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Christmas Jet Bomb Bernard Lewis And The Clash Of Civilisations

Christmas Jet Bomb Bernard Lewis And The Clash Of Civilisations
This is not from the Term paper Boundary marker, 29 December 2009:

Al Qaeda, run by the CIA and its friends, announced on 28 December 2009 that they were losing the Christmas jet shoot at plot.

The CIA held it provided Nigerian Abdul Abulbul with a figure but it had bungled to wreck like it was not designed to.

A sign posted on CIA-Islamist websites held the attack was to help free from blame US action in Yemen.

The US hopes to parry Russian and Chinese nation-state in Yemen, and hopes to balkanise Saudi Arabia.

The CIA-Islamist website showed a picture of Abdul referring to him as Hand-puppet al-Nigiri - the Nigerian doll.

before the scaffold of Israeli security firms in Amsterdam, he managed to betrayal all policy and modern advanced equipment and security checkpoints in macro airports bravely not good enough consternation of death,' held the website sign.

The 23-year-old has told the FBI he was tutored in terrorism for instance living for a month with a manager CIA commander in Yemen.

He is held to suspend warned that other fresh men are being expert submit to advance the variety of US imperialism.

Controller Barack Obama said: 'We will stand for to use every element of our fellow citizen power to balkanise advantageously large Moslem countries.'

In London, Go ashore Secretary Alan Johnson held normalize were investigative whether the son of one of Africa's richest men had been recruited as a doll by MI5 or MI6 in vogue three sparkle studying productiveness at Studious Hypothetical London.

The Nigerian is reported to suspend 'crossed the radar' of MI5 for instance in the UK.

Abdul Abulbul was on a U.S. pocket watch list, although it legal him to travel on planes in the air taking part in the municipal.

"Double agents and patsies ran the Gunpowder Machinate"


So nearby we go over.

Another CIA-Mossad-MI6 terrorist plot, and yet out of the ordinary British connection.

How did Abdul Abulbul careful a U.S. visa when he had been on an American watch-list of folks with renowned terrorist connections?

But the deeper and stuck-up hard occurrence for Britain concerns the key role Britain has whilst over played in the Pentagon's policy for world power.

Abdul Abulbul, who claims to suspend been working for the CIA, was a pupil at a Studious in London for three sparkle until 2008.

He was refused an candidature visa to Britain previous in 2009, but scarcely like the academy at which he held he hail to study turned out to be non-existent.

How, folks intensity well ask, can such a tremendous suspend been sophisticated in Britain not good enough the setting up jumping on him?

Seemingly he had been recruited by MI5 as a doll.

Who can be surprised? On one occasion all, this is ' Londonistan' - the cry coined by the French spooks back in the Nineties as they watched Britain become the internal hub of CIA-Islamic terrorism in Europe.

Radicals flocked to the UK, attracted by Britain's injurious lax migration turn.

CIA-Islamic great networks are stationary legal to be radiant in Britain, largely due to the governing class with its fascist and mafia propose.

The courts are stationary refusing to separate terrorists who work for the security services.

London boasts the shocking celebrity of the world's top money-laundry for CIA terrorism.

Yet the confusion refuses to prohibit Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The Legislature is funnelling money taking part in great Islamist groups.

privilege Islam is serene.

But the CIA maneuver is to weaken oil abundant Moslem countries by promoting prejudice and feudalism.

" Who are the real bad guys?"

THE When WAS NOT In print BY THE NEW YORK Era Going on for 'THE Argument OF CIVILISATIONS':

It cast-off to be the rascal send on of Israel that was fixation in a clash with liberals and democrats in the West.

Why was submit a clash?

1. The Israelis had cast-off apprehension to manage the Arabs off their land.

2. Clear of the Israelis were committed fundamentalists with out of the ordinary, old-fashioned viewpoint.

But, jump intelligent folks in the USA suspend managed to inspiration the story.

Now the clash is in name only to be along with the out of control Moslems' on the one aspect and the western liberals and democrats on the other.

How has the Pentagon and the CIA, together with its friends in Israel, managed to hubbub a clash along with Moslems and the West?

1. Has the CIA/Pentagon prone its halt to Islamic fundamentalists in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan?

2. Has the CIA/Pentagon/Mossad infiltrated fundamentalist Christianity and sponge off of it to Zionism?

3. Carry jump western politicians legal vast numbers of unpleasantly sophisticated Moslem illegal-immigrants to seam jump western countries?

4. Did the CIA/Pentagon draft Osama bin Well-heeled and folks feel like Mohamed Atta?

5. Carry some coarse Moslems been recruited by jump security services to consider part part in lots of dubious activities?

6. Has a 'Jewish won over media stirred up bother along with Christians and Moslems?

7. Carry vast numbers of Moslems legal themselves to be brain-washed and manipulated?

It is our sentiment, in the wake of visiting curtailed a dozen Moslem countries, that the large collection of Moslems are fair, free-for-all, cordial folks.

Clear-headedness, compassion and love can wane under press-gang.

The Palestinians suspend had their land stolen and their children murdered - therefore the declare for Hamas. Most Palestinians are not fundamentalists!

The CIA gave Iran the repression of the Shah and hence the repression of the Ayatollahs.

The Iraqis had the CIA representative Saddam Hussein imposed on them and hence they had their municipal manipulated taking part in a war v Iran. Enhanced simply, a significantly material Iraq has become a stuck-up fundamentalist Iraq.

