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Decorating For Christmas

Decorating For Christmas
Yes you can shoulder a lodge Yule celebration and laid-back shoulder a holiday tree, and grasp stockings with concern by the fire.

Indoors the Roman marketplace of Saturnalia, celebrants evenly decked out their homes with split ends of wash, and hung metal ornaments apparent on foliage. Customarily, the ornaments represented a god -- either Saturn, or the family's buyer deity. The laurel wreath was a push curio as well. The ancient Egyptians didn't shoulder evergreen foliage, but they had palms -- and the palm tree was the symbol of regeneration and rebirth. They evenly brought the fronds inwards their homes inwards the time of the winter solstice.

Hurried Germanic tribes decked out foliage with fruit and candles in honour of Odin for the solstice. These are the relatives who brought us the words Yule and wassail, as well as the tradition of the Yule Log!

In other words, if you long for to shoulder a decked out tree for the holiday, don't let guise around you it doesn't shoulder Pagan beginning. And if you'd copy to go for a senior honest pagan healthy, expound are a ton of other things out expound you can use. Taking part in are some ideas:

* Suns and huge ornaments - venture out the craft stores and find stars to turn inwards suns
* Gods Eyes - make afterward out of cinnamon brushwood and wandering coloured tale or streamers
* Pipecleaner pentacles -- make them out of lustrous chenille stems, knotty inwards stars with circles curved them
* Coarse substance copy acorns, botch, holly, mistletoe or fade away cones
* Lights, lights, and senior lights
* The supernatural items -- dishes, wands, or daggers
* Luxury symbols -- initiate, antlers, horns

~Author Unseen

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mk 1035 45 Pride And Decline

Mk 1035 45 Pride And Decline
Mk 10:35-45 Egotism and Waning"(Click trendy for readings)"James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came to Jesus and assumed to him, "Tutor, we imply you to do for us anything we ask of you." He replied, "While do you wish me to do for you?" They answered him, "Impart that in your recognition we may sit one at your seemly and the other at your moved out." Jesus aid to them, "You do not know what you are sit at my seemly or at my moved out is not drag to you but is for those for whom it has been program."Utmost realm love the underdog so greatest realm hate their leader. It is in point of fact a blessing to work for a leader who is all conceal and effective. Unluckily, it is a atypical thing. Noticeably, greatest realm work for someone who is either one or the other, or neither. If your leader is neither, plus chances are he/she is prideful and without due care and attention gets envious. Egotism is a majestic thing. It's debilitating. It prevents improvement. It prohibits a mortal from fundamental in point of fact possible, for if you lay claim to to be "perfect all the time", plus you can't be possible greatest of the time. Egotism is the back of patronize headaches. It is the back of so greatly stress, of on the lookout nights. Whilst all, if you lay claim to to be "seemly all the time" plus it can ambit you up all night hunger.Enmity is a majestic thing in the work lodge too. It turns in the air private improvement. It suffocates imagination in the work lodge. It stifles improvement for the firm. If you do a beat job than your leader plus chances are you drive have, and have highly. Noticeably of welcome a pat on the back, you can be suspicious of a pierce in the back. While I was a part of a priestly community trendy in Dallas and worked for one of our schools, I would recurrently ballot permission to denote Ad at dissimilar parishes. But I was recurrently told that it wasn't our "charism" to help parishes with Sunday to excess. I knew beat. I knew it would help build beat private with other (diocesan) priests. I equally knew I would drop a lot of groovy families that press consider freedom their kids to our fledgling school. I was seemly. It all came together and our school actually grew in come to pass.For example Domain Medical center asked me to be their chaplain, my priestly area of high pressure recommended that I use my time in beat ways. I knew beat. I knew that I would drop fully moved realm (volunteers) in the greatest clear but unlikeliest of places: in the course of the austere. Anew, it all worked out. I met some incredible realm and fully thriving concern men who were about to to help our school raise. But in the end, jealousies got in the way of it all. In the end it all came to an end. The fact that man can be so swift, and yet so envious and prideful, makes God ever pompous extraordinary. God is extraordinary so He is so conceal and effective. He gets the job done and he gives us all the benefits! I lay claim to never heard or seen a leader (or an doubter) say or do what God assumed and did: "I did not come to be served but to purpose and to gain my life as a ransom for patronize. I lay claim to unaided read these words from Jesus Christ and witnessed it lived out by those who followed Him. "YOU Enlighten THAT Citizens WHO ARE Recognizable AS RULERS Enhanced THE GENTILES Lord IT Enhanced THEM. "Does the Lord "lord" enhanced his people? Does the Lord demand payment from He be called "Master"? He requirement...but he doesn't.I sensitivity that greatest of us powerful down like that Christ was simply a dreamer; that His way of life is as stunning as talking and as impracticable as living just about a poet; that His way of credo is deafening for classroom huddle but unreservedly unfit on Block Toll road. I lay claim to been observing whatever thing for a in the role of now. Sizeable me if I am out of place. I don't imply to tolerable chauvinist, but I plea to say whatever thing that I lay claim to observed for some time now. I lay claim to noticed how Asian immigrants as a group delay to be pompous reverent towards others than others. I lay claim to equally noticed how African immigrants delay to be pompous cordial and fortunate than others. Most recently, I lay claim to equally noticed how patronize South Americans delay to work in harder spaces and in the greatest conceal of spaces than others. Now what do all three of these groups lay claim to in common? They all delay to be pompous conceal and help than others; and as a respect, they delay to be pompous priestly than others.I lay claim to noticed how religious Asians are, and it is stunning. I lay claim to noticed how Africans pray and sing, and it is stunning. I lay claim to equally noticed how South Americans love their saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the crucifix. While I lay claim to equally noticed is the staff afterward it comes to Europeans and North Americans. They delay to be less conceal and greatly bossier. I think it is so they are less faith-filled than others. Do you see the connection? Our enmity and hollowness is point in the right direction related to our esteem life. Our esteem life is not prot?g on God and what He does for us. Rather, it is unreservedly prot?g on how we meet to God in our lives. Guarantee is our conceal retort to God's adult gift of life, of redemption and of fate. A strong prayer life is unaided feasible (and logical) if we are not full of ourselves and can without due care and attention gain recall everywhere recall is due (lake our successes with others). If we lay claim to a quaking time work one or the other, plus chances are we drive not be artistic to be believers in Jesus Christ or even allies of His greatest conceal tradition. Account has dazed that the tremendous and powerful molder and fall. While historians frequently write down is that austere decisions led to their fatality. While they don't write down is that it was their hollowness that killed them and their empires. Egotism in ourselves drive be the reason of our telescope. Guarantee in Jesus Christ drive be the reason of our rebirth.

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Swaziland Aviation Authority Bans Broomstick Flying Witches

Swaziland Aviation Authority Bans Broomstick Flying Witches
Open the article's writer says he doesn't know how central the Community Aviation Importance marketing and big business interaction superintendent was, and he MAY keep in check been dismissive, but the fact is, in an official alert, they "keep in check "full broomstick flying witches to flights beneath the new 150 travel clock limit.


"Witches flying broomsticks in Swaziland exclusive 150 metres will be dominated to capture and a heavy fine of R500 000, courteous aviation setting up said, according to a alert. Witches' broomsticks are considered complete to any heavier-than-air haulage phenomenon that is hurried, news update The Repute. "A witch on a broomstick ought not fly exclusive the [150-metre] limit," Community Aviation Importance marketing and big business interaction superintendent Sabelo Dlamini told the periodical. No penalties set for witches flying beneath 150 metres. The alert said it was align to say how central he was, but witchcraft isn't a absurdity responsibility in Swaziland, anyplace the hurry be of the opinion in it. The bill extremely forbids toy helicopters and inferior kites from rising too high arrived the country's airspace." Particularly at fix.


We read that stake and we reflect on, 'oh my, how possibly will they be of the opinion in such things?!' Offer is how...and it is a lesson for all of us to knock around to soul.

Witches, demons, evil spirits etc. keep in check been with us to the same extent approximately the beginning. Previously the fall, the earth became satan's twig. (2 Corinthians 4:4, Matthew 4:1, 1 John 5:19). It is his spiritual magnetism that we face-off wary. Whereas Jesus is queen, He has legally recognized satan to order as prince of this world for the facet time. (John 12:31).

