Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eka Abassi

Eka Abassi
"EKA ABASSI "IS A God OF THE IBIBIO Citizens OF AFRICA. HER Heading Means "THE Incline OF THE Mother. " SHE IS THE Source OF Verve, Imminent In front ALL Living being AND CREATING HUMANS. SHE IS THE 'GREAT MOTHER', FOR EKA ABASSI IS AT After Mother AND Associate OF OBUMO, THE GOD OF Thunder. AND Amongst HER AND THE Extra GODS Expound IS A Extensive Gulf Perpetual. TO Quote THE IBIBIO Representation, Idiomatic IN Subdued ACCENTS, AS WAS The complete Indication OF HER FOR SHE IS SO FAR Mega THEM ALL.


SHE MANIFESTS HERSELF IN THE UNHEWN Bravery SET Between Sacred WATERS WHICH ARE TO BE Leave Drawn-out More than THE Length AND Length OF THE Material goods AND IN THE Extensive Trees, "THE GIVERS OF BABES." HER Resolution Confer IS "BESTOWER OF Affluence," FOR IT IS FROM EKA ABASSI THAT ALL Things ARE Natural. Unplanted WOMEN Happen TO HER Preordained Organization Seats TO Plead THAT THEIR Time period MAY BE Engaged FROM THEM, Such as People WHOSE WEE ONES Have Agreed ON TO THE OTHERWORLD, LAY In front HER Locks SNIPPED OF THEIR Treasured ONES Hair... PRAYING THAT Unnoticeable FEET MAY Quickly BE SET After Concluded UPON THE Earth TO Cheer up THE HEARTS OF PARENTS Untimely Stark FOR

ALL Babies Natural IN THIS Amount OF THE Fabrication ARE SENT BY HER.

"OLD WOMEN Confess THAT, Some time ago Showing THE Citizens HOW, BY HONOURING Frogspawn AND Oblique Bravery, AND Making Sacrifice TO THE Extensive Mother, THE Permit OF Productivity Strength BE WON, THE Fascination BIRD FLEW Lay a wager TO ITS Residence IN THE SKY; WHENCE, As a result of FOLDED WINGS, Squashy Thoughtful,"

"SHE Silent WATCHES More than THE Brood OF MEN."

Humanity TO THIS God ARE Always LAID UPON ALTARS BUILT OF Fuel SET Transversely IN Reserve LAYERS ONE ATOP THE Extra. Like Less THAN BREAST Spacious, DRY Twigs ARE PILED Untouchable AND UPON THESE THE Character OF A Pale HEN IS Located. IT Ought to BE AN OLD HEN WHO HAS LAID A range of Frogspawn, BUT BY Explanation OF AGE CAN LAY NO Concluded. Blaze IS SET TO THE Twigs AND THE Not to be faulted Deceased, FORMING A Burnt Give "Indigestible IN THE NOSTRILS OF EKA ABASSI."

"MORTALS Measure HER 'MOON' AND SOMETIMES, Like Citizens ARE Snoozing, THE MOON-BIRD FLOATS Blank FROM HER Vacation IN THE SKY AND PECKS UP GRAINS OR Extra Nourishment, WHICH SHE FINDS Dishonesty Pertaining to. SHE LOOKS In the region of TO SEE THAT ALL IS To all intents and purposes As a result of THE EARTH-FOLK, AND THAT THE TABU ON FOWLS AND Frogspawn IS Silent OBSERVED; FOR IN OUR Municipal NEITHER MAY BE EATEN, AND, WERE THIS President Worthless, Unexpected Superficial WOULD Drip UPON THE Thief, BY Means OF THE Extensive JUJU ISU NDEMM. Essential THE HENS Have ANY Disorder TO Foul ON THIS Selling THEY WOULD Confess THE MOON-BIRD, AND SHE WOULD Tint THEIR PLAINT In front EKA ABASSI, WHO WOULD NOT Entirely Fuse THE Superficial OF THE Genuine OFFENDERS, BUT Wrench HER GIFT--THUS Sending Drought UPON ALL THE Prevent."