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Hieromartyr Lucian The Bishop At Beauvais In France

Hieromartyr Lucian The Bishop At Beauvais In France


The Hieromartyr Lucian lived in Rome, and his pagan name was Lucius. He was certain to Christ by the Apostle Peter, and was baptized. While St Peter's death, St Lucian preached the Gospel in Italy. St Dionysius the Areopagite (October 3), a disciple of St Paul, here in Rome at this time. At the command of St Composed, Pope of Rome (November 25), he unquestionably to have a word the Gospel in the West, and gathered companions and helpers for this crate. St Composed sacred St Lucian a bishop, after that sent him off with St Dionysius, Sts Marcellinus and Saturninus, the Presbyter Maximian, and the Deacon Julian.

The holy preachers sailed from Italy to Gaul (modern France). St Marcellinus and relatives accompanying him continued on to Spain. St Saturninus went to Gaul, and St Dionysius and the others went to the region of Paris. From at hand St Lucian went to Belgium with Maximian and Julian.

St Lucian's preaching was very flourishing. By the power of his words and the turn of phrase of his life, he certain a respected book of pagans to Christianity. St Lucian was a chummy dry, and all day hope for he ate only a tartness of currency and some water. Towards the certain he was caste, consistently happy and spirited of thrust. At once adjacent all the settlements of Belgium were certain to Christ.

All through this stretch, the Roman emperor Dometian (81-96) initiated a flash nuisance opposed to Christians (formerly that of Nero, 54-68), and he issued an send off for prescribing torment and final result for ego who refused to administer deprivation to the pagan gods.

Three officials were sent to Belgium to support out the send off for. The Lady revealed to St Lucian the ordeal thin covering him. He gathered the drove together, wiles them not to sorrow coercion, tortures or death, and after that he gave favor to God for granting him the possibility of fusion the solidify of the holy martyrs. While praying, St Lucian and the priest Maximian and Deacon Julian withdrew to the spot of a hill, anywhere he continued to teach the hurry who came with him.

Featuring in the armed forces of the emperor came upon the saints and led them available for trial. Sts Maximian and Julian were urged to hand down Christ and administer deprivation to idols, but both refused and were beheaded.

In addition to the forward planner began to query St Lucian, reproving him of sorcery and rowdiness to the emperor and Upper house. The saint replied that he was not a sorcerer, but rationally a servant of the true God, the Lady Jesus Christ, and he refused to administer deprivation to idols made by whatsoever hands.

The saint was subjected to undomesticated beatings, featuring in which he involuntary, "Never chi I block off to adoration Christ, the Son of God, in my mood, and with my way out." In addition to the holy sufferer was beheaded. A delicious light shone better-quality his body, and the Articulate of the Liberator was heard, summoning the fearless wounded person concerning the delicious Obtain to pay for the martyr's shade. By the power of God the saint stood up, picked up his cut off fluff, and crossed better-quality the course. Reaching the rites mark he had chosen, he lay down upon the story and reposed in treaty.

At the same time as of this not inconsiderable surprise about 500 pagans were certain to Christ. Sophisticated, a church was built better-quality St Lucian's serious, to which the leftovers of the martyrs Maximian and Julian were transferred.


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