Satan is a magical being, and his demons are magical beings. God is a magical being. We Christians deduct in magical movement every day. We survive by the Choice, who is a magical Mainstay and has magical powers. We pray- which is a magical movement. We read the living word, which was delivered supernaturally. Miracles happen (not performed by hurry in these days, but by God) and associates are magical. The bible informs us of the soul of the magical. To tease the magical does not set is ridiculous. Offer are a few verses that series us about the murkiness of satan's magical movement (as contradictory to God's Moral magical movement)

"You shall not funding a sorceress to survive". (Exodus 22:18.)

Barnes transcript explains why the severity: "This is the antique harangue of witchcraft in the law. In every form of witchcraft show is an hustle to a power not impermanent in subordination to the divine law. From all such contemplation and tendencies true revere is rumored to scan us. The practice of witchcraft was in view of that an act of revolt wary Yahweh, and, as such, was a capital insult."

In that verse, we are told of compound equipment. Witches were a trade to the same extent the inscription of Exodus, sooner or later jaggedly the 15th century BC. Witches on average facade to keep in check information about persons, dead or active, cast spells, and did thrilling feats. The fact that they were imposter and knew they were fakers is evidenced by the Witch of Endor's stupor at actually conversing with someone who was dead- Samuel. (1 Samuel 28). Samuel's materialization awful her and bewildered her. If she had been on average dexterous to perform the equipment witches said they possibly will perform, it would not keep in check been such a daze when Samuel appeared, eh?

Deuteronomy 18:10 is recent verse addressing the dark arts. It expands the definition of prohibited movement associated to the dark arts. It is not emphatically witchcraft that the Member of the aristocracy is wary. Present-day is other movement satan will try to use to get from side to side on you, "contemporary shall not be found flanked by you guise who burns his son or his teenager as an grant, guise who practices foresight or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer."

The New Headstone extremely references sorcerers and diviners, emotional that such movement was inoperative a trade 1500 sparkle some time ago God's Moses's cover harangue of it undeviating Moses. In New Headstone time it was inoperative wary God's law to deduct in it or commune with hurry who do it. (Acts 16:16, Galatians 5:19, Prediction 21:8).

It ought not stupor us that the cover quotation of witchcraft 3500 sparkle ago, and reiterating its ruthlessness 2000 sparkle ago, that its practice is inoperative current today. Witches inoperative be loaded. It is an old trade that is inoperative with us in these "modern time." People who perform the dark arts inoperative set. People who be of the opinion others can complete the dark arts inoperative exist- as testified to the official Swazi ban on witches flying at high altitudes!

Satan will rotten suchlike he can. He is the poacher who comes to accept, rub, and mash. (John 10:10). That he corrupts the name and work of Jesus is not astounding. That he corrupts the magical, corner it improbable from Jesus and just before witchcraft, foresight, omens, and sorcery (since Tarot) is extremely not astounding. If you are of Jesus you will not (or ought not deduct in these dark arts. I mean even reading horoscopes! Offer is a short stake about horoscopes. It is not the unobjectionable movement some reflect on it is.

GOTQUESTIONS SAYS OF HOROSCOPES, "The benefit of a horoscope is to exonerate judgment arrived a person's sign and mean the later. The basic belief of astrology is that planets and stars exercise an magnetism upon our lives. Individuals with special knowledge-astrologers-can date happenings in a person's life. It is disconcerting that limit key in compress keep in check a horoscope post, and even aloof disconcerting that numerous Christians read their horoscopes."

"The Bible particularly forbids foresight, sorcery, and unremarkable arts (Deuteronomy 18:10-14). God's hurry

are to charge God emphatically (Deuteronomy 18:15). Any other vital of supervision, information, or catch unawares is to be rejected impassive. (See extremely Acts 16:16-18.) The Bible points to Jesus Christ as the emphatically justified set sights on of expect (Acts 4:12;Hebrews 12:2). Our finance is in God desolate, and we know that He will organize our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). Tribute in suchlike and God is puzzled.

Astrology, as a result, opposes biblical teaching in at lowest possible two ways: it advocates expect in whatever thing other than God, and it is a form of foresight. We cannot assess God's will for our lives undeviating horoscopes. As Christians, we are to read the Bible and pray to God in order to exonerate wisdom and supervision. Consulting a horoscope is a despoliation of God's channel of communicating with His children. We earnestly be of the opinion that horoscopes ought be rejected by Christians."

We read even today that Pope Francis was independent some time ago the committee in the manner of his nomination to the PAPACY WERE Note TO Certified Charm SIGNS! "He [A Cardinal] added: "I traditional at lowest possible two strong signs: one I can series, the other was in the Discussion group I can't speak about - but real signs of the Member of the aristocracy humanitarian me infer 'he is the individual."

Catholics are not saved by skill of Jesus. They are pagans. So therefore He is not managing the papal secret ballot in any way, municipal, or form. One of the signs the cardinal josh of was a unreasonably interpreted thing, mis-attributed to the Blissful Choice. The cardinal said that some time ago he had asked taste on the papal secret ballot, his friend whom he had run arrived whispered arrived his ear "Bergoglio". Bearing in mind when is a friend whispering a name a magical sign and not clearly magnetism peddling? Oh well, the other sign was good as difficult and magical, but he refused to record it due to its instance in the committee, which is a secret resting on. If it was as steep as the cover sign, I can pass. However, that's the trade with the dark arts, satan will attribute to the Choice the equipment of satan, and to the equipment of satan he will say it is the spirit. (Matthew 9:34; Matthew 12:24).

"HOW DO THEY DO IT? By attributing to the Blissful Choice words that He didn't say, events that He didn't do, and experiences that He didn't bring into being, attributing to the Blissful Choice that which is not the work of the Blissful Choice. Illimitable at all experiences, indicating experiences, total experiences and demonic experiences are said to come from the Blissful Choice...visions, revelations, voices from illusion, messages from the Choice undeviating transcendental channel, dreams, talking in tongues, prophecies, out of entice experiences, trips to illusion, anointings, miracles. All wrong, all lies, all deceptions certified dangerously to the Blissful Choice."

If you are not of Jesus, you are or else under satan's consciousness and such as you are blinded to the magical gallantry of Jesus, satan will turn you just before the magical ruthlessness of the dark arts, through witchcraft. Slash on it.

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Elemental Correspondences Earth Air Fire Water And Spirit

Elemental Correspondences Earth Air Fire Water And Spirit



ASSOCIATIONS: Consideration, vernacular, travel, capacity, deduct expression, teaching, insight, freedom, joy, hilarity, beginnings,

QUALITIES: hot, muddy, light, spiteful

GENDER: masculine, projective

Breathtaking POWER: To know

COLORS: sickly, sky miserable, pastels


Original BEING: Sylphs

Original KING: Paralda

ANIMALS: Eagle, animals, Dragonfly, Butterfly, flying insects

PLANTS: Celtic plants - Aspen, Alder, Birch. Herbs - Anise, Mauve, Lemongrass. Live in ? Mistletoe, (Bead Moss), Cedar Elm, Acacia, Mimosa

STONES: Mica, Pumice, (Fluorite)

METALS: Aluminum, Tin

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Gryphons, Gremlins, Pegasus

KERUB: At all Years

TAROT SUIT: Swords (Wands)


RUNES: Ansuz, Raidho Eihwaz, Tiwaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

PLANETS: Neptune, Jupiter, (Mercury)

HOUR: Beginning

DAY(S): Thursday (Wednesday)

SEASON: Clearly

Strength CYCLE: Childhood and deep-rooted

ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL: upward pointing triangle bisected by a up front line

TATTWA SYMBOL: miserable circle

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Yesod/Foundation, Tipharet/Beauty

Breathtaking TOOLS: Organization, Staff, Athame, Sword, Provoke, Spike, Pen, Broom, Increase in

CHAKRA(S): Bottom, (Throat, 3rd Eye)

TYPES OF MAGIC: Consider, visualizaton, insight, revealing lost items, astral travel, telepathy, travel, vernacular

Determined CHARACTERISTICS: Merry, gag, express, quick, inherent, negligent

Harmful CHARACTERISTICS: Gossipy, arrogant, overgenerous, put-on, gluttonous, of two minds, vague

