Monday, April 21, 2014

Buried Treasure Thailand Revisited

Buried Treasure Thailand Revisited
this week at The Separate Call, Seth has re-introduced an moist and fun blog accessory called Mystifying Profit. we are provoked to dig up an old blog post and re-post it anew on our blogs... what a fun way to helix an old post unorthodox destiny in the light!

so dowry is my Mystifying Profit - my trip to Thailand and the vast art that Thai humanity make!

yes! i'm back :) i had a peculiar vast work trip to bangkok. amidst the "work" i procedure to eat a lot (style of a get bigger crowd who we met stage :), see a trouble of chairs, do a tinzy winzy bit of shopping and summary some vast pictures :))

temples... were peculiar vast... their beauty is awe-inspiring!

wat po ("wat" meaning temple) - this is a temple that has also thai and chinese influences. this is furthermore wherever the put up the shutters masseurs come to learn their craft, as the temple houses one of the oldest handle hub and school.

wat po is victorious under the sun!

thai design and architecture is a work of art.

chinese massive deity stands as armor to the doors.

fair watch at the castle in the sky architecture!

ok... that's me difficult to be creative with the camera :p... subjugated from bottom a bonsai tree.

the handle school ">sunset temple - located fair by the chao praya cascade, a virtuous place for twilight walks.

evening temple @ evening :)

one of the fortifications of the temple

evening temple in night light... honest magical!

food! victorious food!

our crowd fed us really well!

put up the shutters arts ">these i love :)) and they were inexpensive!

imaginary paintings

@ jak to jat weekend persuade somebody to buy

chopsticks with an dais :)

handmade jewels.

monks and deities - i dunno what these china doll are completed off, but they watch splendidly real!

antiques anyone?

steampunk awesomeness!

reclaim art

handcarved wooden buddhas

all in all... this was somewhat an vast trip, tho i wish i had exceptional time to do shopping :) enormously strength go back to Bangkok real in a straight line. afterall, it's solely a 2-hour rout from Kuala Lumpur :)

entries are steady open til Saturday. if you yearning to tease in Mystifying Profit, please go accompany Seth at The Separate Call and division him a transmit :)