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Basics Of Ciphers And Codes

Basics Of Ciphers And Codes
Page from Polygraphia route the GD Convention.

The student at this show consideration for of the parley about the Convention Authenticate wishes to know a few basics about codes and ciphers. In the Bast Temple stamp of the Zelator (1=10) initiation ritual, the establish is free with various examples of codes and ciphers in the dissipation third part of the ritual.

(The third part of the Bast Temple Zelator ritual is so abnormal from the look on of other Golden Create Information. It was inserted modish the ritual to allow the ritual introduction of geomancy to be as long as featuring in the Zelator initiation, literally than forcing the student to break until Theoricus (2=9) everywhere the traditional Golden Create Information ritually item the usage to the establish. To flesh out rest of the third part, various other subjects were in the same way introduced, as well as codes and ciphers. One of the fight of this hand down departure in the ritual is that Bast Temple students get to study the Neophyte and Zelator sections of the Convention Authenticate stage in Zelator worsening someone frowning at them about studying material treat their Flair.)

One of the ciphers free to the Zelator is "Thee Convention," the cipher that was cast-off in the foundational (DNA) document of the Golden Dawn the cipher of the Convention Authenticate. The cipher dates to via 1518. The highly of the cipher for Frater C was it would seem from Johannes Trithemius' Polygraphia (primordial copy 1518). The especially pictue is the page that the cipher is found on from the 1561 copy.

The magazine unmanageably reads in Old French (according to Wikipedia):

Fifth Wedding album.

Dissimilar alphabet, by which Honorius, a. k. a. Thebanius occultly describes the program of magic.

Theban alphabet cipher

Dissimilar alphabet, by which some alchemists greeting to secretively use & show program making this science reflection higher worthy than it deserves.

GD alchemical cipher

Usually alchemy is accompanied by various servants, familiars and domestics, who...

(Early you ask
no, I do not know how Trithemius finished that time.)

Trithemius' Polygraphia was in hand out along with the members of jump masonry in 19th century England (while to what dimension is uncertain). Every one Kenneth Mackenizie and Wynn Westcott had copies of this book in their libraries. A broad-spectrum suppose is that Frater C was very considerably modish the use of ciphers. This may be true; it is agreed that Mackenzie (one of the prospective creators of the Convention Authenticate) was literally enthusiastic of ciphers. Dissimilar broad-spectrum suppose is that the same as Westcott had a copy of the cipher key, all his stories about how film set it was to "translate" the document are higher to inkling the listener than actually fair televise information.

Honest how film set is it to work with a agreed cipher?

An write down to decode...if you take to try, that is.

For fussy, maintain this part of a set. It is 58 words and it took me 30 report to set up with a pencil, and assorted 15 report to ink it. So forty-five report to encipher a detached page.

I am not precise how hope it would maintain someone to decode it even with the use of the key provided beforehand. Frater C adapted the symbol for the e-mail Y, and created a new symbol for the e-mail W. In my part of a set, two dissipation symbols were created for the letters J and V. What time I finished an exercise to make precise that the places among one word and the side are clear, I am not so precise that they are competently clear now that I change back and reflection at the plug up. More to the point, Frater C, comparison for myself in the plug up free, uses Hebrew letters as become. My Hebrew letters everlastingly get observations from the peanut gallery. Revelry who examines my part of a set courage in the same way appeal that I considered everything significant enourgh to "arrange in the clear"
after all, my words is good, even worsening the beyond overstretch of dialect in a comic alphabet.

Complete the course of dialect up the part of a set, I jammed two mistakes as I was hard at it in the creation of the plug up. These I corrected via inking. How diverse higher I finished worsening noticing courage be everything that I courage learn well ahead. This is significant as we courage well ahead see later we reflection at pages from the Convention Manuscript mistakes unintelligible the deciphering method.

Now for individuals who would comparison to apprehend some gooblygook, the Golden Create "Thee Convention" is what is agreed as a "simple alphabetic substitute script." In other words, the letters of the English alphabet are substituted for symbols, with each symbol minimally in favor of a detached English e-mail. Contemporary are other forms of ciphers some that maintain various steps to encipher and decode.

You may in the same way comparison to know that offering is a fissure among ciphers and codes. Ciphers grace with your presence on the e-mail level of the lexis. Codes, on the other hand, grace with your presence on whole words to exercise to vague the information context from individuals who do not have available the fit key. It is in the same way it would seem scandalous to the higher nerdy readers that set a stunning enourgh plug up in a lexis that one knows and enourgh intellectual (in the form of fly, steam-powered differantial engines, or computers), any code or cipher can be domesticated. Grueling codes and ciphers totally verbose the method down.

Of course, with the Convention Authenticate, even with a on the point of cipher key, offering are sound effects that courage verbose the method of reading the document down to a crawl for higher on that, I designate consulting Carroll "Glue" Runyon's Secrets of the Golden Create Cypher Authenticate.