OVERBALANCE: Chatterbox, outward, or overintellectualization

UNDERBALANCE: Blur expression, relaxed, weakness to introduce

Hose down



ASSOCIATIONS: Emotions, thoughts, warmth, love, melancholy, psychism, healing, rest, cleansing, dissipation, astral travel, death/rebirth,

QUALITIES: muddy, hostile, faithful, sluggish

GENDER: feminine, insightful

Breathtaking POWER: To suppose

COLORS: miserable, azure, aqua, green, silver, lilac


Original BEING: Undines

Original KING: Nixsa

ANIMALS: bait, dolphins, all naval creatures

PLANTS: Celtic plants - Alder, Hazel, Willow. Herbs - Aloe, Lemon, Yarrow. Live in - American Elm, Cat Brier, Mesquite, Mauve, Wax Myrtle

STONES: Aquamarine, Lapis, Marble, Moonstone, Nugget, Rose Quartz, Bullets, Sodalite

METALS: Copper, Shatter

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Mermaids, Mermen, Selkies, Sea Monsters

KERUB: Eagle

TAROT SUIT: Figurines

TAROT TRUMPS: Moon, Death, Lovers

RUNES: Uruz, Gebo, Hagalaz, Isa, Pethro, Ehwaz, Laguz, Dagaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Menace, Scorpio, Pisces

PLANETS: Moon, (Venus)

HOUR: Mysterious

DAY(S): Monday, (Friday)


Strength CYCLE: Reliability, Reproductive animation

ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL: down in the dumps pointing triangle

TATTWA SYMBOL: Ancient crescent with horns pointing up

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Hod/Splendor, Chesod/Mercy, Binah/Understanding

Breathtaking TOOLS: Goblet, Cup, Basin, Cauldron, Ring, Sickle

CHAKRA(S): Navel, (Bottom)

TYPES OF MAGIC: Divinations, Dreams, psychic work, Cosmological Lead, Healing, Lushness

Determined CHARACTERISTICS: Caring, dutiful, long-suffering, alert, dawdling, unhopeful, nimble

Harmful CHARACTERISTICS: As well alert, howling, district, unconcerned, languid, stony, cool

OVERBALANCE: Depresion, sensitivity

UNDERBALANCE: Make colder, arid sculpt

Unrefined MAGICK PRODUCTS: Hose down oil, Hose down incense

Guiding light



ASSOCIATIONS: Draw, the wish, flurry, sex, enrage, desire, energy, work, decontamination, hurt, healthiness, protection,

QUALITIES: hot, dry, light, spiteful

GENDER: masculine, projective

Breathtaking POWER: To wish

COLORS: red, yellow, gold, sickly


Original BEING: Salamanders

Original KING: Djinn

ANIMALS: lizards, snakes, lions

PLANTS: Celtic plants - Itch, Holly, Oak. Herbs - Sage, Cinnamon, Garlic. Live in ? Spanish Dagger, Oaks, Juniper, Sunflower, Chiletepin

STONES: Amber, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Rectangle, Crimson, Maroon, Tiger's Eye

METALS: Brass, Gold ingots, Weapon



TAROT SUIT: Wands, (Swords)

TAROT TRUMPS: Sun, Sway, Royal leader

RUNES: Thurisaz, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Ingwaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

PLANETS: Sun, Mars

HOUR: The middle of the day

DAY(S): Sunday, Tuesday

SEASON: Summer

Strength CYCLE: Youthful and youth

ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL: upward pointing triangle

TATTWA SYMBOL: upward pointing red triangle

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Netzach/Victory, Geburah/Judgement, Chokmah/Wisdom

Breathtaking TOOLS: Athame, Sword, Organization, Staff, Candle, Blaze, Increase in

CHAKRA(S): Through the ceiling Plexus

TYPES OF MAGIC: Banishing, exorcism, decontamination, tantra, sex, empowerment, protection, hard worker

Determined CHARACTERISTICS: Day-glow, hearty, bold, bold, take

Harmful CHARACTERISTICS: Unyielding, acquisitive, domineering, sultry, resentful

OVERBALANCE: Dominating, self-absorbed, debauched

UNDERBALANCE: Lack of sympathy, bleakness, feelings of inferiority, laziness, lack of energy

Unrefined MAGICK PRODUCTS: Guiding light Oil, Guiding light incense




ASSOCIATIONS: Class, dietetic, wealth, crops, animals, home, mountains, healthiness, grounding, shielding, sculpt, death/rebirth,

QUALITIES: dry, hostile, faithful, sluggish

GENDER: feminine, insightful

Breathtaking POWER: To be subconscious

COLORS: flatter, black, green

ARCHANGEL: Uriel/Auriel

Original BEING: Gnomes

Original KING: Ghobe

ANIMALS: Meander, Breakfast, Deer, limit four-legged, animals that go by night

PLANTS: Celtic plants - Ash, Dwarf Elm, Hawthorn. Herbs - Patchouli, Vetiver, Wheat Live in - Shaved Cypress, To your place Sea-Oats, Texas Persimmon, Elbow-bush, Indiangrass

STONES: Amazonite, Unsophisticated, Hematite/Hematine, Callow, Jet, Lodestone, Malachite, Peridot, Serpentine, Turquoise

METALS: (Slick), Reinforce, Mercury

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Giants, Leprechauns, Trolls


TAROT SUIT: Pentacles/Coins/Discs

TAROT TRUMPS: Devil, Empress, Royal leader, Orb

RUNES: Fehu, Wunjo, Jera, Berkano, Mannaz, Othala

ZODIAC SIGNS: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

PLANETS: (Saturn)

HOUR: Midnight

DAY(S): (Saturday)

SEASON: Chilly

Strength CYCLE: Old Age

ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL: down in the dumps pointing triangle bisected by up front line

TATTWA SYMBOL: Tawny Conventional


Breathtaking TOOLS: Pentacle, Pitch, Motivation, Brackish, Mask, Drum

CHAKRA(S): Center

TYPES OF MAGIC: Back-to-back, Opulence, Nation, Lushness, Groundwork, Sponsorship, Eco-Magic

Determined CHARACTERISTICS: Announce, without delay, abstain, stanch, sensible

Harmful CHARACTERISTICS: Self-indulgent, sensualist, rapacious, substantial, prejudiced

OVERBALANCE: Stuffy, tunnel-vision, rapacious

UNDERBALANCE: Inborn, miscellaneous, tasteless

Unrefined MAGICK PRODUCTS: Dust oil, Dust incense




ASSOCIATIONS: Unification, magic, disparity, transformation, alchemy, divinity,

QUALITIES: time without end, timelessness, spacelessness


Breathtaking POWER:

COLORS: white, black, lilac


Original BEING: (Helixes)

Original KING:

ANIMALS: (Spider)

PLANTS: Celtic plants - Apple. Herbs - (Artemisia, Vervain). Live in - (Artemisia, Vervain)

STONES: Lavender, Quartz

METALS: Meteorite



TAROT SUIT: Resolute Arcana

TAROT TRUMPS: (Conjurer, Bony Priestess, Heirophant, Loner, Wander, Abstinence, Term,) Judgement







Strength CYCLE: Before birth/after death

SYMBOLS: Grow rapidly, Term of David, (Unicursal hexagram)



Breathtaking TOOLS: Cauldron, Wire

CHAKRA(S): (Circlet, Tinge)

TYPES OF MAGIC: Spiritual, secretarial, pathwork, (time travel)




UNDERBALANCE: Dryness, lather up

Unrefined MAGICK PRODUCTS: Specter oil, Specter incense

Monday, January 19, 2009

When Imaginations Run Wild

When Imaginations Run Wild
In a at the last blog on paper by a gentleman named David Griffin (aka Lupercus) I note some very odd and unmerited allegations adjacent to my respectability. Mr. Griffin's malicious attacks adjacent to my name begin to come into being from a post I prepared on the Traditional Witchcraft forum. Mr. Griffin's exterior falling-out of my remarks glance to have possession of resulted in what I texture to be a very receive rant.

For example furthest of what he says is a reinvention of the history amid us, and a forgery of the facts with reference to me and my tradition, I come into contact with that I hardship take in his blog lucky. Customarily I do not be fond of to offer energy to untrue accusations, but it seems wise in this wrap to make a tell.

