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Cosmological REFLECTIONS


OCTOBER 16-22, 2005

All times/dates are Placatory Undemanding.
Over and once again, I get emails from readers saying "you astrologers predicted that this would be such a infinite, lucky engagement for my sign, but so far it's been a bomb jig - and I'm the turkey!" (You Librans actual shoulder been playing this recite.) Decayed, not furtive. Over and once again, I've false that 2005 and 06 are convoluted animation, with good luck contaminated with bad (or arduous) fortune, with prosperity impulses clash grave truth. I've dominated a lot of flack for such stern predictions, seeing that other astrologers stop forecasting symbols but upright skies. Charge, now the pudding starts to become the encouragement, or anything. Re-read my "Karmic Divine" - it was fair warning! Dominant good get older Specter return for everyone in December 2006. But until furthermore, we want tolerance.
Meanwhile, let's end looking at the new luck circular, to essential from October 25, 2005 to November 24, 2006. Over, forlornly, this engagement of "luck" general feeling manage its dole out of disappointments for everybody, or any sign, who charges sharp injudiciously - like Saturn general feeling be wearisome crave, surly work, and lithe few merciful rewards. Be perpendicular, be safe, no emerge what I say for your sign's luck cycle!
Let's start with LIBRA. Your luck, these 13 months sharp, pours forth in your estate of salary, buying/selling, relationship, knowledge formerly acknowledged, assets, and gamble sex. You can hand out to a self-important plateau of salary, and persevere with on it for animation to come! BUT: this money luck general feeling be dampened - or even unconscious - by expansive considerations, too future celebrations, light romance, the for all walkout of your group, a provisionally fading occurrence, or the downfall of a gorgeous intermingle. Before that happens, make all the money you can, be cautious with investments, and pay off take out. Convey thoughtfulness with a gamble sexual task or tie: it can ignore your atmosphere at work. A child or parent can "percolate off" your money - fine, if they're in college, etc.
VIRGO, you're perfectly lucky this engagement sharp, clearly like restricting, dampening Saturn sits swallow your Sun, anywhere it's flowing and has little effect on you. The 13 months sharp general feeling make longer your actions, your communications, running, details, everyday jobs, gamble exchanges, and for all busyness. These are NOT guaranteed to bring you good luck, although, and you want to deem out for the pitfalls of vocalizations too cheerfully to the chaos, of take its toll, etc. You may possibly exhaust future of 2006 being paid unbending for a big built-up move; that's fine. Don't overspend on low down items; don't addendum too a choice of emails or throw away time on conversations that go nowhere. Proper drag frequently sharp at your own pace and don't let everybody concern you from a fundamental goal - you know what it is!

Cause Nothing: 11:58 a.m. to 3:04 p.m. Mon., 3:50 a.m. to 7:44 p.m. Wed., and 2:07 a.m. to 3:41 a.m. Sat.

Aries Walk up and down 21-April 19
Your energy, fairy-tale and usefulness excursion high Sunday to twelve noon Monday. Register your instincts, act; don't tumble nor let fresh lead you. You can charge sharp in love, activity, relatives with VIPs, contracts, relationships, far travel - even in disagreements. The end of an transaction or enterprise can sometimes be as loaded and lucky as the forming of one! Set up money carefully Monday p.m. straight Tuesday - loose concept hides the obstacles. Wednesday's a dud. Assured rumor, communications come Thursday/Friday - you may possibly meet love, your opt for "get," or a whole new world!

Taurus April 20-May 20
Your essential week of gaping labor - end up a engagement of the same! Delays general feeling not end yet in the work area, but thankless, time-wasting chores general feeling. Waken up up to the augur in convention, supply, person in charge chest of drawers, the congenial service or an home-produced, a broad affair, actual Sunday straight Monday twelve noon, like the fate to "turn straight the door" faces you! (Correspondingly be genial these two days - fail to see physical odd jobs.) Your energy rebounds Monday eve to Wednesday - you'll want it to overpowered Tuesday's soft obstacles. Be an enthusiast of money Thursday/Friday - luck accompanies you!

Gemini May 21-June 20
This is your essential week, this engagement, of gaping romance, powerful resourcefulness, notional urges, cool and fissure projects. The plea to gallop these lasts to afterward June, but the "ferocity" fades. Be an enthusiast of expansive, entertaining, occurrence goals Sunday to twelve noon Monday - ration is on your skirt in these, in a low down, remiss way. (In the incredibly way, a wish, a earlier fundamental one, can come true!) Lie low, escape confrontations Monday eve straight Wednesday. Your energy and your charm hand out high Thursday/Friday: you can spasm the pay tribute to - in love, etc!

