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Invocation To Freyja

Invocation To Freyja
Freja was the Aphrodite of Norse mythology. She was the fairest of them all, and the goddess of beauty and love. Don't let that baffle you, she was as well one of the fiercest of warriors and control of the Valkyries. It was said that she and her warriors caused the Aurora Boerealis. Palpably her sexual hanker was aggressive and put even Aphrodite's to mortification. Apart from multitude lovers, she primarily cherished a abnormal god named Od, who had eventually become a serpant. Freya's wondrous necklace was later stolen by (who as well) Loki. It was Heimdall that had a fabulous tussle with Loki and eventually got it back, thereby sealing the spite that Heimdall and Freya had for Loki.

Invocation To Freyja:

"Freyja, Of the multitude names, Join us.

Freyja, Of the golden snivel, Join us.

Freyja, Innocent person of Njord, Join us.

Freyja, Spouse of Od, Join us.

Freyja, Sister of Freyr, Join us.

Freyja, Close relative of Hnoss, Join us.

Freyja, Claimed by Thrym, Join us.

Freyja, Driver of cats, Join us.

Freyja, Idol of Opulence, Join us.

Freyja, Who shares the slain with Odin, Join us.

Freyja, Who skilled the Aesir Magick, Join us.

Freyja, Lender of Falcons' Collect, Join us.

Freyja, Mistress of Brisingamen, Join us.

Freyja, Mistress of Folkvang, Join us.

Freyja, Mistress of spirit, Join us.

Freyja, Your servant "calls you! Disembark to me NOW!"

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