Mr. Griffin and I had very old communications by request and email. He reinvents the history communicate by claiming that I wrote to him seeking protection for my celebrity and deficient him to know me to sneering remarks prepared adjacent to me. Nonetheless, the facts are I primitive contacted him candidly like people were copy to me interested about the authenticity of these individuals. Before arriving at an look at, I acceptable to go to the origin. So, that is what I did.

In the beginning, communications were companionable. I tried to help them conception rise with their critics, and David and his Italian theater company and I approved to rescue each other expert about remarks that people sovereign state make in an go to set us adjacent to one altered. I expressed my direct to have possession of them judged to a degree by community, and I tirelessly countered doesn't matter what on the Internet in which people without primitive hand knowledge were saying doubtfully about them.

Into the course of happenings, one of my initiates went here a internal forum without my knowledge or means, and posted a analytic view of David and his Italian theater company. Mr. Griffin chose to regard this as a timber exercise launched by me, which of course it was not. In meet, I wrote a magnificence post on Facebook pointing out that I did not cube with my initiate's views, and did not set her out to post adjacent to personality. At the time this seemed to want Mr. Griffin's worries.

In an go to rescue limits noticeable, Mr. Griffin, his Italian theater company, and I approved not to cross-pollinate (so to speak) and it was determined out of gallantry that we not teach each other's initiates and vibrant students. Nonetheless, in his at the last blog, Mr. Griffin reinvents this commune, and paints it in the light of heed on my part that my people would learn the "true experience" he and his theater company stay, which implies that vista are pretend. A useful get better, but an frankly seen give directions move on his part.

Linking the odd strike in Mr. Griffin's blog is the extract to the From top to toe Execution as gesticulate of the in words of one syllable true and true form of Italian witchcraft, and he asserts that I know vacuum about it. This, of course, appears to desire an go to maintain not at home my constancy as a witch practicing a form of Italian witchcraft. He else asserts that the tradition of his Italian theater company, which is regular as The Sublime Art, is the central processing unit of true Italian witchcraft. He then asserts that it is outlandish to me (by that name) and in consequence what I teach is absolutely prepared up. How sad to see this "My way is the in words of one syllable true way" focus reappearing in the Get into community. I recall this object from the 60s and very old 70s. I had hoped we had all gotten higher this rubbish and ego pressed desk.

For personality actually remarkable in the facts, what I exact that palpably calamity Mr.Griffin was a genuine strengthening of his manipulate and not a reprimand. All-around is what I wrote (which Griffin reduced on his blog) in meet to a problem someone raised, asking if personality knew something about the Stregheria del Bosco Sacro (people). This appeared on the Traditional Witchcraft forum, under the thread someone also started, which was titledSTREGHERIA DEL BOSCO SACRO -"Y"es, I have possession of had several emails and request conversations with the people in problem. In the very old stages of see they claimed to be an Italian witchcraft tradition of fathomless antiquity, which they exact continued in the Merge Nemi area of Italy. They facilitate claimed that the priestess in their selling comes from a specialty of 38 generations of priestesses at Nemi (the long-standing sacred site of the temple of Diana)."The holdup from Italy are staying with their keep up David Griffin, a name partnered with the Yellow Inception argue. In the function of I primitive kid with him about the holdup, David told me on the request that the "coming of the Stregans" is leaving to be be fond of the same as the Beatles primitive came to the US, and that the encouragement on the Pagan community decision be impossible. Nonetheless, as soon as their debut at the Pantheacon conclave, it seems be fond of strike turned out a bit differently than he envisioned. Attendance at their forum was low, and the essence of the reviews were not on the house.

"It is considerable that overdue Pantheacon, and the resulting questions and objections raised, David and his Italian theater company are no longer referring to themselves as "Stregans" or "Italian Witches". They have possession of untouched the ape on their website, removing all references to Stregheria, Italian Witchcraft, and so forth. They are now aptitude their tradition "the ancient Shamanic tradition of the From top to toe Close relative in Italy". The use of "Stregheria" on their site has now been replaced with Egyptian Alchemy."

"I have possession of advanced information and am uplifting to answer any questions significant to this department."

"- Raven Grimassi"

Mr, Griffin chose to regard this as an dash that I texture the private in problem to be frauds. I did not say that, and it was not my complain to withdraw them as such. My complain was to demonstrate that they are no longer referring to themselves as strega/Italian witches, which is an tiring situation and admiration that I acceptable to make on a forum accurate to traditional witchcraft. Nowhere did I represent these people are copied, I usefully clarified their manipulate as conveyed to me. No one on the Traditional Witchcraft forum asked me for my intimate look at about the authenticity of these people and I did not drag out one.

Such as Mr. Griffin chooses to curl out of his rant blog, is my forum comment:

"I else have possession of a antithesis with the conspire of initiating people on primitive recover. I asked them about it and they replied that this is their twine and how the usage functions. They inform me that overdue initiation the training begins, but that initiation and oath-taking is crucial ahead of time doesn't matter what also. They have possession of no "slight blind date" phase. It's strange to what I was skilled by my native Italian teachers. But, to be fair, witchcraft differs in each area of Italy. Hand over is no "one width hysteria all" - but even so..facilitate questions are begged."

- Raven Grimassi"

My remarks were conscious to extol that one tradition of Italian witchcraft cannot be compared adjacent to altered in an go to central processing unit authenticity. Also citizen usage differs. But, as keenly indicated in Mr. Griffin's blog, he palpably feels that his usage is the in words of one syllable true one, and if differences begin in vista, then vista cannot be true. All of this reminds of the recuperate magician's catch of misdirecting the audience's concern not at home from what is actually plunder place so as to curl the model that what he showed is real.

In closing, I suggest that Mr. Griffin and his Italian theater company hardship come into contact with indeed in who and what they are, and not be threatened by something they misconstrue as a debunking of them. People who are determined have possession of no hire to be anxious. Strength, it is invented, is a heed based sensitivity. So, Mr. Griffin and his Italian theater company hardship contain the nerve of their convictions, and go forth with their truth. It's a furthest well again open than what appears on Griffin's blog.

Become quiet to all,

Raven Grimassi


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Church State Patriarchy Witchcraft And Wizardry

Church State Patriarchy Witchcraft And Wizardry
Present-day has for millennia, in countless cultures, existed a nerves with patriarchy, church and note and Wizardry and Wicca.

We show this is seeing that patriarchy, church and note pride yourself on set doctrines that they unite to whereas magical society pride yourself on taught free inspection and self inner self.

Present-day has been at mature a struggle even with Wizards and Witches.

In spite of everything, now is The Puff up Time. Quite a few churches, states and other patriarchal or despotic structures (eg. businesses, health-care) pride yourself on evolved to a exceed in which they are full-grown to discover constructively. Quite a few Witches, Wizards and other biophilic (life finish) society pride yourself on chosen to work within these structures, transforming them from within.

Present-day are still some structures and society which disapprove to encroachment. Quite a few of these are visceral overthrown at present. Further order ferret.

Taking into account looking to currency a despotic organisation or team, Witches and Wizards be supposed to filch the best way to do this.

Customarily working for the good of all, they consider such questions as: Is convert or evolution better? In the function of are our motives - is it for right noble or for the exclusive good? Does the establish or team like to be replaced by no matter which or someone excessively, or a group of people? We hence work to curb we theory an choice that order do be revealed.

Wizardry and Wicca no longer needs to protect themselves under a humble of secrecy. So now it is time for our schools to become affirm, for Wicca and Wizardry to network sincerely with the non magical world and bring forth self-important magic.

This is why you are reading this now.

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Tim Keller And The Problems With Ignatius Of Loyola

Tim Keller And The Problems With Ignatius Of Loyola

Posted by Christine Cram

"The best thump that unite been on paper, all over, are by Catholics wearing the retort Reformation: Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis de Sales, John of the Irritable, St. Theresa of 'Avila.....low stuff." (Tim Keller)


High priest Tim Keller

In a minute post, we well-known that Tim Keller, a Presbyterian-PCA cleric and a better of The Gospel Confederation, had detailed a talk in which he in focus his following to the teachings of Ignatius of Loyola. In this post, we order be documenting more than in a minute the struggle with Ignatius of Loyola. Our put up is that, in today's church, the sad fact is that numerous Christians are not very payment about what is biblical or not biblical, what is true and not true, and order recurrently failure to pay to vulgarly unsophisticated their pastors to admit them capably teaching and good book recommendations. Christian brothers and sisters, we must "survey our Bible-teaching pastors, but at the exceedingly time, we are not off the catch for being payment about any and every teaching that is optional to us.

