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Biagae The Most Powerful Talisman Against Evil Force

Biagae The Most Powerful Talisman Against Evil Force
The magic science to increase BiaGae amulets was recognizable and congenital from the Ayudhaya section or at least 400-500 energy ago and a choice of restrain that the tradition is major than that!

BiaGae (cowie projectile, by and large packed with mercury and tarkut) is a special kindness of amulet which is extreme use to service and protect from Black Draw, evil armed forces, ghosts and spirits.

Cowrie or cowry projectile is a very nice-looking luminous tropical sea projectile, it is humped back sometimes garlanded with a skin condition adjoining a leopard unpeel. In the field of ancient time in China doll, South East Asia and Africa, it was by and large cast-off as coin or money. The Thai variety called it BiaGae and cast-off it sooner as a talisman for protection. The bent back of cowrie is adjoining a shock absorber and thus it is restrain that it may well rebound off evil energy, intimate to tortoise projectile was employed by FengShui master in China doll for warding off bad energy. Mercury was in addition packed featuring in the cowrie, takrut consequently located at the gap of the cowrie, and sound stable with special ingredients preventing it from leakage. Sometimes, it mood be tied something like with strings and painted with put out of misery.

The wearer believes that he mood be innocent against: black magic, bad luck, evil armed forces and demons.

BiaGae by Luang Phor Cher (Wat KlangBangKaew) - Luang Phor Cher is wonderful as the greatest fundamental Thinker for the creation of the Bia Gae amulet.

BiaGae are recognizable to be effective for protection and in secretive from evil influences and malevolant spirits. It is not diverse for family on their death bed to obtain such an amulet as protection from spirits that mood eternally alarm and harass the dying. It is assumed by some that such amulets mood in addition help to set the creature free and go along with protection farther than the booming,ensuring a elegant avenue concerning the furthermore life.

Katha For:

Luang Phor Jer BiaGae

Luang Phor Jer

Pali:Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasambuddhasa (x3)

: (x3)


itipiso bhagava yatrayamdi dai yam phra si svaddee labho namo buddhaya




a sang vi su lo bu sa phu bha buddhasangmi iswasu