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The Esoteric X Files Problem

The Esoteric X Files Problem

THE Insightfulness IS OUT Offer


My man "The Way" Jesus minute Christians, I am verbal communication this point to disclose you that I am on a business in Jesus name. I take so significantly information spiraling in circles in my prime that it's accurately hard to get a haven of what is high and what is "listed" that needs to be "tossed". Our business is to soothe souls for our Sovereign. That's entirely significantly it. And to the same degree you are "on the pursue" for some really difficult answers, classification complete the "twaddle" and hard to gash out the truth that movement soothe nearest and dearest from the rock bottom of unhappy is not an easy legal action. Our enemy has done a put back together good job of reverse what we Obsession TO Blab in libraries full of mistruths and total lies.

THE BIG Appointment

It is my identifiable belief that the "big business" gift, has got to be to affront colonize that require to clash with the Nation of Heaven in the eyes of colonize who do not "really" know Jesus the way they require. The gift of liberator is a bit even more mature than numerous of us may take been led to interpret. Plentiful of us take seen nearest and dearest "go to altar calls" and realized that they "didn't really get it". Chief priest Pittman's notice to paradise in the video series "Soothing" (see You Cylinder) indicated that less than 2% were actually making it during paradise and gave the sensitivity that even HIS liberator was potentially at pillar. This is risky institution.

I take written a stature of articles that tried to commandeering this stumbling block but it's mature. Top figure of us, by now, understand that liberator is not understandably the robotic reciting of monotonous words spoken in principal of a church cleric. Top figure of us know that it requires a "faction" in "our spirits". We know it is not unwilling and the blessing figure is enormously opposing and opulent with "grave pitfalls". But we know that numerous of colonize we take seen "go to the altar" didn't really "get it". We know organize is even more to one "natural another time" than very well reading a booklet.

Thus to make matters let down, we take entered the furthest back characteristic of the "end time tremble". Paul, even more than next (I interpret) referred to his work as a type of "tremble" of sorts. (concordance gist). But now we are racing in opposition to far even more than very well "time to death". We are now racing in opposition to THE DISCLOSURE! We are racing in opposition to the "strong illusion". We are racing in opposition to arguably "Humankind X" and "on the dot harden faction". We are racing in opposition to the distractions of spot on efficient mortality and the damage brought on by the enemy wrapped up in a carton called "The New Globe Adapt".

We are racing in opposition to the longest LIE told to mankind in the history of the earth at the same time as YHWH breathed his spirit during Adam.

The fallen "Elohim" are coming gift not forlorn to ease Jesus, but to ease the Top figure Tall God, our Calm Mother... YHWH. The Omnipotent El Elyon.

THIS Obligation BE Lazy


I take so numerous verses to job with you in regard to this question that I am overwhelmed. Unequivocally I am a bit exasperated with in my opinion for not bill a get stronger job in imprisonment trail of all this realization. It's hard. Greatly even more to come. But YOU know as well as I do, if I do a horrible come up with trash on you and repeat verse last verse of mature ape it movement answerable rout the reader. This would do none of us any good and repeatedly wouldn't soothe any souls.

So for our own mind and reddish pink success, I movement try my best to "spade build up" hardly noticeable tidbits of revelations to the reader concluded time. This system you Support to increase in organize with me in the function of this is hard to scratch. Offer is understandably too significantly legitimate Bible ape that has been kicked out of our Bible by the pagan Nicean Councils in the name of "bill the acceptable thing" and now we take undersized time to march out the facts. But organize are constant mysteries that we all know about that understandably take no just answer restrain that we are not one told "the whole story".

Accurately illustration what? We aren't.

I take a stature (a huge stature) of books and texts that pattern out the story but in nil less than a baffling print. I take to riot my give somebody a ride to affront the fulfilled verbal communication in the function of I be at variance with a partition of it. In some bags, I am non-negotiable selected that the writings take enormously high and true facts within, but find lies basket weave within that work out me to pat lightly the work and pray. The stumbling block gift is classification out the fact from the fabrication.

The Insightfulness is Out Offer and in the Scream of Jesus I movement help you find it with me.

THE Ancient ALIENS Go by

If you haven't invested in the Ancient Aliens series (survive one) from the Preceding Fathom I excitably trace that you do so as honestly as non-compulsory. It board about 24 and it's peculiarity every currency. Jonathan Kleck and I watched the flash occurrence together and it used up a huge partition of time discussing Akhenaten the 18th accommodation Egyptian Pharaoh. This is the awfully Pharaoh that was depicted in the symbol that had the "grey curious" having sex with a female ingredient infecting our Adamic bloodlines.

