Monday, January 2, 2012

Silver Ravenwolf

Silver Ravenwolf

Ceremonial Wet Significant by Snow-white Ravenwolf

Ingredients: 1 tsp. of rose water 3 tbsp. sea briny or Kosher briny 1 distant low spot of spring water* 1 clean window set of circumstances 1 new airless mirror 1 distant deem window bottle**

*Note: You can buy the bottled water as desire as you know that it's really spring water. But it's best if you get the water from a manage pen or other "visit" heart of water that you know the water is clean.

**Note: The canister be required to be either green or amethyst in order to respect its magick.

Further on the Rite: Rinse and sterilize the low spot and the window set of circumstances with red-hot water.

Time: Midnight dressed in a Calm down Moon phase.

Place: Out of doors under the moon, or hard by a pause that moral fiber spark the light of the moon.

Procedure: Bottom and centre. Cast your magick circle. Wear through your arms outstretched in the Holy being site (arms out at the sides matching you're cradling the Area, palms up). Say: In the mantle of the midnight hour

I get in touch with upon the Depressing Assignment

I bash the presence of the Lord and Member of the aristocracy

To bless this water that I moral fiber sumptuous.

At this play, you be required to stroke the energy of Opinion Blood relation and Skyfather move facade your feet and hint. Drink your own energy expand just about your navel and along with unite with Spirit. Receptacle your time; no penury to commotion. Add the rose water to the spring water. Scale the low spot of water, trap it on the way to the light of the Moon, and say: In my hands I trap the chutzpah of the Holy being.

I hereby dip and make sacred this water to Spirit

that it may be second hand for down to business acts lone

and may aid me in my magickal works.

Drink the energy of the Moon Holy being beat down here the water. Conceive her silver light down from the way of being and impregnating also the water and yourself. You moral fiber stroke a "glowy" whack. Set the water down and restricted up the briny. Drink the power moving in your arms as you exploit the briny on the way to the moon. Say: In my hands I trap the chutzpah of Opinion Blood relation,

She whose bounty sustains all living creatures.

I hereby make sacred this briny to Spirit

that it may be second hand for down to business acts lone

and may aid me in my magickal work.