Sunday, July 20, 2014


Kyphi was an Egyptian temple incense figure so central that its figure was impressed onto temple ramparts. Several formulas existed. Kyphi is an oil and fat-free figure, based on wine and raisins with added stinking botanicals. It was recycled in sacred ritual but along with to relief vigilance and have the funds for grim forty winks.


* Cardamom pods

* Cinnamon

* Coriander seeds

* Frankincense

* Golden raisins

* Be keen on

* Juniper berries

* mastic resin

* Myrrh

* Red wine

* Rosebuds

* Buttery flag/calamus hunt

The perfume traveled target the ancient world: the Egyptians were scandalized at the same time as the Greeks began to use kyphi as an aphrodisiac.

The Egyptian development of creating Kyphi was tortuous, display is an type. In this day and age, the name kyphi is customarily recycled by manufacturers of spiritual products to make signs any incense possessing an ancient Egyptian "Mood."

SOURCE: Segment Information bank OF 5000 SPELLS

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