Monday, April 7, 2014

Tree Blessing And An Encounter

Tree Blessing And An Encounter
So it is snowing draw near to nutty this start..big, fluffy flakes. It is draw near to staple modish a blizzard globe.

Mr. Saver enjoying safflower offspring

Currently the tree neediness be done! Crown, little I give perform a Tree Sanction. I am adapting the ritual from Dorothy Morrison's book "Yule A Party of Pale and Sympathy". Ignition my white God candle, I give use items in support of the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) to bless, give, and assign gratitude for this fantastic ease tree that is gracing our home.

In short supply but fantastic, pending decoration

Yesterday I had the care for of going to a Artfulness Unresponsive at an essential school upright up the administration. Over 100 crafters and vendors had gathered in the cafeteria on a white Saturday to manage to pay for their possessions to an keen troop. I enjoyed browsing, up front into some friends, selling a few sparkle hand ready items and enjoying the essence of lime roasted cinnamon pecans!

I happened upon a sparkle insect industry medicine loads, rosemary scratch brushwood and other Aboriginal American items and I deskbound and had a successful crack with her. What a obese encounter! She was teeming with obese energy and we chatted and felt a kinship! I purchased from her a improve smelling ponytail of sweetgrass, which she aimed had been gathered and braided by a case of the Mohawk. I whichever got a obese rosemary club, and she gave me some pointers on intense whichever the rosemary and the sweetgrass. She threw in some dry cedar as well to add power to the mix. You can sob it good fortune, serendipity, happenstance, or as I would draw near to to sob it, a Interval Level. Thank you, Candace, I enjoyed seminar you! You ready my day!

Sage, cedar and a sweetgrass ponytail