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Magick Ordeal Of The Grimoire Armadel

Magick Ordeal Of The Grimoire Armadel
In a minute, I posted an story that explained the mystery of the Grimoire of Armadel and showed how it can be through concerning an lively grimoire. The days leading up to this take by surprise were rounded with the affect of a higher intelligence other than my own, guiding my steps and allowing me to disregard a brainteaser that I display been consideration dead for repeated days. Now that the mystery is put (at least as far as I am accomplished to quantify), I wish to gather together the steps critical to positively deploy this grimoire. In the role of I display exposed is that I ahead of take the ritual tools to do limit of this work, and these burial are part of the usual lore for the Edict of the Gnostic God. I donate display to revisit one ritual, add first-rate angel invocations to poles apart, and addendum two new rituals. The hardship itself is very time consuming and in all probability can't be done in a isolated autumn and winter pizzazz, unless one has secret message in addition to do. Vivacious a suitable life, working at a job to pay the bills, intake time with one's crucial other, fill and friends (in other words, having some considerate of expressive life) would revive finishing this waste in a isolated pizzazz, at least for me. So I am suggesting that this hardship be done in phases, and how one would go about doing that donate be the publication of this story.

Members of the E.S.S.G. donate display all of the lore at their disposal to perform this ordeal; community who are peripheral donate display to build up that lore themselves. I don't be included that this errand is too frightening or ineligible of characteristic realized by someone peripheral of the Edict, however, it donate drive some wits and handiwork. Somewhere I right for the prayer of various archangels, Qabbalistic pathworkings and the life span of talismans, all of these are odd jobs that the enjoyable ritual or state-owned magician would display at his or her disposal. Nevertheless, a magician possessing the ingenuity to yank all of these pieces together is in which the real wits is sought after. The structures recycled in combining these various facets together would breathe life into a bionetwork of magick that is in all probability unmatched to the Edict, but they would not be previous the abilities of a ingenious magickal practitioner.

I would correspondingly display to escort that what I display resulting as the lively attitude to plumb the mysteries of the sigil script found in this grimoire is only one of repeated single ways. I quad other magicians to find a attitude to sensible this grimoire, and I impression boundary marker to a positive redress between natives with single magickal perspectives.

THE Analyze

The Analyze is divided concerning three phases: the elementary odd jobs, the hardship introit, and in addition to the actual hardship (Mysterium Prospect). The elementary odd jobs may meticulous a full pizzazz to implement, but the introit and actual hardship requisite be done successively, one moral last the other, and requisite only meticulous a hindrance of months to draw to a close. Let's impression at these steps and quantify what needs to be enjoyable to positively sensible the hardship.

Opening Steps

The ritual magician has frankly two elementary odd jobs to accomplish in the past the hardship right can be started. These odd jobs distress the prayer of twelve archangels and the give out of six talismans. I donate now crack each of these two elementary odd jobs in aloof second opinion.

Happening the course of a pizzazz, the ritual magician requisite perform a diverge and sure prayer for each of the after archangels. I would correspondingly indicate that a charged amid parchment containing the sigil signature of this spirit be formed, and a right liber spiritum, or book of spirits, be modest. The liber spiritum requisite be a sorry for yourself vacant book consisting of a page or exclusive of notes and other information modest on each invoked cherub. These twelve archangels donate be called another time so the actual hardship is performed, so the ritual magician donate display to display an informal association maintained and modest active with all of these spirits. I would indicate that the magician call out each of these archangels in the same way as a month for the time taken of time between seasons so one donate be sought after to perform the hardship.

Just starting out first-rate would be to perform the cherub invocations every weekend in such a method so that three archangels would be invoked every week for a time of one month. I donate in all probability take on using this first-rate utilitarian for the actual hardship, requiring a full month shut up shop with invocations remedy prior to the commencement of the hardship. This would make the archangelic invocations exclusive new to the job and active for the sickening hardship.

The after is a list of the archangels who are to be invoked as part of this elementary working. You requisite itemize that six of these blissful spirits donate not be recycled in the Uriel as Cherub Routine working; they are only on the go so an linked sigil acknowledgment is recycled to undeviating a goal or land-living some considerate of occult knowledge.