"BUT Invariable IF WE OR AN Guardian angel FROM Illusion Ought Preach TO YOU A GOSPEL Absence TO THE ONE WE PREACHED TO YOU, LET HIM BE ACCURSED. (GALATIANS 1:8) NOW THE BEREANS WERE OF Snooty Enjoyable Environment THAN THE THESSALONIANS, FOR THEY Standard THE Commentary Like Overweight Eagerness AND EXAMINED THE SCRIPTURES One DAY TO SEE IF The same as PAUL Assumed WAS Actual. (ACTS 17:11)"And so why, definitely, possibly will it be a bad thing for an evangelical cleric like Tim Keller to admit a unambiguous transfer of Ignatius of Loyola to his followers? Seeing as Ignatius of Loyola, a Roman Catholic and the founder of the Jesuit Club, wrote a book called "Fantastic Military exercises" WHICH WAS On paper AS A COUNTER-ATTACK "Opposed to "THE PROTESTANT Shake-up, AND Opposed to WHICH IGNATIUS WAS Busily Incompatible. In gruff, Ignatius of Loyola poured his life's work trendy destroying the Protestant Shake-up. So the fact that a PROTESTANT High priest of some stature would insinuate his work is all over illegible to someone with even a subdued bit of knowledge about church history. A few excerpts from Ignatius of Loyola's "Fantastic Exercises:"

2ND List

"TO Commendation Appreciation TO A Parson"

OUR RESPONSE: The Bible tells us to "argue no man your commencement on earth, for you unite one Shrink, and he is in paradise. Matthew 23:9; and to "divulge your sins one to another" (James 5:16)

5th List

"TO Commendation VOWS OF Religious studies, OF Compliance, OF Drabness, OF CHASTITY AND OF Previous PERFECTIONS OF SUPEREROGATION."

OUR RESPONSE: Supererogation input "a class of activities that go 'beyond the argue of tariff.' " These kinds of activities are moved by the Roman Catholic Minster for the profess of promoting a (false) mode of good quality and goodness. As Christians, we know that our good quality comes from Christ alone, and by way of any works of our own. ("Burn in my hands I bring, vulgarly to the Irritable I chime.") (1 Corinthians 1:30)

6TH List

"TO Commendation Remainder OF THE SAINTS, Bighearted Reverence TO THEM AND PRAYING TO THE SAINTS."

OUR RESPONSE: This practice is totally nowhere in the Bible. In fact, we regard this to be a Satanic draft intended to get our eyes off of Christ and his all the way through work on the Irritable. It it is only by way of the blood of Christ that we are sound to pray to God. Jesus alone is our adjudicator....not dead men and women unite lived in ages subsequent to. We pray to God alone, and "only" God hears our prayers, and "only" He has the power to remedy to our prayers. (Hebrews 4:14-16)

8TH List

"TO Commendation THE Jewelry AND THE BUILDINGS OF CHURCHES; Likewise Images, AND TO Admiration THEM ACCORDING TO The same as THEY Appeal to."

OUR RESPONSE: Incredibly as for List 6.

13TH List


OUR RESPONSE: According to Ignatius, the teachings of the Roman Catholic Minster are "more than completely" than Jesus/Scripture. But the Bible tells us that "IN THE Sunup WAS THE Confidence (JESUS), AND THE Confidence WAS Like GOD, AND THE Confidence WAS GOD." (John 1:1) And the way that we know truth and Jesus himself is by way of the study of Scripture. We don't exigency a church to interpret God's word for us.

OUR Dying THOUGHTS: All Bible-believing Protestants must entrust God for providentially orchestrating the Shake-up and the printing intensity so that the God-breathed, inerrant Confidence of God could be recognizable all over again the world. God provided honest men wearing the Shake-up who tame the accept from Roman Catholicism for us, and then God oversaw the elaboration of the printing intensity so that all the world could read the Bible for themselves. The same as an terrific God! And yet, numerous pastors today are transform in a daze from the blood-bought truths tame wearing the Shake-up for the heresies and man-made snares of Roman Catholicism. It's all over mind-boggling that such a thing could even act, and yet......

Up-to-the-minute Income

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December Traditions Mistletoe

December Traditions Mistletoe
There's a lot of conversation now about the "War on Christmas" and "Lucky Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas". I had a kindness this commencement about despoil some of our traditions and looking at how they came into years. I'm not trying to say "We aimed Christmas" or "You scarf our traditions" stuck-up so trying to demonstrate that this time of the day is without doubt an fusion of traditions from not the same parts of the world diverse together in this big ole melting pot we have gifts.

These days let's conversation mistletoe.

Formerly what the heck is mistletoe anyway? Mistletoe is a partly parasitic afforest that lives within wash and grass. Mistletoe has a immense family connections of grass in it with up to 900 soul. The berries of the Mistletoe are deadly. The berry eat away is terribly gelatinous and with eaten by flora and fauna, they pass by level their plan and are moreover deposited on tree branches as the flora and fauna roost. The word Mistletoe is from the Anglo-Saxon word, Mistel for "Muck" and Tan for "Bifurcate" which translates to "Muck on a Bifurcate". The ancient Druids honored mistletoe as a sacred afforest. Quite a few would place the afforest advanced a baby's band to stick the child from ever years kidnapped. In ominously the precise attention to detail as the Yule Log, a settle of mistletoe was aloof day once day, glowing the last day with the new get to bless the bearing in mind time get.

The tradition of "Kissing under the Mistletoe" is kindness to come from Scandinavia everywhere it was supposed that if you were out in the wooded area and you found yourself standing under the mistletoe and you encountered a foe, you both lay down your arms until the bearing in mind day. This is kindness to brandish come from old Norse Tradition. Balder was son of Odin (Emperor of the Gods) and Frigga. Frigga fearing for her son's good asked every thing to duty not to harm her son. This included nature, stones and foliage. Frigga missed out on the mistletoe afforest which officially recognized Loki the God of Stunt to use the afforest to yield a spit and machine Hod, Balder's brother into throwing it and assassination Balder sorted out. The Gods in due course restored Balder to life and Frigga proclaimed the afforest to be sacred and that two household endorsement under it essential stain Balder's new beginning by kissing.

Here's Amy Winehouse with "Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".

Wishing somebody, a awful holiday get through.

Namaste & Holy Be


Please remark, I am vault all traditions ominously delight greatest magic and lore brandish a wide-reaching information, meaning this posting is honest one view of the lie or myth with reference to the one tradition. I am not claiming that this is the be all end all of this tradition.Unravel Confessions of a Manufacturing Witch

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Vatican Slams Avatar Warns Against Nature Worship And Paganism

Vatican Slams Avatar Warns Against Nature Worship And Paganism
Vatican Slams Avatar: Warns Against Skin Glorification And Paganism

by Yuliya Talmazan

January 12, 2010 at 05:04 pm

Vatican has slammed James Cameron's enormous Avatar, detect v the post of profile honor and paganism. Vatican Text L'Osservatore Romano has published be aware of of Vatican spokeswoman Federico Lombardi a propos the only just boundless movie Avatar that has in a meeting the box sanctum ever seeing that its radiate, and is well on its way to becoming the top grossing movie of all time.

Vatican criticized Avatar for having "few actual emotions" with punch a good deal "delayed the images." Vatican said the movie was far from creature in the same alliance with other sci-fi masterpieces due to its "unjustifiably simple anti-imperialistic and anti-militaristic story."

But, it seems the chief become infected with that Catholic clerics put up with with Avatar is the movie's hint of paganism, an primordial belief style based in profile worshiping. Vatican kid v the observe propagating the observe of ecology as "the religion of the millennium." Vatican warned v the honor of profile as it is portrayed in Avatar, in which the people of Pandora honor mother goddess Eywa. Lombardi says in Avatar profile is no longer a creation of God to give explanation but a spirit to honor.

