Friday, October 3, 2014

Does Wicca Has Anything To Do With Vegetarianism

Does Wicca Has Anything To Do With Vegetarianism
There's a lot of debate on that matter to be honest. I don't believe it's required, and no one i know who practices Wicca is a vegan or vegetarian and in fact we all love meat. There's a lot or interpretation with the 'harm none' but the way I see it is animals hunt and kill other animals every day to eat to live, so take that into consideration if you're thinking of giving up meat because of Wicca.


There is nothing within Wicca doctrine to say you must be vegetarian, or anything else for that matter, Wicca has no hard and fast 'rules' about how to act or what to do as it is none dogmatic.

Some people would argue that it goes against the rede - an if it harm none, do as thou wilt - however first of all the rede is rarely followed by Wiccans, it is more common within Neo-wiccans or taught to Seekers or new initiates to help them consider their actions, later on within Wicca they have nothing but their own morals and ethics to live by. The rede is also not 'harm none', if it were that simple this moral code would have been adopted long before Wicca was founded, for one you have to consider what is harm, secondly you have to consider that harm is part of life, a necessary part of life, the rede is more about cause and effect.

When it comes to eating meat most will point out that if it was part of Wiccan morality it would actually be in praise of eating meat because we humans are meat eaters by nature and have been eating meat since the dawn of time (we were eating only meat for a long time and it was our primary source of food), because it is part of the life cycle of the planet, and because plants are no more or less worthy of respect than animals. In order to eat the plants you would have to kill them first thus harming them or harming another animal who would eat said plant by taking away it's food.

I would make a general statement to say that most Wiccans are probably of the belief you should at least be respectful of the loss of life to insure your survival, but even then many would not really consider this, Wicca is a diverse path and with no dogma, it's followers go via their personal ethics and morals - Wiccans may be more likely to go vegetarian, kosher or organic, but it is in no means a necessity of being Wicca. :)