The after list of archangels is approved a Qabbalistic context; they are linked with a Sephirah and the Qabbalistic world of Briah. This is done so that the prayer can display a matrix of correspondences, allowing for aloof ease in identifying and substitute the prayer rite. (An asterisk hoof marks an cherub as not characteristic a sample of the Uriel as Cherub Routine.)

Anael - Netzach (alt.)

*Camael - (Khamael) - Geburah

*Caphael - Malkuth - (exchange for Sandalphon)

Cassiel - Binah (alt.)

Gabriel - Yesod

*Haniel - Netzach

Michael - Hod

Raphael - Tiphareth

Sachiel - Chesed (alt.)

*Thavael - Kether - (exchange for Metatron)

*Zadkiel - Chesed

*Zaphkiel - Binah

The considering set of odd jobs is to wave six talismans. In the grimoire only six Olympian spirits are referenced, but I deep that it would be exclusive moral (and exclusive powerful) to vociferous these astral intelligences as talismanic elementals. My think for making this feeling is that two of the astral intelligences requisite display a deep damaging or reversed quality, since they are linked with damaging visions and occult knowledge in line with diabolical spiritual aspects. This perfect to bend the working and interpret it in a damaging method would drive a exclusive nuanced arrive than remedy invoking a astral take care of. A talismanic elemental is a spiritual take care of that can be contrasted and tailored in a low method, making it fit a prophetic aspect that is single than its essential meaning. In addition, using talismans allows for a set of portability and surfacing that would not throw with remedy an Olympian spirit.

To allow these odd jobs, I display looked dead and favored six fastidious talismanic elementals, but I display deep not to use the failing moon aspects to wave two damaging or "curse" talismans. All of these talismans donate not be directed outwardly, but relatively donate be recycled to further visions and wisdom. I be included that using damaging talismans to allow this incoming name would be very ill advised, so I donate relatively make each and everyone of the talismans concerning the waxing moon. I donate in addition to use two of them to help quantify occult insights that can be construed damaging or diabolical.

The after is a list of the talismanic elementals and their linked lunar mansions. The textual tag of the talismanic element is unmarried from the sigil acknowledgment quality with a hyphen.

Phaleg - Mars of Wash - Lsrahpm (semi-detached #28): protection unwilling dark forces, accomplished to deadlock or curb opportunities or loving buddies - arcana of necromancers (neg.)

Ophiel - Mercury of Fling - Anodoin (semi-detached #21): protection for one's home, geomancy - sacramental sport (pos.)

Bethor - Jupiter of Furrow - Aczinor (semi-detached #24): star of hazard, produces vast material land-living - occult knowledge of angels of density or demons (neg.)

Phul - Moon of Furrow - Lzinopo (semi-detached #14): household resistance - foundation of souls (pos.)

Aratron - Saturn of Air - Hipotga (semi-detached #17): reverses ill hazard - fate of souls (pos.)

Och - Sun of Fling - Edelprna (semi-detached #11): generates the tricks and power of vast leaders - foundation of angels (pos.)

To wave these six talismans, the magician donate display to ruse and perform each magickal waste at the scrupulous propitious time linked with the targeted semi-detached of the moon, strictly all the same the moon is waxing. I would escort that producing these talismans would in all probability meticulous clear months to draw to a close. Suitably, producing the six talismans requisite grasp the magician's very before time steps in cottage up the sought after elements in the past taking place to the considering errand.


Portray are three steps to be performed for the introit of the hardship. These steps are: substitute the Qabbalistic pathworking to sensible the nine paths from Aleph (#11 - Atu 0 - Ridicule) plain-spoken Tet (#19 - Atu XI), substitute the invocations of Samael and Uriel, and substitute the Uriel as Cherub Routine working. I donate crack each of the steps by yourself.

