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Beltane Love Magic May 1 2012

Beltane Love Magic May 1 2012


The feast of Beltane is the Witches' traditional celebration of fertility and creative energy. The Goddess Flora and the Green Man are patrons of this day and Fairies abound in the woods. Beltane is also an ideal time to cast spells and perform rituals to bring romance into your life, or to get married.

This love spell is an abbreviated version from my book Simple Wiccan Magick Spells for Everyday.


Before the spell, take a relaxing herbal bath in rose-scented water. When finished, set your altar with the appropriate cleansed and charged tools, including rose petals, mint and lemon peel for your talisman, paper, pen, a 9" x 9" square of red cloth, white ribbon and two red candles. Place the small red notebook on the altar as well.

Use Vervain oil to anoint your altar candles and your forehead. Place a secret - a heart charm or a shell would work well here - in the centre of your altar. Light the altar candles and a stick of Lavender incense. You will dress and light the red candles during the ritual.


When you are ready, walk anticlockwise at least three times around the altar to close the circle. Focus and chant, "May the power of the circle bring success to my spell work", or your own special words.

Call to Venus, Goddess of Love, saying:

"You hear me call from far and wide f"or a lifetime partner by my side. "

"Alike we are in spirit and mind, h"ere is my lover, now is the time!"

Close your eyes and let a picture come into focus. Where are you - on a city street? In a field of flowers? Walking along a windswept beach? Look around and absorb your surroundings. Hear the sounds of your scenario -honking horns or crashing waves and let them bring the picture closer to you. Feel the texture of your vision - your hand caressing a wildflower or your bare feet sinking into warm sand. The scene should become closer and brighter as your emotions of joy and love heighten. If you are outside the picture, step in and become part of the action.

Continue playing the scene for as long as you like, focusing on your happy state of mind and the qualities of your new companion. When you are ready, release the vision and write these qualities into your small red notebook. Create, cleanse and charge your talisman. Then, say farewell and thanks to the Goddess and the four elements and unwind the circle as usual.

I've included a Beltane love and creativity spell in my book Simple Wiccan Magick Spells & Ritual Ceremony, which celebrates the Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year.

Anyone who is planning a Beltane wedding should read my post on flowers for handfasting.

Blessed be!

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