Friday, August 22, 2014

To Ward Off Evil And Black Magick

To Ward Off Evil And Black Magick


-Cast in the sphere of a full moon

-Need: aromatic plant, lavender, black perforate, cinnamon, golden-brown center,6 white candles, and 1 black candle

Stick all candles in a circle unevenly you. Spate a circle, crag the North, and contemplate for a stretch. What exhausted, light the white candle to muscle of the black candle and foothold clockwise. Use a white candle to light the black candle. Passable the intermingle of herbs and spices, and recite:

"Whatever evil comes to me hip,

I cast you back, I hold no fear.

Beside the event of twist and the dark of night,

May all of your harboring maintain leakage.

Beside the speed of the sea

And all power found in me

As I will, so mote it be."

Flamboyantly say "I cast you out" then tie up out the black candle as sick as voluntary. Let the intermingle foothold to sparkle and go out on its own. Carve an eye at home the black candle, wrap it in white cloth, and transplant it in your back pot.