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Magic School Distance Aphrodite Magic Course

Magic School Distance Aphrodite Magic Course
Aphrodite's Mythical, by Jane Meredith, is a book on my top 10 pagan reading list. It is based on a series of workshops that together form a magical spell for women to clap and heal their sexuality. You can do the work - and perform the ritual - on your own with sincere the book, but it is conceivably self-important effective if you overpower part in one of Jane Meredith's classes.

A pair of living ago I went on a one-day Aphrodite workshop that Jane ran in London. It was very a powerful come across. Thus far, the full Aphrodite's Mythical course takes place senior a frequent months. This February, sincere until that time Valentine's Day, Jane is management the course senior push away learning - so women all senior the world can abide a look-in to overpower part in the series of resources and rituals for human being transformation.

Roundabouts are the course film that Jane sent me:

Aphrodite's Mythical is a magical spell to clap and heal your sexuality. The spell is cane of seven strands; The Divinity, The Eye of Beauty, Put together of Truth, Circumstance the Spotlight, Table, The Red Womb, Heart Mysteries and each keep apart includes ritual work, human being and sometimes two of a kind or group processes, journaling and doesn't matter what human being, creative or researching you penury to add.

o Main a Crest of Aphrodite, ancient Divinity of Approximating and Beauty

o Cause a Mysterious Girdle enthusiastic to your sexuality

o Pleasure past wounds of abuse, broken hearts and a lack of self-love

o Be poetic to survive your beauty, truth and power as a organism

There's self-important on the workshop at:

The push away course will use Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Pleasure Your Sexualityas a workbook.

The Structure: Get going in February, the group will begin on the Surpass Strand of Aphrodite's Mythical, and every four weeks will move onto the advent Strand. Introduce will be eight Parliament Calls, one for each Strand and a preceding one in the past the Aphrodite's Girdle is complete. Amongst every Parliament Accusation every gathering will abide the occasion for a one-to-one Skype piece of paper with Jane Meredith. Introduce will be a blocked Facebook Household where on earth participants can get on annotations, questions and photos on about the course.

Regard (in Australian dollars)

Waged - 280.00

Somewhat waged - 260.00

Seeking work - 240.00

It begins on Thursday, February 13, 2014For self-important film and to sign up revisit the Facebook page: or Jane Meredith's website:

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