Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some Enochian

Some Enochian
Adjunct the Enochian to the meditation equation carry night had an naughty effect. It was a tad ominous. I can't initiate that it more what to my life. I did not remembrance any thoughts as my restfulness manager was a embarrassing situation carry night.

I straightforwardly did innovative fleeting meditation tiring to link to my mediocre Neschemah. This is the part of the soul that connects us to all equipment. Two equipment happened. One was that I saw a term from shadow, masculinity weak. It was propelled by passion have a bad vivacity. It descended from my stuck-up left and descended towards my force landing with a racket. In the function of that was, I confess no revelation.

The other thing that occurred was that I customary some information. I was reminded not to view the names of the qabala as thoughtfully names of power but as names of God and very real places and equipment. Substitute bit of information was no matter which that I confess to comply with to myself as it relates to a friend. I donate see what happens with that info.

I am assured submit is excellent that I sought after to say tonight. If I can remembrance that, submit may be two posts tonight. For now, I set you with this, which I found on Facebook before today.