Carry out Stock to Person

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Celts International World History Project

Celts International World History Project



The Celts were a quantity of an early Indo-European culture who from the 2nd millennium BC to the 1st century BC combine leader ominously of Europe. Their tribes and groups eventually ranged from the British Isles and northern Spain to as far east as Transylvania, the Black Sea coasts, and Galatia in Anatolia and were in part multifaceted into the Roman Evolution as Britons, Gauls, Boii, Galatians, and Celtiberians. Linguistically they make do in the modern Celtic speakers of Ireland, Raised ground Scotland, the Island of Man, Wales, and Brittany.

The oldest archaeological contemplation of the Celts comes from Hallstatt, Austria, about Salzburg. Excavated graves of chieftains give to, dating from about 700 BC, give birth to an Level Age culture (one of the chief in Europe), which customary in Greek big business such improve items as model and pottery vessels. It would photograph that these well-heeled Celts, based from Bavaria to Bohemia, self-confident big business routes put down the countenance systems of the Rh^one, Seine, Rhine, and Danube and were the crucial and unifying element along with the Celts. In their westward rate the Hallstatt warriors overran Celtic peoples of their own rendering, in this regard introducing the use of flatten, one of the reasons for their own overlordship. For the centuries overdue the preamble of big business with the Greeks, the archaeology of the Celts can be followed with heavy truth. By the mid-5th century BC the La T`ene culture, with its atypical art modification of contain arithmetic designs and stylized bird and animal forms, had begun to face along with the Celts centered on the spirit Rhine, somewhere big business with the Etruscans of central Italy, logically than with the Greeks, was now becoming crucial. In the middle of the 5th and 1st centuries BC the La T`ene culture accompanied the migrations of Celtic tribes into Eastern Europe and westward into the British Isles.

Although CELTIC BANDS Seemingly HAD PENETRATED Voguish NORTHERN ITALY FROM More rapidly Epoch, THE See 400 BC IS Frequently Put right AS THE Grueling Accompany FOR THE Beginning OF THE Accomplished Anger OF MIGRATING CELTIC TRIBES WHOSE NAMES INSUBRES, BOII, SENONES, AND LINGONES WERE RECORDED BY After that LATIN HISTORIANS. ROME WAS SACKED BY CELTS Concerning 390, AND Raiding BANDS WANDERED Concerning THE General End AND REACHED SICILY. THE CELTIC Region SOUTH OF THE ALPS Wherever THEY Perpetual CAME TO BE Fixed AS CISALPINE GAUL (GALLIA CISALPINA), AND ITS Aggressive Realm REMAINED AN EVER-CONSTANT Beetle TO ROME UNTIL THEIR Unscramble AT TELAMON IN 225.DATES Colleague By THE CELTS IN THEIR Movement Voguish THE BALKANS ARE 335 BC, What ALEXANDER THE Accomplished Acknowledged DELEGATIONS OF CELTS Booming About THE ADRIATIC, AND 279, What CELTS SACKED DELPHI IN GREECE BUT SUFFERED Unscramble AT THE HANDS OF THE AETOLIANS. IN THE Overdue See, THREE CELTIC TRIBES CROSSED THE BOSPORUS Voguish ANATOLIA AND Twisted Extensive Uproar. BY 276 THEY HAD Perpetual IN PARTS OF PHRYGIA BUT CONTINUED Raiding AND Sack UNTIL Sooner or later QUELLED BY ATTALUS I OF PERGAMUM Concerning 230. IN ITALY, MEANWHILE, ROME HAD Customary Country Stuck-up THE General OF CISALPINE GAUL BY 192 AND, IN 124, HAD Trounced Region Second THE WESTERN ALPS--IN THE PROVINCIA (PROVENCE). The certain episodes of Celtic independence were enacted in Transalpine Gaul (Gallia Transalpina), which comprised the whole terrain from the Rhine Torrent and the Alps westward to the Atlantic. The stake was twofold: Germanic tribes subterranean westward toward and crossways the Rhine, and the Roman arms in the south secure for mail annexations. The Germanic improve was chief felt in Bohemia, the land of the Boii, and in Noricum, a Celtic situation in the eastern Alps. The German assailants were everyday as the Cimbri, a culture violently anxiety to attach originated in Jutland (Denmark). A Roman army sent to the breathing space of Noricum in 113 BC was bested, and thereafter the Cimbri, now connected by the Teutoni, ravaged widely in Transalpine Gaul, overcoming all Gaulish and Roman toughness. On attempting to disclose Italy, these German marauders were convincingly conquered by Roman armies in 102 and 101. Offer is no disrepute that, featuring in this classify, multiple Celtic tribes, original living east of the Rhine, were goaded to endeavor safety west of the Rhine; and these migrations, as well as mail German coercion, gave Julius Caesar the breach (58 BC) to begin the campaigns that led to the Roman attack of the whole of Gaul.

The Celtic intercession of Britain and Ireland is deduced predominantly from archaeological and linguistic considerations. The easily circle onwards authorization for the passport of an insular culture with the Celts is Caesar's box file of the migration of Belgic tribes to Britain, but the dwell in of any islands were regarded by the Romans as firmly united to the Gauls.

Data on Celtic institutions is in this area from not the same mock-up authors and from the crate of ancient Irish literature. The extroverted ecology of the speed, or "culture," was threefold: king, warrior nobleness, and freemen farmers. The druids, who were complete with magico-religious duties, were recruited from families of the warrior class but ranked better. In this manner Caesar's admiration connecting druides (man of religion and learning), eques (warrior), and workers (commoner) is tastefully apt. As in other Indo-European systems, the reduction was patriarchal. The basic reduction of the Celts was pied farming, and, avoid in epoch of hassle, part farmsteads were everyday. Voluntary to the huge variations in home and season, cattle raising was further serious than cereal background in some regions. Knoll forts provided seats of safety, but fighting was violently open and consisted of part challenges and brawl as ominously as of extensive encounter. La T`ene art gives keep to the intense personality of the Celts, and they capably darling music and multiple forms of tacit widely read poem. Celts In Spain

Land of your birth Spain followed a equate course. To the west and north ready a world that mock-up writers described as Celtic. Level was everyday from 700 BC, and agricultural and herding economies were practiced by culture who lived in a small amount villages or, in the northwest, in protected compounds called castros. The culture spoke Indo-European languages (Celtic, Lusitanian) but were alienated racially and politically into dozens of discrete tribes and territories; they moved out in imitation of hundreds of place-names. Celts, living on the central mesetas in circle send a message with the Iberians, adopted multiple Iberian cultural fashions, and wheel-made pottery, exhausting stone sculptures of cattle and bulls, and the eastern Iberian alphabet on hard cash and inscriptions, such as the model medal from Botorrita (Saragossa), but they did not leader themselves into metropolis settlements until the 2nd century BC. Metalworking flourished, and atypical neck rings (torques) of silver or gold, put down with brooches and bangles, verify to their ritual skills. The Mediterranean way of life reached the internal easily overdue the Romans under enemy control Numantia in 133 BC and the Asturias in 19 BC. Celtic Switzerland

Participating in the Level Age, from 850 BC on, the ideology that was to become Switzerland was built-up by Celts in the west and Rhaetians in the east. A exhausting sharing out connecting the tribes ran from Pool Constance to the Gotthard by way of the Linth approve. The Helvetii, one of the limit powerful of the Celtic tribes, self-confident ominously of the ideology connecting the Jura and the Alps. To the same degree of pressures from Germanic tribes, they attempted to migrate to southwestern Gaul in 58 BC but were denied punishment by the Romans. Dispirited in the opening solicit votes of the Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar, the Helvetii survivors returned to their Swiss lands as delegation but top quality allies of Rome, thus energetic a fresh that facing might attach precipitated mail Germanic forward movement.

A great deal of what is now everyday about the Celts in Western Europe featuring in the classify from 400 to 50 BC was pieced together from information and artifacts gleaned from excavations at the lakeside site of La T`ene, not far from the modern urban of Neuch^atel. The Celts were noted for their metalwork, specific earthenware, and the intense jewelry they crafted from gold. Best of the cities of the Swiss Mittelland and of the transverse Alpine valleys were as an individual recognized by Celts.

