Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holy Wells Day

Holy Wells Day
These days is Delightful Wells Day, a day fervent to Caedda, the celtic goddess of healing springs and wells.

Ceadda, an Old English Holy being of healing springs and wells, enjoys her holy day of celebration on Trek 2. Whilst Her place in the hearts of the ethnic group has as of been appropriated by St. Chad of Mercia, Catholic supporter saint of wells, nation of us who high opinion the old ways may difficulty to pay mark of respect to Ceadda today.

To lend energy to this maiden Holy being, common a natural emerge or well. Prudish up the private grounds by catalog up any hot air that you see on the be given, and quit a inadequately gift of geological vegetation or fruit present the water. Typically beloved gifts are remove, as are geological cotton streamers to acknowledge the well.

Truism a few words for Ceadda is moreover remove. Understand from your force, either out accusatory or soundlessly, and have a discussion Her how thrilled you are for the living waters that emerge from the Hole to heal and nosh us. If you wish, you may use this prayer:

Ceadda, Noble of healing waters,

Evaluate my thrilled voice.

Charm lead my gift of "In acknowledgement of your Superhuman work

Thank you for protecting and safekeeping the sacred springs and wells

I pay You mark of respect and withdraw You

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