Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things Counting Blessings

A Few Of My Favorite Things Counting Blessings

I'm home in Pennsylvania for three weeks, for the direct time this summer. The crack of dawn at the rear I got popular, I woke up to a freight of chock-a-block nature on top of me everyplace I had fallen deadened on the futon and, on a post-it note (it was the direct words, doubtless), this:

I envisage it's enjoyable to say that this note and the way of behaving keystone it was one of my favorite clothing. I found it over this crack of dawn and coiled up in the sticks with my sunburned until that time all and sundry to boot was up and disturbance about it, and about life, and realized that as I don't envisage I've felt fixed to a place until that time, Boston and Say-so Moot have whichever become home, as in very divergent ways, Say-so Moot by means of eight existence and Boston by means of the earlier three. There are a few improved of my favorite clothing from whichever sitting room, rupture by 500 miles:

Subdued Boston thunderstorms establish in the sticks my open plot, from enjoyable under my loft with my Legos and my books. Having a boyfriend who likes Legos and science fiction as far away as I do. The bonbon and hot fasten "E. coli" tableware my 7.02 (Sample Biology and Dialogue) TA Regina C. '14 completed our bay in lab two semesters ago (at corporation).

The cologne of Cambridge in the early fall--rain, cuisine, the relationship of dead mornings, boxes, and the exact smells concluded freshman orientation. A clean, money-making black-and-white allude to in a paper, and extreme specialist circle. Attainment an email and it's a censure on a blog post.

Calligraphy helpless in a stretched caf or bar. Walking until I get lost and recognition for my part in the Boston Town Gardens. Fog on the Charles River at birth. Sail the Harvard conduit inwards Cambridge, MIT rising in the interim, and fancy the lengthy twist blowing off the Charles. Vivid voices trailing up to my room from the native rank buildings in the function of I p-set, and the knowledge that 92 of my best friends are establish addition my open door.

Having an 11-year-old brother who appreciates my item of joke and sneakily stays up reading Motor Way adoration I hand-me-down to farm up reading Lois Duncan. The omelet my grandmother completed me yesterday, with cucumber slices and currency decorous roughly it adoration brightness of ray of sunlight.

Clean crockery hot from the dishwasher. Ten proceedings of shavasana at the rear an hour of power yoga. The cologne of thirsty sunburned spilled on the radiator. The end of a good science fiction story, resurfacing days at the rear I read it.

Biking adjacent to Copy Stream and the relationship of hugging my cutter until that time a tempo, the bay at liberty roughly my arms adoration they're rocks on a riverbed. The relationship of my dad teaching me how to exhort get trapped in assign four summers ago, in my pick-up motor vehicle on a two-lane boulevard, the sunset diffusing low rows of bump. The view of the stars far from metropolitan.

Investigate a book in the function of Max plays saxophone, the windows treacherous so we don't cash the neighbors. The way my mom playing Bouree in E Lessen on the guitar seems to join every era of my life, creating a item of continuity no question mark what to boot seems to hitch. Candlelit dinners with the increase door open, the pokerfaced night glide and the properly of crickets, and the self-possessed, windswept night. Biking at sunset with my dad and my brother, active clean pokerfaced air inwards what feels adoration every shove of my lungs, fireflies revolution from the grass adoration spotless.

"My mom and my brother and me about five existence ago, in November 2008, taking into consideration I was 16 and Max was six, photographed seemingly by my grandfather."