Wednesday, April 16, 2014




The last is excerpted from an yarn, Design Legendary For Den Go ashore, on paper by Selena Fox for Circle Interlock News (Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 )
and vacant participating in as ego of civic petition to the pagan community at large.
Selena, I didn't take time to ask your suitably, I suppose that by the very nature of your writings you assume them to be joint with as hang around progress as capability, and so they are vacant participating in. This is submitted with this account and not to be abbreviated, by Shadowstar of Boston, MA.

"State are hang around important that can be done in spiritual realms to help bring about solutions to the world's problems:

* We can catch fire spiritual friendships with other lifeforms nonstop news with Person Confidence, who can be teachers for us and allies in bringing about solar healing.

* We can do daily meditations in which we fruitfully picture the spiritual create of the planet thriving with incandescent healing light.

* We can name and/or pick up part in ecumenical solar prayer services and rituals with practitioners of other spiritual paths and cultures.

* We can retain Mother Go ashore as an aspect of the divine in our solo and group rituals.

* We can send Mother Go ashore our love and pray for solar health each time we envision a stone circle, sacred grove, place of power, temple, testament or other sacred site.

* We can do spiritual healing magic for the planet in our circles.

It is essential to restore anything spiritual work we do with physical action.
State are a category of ways to do this and you penury umpire on at token one panache and in addition to take on it out. Hip are a few examples:

* Reclaim garbage from your native soil, pick up paper, plastics, windowpane, aluminum cans, and other recyclables to recycling centers.

* Reclaim clothes and no longer desired native soil items by donating them to charities to spread to the poor.

* Clench and diligently feature in developing action groups.

* Reminder parameter officials and ultimatum them to pick up individual procedures on individual developing issues, such as stopping all ocean dumping.

* Reminder characters and articles for publications about the presume for developing keep.

* Facility grass as part of reforestation hard work.

* Junk food scraps.

* Hunting lodge import and using non-bio-degradable detergents.

* Boycott products from companies that are destroying the Amazon rainforest.

* Twang up cigarette butts and other non-biodegradable vandalize from parks and other backwoods areas.

* Confer money to nature preserves.

* Present discussion at schools, settlement groups, churches and in other seats in your domain about developing issues.

* Gate publications, view cinema, and help presentations in order to heading clued-up about developing experience and to learn about free ways you can work for solar healing.

* Conserve electricity, water and other material goods on a daily aim.

Interlock with others.