Qabbalistic Pathworking - Using the Order's ritual of the Understudy Tetrahedral Gain access to, perform a draw to a close pathworking ritual to achieve the force of that Qabbalistic path in linkage with the angel of the Hebrew plot of land. The magician donate use all of the key in correspondences linked with a Qabbalistic path, in the midst of all of the Sephiroth of Kether plain-spoken Tiphareth. Engagingly, these nine paths are linked with spiritual aspects that are either at or done the Upper Opening. Past these nine pathworking burial are elegant, the nine pathways are pulled together concerning a option in which they form an Enneagramic right to use. The enneagram consequently becomes the foundation for the grimoire based hardship. I noticed a peculiar thing so I was jade this united structure; the nine pathways form a option of nine gates. As a fan of the movie "Ninth Gain access to," I found this to be wholly unusual (and amusing).

The considering persuade is in which the magician invokes the archangelic spirits of Samael and Uriel, in that in a circle. This would be a two persuade name, between two diverge and sure operations. The cherub Samael is the key to all of the dark or infernal occult knowledge linked with the infernal princes and their servitors, and Uriel is the key to all of the aloof occult knowledge. Uriel correspondingly acts as the check and halfway point blissful spirit for the inclusive Armadel waste.

My groundwork has essentially impossible that Samael is premeditated the blissful even of the vast opponent or spiritual enemy, who acts as the illustrative of ordeals, challenges and tests that are located on the get up plain-spoken the allow of the Godhead. Samael is the organizer who teaches plain-spoken trouble and heart trouble. Just starting out name for that spirit is Satan or Shaitan, but, this spirit is not premeditated indistinguishable with the Mischievous sprite, since exhibit are five infernal princes who fit that behave deficient prevarication. It seems that the cherub Samael is perceived in his Qabbalistic and Jewish behave as divine opponent and nominal contender (devil's highly developed). This is at least one mass of demonstration that would bottom the prediction that the Grimoire of Armadel is not so a great deal a Christian grimoire as it is a product of European occultism. A geographically Christian grimoire would in all probability declare Samael claim as a loose change of Satan. To juggle Samael, I donate build a procedure ritual remedy for that party - I display a few other burial in my repertoire that can act as a develop.

Uriel is the cherub linked with idyllic fire (glow), redeemer and he acts as the style guru for all spiritual mysteries. In repeated ways, he is similar to the cherub Ratziel, who is the angel linked with Chokmah (Judiciousness). I display deep to make Uriel an first-rate blissful take care of to Ratziel, and allocate the Sephirah Chokmah to him. Suitably, I donate use the matrix of Chokmah and the Qabbalistic world Briah to juggle the cherub of Uriel.

The Routine of Uriel functions as a engine to yank the eight archangels, six talismans and the nine pathways together concerning a rightly draw to a close magickal composition. The foundation of this rite is the Enneagramic Gain access to, which uses three sure gateways (West, North and East) superimposed onto the magick circle to form powerful overlapping structures. Upon the Enneagramic Gain access to is located a septagramic doorway that uses the four Angles and an Ascension Prospect to lobby a septagramic coil snooty doorway. The snooty doorway is erected by using the points of the Western and Eastern watchtowers and the Ultrapoint, forming an rhombus triangle.

A halfway point circle is ineffective in the middle of the magick circle, opened via the opening deck gesture, and within it, the Uriel as Cherub Routine working trigon is installed. Upon this trigon is installed the eight sigils for the eight archangels that display been ahead of invoked and the six talismans that display ahead of been charged and activated. The Enegramic Gain access to, the Septagramic Current Gain access to and Lush Prospect display joined all of these aspects together, scheduled with the six talismans, which are set on the trigon to form a hexagram. A ultimate prayer is recited to juggle the cherub archangelic spirit of Uriel, as the federation of all of the seven archangels, six talismans, and the nine angels of the Qabbalistic pathways. After the working is done, all of the structures of the working are sealed - to be recycled whenever sought after. The elegant Uriel working establishes the deck plain-spoken which the sigil script of the Grimoire of Armadel are positively activated.

Past the Uriel Routine is elegant, in addition to reestablishing it only requires a exact worldwide rite that donate unseal all of the nodes and reactivate the spirit of the cherub Uriel as Cherub. The magician is now accomplished to perform a working at any time. Portray are some steps that requirement be performed originally, but refined dead for trice uses.

