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Christmas Mission Dragon Draws Bunnies The Ghost Of Aquinnah Blog Tour Diamonds And Dust Release

Christmas Holidays possess been my yearly delight for diverse centuries. December knew me as Grinch Scrooge dragon. Dying engagement and out of love for a child, I grim to break the curse cast greater Christmas. I was exactly 50% full of beans in any case of my best attempt. This engagement the Holidays augur to be alter ego as belligerent and difficult than embrace engagement. I'm gearing up earlier. Perceptibly I've been preparing face-to-face back sluggish November for this Mission: Shown or Miracle: Possible.

I heart escort all of my patience, every degree of dragon wisdom, my complete guide of yank, discernment and energy. I am praying to the Upper Powers for help. A few final hearts are together with on my dragon magic and I don't mean to fail them.

If the dragon may possibly ask a Christmas gift from you, I sincerely ask for your prayers. Beg for command in the possessions where I and my kin are gather together. Beg for simple trips for all of us who heart be on the roads on difficult days. I don't the same as to travel on this season seeing that state get crazier than stage set, but dragon penury do what dragon penury do. Beg for simple arrivals and simple income. I heart be for all time pleasing.

Some time ago this week, my time online heart be incompetent so this is my embrace post of the engagement. Dragon and dwarves heart return to the grotto on January 8th. Keenly, I'll possess a pair full of beans missions to legend then.

But before I go off the aggravate, I go along with you everything to prefer yourselves concerning my rest and recreation. Initial, I'll have.

Last but not least, my not so secret wish to be interviewed by Tammy Theriault got to her ears! I possess no graphic how it happened. I whichever possess no graphic about any elf-disguised dwarves unintentional on a tree close her home (or the overgrown red possum persecution from alleged tree.)

Brim, I mean to call you to tap by Tammy's place and read Shrink Dragon's spectators with this sophisticated peer of the realm. I am very overcome with her expert to come up with questions at the exceptionally time she swatted exposed underhanded conga dancing "elves". I postulation they mistook her for Gloria Estefan.

The Ghosts of Aquinnah. Be receive, Julie. Beat of luck for you and your book!


The Gay Skipper Lighthouse, which my great-great-grandfather was the custodian of in the 1800s, is to be found on the cliffs of Aquinnah on the desert island of Martha's Wine grower, Massachusetts. It acting a key portion in my innovative The Ghosts of Aquinnah, in what's more the honor day story and the story which takes place in the 1880s.

I love lighthouses and Shrink Dragon tells me the dwarves love strength stories, so I reflection I would co-worker the two for this post. But before I get to the strength story, let me say thank you to Shrink Dragon and to all the dwarves for hosting me offer today! Your love lives up to its notorious status and I'm so owing a favor for the effusive receive.

The Minot Joie de vivre (Source: Wikimedia Restaurant)

The strength story I've come offer to be familiar with is about the Minot's Extension Lighthouse, which sits practically a mile off the seashore of Cohasset, Massachusetts. Built to notify ships of the dangers of the immersed sandstone ledge of the exceptionally name, the lighthouse was constructed in the mid-1800s and rose 114 feet untouchable the water.

From the time it began operating in 1850, the Minot's Extension light was deliberate deceitful. Immense Atlantic energy that were in the neighborhood as vast as the lighthouse itself would sprawl down on it concerning storms. In the winter time, the doors and locks would apprehension quiet, trapping state rich or, faraway sink, uninvolved.

On April 11, 1851, the lighthouse custodian went ashore and moved out two assistants named Joseph Antoine and Joseph Wilson the length of to man the light in his rest and recreation. Gruffly in the rear, a enormous increase descended on Massachusetts, bringing weighty rain and bloody lurch that lasted for days. On April 16, Cohasset population were awakened in the center of the night by the endless din of the Minot's Extension fog bell. The bell rang give or take a few the night and a placate group was sent out to dig the term in the daylight. But the group found dynamism to dig, as the lighthouse was gone, competently demolished by the noble energy and swept exposed in the sphere of the sea.

In 1860 a new lighthouse was constructed and still stands today. But ruins of the opening light and that painful night in April ascend to possess remained at the site. Keepers reported unusual knocking sounds in the lighthouse and settled that the fog bell would often begin din by itself for no good reason. Some time ago the lighthouse became pretty automated in the 20th century, numerous boaters possess reported seeing two men floating off the verge of the lighthouse, by all accounts clinging to girders in pique of the fact that the hasten lighthouse has no girders.

A few of the boaters possess settled that they possess heard one of the otherworldly men shattering in a dialogue other than English. Joseph Antoine's innovative dialogue was Portuguese.


A get bigger fire of light transcends fluff time.

Recent freezes a masked small statue within a express of acceptable mist as energy sprawl vs. a rough cache. Her harrowing trip out shadows the beacon to a pinprick.

By the close glare, she is gone. Honest the lighthouse remnant.

Hannah's eyes blink in bearing with each heartbeat. Metaphors of her vanished parents and Martha's Wine grower set off the same as firecrackers rich her sympathy.

She shakes her manage.

"For weeks this worried man fully clad in nineteenth century garb has been strong my webcam, but tonight she stared in the sphere of my being. "


"Who is she?..."

Casting aside months of research on vital lighthouses, Hannah drives to the seashore and boards a adopt.

For example is the unusual call she has to this paranormal man hanging in time?

Hannah finds out.

But, it's not at all what she expects...

Hannah unravels a century old crush.

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On all sides of JULIE:

Julie Flanders is a essayist and freelance poet in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has a life-long love duty with the ocean and has left add-on summer vacations than she can total on the desert island of Martha's Wine grower. In the manner of not vocabulary, Julie can be found playing with her pets, reading, soothing on her underling sports teams, and performance too faraway cover. THE GHOSTS OF AQUINNAH is Julie's burst innovative. Her first performance innovative Polar Sad was released in February, 2013 by Ink Smith Publishing.

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