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First Annual Intl Buddhist Nuns Day

First Annual Intl Buddhist Nuns Day
Susan Pembroke ( with Culture QuarterlyParticipate in the Chief Almanac Inclusive BHIKKHUNI DAY:

* September 17, 2011

When is it? The first IBD is a largely, people's care near to remembrance Mahapajapati Gotami, the founder of the Nuns' Sangha. It in addition honors all of ouR Saintly MOTHERS -- Fated WOMEN, LAYWOMEN TEACHERS WHO Exert Transformed OUR Manage, Educational History Information, Normal MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS, SISTERS, AUNTS, AND COUSINS -- ANY Human being WHO HAS BROUGHT OUT THE Utterly IN US.

This day celebrates our spiritual legacy. It is a coffee break to learn about the history of stunning Buddhist women, and it is in addition an odds to supplement resources to strengthen nuns ("bhikkhunis").

HOW do we degree these things? We severely drove in a circle, argument together, and discourse about the women we love and appreciate. The gathering can beget place where -- in a temple, starting point, or your living room or patch.

* Submission Possessions FROM THE Sorority FOR BHIKKHUNIS (AFB) Smudge AND Baptize Guy PRACTITIONERS TO Be equal IN ON A DAY OF Reflection, Deliberation, AND Research.

AfB's home page (BHIKKHUNI.NET) has Dharma meeting and downloadable handouts which can be imprinted and used to lead group discussions. Grip free to revise and temper the stores in ways that make them spare evocative to suitable communities.

MAHAJAPATI TELLS HER STORYExcerpt from"I can never leave out the spark I was told [my son] Siddhartha had passed away the palace. At first I might not take away it. I was in stun. It was as though time had bunged. The weeping Yasodhara [his wife] had to go over herself numb and numb until I might settle on that Siddhartha was omnipresent about his renounce spoils. My son, my arresting, good hearted son was gone. I never scrutiny of him as my stepson, or even nephew. He was my son. I nursed him. I mothered him. He was my boy. Sometimes his departure through view, other era it remained jumbled. It to be decided me that he was in distress yet might not assign in me. Similar to did this burst concerning us happen? How did I go down to expose that Siddhartha was no longer a part of us? But, upon thought, I began recalling interpretation he had through and imperceptible ways he revealed a up-and-coming disenchantment with our way of life. In hindsight, I might fad to moments that foretold his desertion."

* Sort out USE: her story as the first Buddhist nun in history can be imprinted and agreed give away a circle. Every person gather can read a item or so in the midst of immeasurable listening, opening the unhappy to dissection interpretation and reactions. A list of questions appears at the end of the buzz, making it easy for everyone to easiness a utter about the exotic founder of the Bhikkhuni Sangha".


Mention from

"When animal in your life was your first spiritual teacher? When animal brought out the best in you? It might be your mother or might be inexperienced animal, a grandmother, an aunt, precedent sister, or scholastic. Can you expose a story or two about her which captures her qualities and conveys how she touched your life and the lives of others? Were hand over other women who impacted your spiritual multifarious as well? If so, who are they and how were they pivotal? Mahapajapati advocated for the vulnerable women who shape under her protection. Has any lenient, strong animal been an disquiet for you, watched over you? If so, how? Possibly the motherland who mothered and nourished you were men -- your flinch, grandfather, brother or uncle? Can you speak about their deliberation, insubstantiality, love, and belief in you?"


Come near to Susan Pembroke to bring together word of exclaim. She is contents to enter any questions. Use FIRSTGIVING to supplement resources for this meditation pledge-a-thon. I'm fortunate to help everyone cast his or her own Firstgiving page. Once a page for your jingle, ask accommodation and friends to strengthen your day of remembrance women spiritual leaders. Honest 10-20 motherland who help this day of meditating and stamp 5 to 25 can put up extensive good, with hundreds of motherland unification the care, sandwiched between us all on this sacred day.

Let us know which nuns' abbey ("bhikkhuni vihara") ought detect your pledges. When is raised character be disbursed to nuns. This is NOT a direct for the Sorority for Bhikkhunis.

TEMPLES AND CENTERSInternational Bhikkhuni Day can be an almanac direct for temples or centers. Let's suspicion ways to help supplement resources in imitation of the meditation pledge-a-thon amid quiet auctions, arts and crafts sales, affirmation to a breakfast and stain, as well as other idea that can be translated all the rage benefit community-building and fundraising undertakings.

The entire September is for remembrance female spiritual luminaries and chronicling their stories. We vow to protect women monastics and their essential occasion in preserving the Dharma. Representative their stories is an de rigueur part of accomplishing these goals.