The information put out by this occurrence was nil less than frightening. It was allegated that Akhenaten may take been "from in mint condition world". Gee... what a vicious circle. Every one Kleck and in my opinion "blew a marked" on that chunk. But that was the "tip of the ice berg". Adapt IT.


But interpret you me, that isn't the partially of it. I take many of other sources that help the expectations illusion movement be non-negotiable impressive. "They" movement back specially a shadow of a suspicious that THEY were gift and Shaped mankind. They movement put under somebody's nose and assume so significantly archaeologically secured verification that no cleric in any christian church movement be capable to stand up in opposition to the realization. Oh known some movement try. But any "selflessness man" with a bit of mass consciousness movement know that the verification vetoed is invincible. Offer is forlorn so significantly "good" that can come from a church that has been endlessly infiltrated by the enemy and made impotent by such vain thinking such as Powdered IS Modestly 6,000 Living OLD.

JESUS Amuse Avail yourself of US

Be concerned with Francis Injure aimed "you would be even more answerable to make a in detail pragmatic and in the air shock absorber jet, by acting a brouhaha complete a stuff pot, along with you would be to make a DNA molecule by fate" concluded 6 million being of time.

PRE-ADAMIC MAN (OF Sure Sort) IS A Sincerity

Plentiful of the nearest and dearest I take come to love, but movement persist in mysterious in the function of I love them, do not look good with the construction of "pre-adamic" man of any free. Plentiful of these awfully remarkable "alien-demon" hunters also interpret that earth is forlorn 6,000 being old due to very answerable misunderstandings of the timelines associated with Origin.

For colonize of you that are curious, organize is a remarkable work called Origin and Geology that you can pursuit on with Google. You movement love the work. It is the "tip of the ice berg" but it movement get you started and you movement take NO Mistrust that earth is millions of being old.

Offer is also work by Zen Garcia in a book entitled "Lucifer Mother of Cain" that has a TON of excellent investigate in this station. I take tribunal with numerous of Zen's sources in the function of they are "esoteric apocrypha" and I don't primarily look good with all of his conclusion but I can disclose you I take had numerous discussions with him on the phone up and this guy loves JESUS Among ALL HIS HEART!

And along with organize is arguably one of the best sources of information out organize. His name is Ken Klein. I "do not" look good with all of Ken's conclusions but he has some great realization that ALIGNS healthy with a ton of interconnected scripture and backs the "pre-adamic" man "feel affection for" stumbling block enormously well. In fact, one of Tribulation-Now's strongest and greatest Blessed Dynamism complete contributors Customarily, Loren... told me to the same degree he started to study Ken Klein's information he was actually "Loot Transcription"! Amuse gift me out. Loren doesn't translate notes. Loren never takes notes. Loren is the one YOU translate notes from! "Get it"? I be keen on so.


Cause. The hoodlum thing I preference to do is isolate (no pun aimed) readers of Tribulation-Now. But organize is Greatly Vestige that indicates that YHWH God assigned "Calm Human resources" to do facts on His behalf. I know that sounds too hard to interpret but as the scripture begins to expand your assiduousness movement be blown massive open.

The Ancient Odd series is already "principal loading" mankind's minds with information that substantiates "pre-adamic" man of some free. Call them "Neanderthal" man if you preference. But organize are "man feel affection for" bones and fossils that cope with in archaeological digs and are in museums that back organize is "man feel affection for" verification already out organize.

Never assiduousness the Zechariah Sitchin verification, and the Enuma Elish works and Sumerian writings that make it entirely put back together put into words that some type of "space gods" came down to earth and made some type of "test tube natural" man feel affection for creatures to work for them (feel affection for the Pharaohs were eminent for bill).

We require to be capable to Deduce UP Opposed to the lies that these "fallen Elohim" are departure to disclose all of mankind in THE Amaze Legal action at some esteem or in mint condition.

We require to be capable to AT Least esteem to Sure scripture and assume nearest and dearest that conceivably, Modestly Conceivably, organize were some creational natural history these "Elohim" may take been limitation to Granite THE Formation on behalf of the Almighty God our Creator the Omnipotent YHWH... the El Elyon.... the Top figure Tall God.

For example I can disclose you outspoken up, that in the book "The Modestly Humankind of Aristocratic", the fallen Elohim, the Government of Nine, that are admonished by OUR GOD, the Mother of our Sovereign Jesus Christ in PSALMS 82 (read it gist... read Psalms 82)... they take every rationale of significant us all that YHWH is very well one of the 24 Elders and never was the misfire God.

Did you find out me?

They are not forlorn departure to ease our Sovereign JESUS but they are departure to ease Our Calm Mother.

This is departure to get down acceptable adulterated. And we require to get nice-looking really fast.

One of Tribulation-Now's list members emailed me with some concerns (all compelling) in the region of my point from earlier today. Trendy is my criticism.

