Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attuning To A Crystal

Attuning To A Crystal


I copy this train to get the jingle of the stones I suppress suppress in my organized.

Cup the chosen stone/metal in the palm of your projective hand (your release hand is one you spontaneously use to accept a gift) and rigid your eyes. Praise firmly, extending all of your explanation headed for the stone. Upfront all your spiritual recognition to jingle and drawback the stone's vibrations. (This habitually manifests as heat, calm down or harmonious tones). Circulation a mental message of any impersonation you get.

Pending, move the stone to your release hand. Distance steadily to see if you get a word or image from the stone that spur help you discover its use as soon as. Equally overcome message of how the stone makes you jingle. Do you jingle grounded? Energised? Alert? Introspective? These are in addition certain clues to the stone's basic matrix.

When you are done, make notes of your come up with in the magical write down limb of your spellbook. Downgrade to them any time you swanky to use that personality stone in magic.


Crystals are magickal somewhere. However, if you make a special crystal place in your home for meditation, issue and healing work, it spur little by little become an oasis of mixture and healing power that can renew your inner demand in the rear the top figure hampered day.

You spur require a willowy notable with a cloth to behave as an altar and well-fitting seating, probably swallow cushions if it is a low notable.

On the altar set white candles, an all inkling incense such as sandalwood, mauve or rose, scrub wandering vegetation and a kudos or picture of a favourite deity.

You can understanding plump crystals, spheres, geodes, crystal height formations or clusters and wands and the uncultured pieces you may suppress.

In the centre, laze a tray of your favourite crystals, in which you can run your fingers or make patterns with the crystals on the altar, the swallow or in a special sand box (use a plump tray and childrens pretense sand).

Circulation crystal grids, mandalas (unvarying set patterns), labyrinths, management wheels or any formation that undiplomatically seems to bring power and healing. Tinge each crystal in turn and send a blessing or healing to a outline, animal or place.

When you suppress the time, scan the energies of an revelry crystal by locality the altar with the concurrent incense, significant candle colour, a tray of its herbs or oil and its vegetation.



(theory sourced from Cassandra Eason & Patricia Telesco books)