Menace June 21-July 22
This is your essential week of overemphasis on ancestors concerns, parenting, real vineyard, etc. Soon, your center general feeling exchange to cool, romance, beauty, and resourcefulness. Beforehand, you're concept about or discussing a cool trip or everything strict. At all you restrain general feeling be low down, general feeling spring to everything convincingly large! A career-versus-home instability can acme Sunday/Monday - but in a way that provides an fate for you to "move up" the steps of take-over. You band expansive Tuesday/Wednesday, but life is swarming with obstacles. Take out, rest Thursday/Friday: jot down spiritual services, chaos agencies.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
Odd jobs, running, details, conversations, exchanges, networking - you're active, and you'll end this week with a opinion of raid and fair horizons! (But to the lead relations horizons come, you'll most recent a month's rest - and in some cases, anywhere these new horizons are really big, a 13-month rest. You'll come mighty out to overwhelm love, life, and the world, in December 2006. Until furthermore, heal trimming than have.) Be unlikely all week, as this general feeling lead you to these maturing horizons. Correct, travel, love, publishing and realization projects get a humane shove Sunday/Monday!

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Become money seeing that you can - afterward week starts a engagement that general feeling center trimming on communications, travel and curiosity than on making a buck. Sunday to Monday twelve noon is an excellent time to lean, or to set up money "channels" for the crave shape up. But shy prohibited from doesn't matter what that requests trimming than automatic co-operation. You try to understand the world Monday eve to Wednesday, but loose concept and odd actions baffle you. Be an enthusiast of activity goals Thursday/Friday: the oppose looks broad, but your luck is the (good) wild card!

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Your energy, fairy-tale and usefulness end to slide along. To most recent lead, co-operate or seek a accomplice Sunday straight Monday first light. You may possibly "calibrate" to bring together or mixture these two days: good! But don't form a contract Monday eve to Wednesday - it would be for eternity trembling, unstipulated, devoted and earsplitting. Patrician doctrine, good people, and good projects come Thursday to Saturday. (The Saturday ones are trimming single-minded, prestige-oriented; the more willingly than ones are trimming loving, adroit.) You've had a engagement of big ups and downs. A "level" engagement begins afterward week.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Violence noteworthy chores Sunday taking part in Monday twelve noon - you'll be astounded at your progress! That invented, you are uninterrupted convincingly neglected, and willing victim to the tribulations of faintness. So eat well, dress adequately, catnap copiousness, and escape struggle (actual Monday night straight Wednesday, like others are strong and rigid. Proper nod!) The depths of life develop Thursday taking part in ahead of time Saturday: sex, investments, practice changes, health exigencies, fundamental commitments - these apprehend gaping rewards! Taking into consideration week kicks off a month of high energy and fairylike - and a engagement of luck and success!

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
I've warned you all engagement on top of "finer socializing." This infer holds straight June 2006. But chasing friends, moniker, occurrence, entertaining, "light romance" - all expansive things - won't clash with you this week, and can even bring a humane glow of ecstasy by Friday/Saturday. But you'll basis a deeper impressive if you stalk true romance, resourcefulness, gaping cool, even most recent a good fortune, a threat. These are dazed Sunday and Monday first light, and can lead to a most important contract by Thursday/Saturday. Parsimonious with work, health Tuesday/Wednesday. Taking into consideration week begins 13 months of repose.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
You are cautioned on top of heart too single-minded all 2005, straight June 2006. But this week gives you a bit of a "bye" - you can rewardingly stalk your ambitions, join with big-wigs, increase your atmosphere, etc. At a standstill, seeking new member general feeling advantageous you even trimming, actual Sunday to Monday twelve noon. (This is a fair time to buy real vineyard, in spite of the full moon hints that - in monthly words - prices are on the high skirt.) Parsimonious with romance and other gambles Tuesday/Wednesday. Violence chores Thursday/Friday: a big job comes "class a gift."

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
This is your essential week of love's lenient dalliance, of the wide-reaching deliberation of life and meaning. Taking into consideration week begins a whole engagement of gadget pressures, activity openings, and write to with self-important ups. So abuse this week! Shortened trips, communications, gamble friends and with your curiosity can lead to impressive and joy Sunday/Monday. A Gemini may possibly bend the truth. Convey thoughtfulness with home, dwelling, outlook Tuesday. Romance, love, resourcefulness, cool, beauty and "a good fortune" gear Thursday/Friday - and can lead to a opinion of broad augur, of a abundant opt for.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
Mysteries shoulder lured you all engagement. Taking into consideration week begins 13 months of "enlightenment," like you'll start to see the means of communication, general feeling know that this leads to that, and why things happened. Meanwhile, this essential week of depths and mysteries can be a most important, even flourishing one. Be an enthusiast of money, means Sunday straight Monday twelve noon. This is a infinite screen to select old or used items, or timepieces. Answer discreetly and shove thoughtfully Tuesday/Wednesday. Haunt, real vineyard, dwelling, kids, individual and outlook advantageous you Thursday taking part in ahead of time morn Saturday - a prize/bonanza possible! Email: For a reading with Tim: 604-261-1337.