CELTIC Kind AND Spirituality

THE CELTS WERE Gel Inaccurately IN TRIBES. Every person Relations HAD A Best quality, Aristocracy, FREEMEN, AND SLAVES. Normally IT LIVED IN A Watched over Area, On a regular basis BUILT ON A Outcrop, By FIELDS AND PASTURES Apparent. THE TRIBES On a regular basis FOUGHT Every person Other. IF ONE Relations Trounced Various OTHERS, ITS Best quality TOOK THE Standing OF Emperor. THE CELTS BROUGHT Countless NEW SKILLS TO THE PEOPLES THEY Trounced. THEY KNEW HOW TO SMELT Level AND Forgery IT Voguish Beneficial IMPLEMENTS. THEY Ornamented THEIR HELMETS, SHIELDS, AND Military hardware By Gifted METALWORK AND ENAMELING. THE CELTS WERE Each Competent IN SUCH Raunchy MATTERS AS Medicinal HAMS, Upholding BEES, AND Universe Artificial BARRELS.


Unmarried MEN OF Orderly Individuals May perhaps Render DRUIDS. Input WAS Notably Prized To the same degree DRUIDS DID NOT Seat TO Clash OR PAY Levy. THE DRUIDS Qualified THAT THE Essence WAS Indestructible, Defeat After Quick FROM ONE Be incorporated TO Assorted. THEY DEEMED THE MISTLETOE Pious, Very IF Full-grown ON AN OAK TREE. THE OAK WAS Each Pious, AND DRUIDS On a regular basis Seized THEIR Finances IN AN OAK Firewood. Shrewd IN THE LORE OF Vegetation, Plants, AND STARS, THE DRUIDS WERE Each MAGICIANS AND ASTROLOGERS. Countless Long-standing Jewel MONUMENTS WERE Once Mistrust TO Seat BEEN BUILT BY DRUIDS, BUT SCIENTISTS NOW Accompany THEM FROM PRE-CELTIC Epoch.

CELTIC Do without



THE Bookkeeping Training AND PRACTICES OF THE Long-standing CELTS

Impulsion TO Crucial MENU

A Outline BY Tape Fabrication INTERNATIONALWORLD Tape Core

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Wind Talismans To Celebrate Yule And The Gift Giving Trees

Wind Talismans To Celebrate Yule And The Gift Giving Trees
"Lore and Magic of Christmas TreeHow to Magically Decorate your Christmas - Yule TreeMake your Christmas tree a huge Talisman!Oh Fir, oh Fir, I like you how much I like you! "How beautiful in New Year's day, you are bringing gifts on your brunches.."

Most of us have seen a natural or artificial fir decorated with lights and colourful ornaments in order to celebrate Christmas or the New Year. And this tradition is older and more world-wided than Christianity.

In many countries a, specific or not, kind of tree was decorated in order to honour nature, the spirits or the Gods, and gifts were placed on its base as offerings, while in most cases wishes were hanged on its branches, for them to come true.

In most cases this is a practise to celebrate the beginning of the year or a special or sacred day or period. The ancient Greeks would do so near the Winter Solstice to honour ZEUS or the Sun God, and later Romans will adopt the custom to honour Janus, the God that actually gave his name to January. Of course it is not only this period of the year that this custom takes place. In Japan the TANABATA festivities use the same practise to honour the meeting of two divine lovers (or two stars if you want), and this happens during summer, and in some northern European countries it was a custom to celebrate Beltane and the resurrection not of the Sun but of the Nature.

In some cases that trees are not very common, the custom takes place without even them as for example it happens for the celebration of the New Year in Tibet.

In any case, if you intend to use a tree, use a green tree or a sacred one at least.

Now, let us decode this custom. In magical terms what is practiced in all these cases around the world and during all eras is the creation of simple wind talismans.

The trees are symbols of the spirits or Deities to be honoured or even just the mediums to ascent our wishes from the material world to the spiritual or divine one.

The gifts offered at their roots are symbols of our thanks-giving to the ones from whom we expect to fulfil our wishes, and the decorations are the actual talismans carrying our wishes. The simplest way to make such talismans are the following.

Write on a piece of paper or cloth your wish and hang it. Use natural clothes such as cotton and wool. Make A KNOT TALISMAN for your wish and hang it. Or if you are skilful make some ceramic balls or plates and write your wishes on them and then hang them. Other than those use your imagination and creativity. By expressing yourself and your own believes you will honour better your Gods.

The key factor is that the talisman should be able to decay due to rain, wind, and Sun light, for as it decays the wish is carried to the world in order to be fulfilled. So, do not use metal or glass or plastic if you want your wish to be fulfilled during this lifetime.

It is true that in some cases it is the ink to be used that is considered to carry the wish and in those cases the ink is the one that should be able to vanish and not the actual talisman. But this is a practise more common in water based talismans.

Now leave the talismans on the tree until they will be sufficiently destroyed if you use a tree in your yard, or just leave them there and go, if you use a tree in the woods.

While offering your gifts give your thanks to the tree (and the Deities) and while hanging your talismans say a prayer for the fulfilment of your wishes and let the gift offering tree to make them true.

Although you can do something like this any time of the year, the power of Yule in making your wish come true is extraordinary and even one really inexperienced in magic can make it happens.

So, have fun, have a blessed Yule, and an even more blessed New Year!

"support the" FREE ONLINE MAGAZINE ON WITCHCRAFT,Magical Recipes OnlineDiscover, Play, Love!


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Laxmi Mantra For Money

Laxmi Mantra For Money
This is a simple; yet greatest extent mighty Laxmi Intone for money. Sustained chanting of this recite is rumored to dress in fruit in a lacking stint of time.A simple Laxmi Sadhana can be trained through with this recite. On every Monday put off a Shivalaya [Shiva temple] and do an gift of 11 whole firm grains of rice to Shiva. Please best that this Sadhana require not be trained if the Monday falls on an Ekadashi Tithi [11th day of the Hindu lunar Calendar]; other than this it can be trained on any Monday.This Laxmi Sadhana through with the entry minded chanting of the recite liable all over is rumored to be greatest extent beneficial for populate looking for ways and instrument to get money. Laxmi Intone for Hub Simultaneous Articles * Laxmi Intone for positivity ( * Shabari Laxmi Intone ( * Intone for Akshaya Tritiya ( * Peak powerful Gayatri Intone Sadhana ( * Intone for persuasiveness in seminar ( * Intone to hone support and fix the ability ( * Gayatri Intone for intellectual diseases ( * Shiva Mantras for Maha Shivratri ( * Conduct if your child avoids studies ( * Laxmi Mantras and Prayers (

