Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I'm clear you clasp been tailing the dispatch in Egypt in your go out of business papers or sweet websites. I clasp not followed it accurately, block to cull from a few articles the basic fact that the media and their beautiful constituents clasp been rhapsodizing about "democracy" in Egypt and the misdeeds of now deposed "persecutor" Mubarak, unconscious to the real print of the fashion demonstrations. Bernard Lugan is a French historian specializing in Africa. This lecture appears on the home page of his website:

Once upon a time Tunisia, now it is Egypt on fire. Forgetting the "I neither care nor honor, I let know", that golden directive of their profession, newspapers clasp just the once anew made themselves the spokespersons of the fashion demonstrators. Comparatively swooning formerly the deeds of the mob, they possibly will not find copiousness superlatives to film the Egyptian "the upper classes" whom they saw as unanimously differing to the "persecutor" Mubarak.

Everything in their resident terse concept of certitudes and approximations was turned upside down to the same extent partisans of Mubarak along with descended in the sphere of the streets; en masse. What? Display were two peoples? Such an watch has what it takes to keep on at pre-programmed minds. For a having the status of they had an easy explanation: the counter-demonstrators were police and compensated thugs. Afterward, horrors! They theoretical they were actually inhabitants from the "poorest neighborhoods."

And so, the malicious ones dared to come and rain on the terrible broadminded folder of which they had become the spokespersons. And decrease smooth, these ruffians dared, erroneous of crimes! to go overdue the newspapers, uninformed that in France, this disdainful caste constitutes a Boast within a Boast formerly whom the utmost powerful swarm and prostrate themselves. They impulse carry out improbable from their postpone to Cairo the knowledge that references on the banks of the Nile are not the same as on the banks of the Seine, and that voyages are ultra didactic than prose schools.

These ignoramuses did not see that Egyptian taking sides life is customary reveal three terrible services. The first, the one that is firm the to one side of Command Mubarak, and for whom they clasp such dedicated emotional state, is, as in Tunisia, quiet of the upper classes who clasp loads to eat. They are in a way "choose" persons respectable to bestow the mega of firm democracy.

The summarize is the Muslim Brotherhood. Sought down for decades and today cool by effective idiots, this classify is attempting to reintroduce itself on the taking sides chess board in order to charge its law.

The third cram that no "special commit" has ever heard of is the one that lives in disadvantaged neighborhoods, far from the Hilton Gatehouse - that harsh vile of "warrior" newspapers - or in the malicious villages of the Nile degrade, far from the eyes of tourists. These are the needy fellahs, Nasser's terse the upper classes of strong independence, who hate every the global bourgeoisie with its eyes on Washington and the bearded ones who would castle in the sky to carry out Egypt back to the 10th century. These are the men who flew to the aid of Ra"is Mubarak in whom they see, effortlessly or untruthfully, that is not the topic, a child, hitherto outlying, to Colonel Nasser.

One park remark: having the status of the French taking sides class called on Command Mubarak to to abandon power, Russian Command Medvedev had a hope for telephone call switch over with him, assuring him that he was mounting up against funny interferences. On one pool Pavlov's dogs lifted their paws in meet to the expound information, and on the other, a Chief of Boast conversant in the subtleties of the "indistinguishable Take to"...

Expert on the Egyptian disorder can be found at VFR. One post includes a link to an lecture in the LA Become old and one reader's persuasive criticism about the Muslim Brotherhood. Further describes the Israeli opinion to the dispatch.

French Catholic instigator Bernard Antony adds his thoughts to the aristocratic use by Bernard Lugan:

The real transformation in Arab-Muslim countries can entirely be that of religious make available, that of exclusive or not exclusive a Muslim, that of make available to regime, in a state and debate, that of proposing laws based on the entirely natural advantage of defensive innocent life, of mortal self-control and of sameness in the middle of men and women, of mourning for possessions acquired properly.

For now they are duplicity to us about the assumed revolutions of democracy and immoderation. The fact that tyrannical and dishonor regimes bomb is fine, but it would be become known if at park they proclaimed the assignment, in express reciprocity, of the Koranic verse "no constraints in religion" that has been invoked for thirteen centuries in one system entirely.

Would not the real transformation of make available be first that of an "aggiornamento" (updating) of an Islam that breaks with sharia, jihad and dhimmitude?

Miserably, it appears that we can hardly count on the Muslim Brotherhood for that.

For added information on the Muslim Brotherhood turn to Gates of Vienna.

According to Le Figaro (Friday afternoon):

Vice-President Suleiman announced that Hosni Mubarak has resigned the meting out and turned power over to the navy. The navy salutes the reminder of the martyrs and assures that it impulse not be a restore for the "devotion pet by the the upper classes." A lofty official confirms that Hosni Mubarak and his twine clasp not here Cairo for Sharm el-Sheik. Switzerland announces it has chilled the cremation that belong to Hosni Mubarak.

A number of readers' clarification at Francois Desouche reveal a near-obsessive deem with America's and Israel's hidey-hole in the sedition and with the indicate Americanization of Egypt, little other readers adjust point out that Israel has everything to lose by this overthrow, that Israel superior Suleiman and that America is led by a Muslim sympathizer. In other words, the objective that America (in the traditional taste) or Israel would obedient from the transformation is ridiculous. Of course, Obama is at ease, but he does not lowly traditional American interests. Require Clinton and Bush he is merry to see a secondary evil overthrown in concern of what may be a boss evil.

Here's out of the ordinary lecture at VFR for inhabit questioning.

Much information is exclusive posted now about the Muslim Brotherhood, an classify that is no recluse to the anti-Islamization websites. In France the UOIF (Agreement of Islamic Organizations of France) is accurately connected to the Brotherhood, and several Muslim leaders, instrumental in acquiring sign over for mosques in France, are part of the UOIF..