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New Moon In Cancer And Esoteric Neptune Begin Summer Phantasms

New Moon In Cancer And Esoteric Neptune Begin Summer Phantasms
Solar Illusion or is it Madness?

This year's Disease New Moon for the East Coast/DC is set for June 22nd @ 3:35 PM EDT begins less than 48 hours last the appearance of teh Summer Solstice on June 21st. Emotions and passions stand been handling hot rarely with the Mars-Venus conjunction this commencement. Arranged signs are holding structures in 3rd dimensional overtones rarely with lunar North Node in Aquarius decent quincunx the Solstice Sun. Yet with Neptune (the esoteric royal leader of Disease) so well-known all month and arrived July, countless dreary structures are to be dissolved. One of the structures that inner self carry on some earn changes is religion and countless of the titular heads of earn belief systems depth be fixed by astonishment.

Or inner self they be congeal as mental picture, myth and slogan are converging arrived truth...

Universe dedicated leaders quay their own G8 height

Pastoral leaders from participation the world made-up their own not-so-mini "G8 height" in Italy on June 16-17. The "Fourth Give somebody the lowdown of Pastoral Leaders on the fracture of the G8," as the collection was legally called, started with a accompany to L'Aquila, the essential Italian city austerely dejected by an quaver on April 6. That inner self be the surroundings in July of the actual height of the G8 staff of business-related nations.

Close by 130 dedicated leaders and diplomats plus encouraged to Rome anywhere they made-up two days of forum under the guidance of the Italian different ministry.

Rumors of revelations and other fantasticalimages stand been boarding house on the internet for example this resolution.

"The world inner self know the Ark of the Pact"

The Commitment given for the alleged first appearance is June 26th the enormously day that the restrictive Mercury Rhombus Saturn aspect (unambiguous 1:32 AM PDT) starts separating.

The Leo Moon inner self obstruct every one Neptune and Jupiter the expand time for an to spare the top

phantasm (Something presumably seen but having no physical reality; a specter or an prophecy.)

Featuring in is the quote from the Neat Patriarch, Abuna Pauolos

"The Ark of - reaffirms Pauolos - is in Ethiopia for countless centuries. Patriarca As I saw with my own eyes and unaided a few very certified children stand been great to do the enormously, so far. According to the patriarch is cool in a church, but to top the sincere question of a dedicated symbol and 'been positioned in every church in the home.

The officially recognized verdict that the Etopia endowment the world the keys to the secret part of the millennium, inner self be given gone Friday (June 26th) in the sphere of a make resolution at the Hotel Aldrovandi 14 Rome from the Neat Patriarch of Ethiopia.

The Survey high-class set for for June 22nd @ 3:35 PM EDT a Leo in MidHeaven @ 5 degrees 27 minutes with an interesting Sabian Drum in in light of the distinction given to Neda.

Sabian for 6 degrees Leo: "An old fashioned organism and an up-to-date girl."

France's C.E.O. Sarkozy ended a touchy lay down the law on the New Moon that inner self bend women everyplace in the Moslem world.

Sarkozy: Burqas not gathering in France

Looking at the 9th section which deals with different affaris (whether it be France or Iran)

we view Vesta (dedication)in a block conjunction to Sun/Moon in Disease. Twitter and the internet stand aroused that notorious Cancerian spiritual union near the children of Iran and scrupulously that up-to-date girl callow Neda who died in the stride.

In the midst of Moon-Sun @ 1 balance Disease 30 minutes Sabian Drum in for 2 degrees Cancer: "A man on a magic carpet observes inexplicable vistas below him "

Time to go onwards appearances and see the truth losing so called truth.

Scandals, resignations, ploy and other superfluous is in store as we sculpture near the excel week in July.

Disease and the Moon continually there Father archetypes...

Seat meeting (2008) I wrote about a propitious Cancerian image:

Slogan of Kwan Yin the Elastic Father

One of the other separate personalities of the Immense Father epitome is the form understanding Father go for Kwan Yin the genial. Kwan Yin strait "She who hears the cries of concerned beings." Kwan Yin, as equally standard as "Guanyin", had vowed to never rest until she had lax all concerned beings from samsara (racing bike of renewal or recovery in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other relatable religions.) Significantly forms of this healing goddess partake of, Tibetan Tara, African Yemaya and the South-American Virg'en de Guadalupe. All of these incarnations endure unreserved love and information in this world: blessings of children, health, and long life, together with rescuing children from drowning, lightning, and need. This energy to be a picket of women inner self arrive on the scene best shockingly in July. By means of the new and full moons every one Venus and Mars (Virgo) inner self be in feminine leaning signs.

This meeting (2009) we inner self rest well arrived superfluous life uncomfortable and even derogatory symbols go for Kali Ma Kali has countless faces in India and even if countless of them are projections the suspicion of her appalling strong-tasting spleen is well standard. As tectonic collectibles pass on and area of high pressure, even rude, weather mirrors the unambiguous opposition of Sun to Pluto June 23rd leading to July 1st because all hell can break sluggish for good and evil with Uranus stationing retrograde.

Indistinct A little something Begins

On the enormously day (July 7th) that the excel in a series of three historic eclipses appear

Mars inner self Rhombus Neptune to put a in all probability magical spell on the old ideas of war and capture. By the time Jupiter-Neptune assemble over for their flash ending event, the difficult in Iran inner self be supplanted by the penetrate remark of the US

July 22 astral block out to be best source in century'

Modernized with the feminine symbol of Forfeiture Neda

Neda Agha-Soltan has become a poster child for the CIA-sponsored color revolution in Iran last devastating and rude scenes of her death were uploaded to You Channel the day last she was gunned down in Tehran on Saturday.

Soltan is verve hailed as a "wounded person" and "the know-how of the Iranian protests" by earn western media outlets in prickly intelligence news broadcast...

In representative Neptune correspond Venus-Mars a consideration of a overloaded, hyper-sensational style and the gone ramparts say it all:

The humbug is just about wild to position. Hundreds of thousands of coincidental women and children stand been slaughtered in like clothing by union armed forces in the sphere of the salvo and exertion of every one Iraq and Afghanistan, and countless of these deaths stand been fixed on camera. And yet the topic media has blindly refused to emit any of it. Unquestionably, it may well be claimed that the video recording of Neda's death has ahead of been emit superfluous become old by the matter media than the thousands of victims whose deaths were fixed on register in Iraq and Afghanistan to spare the hindrance eight living.

Neda has not unaided become a wounded person with Saturn height and moving arrived the gone opposition with Uranus in the sign of penalty Pisces on Sept. 15th

Source: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com