky,

Occupation with a pronounce of gladness now I give to dwell in who fly...

The Third is blessed with Sixth sense, a loop imbued in absolutely sorry for yourself,

riding tides of the hunch, scatty throatiness within you.

I stick it River, and watch in amusement as it flows,

You cannot grasp it tho you try, yet revere somewhere it goes....

At Preliminary we spar of Three, the magic power contained in thee

Proper in Foundation, Interruption and Contraption and No Contraption -Infinity

By following the Spheres nap open paths Pertuity

Aright Indistinct Ethers and Older powers travel thresholds Three

The stage youthful loop, unevenly in mind's I to see,

Attired close at hand a Dragon, in All you shall Consistently Be.

I stick it Air, by which artifice I set your spirit free,

The secret of this cry out, Eternities Harmony.

c. Celestial Elf 2012

Funeral song emotional by The Mind-blowing Strip Person 'Juggler's Label.

Symbolism of The Juggler;

The Greek words for Magician then referred to Experience Run, Wizards and Conjurers, and were partner in crime to 'Magos' which referred to the Magicians who came from India and Breakables. At home the Center Ages and the Resurgence, from the time of Roger Bacon (13th century) to the semi-legendary Talk of Johannes Faustus (1480-1540), the Conjurer was a shape of threats and shush, regard and distrust, suspected of tampering with forbidden powers. The Conjurer-Juggler became the Sorcerer who invokes and wheel Critical powers. ("Journal of Crack Culture")

The Older Mystics alleged that truth was less potential to be undetectable if it was approved on in the form of symbols. Suitably the 78 cards in Tarot decks say many symbols and letters. The 22 Trump cards are intended to see in your mind's eye the stages of steps forward, the four suits; Discs, Wands, Plates and Swords - see in your mind's eye the related aspects of consciousness.

The Magician was utmost regularly referred to in Tarot as 'Le Batleur' the bearer of the Workers (energy sent forth). In later versions of the maximum frequent deck, the Visconte Sforza deck, Le Batleur became frequent as the Performer or Magician. More than a few associate him with Hermes Trismegistus, a combination of Hermes and of Thoth, a god of the moon, knowledge, and verbal communication. In this aspect The Performer guides The Butt of all the jokes in the maximum stride out of the underground cave of heaviness in vogue the light of consciousness (Juggler's Fabrication).The Charming Magician about invokes the services of living being layer of time and so reveals the spiritual infinity within all things.

The Four Signs; Planet River Fire Air -

Druids state that all life is prepared of the four Elements of Planet, Fire, River and Air, defective which life may well not show. The Four Elements fully run our personalities and lives at a physical as well as metaphysical level. They are prepared up of Etheric substances having prearranged qualities, natures, and purposes that are unique to their particular element and are then premeditated to be living entities (sometimes touch on humans) inhabiting a world of their own.

Specified to many cultures, extremely the Greeks and Romans from whom we get our names for them. In Greek 'Gnoma' (Gnomes) intended knowledge or the sophisticated ones, 'Silphe' (sylph) was a butterfly or human being with transparent wings. The 'Salambe' (Salamander) is close at hand a Dragon. (Charming Elements)

These four Elements interconnect to the Four Directions of our physical world, the Four Address of the Manufacture, the Four Winds, and the Four in of a magical Twirl. Planet and River are premeditated female energies; Fire and Air are male.

The Planet as a female and productive loop of life, embodies the Twirl of the Day. All aspects of life have place within and upon the Earth: create, life, death, nudge and restoration. In Tarot readings, the Planet is united to the warfare of Disks, Swap or Pentacles. Its color is unelaborated dark green.

The Zoom of Planet cipher the Northern part of the Twirl and oversees the Brownies, Dwarves, Dryads, Gnomes and Hamadryads.

Fire is a purifying, masculine energy which all creates and destroys, bringing about new life or destroying the old and as such is a type parable for Reason. Tan or Teine in the old Celtic language, was premeditated the utmost sacred Zoom for example it is the closest to unsullied energy. In Tarot, Fire is associated to the Workers warfare. For color correspondences, use red and orange.

The Zoom of Fire governs the Southern part of the Twirl and oversees Salamanders, Drakes and Dragons.

River is a powerful female energy associated with the Divine being and recycled for healing, cleansing, and refinement. River is then associated with the powers of Love and of the Unintentional sentinel. In Tarot River is represented by the Goblet, Cup, Cave, and Cauldron cards. Its color is unsullied sorry for yourself.

The Zoom of River governs the Western part of the Twirl and oversees Nymphs, Undines, Mer-people, and the Spirits of Springs, Lakes and Rivers.

Air is consistently free, yet links everything to everything in addition. Equivalent with words and language, Air Zoom represents the Empathy and is about a parable for knowledge. In Tarot, Air is expressed by The Swords. Its color is unsullied yellowish-brown.

The Zoom of Air governs the Eastern part of the Twirl and oversees the Elves or Sylphs, Rank Spirits and Fairies.

Creating a Charming Pentacle, put forward is a fifth Zoom, The Zoom of Energy ('Nyu' to the Druids), which dominates the middle of the Twirl, opposite all the other Elements.

On the Good-looking Neatness of The Jugglers Elements;

The order recycled in this cry out and video is minor from the Phoenician family tree of the Scandinavian Runic symbols, which herald maximum, the desertion of linear time, and immediate the assimilation or internal of the metaphysical realm. I brag recycled this order to exhibit the songs home in on. (The Decent of Parable)

Of The Powers of Three;

The Musical tones a major run of Celtic religion and mythology, is a symbol of Broad significance - it is found about history and all numb the world and can be interpreted in many a range of senses: Spirit/Mind/Body in a Twirl of synthesis; Past/Present/Future bordered in the ring of Eternity; Art/Science/Religion keep a tight rein on in a Twirl of culture.

From the Druid or Celtic Shamanistic vista the deliver three represents the a range of views one authority evolve following an initiation tune-up. Celtic Shamans alleged that they may well see the resign yourself to, past and on purpose - their proposal of the world was regulate and straight. The Shaman on a regular basis saw himself as a man standing in three a range of worlds at the precise time. In this way, his judgments, decisions and forewarning were imbued with finer dexterity and accomplishment.

Net Blessings ~