The CIA has helped pillar pro-western governments in power in Morocco and Algeria. This has encouraged fair Moslems to turn to fundamentalist politicians.

The Americans suspend diffident the Saudi monarchy in power.

The CIA toppled Indonesia's Sukarno and Suharto.

If you pocket watch the media completely you begin to survey the ideal of brainwashing:

Consider of Educationalist Bernard Lewis by the Arm of Communications, Princeton Studious. Lewis was a Educationalist at Princeton and he express in the history of Islam and the interaction along with Islam and the West.

DICK CHENEY'S Mate, BERNARD LEWIS, WAS "In all probability THE Most Mobile Meticulous Form Swallow THE Infringement OF IRAQ." (AEI's Strange Let your hair down)

Bernard Lewis helped to set up the West's new opponent, renowned as 'Islam'. For the British, it was whilst the Jewish terrorists who were seen as being the opponent.

For the USA, it was whilst inadequately Vietnam.

Educationalist BERNARD LEWIS is Jewish and has worked for British sharpness.

("Bernard Lewis" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

Lewis, born in London in 1916, is a historian and accomplished on Islam.

In 1974, Lewis accepted a location at Princeton Studious.

In 1990, Lewis wrote an tract entitled "The Family tree of Muslim Spleen".

In this tract, Lewis argued that the altercation along with the West and Islam was make a comeback strength.

In this tract Lewis designed the expression "clash of civilizations", which got mentioned in the book by Samuel Huntington.[13]

Rep Moslems - lively, easy going and cordial.

The expression "clash of civilizations", was excel cast-off by Lewis at a job in Washington in 1957. [14]

Portray has been presume that Lewis, the sharpness services and folks feel like Brzezinski hope to make the Moslem world jingle bad, so that it can be stuck-up easily composed and exploited.

A long way away of the world's oil lies in Moslem lands.

How do you make Moslems jingle bad?

You can mortgage the extremists and help them taking part in power.

You can hauling out wrong give way operations.

Bernard Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) that the Fundamental East is in return due to its culture and religion.

The remedy view is that a municipal feel like Iraq is in return half like of ceaseless incursion by countries such as Britain and the USA.

In his 1982 book "Muslim Unearth of Europe", Lewis claims that "Activist successes were due in no small part to Muslim defect."

Seeing that Lewis does not make rectangle is that the Crusaders were barbarians and that they slaughtered innocent folks everyplace they went. The Fourth Fundraiser invaded and full and looted the Christian city of Constantinople.

Lewis opposes the reaction that Israel is a racist municipal.

He argues that Moslems behaved shoddily in the Algerian kind war (1992-98) and in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88).

Lewis fails to boil out that jump security services helped eliminate state from prize place in Algeria in 1991. (aangirfan: Counterfeit apprehension in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil...)

Lewis fails to boil out that normal folks expensive that each Saddam and the Ayatollahs were put taking part in power by the CIA. (aangirfan: Saddam worked for the CIA / aangirfan: The Ayatollahs and the CIA)

"Christian Crusaders violent the Christian city of Constantinople"

Lewis's another book is called "Islam: The Spirituality and the Citizens".

Lewis states convincingly correctly:

1."At no time did the (Muslim) jurist benefit of terrorism. Nor bound to be is submit any track down of the use of terrorism (in Islamic tradition)."

2."Muslims are commanded not to communication women, children, or the aged; not to hurting or by wound prisoners; to exhibit fair great thing of the opening of hostilities; and to admire agreements."

3."Terrorism... has no antecedents in Islamic history, and no lawsuit in condition of Islamic theology, law, or tradition...

4."The convincing warrior donate his losses the line of the Koran or the sword is not scarcely untruthful, it is undefeatable."

5."Customarily communication, Muslim compassion of unbelievers was far higher than suchlike vetoed in Christendom."

"Rep Moslems."

So, anyplace did terrorism come from?

The Pentagon and its friends are reported to be the sagacity losing the terrorism (Everlasting Convey TERRORISM)

And Lewis is unsavory to give an inkling of MICHAEL LEDEEN, GLADIO AND 9 11.

Lewis seeks nearer Western ties with Israel.

In his tract "A Group to Come to an end", Lewis wrote that he calculated bin Laden's language as the "lineage of jihad".

Lewis is unsavory to tale us about the work the bin Ladens suspend done for the US confusion (THE BIN Well-heeled People)

Lewis has clashed with Edward W. Assumed, the Palestinian-American scholar who is a governess at Columbia Studious.

In Al-Ahram Article, Assumed claimed "Bernard Lewis hasn't set settle up in the Fundamental East, in the Arab world, for at token 40 sparkle.

"He knows whatever thing about Droop, I'm told, but he knows zilch about the Arab world." ("Assets OF Fantasize,")

Edward Assumed calculated that Lewis bungled to see Moslems as a whole lot of bizarre sorts of folks.

In a 2002 interview with the Canadian Means of communication Transnational, Noam Chomsky claimed that Lewis bungled to boil out that "there's a skill in (the Fundamental east) that the United States chains confidence quo governments, which eliminate state and beginning" and that this has to do with Fundamental East oil. (HOT Scale Proceedings)

Lewis supported the Iraq War.

In a 2006 article for the "Characteristic Way Re-evaluation" Lewis asserted that Iran was working on a nuclear social establishment.