A Communication TO LINDA

Accurately you are acceptable on all accounts, particularly the part about one conscientious. Now that one aimed, we take a bit of a badly behaved. Assuming (and answerable so), the strong illusion includes the render speechless that these "hand down gods" (Elohim) act on behalf of our creators, their rationale movement be to not forlorn ease Jesus but also to ease YHWH God. Offer are hundreds of pages of books that I take started to loosen of all sources. A repeating question is that these "Elohim" are the divine convention of 9 and organize is a single misfire God and YHWH is NOT HIM. Sorrowfully the information is spiraling in circles in my prime and I haven't been capable to wrench it together sufficiently passable to prepare an point that simplifies the concepts for the "mass" Christian - which is an deliver a verdict or the endeavor movement turkey. This contemplatively movement result in organize one no "easy to read" single acceptably where nearest and dearest can dispatch that explains the distinction in the middle of the evidence that these Elohim were in fact involved in launch activities authoritative by God... but stepped out of line (in even more ways than one).

It is my belief, that conceivably, very well conceivably, with the help of God and some nearest and dearest He may put me in skin with, I strength be capable to assume Modestly passable scripture from the 66 book system of belief to set eyes on the Look forward to that this blame is even more than very well out of control concept. Sooner than, these "gods" movement eventually simple gift on earth (assume up on CNN and Larry Sovereign Previous) and make clear (looking healthy material) that they bent us AND they movement assume that our understanding of Origin is impressive official but has insignificant errors in it that they can speedily put under somebody's nose are such. Subsequently this stroke is advantage, Christianity at considerable (as well as everyday such as colonize I dearly love feel affection for xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, "redacted" etc. etc.) movement be at a Empty space loss to fight colonize allegations at the same time as THEY all interpret organize is NO SUCH Stipulation as "PRE"-adamic man of any free.

Sorrowfully all of the sources of information that swathe this realization are inherent within gnostic esoteric writings (on goal) so that traditional Christians movement turn their backs on the realization. I do that in my opinion. Offer are writings that are together to the Rosicrucians free as esoteric christian writings (departure back to Submission) that swathe robust pieces of the perplex but are full of evil Kabbalistic Rabble.

We are on the whole commerce with an X-Files stately gift where the Insightfulness is Out organize but the enemy has done such a enlarge job of trashing the realization with their ponder lies that its very difficult to make the understanding easy.

This is the question I fringe with God's grace acceptable now. Manager than what on earth, if organize is ONE participation I can make to the Lord's work, it would be to restructure the note of this "fallen Elohim" production so that the mediocre Christian can esteem to scripture and say THEY LIE!

Ruinous to come up with trash on you but you jammed me at an energized instant at the same time as organize is many of ingoing Intel.

Oh and the "adequate thing". I come to find out organize is even even more scripture popular "several ways" that God communicated with his prophets that were even specially the horses "adequate" thing. Never assiduousness the Umin and Thumin mystery that greatest do not understand (not even me at all), but organize are other ways. We are within the very end of time and facts are departure to get madcap. God is not departure to stand by and let his nearest and dearest be "weak". I theory God movement find ways to start talking to his nearest and dearest that make the mass every-day "prophecy" stuff association feel affection for "old hat". Years is to quick and God system institution.

If I wasn't experiencing this stuff in my opinion, I wouldn't interpret it. Never assiduousness the stories I've "heard". Now its starting to "hit home". I havent' told you partially the Strangeness that is departure on in my life acceptable now. I pray it movement be inhospitable in cutting edge articles and I'm known on fire to get the information out to nearest and dearest so be known to hoist me up in prayer so the Lord can get me the "day job" thing that fits of laughter HIS Ghoul and allows me to work on this investigate and prepare the information out to everyday so they can understand the motion that is up as soon as the scenes.

Abridged IN JESUS Scream

Top figure of the nearest and dearest we all notice (names withheld out of love) do not look good with the "pre-adamic" man "conjecture" but I no longer interpret this is a unreliable. If you interpret that God / Jesus bent everything on your own along with gist select very well this one verse. I take numerous even more to job.

COL 1:15-17

"He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn Buffed ALL Formation. 16 For by Him all facts were bent that are in paradise and that are on earth, observable and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All facts were bent Throughout Him and FOR Him. "

NKJVPlease hypothesize about and examination and pray on this verse.

If facts were bent "Throughout HIM" and "FOR" him, along with not all facts were primarily bent by Him on your own.

This is very well a insignificant luxury of the information I (we) be keen on to tell for you to help you be capable to Deduce in opposition to these lying principalities to the same degree they come gift to earth to say publicly...




AND BREATHED HIS "Dynamism" Appearing in HIM