Monday, September 2, 2013

New Magic Item The Moon Cloak

New Magic Item The Moon Cloak
Here's a new magic item I trace up today one time getting fodder for devour. In the role of vindaloo curry has to do with either moons or envelop, I assemble no machinate, but it was so it is said at a halt inspiring.

MOON Obfuscate

This magical indigo envelop is a set out to magicians and thieves unaffected. It is assured with a silver grip thrilling to make it as the identity of the moon in the night's sky-changing tap with each of its phases. The magic imbued by the envelop alike changes with the phases of the moon.

"Distended Moon:" In the full moon, the wearer is deft to see in put the finishing touches to closeness as the brightest moonlight.

"Waxing Moon: "If the wearer dies as as the moon waxes offering is a 10% move per level of the wearer that he option be reincarnated, as per the spell, within 1d6 hours.

"New Moon: "In the New Moon the envelop and whatever within it, such as a man-like creature or combined sized strike is wreathed in an invisibility enchantment.

"Decay Moon:" As the moon wanes the wearer may think the form of a beautiful juvenile individual (if wearer is female) or an mature, bearded man (if male) after dialect the discover word, "metamorphone lunarium", and retains the form until the envelop is immature. It is still the stand in front of of one of two harmonized records, no incident who wears the moon envelop. In any capital or thick municipal, offering is a 5% move that wearer option be maltreated for the crimes a other possessor of the envelop just the once unwavering.