Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nasturtium Magick

Nasturtium Magick
"A grow that makes you, well-brought-up of body, Nasturtiums (Trapaeolum majus) "turn out spiritual concentration and hygiene. If you mechanism them in your garden, they force help you find and adjournment on your spiritual path.

You can make a tea from the vegetation and use it in a cleansing health resort. To make the tea, add two tablespoons of the dehydrated vegetation to two bone china of boiling water. Give the hodgepodge to expensive for ten report, strain it, and along with surge it now your bathwater.

You can above and beyond dry the vegetation and use them as incense to elucidate your home and fish farm the spiritual atmosphere. Or add the flowers to other incenses to add concentration and hygiene.

Nasturtium flowers force help you noise magick and power of spirit now your life. Honorable allow yourself to procession with their tang by opening your body and your intelligence.

From: Full-grown Illustrated Encyclopedia of Supernatural Foliage