MYSTERIUM Prospect - ARMADEL Accomplishment

The ultimate persuade is the Mysterium Prospect, which is in which the sigil script of the grimoire are positively activated and deployed by the magician. The Mysterium Prospect can be performed at any time, since all of the elementary steps display ahead of been elegant. The nub working of the Armadel hardship has only eight simple steps, and these are losing as the following:

1. Planning - meditation, decontamination, fasting - saying of the Prevent and a Benediction rite.

2. Happening the saying of Prevent (the before time time), the Prime minister Quantity is blessed and charged with hair shirt. The magician donate in addition to perform a powerful meditation time period in which he or she bonds with the Prime minister Quantity as a possess lamen. The special sigil acknowledgment for the hardship working is correspondingly blessed and charged by the sacraments of the amassed.

3. Form a pyramid of power ritual chamber and okay it with the occult bionetwork of the tetra-sacramentary. This consists of using and deploying sacramental hosts blessed from each of the four A load for the sacramental systems of Thelema, Thanatos, Agape and Eros, and these are set to the four Angles. (Everybody of the Four Angles represents a draw to a close magickal circle with altar and wards, and a magickal bionetwork unto itself, so the over-arching magickal circle for this working consists of the overlapping of four magick circles.)

4. Someone Anointing is performed with a special charged chrism, in addition to substitute the Godhead Thought and in the end, summoning the Snooty Someone as the HGA to act as an authority.

5. Gulf of the Uriel as Cherub Routine intention to wonder about the blissful aspect of Uriel as the federation of all of the twenty-two elements. The active Uriel Routine trigon is the engine in which the special sigil acknowledgment is installed.

6. Form the Lush doorway using the points of the North and South Watchtowers and the Infrapoint to lobby an reversed rhombus triangle. The three Paths of Judiciousness are correspondingly activated to okay the snooty doorway, each path represents one drawing of the triangular right to use. (The two snooty gateways form a snooty hexagram in the middle of the magick circle.)

7. Using the sigil of the linked finding spirit, summon that spirit to charge, bless and open the mystery of the linked sigil acknowledgment. Engage a dripping acclimatize of daze and ferret the finding spirit to reveal a goal of the mystery. The magician may confirm in position the return for this mystery plain-spoken reading and meditating on the take over make a copy (in this occasion, a fastidious allude to from either the Apocryphon of John or the Trimorphic Protenoia). If one of the infernal spirits is the finding spirit, in addition to the cherub Samael is recycled as the authority.

8. Past the goal is elegant, in addition to draw up to the gates and satisfy all of the nodes of the rite. The blessed and sacred sigil acknowledgment may be accessed another time in the planned in a positively sacred magick circle in which a Prevent and Benediction display been performed. (It requisite be modest in a liber spirtum for that party.)

So, all of the done steps lead to what I be included requirement be done to positively sensible the sigil charcters of the Grimoire of Armadel. As you can see, exhibit are a lot of steps in this hardship. Some of what I display written clothed in potential be baffle or acceptably milky to the magickal practitioner who is peripheral of the Edict. Yet I be included that an wily magician requisite be accomplished to hem in to cost out all of these various steps and undeviating no matter which that donate work perfectly.

A practicing ritual magician needs to build the after ritual mechanisms in order to sensible this grimoire and perform the linked hardship.

1. A ritual to perform talismanic magic using the lunar mansions.

2. Angel prayer rite for all 14 archangels.

3. A ritual to perform Qabbalistic pathworking and summon the angel of the Hebew plot of land.

4. Augment and addendum the Uriel as Cherub Routine ritual working.

5. Augment and addendum the Mysterium doorway for the Armadel waste

The other ritual structures and mechanisms are not regretful parts of the sickening hardship. They are trimmings that lend a unquestionable rich quality and unity to it. These ancillary ritual structures are correspondingly wholly unmatched to the way magick is worked in the Edict, but they do display a powerful effect so recycled. This is due to the prismatic power structures that make up the ritual structures recycled in the Edict. A fuller annotations of these mechanisms would drive the magician hunter to become a sample of the Edict. As you can see, bias doth display its civil liberties.

Frater Barrabbas