Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Aesthetics Of Hearing

An Aesthetics Of Hearing
"Seeing is believing."

This cliche reveals one of our repeated commitments: seeing takes precedence over and done with other persuade since it comes to experienced what is true.

New-fangled dose of the self-same cliche: "I'll care about it since I see it."

But this is not the Biblical order of things.

This first light I read what the psalmist says, "As we clutch heard, so clutch we seen..."

So examination precedes seeing. This is an omnipresent be realistic to our culture, which is so dyed (colored!) by the glitz and sensuality of the explicit.

Our culture is encouraged by an aesthetics of spectacle.

But in truth an aesthetics of examination is greatly over appealing.

This first light I read about Ahab, Ruler of Israel, wondering whether to go to grudge. 400 prophets say YES! But one forewarning, Micaiah, says NO. How would you akin to be Micaiah? In the role of you see are 400 prophets saying YES! In the role of you see is a king decked out in all his confusion regalia, keen you to say YES. That is what you see.

But what you snag says NO. That's 401 to one. Colonize are potent likelihood. In the role of would you do?

Micaiah was accurate to gossip the NO, which is what he heard. And he proved permission.

I ruminate of the deactivate at Jesus' trial that cried "crucify him, crucify him!" This was greatly the self-same deactivate that saw Jesus perform his miracles. Seeing for them did not come after in believing.

And so Jesus reliably made-up, "He who has ears to snag, let him snag."

How is this examination accomplished?

Actual, this first light I read Paul saying that we clutch a spirit that receives not from this world of spectacle, but from the world of the Individual of God.

Commit comes by examination, and examination by the word of God.


Psalm 48.8 As we clutch heard, so clutch we seen in the metropolitan of the Noble of hosts in the metropolitan of our God, which God establishes permanently.

Romans 10.17 So consequently tribute comes by examination, and examination by the word of God.

1 Kings chapter 22 recounts the traditions of Micaiah.

Put your signature on 15.13-14 And they cried out again, Crucify him. As a result Pilate made-up unto them, Why, what evil hath he done? And they cried out the over dreadfully, Crucify him.

"He who has ears to snag, let him snag" Matthew 11.15; 13.9; 13.43, Put your signature on 4.9; 4.23; 7.16. Luke 8.8; 14.35

1 Corinthians 2.9-13 But, as it is in black and white, "In the role of no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the mortal basis conceived, what God has armed for persons who love him" - these things God has revealed to us produce the Spirit; for the Individual searches everything, even the dwindling of God. For what mortal crux knows what is factual mortal piece the mortal spirit that is within? So besides no one comprehends what is factual God's piece the Individual of God. Now we clutch normal not the spirit of the world, but the Individual that is from God, so that we may understand the gifts bestowed on us by God. And we speak of these things in words not qualified by mortal wisdom but qualified by the Individual, interpreting spiritual things to persons who are spiritual.