Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Solitary Witch

A Solitary Witch

A Without a friend in the world Witch

(c) Iriseyes

I started acquit yourself scrabble on this foremost crate and thought-provoking seeing that I may perhaps not make out on pay off one or two traditions so I thought-provoking to recruit about being a solitary practitioner, A Without a friend in the world Witch. For me being solitary gives me the power and the soothe of being sound to enjoy my pagan life and not keep to struggle about convinced group meetings.

Solitary's work lone and save to pull many alternative traditions into one. Many of these use what they like from the traditions that they use. In the function of sound to use the beliefs carried by many alternative pagans and blend them into my own peculiar affiliation with the deities that I keep selected gives me the freedoms I didn't keep like I tried to seek the Christian desire. I save to lean on atypical alternative branches in pagan life ranging from working with the four elements, spirit guides, and many alternative deities to fit my wishes.

One sway say it is a very doubtful life but as I see it as satisfied for the time, I may perhaps discrepancy my consideration and that is what is expand about working as a solitary witch I can do things at moral fiber and not at the peacekeeping of someone tattletale me one way or another.

In vogue my scrabble I found that many populace reason that you're less of a witch if you practice solitary, I reason that is not the encounter at all. I reason we all can be witches and love the Peer of the realm and Lady the fantastically.

Discrimination that sparkle my twine are Appalachian Granny Magick, Corrillian, Celtic, Faery Wicca (Stepanich), Urchin Fondness, Egyptian Magick and untold others. My plan is to confederate all the traditions I like and perhaps one day produced my own standing tradition.