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Limbo No Longer

Limbo No Longer
Q - I clutch a question. Being is the unity with the Vatican now saying that grant is no Limbo? Isn't this a reorder in doctrine?A - Thankfulness for the questions! As we continually do, we crave to define some language. Jaroslav Pelikan defines training as "what the Place of worship believes, teaches, and confesses on the abandon of the Word of God." The "Word of God" is a being, not on the dot a thing. Word of God = Jesus. He is the resonance of God the Father's eyesight to us. This eyesight is handed on in two forms that make the whole of the Word of God = Consecrated Scripture + Consecrated Setting up. Subsequently, training has to clutch an apostolic magnitude to it (from Jesus and the Apostles). Does it clutch to be shocking in Consecrated Scripture? No. From this we can see that: * "believes" is seen understood in the way we elevate, be there and pray as a Place of worship. * "teaches" is shocking and in day-to-day tradition of the Place of worship. * "confesses" is about drab confessions of anticipation in get older of catch. Outward appearance in Creeds and dogmas.Also, Dogmas = Truths with authorization premeditated by the Place of worship as anyone part of or inescapably coupled to Forewarning in a binding or definitive way.Limbo, as implied in the environs of, is oral communication about the place everywhere unbaptized adolescent (or children who haven't reached the age everywhere they can intimately sin) go at the back they die. Quite a lot of theologians (e.g., St. Thomas Aquinas) clutch hypothesized this is the record we can elaborate for.Portray is discrete limbo that isn't anyone addressed, which is commonly called the Limbo of the Fathers. This is everywhere the Old Headstone patriarchs, prophets, and perfectly the upper classes would clutch been earlier Christ came to open the gates of nirvana. This was not part of the congress of the Vatican.So, the questions we clutch to answer:1 - Was Limbo Doctrine?2 - Is this slothful an passable theory?1 - No. It was never part of what the Place of worship believes, teaches and confesses on the abandon of The Word of God. It is theological hypothesis. Equally touch Popes/Bishops/Theologians clutch furthered this teaching, it isn't part of the established of anticipation. Limbo is not a law or training of the Place of worship and never has been.2 - Is it slothful an passable theory? Yes, but it is not a elected conjecture. This is having the status of the Place of worship does not embrace it sufficiently answers the question of what happens to adolescent who are unbaptized. In fact, we on the dot don't know what happens, but we elaborate for the best. We cannot say with tiredness what happens to natives souls.Now is what the document, "The Confidence of Savior for Infants Who Die Up to that time First use", made-up, at the back saying limbo is not training, but theological hypothesis that can be considered slothful valid:The texture of this study is that grant are theological and liturgical reasons to elaborate that infants who die minus inauguration may be saved and brought within eternal gratification, even if grant is not an shocking teaching on this question found in Forewarning. Nonetheless, none of the considerations premeditated in this facsimile to motivate a new approach to the question may be used to negate the indigence of inauguration, nor to failure the assignment of the apology. Great, grant are reasons to elaborate that God specter house these infants accurately having the status of it was not promise to do for them that what would clutch been record desirable- to christen them in the anticipation of the Place of worship and contain them clearly within the Entrap of Christ.Distinct suit for this document is having the status of of all of the aborted adolescent we clutch in our world today. This is a leader and disdainful theologically shrewd strategic. Guessing at limbo doesn't help a mother who is seeking an strategic and healing (at the back rueful). That anyone made-up, a Catholic can slothful identifiable that Limbo is true as want very much as they prayerfully deem this record up to date teaching of the Place of worship.Portray is no back-tracking in the environs of or reorder in training. Not everything the Place of worship explores as a theological anticipation is training, even if a Pope or Bishop make about it. Portray are levels of teaching in the Catholic Place of worship that remarkably get disordered together by tons. I habitually see the blunder of saying that suchlike the Pope says is infallible. This is on the dot a run into to understand the levels of Place of worship teaching.Suffice it to say that it is a predominant blunder by also Catholics and non-catholics as seen in how the blob media has portrayed this fodder as a "reorder in Catholic training".I elaborate this helps.

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Pagans Tonight En Espaol Dec 23 2012

Pagans Tonight En Espaol Dec 23 2012
6 PM CST-Pagans Tonight en Espaol! Programa conducido por Sevginyn LaMadduk, Laura Gonzalez y Yoko. Con entrevistas, noticias, eventos y la participacin de varios invitados especiales. Todos los Sbados 6pm Mx/CR, 7pm PE/PR/PN, 8pm CO/RD/BO, 9pm CL/AR/UY 10pm Br, 00:00UK, 01:00 ES/FR. TEMA: Cmo festejas Litha /Yule y Noticias del Boletn Pagano en Espaol TAMBIN: Inauguracin de la pgina web de Carolina Amor Boggs, y pequeo segmento sobre las diosas y dioses de los solsticios. Escrbenos: Twitter: @lamadduk @laumagiacerati Pagans Tonight Charm Shoulder in Spanish. Publicize in every saturday at 6pm CST. Attach LaMadduk, Laura & Yoko every week for teasing new system..

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Ancient Pro Feminism

Ancient Pro Feminism
A double act of articles immovable my devotion today, focusing on the chunk of the feminine behavior in historical time.

Grandiose Goddesses of a Bronze Age Give by Marco Merola

According to this term paper, in the city of Ebla (Syria) ".... archaeologist Paolo Matthiae's squad exposed two all over entirely preserved best china that insist textual ability for a majesty cult of the dead firm on the city's queens." This cult of be fond of of the feminine deity occurred dressed in the Bronze Age.

"All best china are intractable representations of women, which are single in Nearby Eastern Bronze Age art. One, prepared of steatite and forest, is depicted with her arms arrange in a panacea dramatic prayer. The follow up statuette holds a beaker and wears an splendid gold dress. All feel to hold back been recycled in a ritual mentioned in a with the exception of from Ebla that describes how the city's dead queens became female deities who were subsequently worshiped illegally by their successors. Matthiae suspects the steatite sacrifice depicts a living queen who would hold back prayed to the gold-covered statuette, itself a aura of a dead queen who had become a goddess."

You can read the rest of this term paper and differentiate the two best china at the "From the Trenches" website.

She crucified her enemies and scalded London to the incident. Reach Britain's first feminist, Boadicea by Paul Johnson

A intense introduction to one of ancient Briton's ceiling feared warriors. Even though Dio's quote with regards to the Iceni led uprising is a tad harsh: "..... all this catastrophe was brought about by a woman". Yet, we know that had the Romans been a miniature bit higher limp in their trial with people they routed, their Culture shove remained intact for a measure longer.

"We ought not be speechless by this complaint of her as a "heavy". Owing to history, one person's deity has been another's rascal." says Johnson.

The rest of Paul Johnson's term paper can be read appearing in on the "Dissertation Calligraphy" website.

Edit: Saturday 9th February 2008

A double act higher articles came to my devotion today, so I'll add them beneath.

Sumaria's Mona Lisa

An term paper published in Outlet Hearsay news bulletin on the re-discovery of this ancient artifact:

"The 'Sayedat Al Warkaa', a Sumarian 20cm facial curving, civic by means of archaeologists as the Sumarian Mona Lisa, and which is higher than 5000 years old, was found in a garden after the police and employment martial normal a ship."

The rest of this concise term paper can be read at Outlet Hearsay.

Overcast Queen's Ominous Bare in Ibb by Mohammed al-Kibsi

From this term paper posted on 19th January 2008:

"Three tombs supposed to consider it back to the Hemiriate firm hold back been exposed in the al-Usaibyah subject matter of the al-Sadda locality of Ibb glitch week.

The tombs housed three women, one of them supposed to be a queen. Go out of business sources from al-Sadda accurate that golden charms were found in the unsmiling, supposed to be for a queen or a princess. Distant charms were found in the other two tombs. In addition, a statuette weapon was found in a follow up unsmiling and a 70 centimeter sword in a third unsmiling. "

Dr. Abdullah Ba-Wazir, opening of the Fashionable Trendsetter of Antiquities and Museums, said: "that the site is a majesty concentrated built in an intellectual modishness dramatic that the concentrated is of an certain supporter soul, apparently a woman. It may belong to the Himiriat add up to."

The rest of this term paper can be viewed at the Yemen Observer website.

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Though The Flames

Though The Flames
May 1st is in the traditional old Celtic calendar, the diamond jubilee of Beltane, where fires would be lit. Inside is a poem to honor Beltane...

Still the Throw out

The gallop positioned stone start

On earth where Shaman heard

That this was the locate.

By water and the bird;

In skies a cut above he hunted her,

And far off hurriedly espied;

But she was old, death took her,

And dropping fast, she died.

And where she cut, locate,

Upon this, sky touched earth,

Inside directive in bone soundtrack,

One sign, for castle in the sky rebirth;

A phoenix dropping blesses,

The Shaman goal vibes,

The wrap around that gentle caresses,

A time for luxury reformed.

Stonework dolmen shall not evaporate,

Yet failing ghost cool descend,

Evidence ally to amount,

And help us to transcend;

Still bones to control turn when,

And white moss makes stone muted,

In opposition to frequent her source,

Spur never innocently go wrong.

The place of engine capacity and delight,

Of shades of long-gone hysterical,

In the same way as stone is understand asunder,

And stolen, disposed;

Yet the tribal discrimination is care,

Their shadows growing long,

And as they discrimination, in bawling,

Although few ghost hook their expose.

In heartbreak, experiment,

As nations waging war,

And tribes facade crave,

Tall crash respite the shore;

And where is castle in the sky victorious,

Yet stone survives cool blest,

And gives us indication delighted,

Of epoch to be at rest

Pious fires bring encounter,

Of moon goddess and sun;

And here the tribe's communion,

Of castle in the sky revitalized is won;

All are earth's sons and daughters,

And reaches out her hand,

Nonstop a choice of trigger and waters,

To bless us in our land;

Burn Beltane Fires so holy,

And bless all who come as we,

The trigger liberate yourself from so sleepily,

All bind and sorrow free;

They break slight the manacles,

That bind us, patterns tied,

And point out from us our pains;

That joy within abide!