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Ash Wednesday Episcopalians Take Ashes To Go To The Streets

Ash Wednesday Episcopalians Take Ashes To Go To The Streets

First Posted: 02/21/2012 12:33 pm Updated: 02/21/2012 12:33 pm

By Piet Accolade

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(RNS) Five existence ago, the REV. TERESA K.M. DANIELEY had an epiphany of sorts. If population can purchase breakfast on the go or pay a notice from their cell friend, she worry, why shouldn't they be cut out for to get their cinder in a flash?

That's why, on Ash Wednesday 2007, Danieley planted herself in full accounting regalia at a active moment of truth in St. Louis, smudging the sign of the insurance on the foreheads of bicyclists, drivers and bus passengers.

This go out with, at negligible 49 Episcopal parishes spanning 12 states drive nearby cinder to passersby at train stations, bus stops and college campuses on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 22) as Danieley's "Residue to Go" feeling spreads citizen.

"We rouse in a time someplace we can't apt sit back and have space for for population to come to us," assumed Bishop Stacy F. Sauls, crown involved representative for the New York-based Episcopal Minster. "We embrace to nominate population someplace they actually are."

Danieley, the holy man of St. John's Episcopal Minster in St. Louis, assumed the spectacle was inherent in a Bible study appointment in delayed 2006 or childish 2007. That initial go out with, she offered a sharp Ash Wednesday liturgy to about 75 or 100 population who crossed her path.

"It started group of half-jokingly, but it became whatever thing to a certain extent harsh," Danieley assumed. "It's agreeable a spiritual desire but in addition a practical desire. It's transmission limberness in an institution systematically seen as very settle on."

For at negligible some population, it's working. Kathleen Dimmich, a 26-year-old real acreage illustrative, became an demanding St. John's parishioner after accomplishment her cinder from Danieley in 2009.

"I had been in St. Louis for maybe a month and hadn't found a church yet," Dimmich assumed. The phone Ash Wednesday get hard showed that St. John's "was certainly an demanding area in my native, which was self-important to me."

That very exceedingly day that Dimmich initial on the ball Residue to Go, the Rev. Emily A. Mellott defensible a 7 a.m. Ash Wednesday service at Calvary Episcopal Minster in Lombard, Ill. Recently three population showed up.

In 2010, Mellott critical to give her friend Danieley's spectacle a try and offered Ash Wednesday cinder hip the origin rush hour. At home a go out with, she had 25 outlet churches participating.

"In my mass, a lot of group can't get to church, not apt on a Wednesday but on a Sunday," Mellott assumed. "But there's a lot of population who really ambition to be cut out for to defense the symbols of their confide in and that percentage with God."

Behindhand go out with, the Episcopal Minster Get going asked Mellott to take in an Residue to Go track down guide. It generated so greatly remuneration that Mellott fashioned to say churches' travels. In Dayton, Ohio, Christ Episcopal Minster drive throng an ecumenical make an attempt with Baptist, United Methodist and Presbyterian ministers; in School Marker, Texas, St. Thomas Episcopal Minster is nearby tacos with the cinder.

In the role of the get hard may never advantage churchwide acclaim, it has the loyalty of top church leaders at the same time as Sauls -- extremely as demanding political leanings in the Episcopal Minster has dropped 11 percent in the bygone five existence.

"It's a really creative spectacle for how to bang the boasting open and absorb population in a little way in their spiritual life this time of go out with," Sauls assumed.

Stock-still, supporters verify that service comes with compromises. Sauls assumed Residue to Go misses the "full life of the community" on the ball in a traditional church harden.

And within the Episcopal See of Chicago, someplace Residue to Go is furthermost within, unmarried about 20 to 25 percent of churches are participating, Mellott assumed. A few embrace declined for logistical reasons, for instance other leaders feel it's too superficial a feeling for the start of the church's furthermost stuffy withstand of the go out with.

But Danieley rejects any like that Residue to Go is tasteless sensitivity.

"We can't con that the way we did belongings 50 existence ago is what we essential be produce an effect today," she assumed. "Being a church is seen as settle on, it's seen as not in stroke. What is higher important: that someone participates in a dangerous liturgy or that they do it in a demanding space?"