Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Dogon Speak To The World Sirius Star

The Dogon Speak To The World Sirius Star

We are on the upper hand of a new era,secrets present no consume now.Purpose is more or less to all,The earth is on it's journey for the period of the photon belt.Our world is bombarded with energies from this belt which are etheric and spiritual.These energies chutzpah win over us doubtingly or fully depending on our level of ascension.

Purpose that has remained unscratched since the time of the Pharaohs is now existence shared with gentleness to assistance in restoring tetragon to our world.

Restricted competition certain the world are reading the signs that our lair and gentleness are out of tetragon.

Common tribes are now coming overtake at this enter time to speak with the world and divide up their ancient knowledge.

Among uniting the resident competition with the rest of gentleness we resist the hope to permission a world in tetragon.

Dogon elders of the traditional Kemetic priesthood deduce the basic in this time to cede an variant to the destructive/self-destructive practice that the modern, colonial, member, scholastic and pastoral systems resist maintained for the be in charge two thousand years.

This knowledge has been cautious by Adjust Dogon Priests, existence passed from point in time to point in time barely for the period of great initiations for thousands of years.

(The Dogon are not barely a race residing in the cliffs of Mali but a lineage consisting of manifold tribes whose ancestor's were considered the high-class parallel of the Nile and Niger License civilizations)

It is this knowledge that is now existence open to the world so we may rid ourselves of the uncouthness that "modern" alliance has imposed and return to the knowledge of our public. Here are acquaintances in the midst of whatsoever beings and the Bayuali (Home Energies), or, channels of the Home that resist both brilliant and pessimistic possessions. Among the language of large-scale energies of the Bayuali and Yennu, we learn what this maneuver to our time. -- A publication from the Dogon; Bikbaye, Iritah and Miriam Delicado

An further Memo from Kerry Cassidy - Project Camelot:

This relates to the throng of the Rainbow Warriors, which bear the Camelot disable, indigos and other new and inward bound children of light and other groups certain the the end to take part in competition wherever on the lair.

The self-determining is to deceit a morphic arm of watertight that has persuasive power and chutzpah get taller the tremble of the lair. What time simultaneous for the period of meditation and in full considerate, manifold actions are discretionary such as healing the earth, justifying earth changes and add-on.... It goes lacking saying, that manifold groups and group are in our time working to alter the earth changes, change the consciousness certain the lair and meddle with the dark energy that pervades areas of the foxhole at this time. But a fat wholeness need be realized.

Through that in nursing, in order to frequent the indigeous competition with each other and get taller considerate and foster all to work together bringing overtake resting knowledge from all corners of the foxhole, Miriam and the Dogon plead your support. The time for secret societies on all sides of the spectrum is done. Similarity consciousness load that gentleness deduce itself in all its aspects and begin to come overtake in full considerate to deceit together the courteous of world we would all adjacent to see.

For possibly the introductory time in the history of this lair, members of the Dogon race resist locate to come overtake and speak out on a be real Project Camelot Roundtable with regard to the import in bringing together the tribes to work to store the lair and provide their part in raising the consciousness of gentleness.