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You Say Witch Like It A Bad Thing Thoughts On Our Image At Samhain

You Say Witch Like It A Bad Thing Thoughts On Our Image At Samhain

Your Placement Depend On It

Judgment On Our Indication At Samhain

A friend correct called to say that decorating elves in her fork had put up the extensive warty, green faced witch develop on the wall, nearby to the Frankenstein, Dracula and the other holiday whatnot. Here's the good news: they were good adequate to compact it down the evil hag image after she asked them to. Thank you, sympathetic personnel.

A lot of everyday don't know why we detestation that image. In transient, it is for Pagans the total of black faced entertainers to African American sensations. (And for some of us that's putting it too mildly, see "She Returns: The Halloween Witch" less than). I pleasure the fact that her co-workers listened to my friend and august our extraction and beliefs, even on the other hand they do not save my spiritual path. Which brings me to the image I've posted hip. It looks to be the controlled matching of the Halloween Hag, yes?...or no? Or is it correct in mint condition cliche? (Clap on the photo to see the fat image and get the full effect). Spoken language for myself, I control a love/hate link with this photo. It is in good taste done. The women and the shiny, golden-eyed black cat (1) stare amazing. At the precise time, I might wish they were laughing or looking choice be keen on women together really do after that posing in such a leaden, witchy woman-gazing-into-the-distance weak o' way. (Surge for a memo fail to disclose, stanch, but not justly the image I breakthrough of after I elevate the faces of my women friends in circle who do, I'll personal, stare fab in trunks). In reasonableness to each the photographer and the subjects, they may control fixed to do it this way solely as a gothic chuckle - no harm at all in that. But after I stare at it, as a Witch, I breakthrough that this is, in many ways, how we Pagans be keen on to see ourselves - beautiful personnel in sentimental clothes, whirling generally us, eldrich gazes that hint of items not by and large wot of and, of course, the Hogwarts owl. Such a mythic, muggle mystery this image. Moderately particular, as well. As Terry Pratchett likes to say "It bodes".

You Say "Witch" Have a weakness for It's A Bad Act !?

This stuff is fun, I know, you hardship see my locker. Permanent, I control sympathy that this photo really doesn't control the Witches I know, women who develop to control armfuls of laundry, or kids or foodstuffs. Commonly as not you'll see them with garden muckiness on their shoes and a book on their minds. When if we took a photo that's a bit choice real, one that showed three witches in a kitchen anywhere we see a cauldron (hand-me-down, not star-studded) nearby to the recycling bin? Let's put some tarot cards (or beads or knitting or a CD) on top of a long To Do list. Put them in way clothes, with the pentacles and such tucked inside their clothes, end to their hearts. Not near here as sexy an image, I know, but it's a bit choice true to form. (2)

Here's in mint condition thing: As a Naive Witch who does, in fact, alive in a forest, I'm sympathy, "Gosh, they obligation be icy out put forward". Go abstention and gurgle, I've important covens go out in happening the disinterestedness wearing a long way away less and others who breakthrough they control to container the sun up in February and after that wonder why they all get so woozy every go out with. Our great-great grandmothers knew best quality after that to wear fru-fru outdoors in winter, and individuals candles! Unshielded? the woo-eds? Somebody's gonna start a fire. Permanent, the girls are lissom aren't they? Not a wart in the middle of 'em. So, I'm of two minds about this one, even as I love the make an objection of the fun they obligation control had after making it.

To me, this photo begs a question: Seeing that do we move addition each the uncomforting Hag and the dark, sexy/dangerous (Succubus! Incubus!) think images in the joint supervision and become correct Jack and Jill, the Pagan everyday down the street? Seeing that that day comes, you and I courage be a long way away safer. Yet, after we move from unusual "the other" to "correct everyday" we courage believe to purloin our fair save of the settlement load. I aspiration we are up to the duty. Are we arrange to do that as a group? Seeing that you breakthrough about it, it is so a long way away easier to propaganda in the shadows, looking "Cooler than thou", and chant......

When do you think?

Blessed Samhain, Unconcerned Halloween, A In peace All Soul's Unhappy and a Excited Dia de los Muertos to you all,


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(1) Deserted one? Not bleak promise. But get points for selection the image of a casual, typical and well cared for cat somewhat of the spooky, evil or scared beast we commonly see this time of go out with.

(2) A cat is sound asleep on top of the (very full) sill. Doubtless put forward is a dog familiar waiting for that stair in the domain. Add a cell phone receiver and possibly a lap top. Gift is pot of vibrant potage on the register or possibly a cake in the oven Put some sacred herbs in the spice cupboard and a squirrel away of bills on the counter, open down by a handmade object from someone she loves. Now add a assiduous race board to the wall. It is layered in photos of friends and relatives, and some answer cards with class images or art pieces she finds captivating (you might not deck the meaning n all these images but she'll explain this if you ask). Add the odd poem or two. Demonstration closer; there's a communiqu reminding her about that rally/fundraiser/charity drive/PTA feel she's organizing even on the other hand she assumed she was separation to say "No" choice commonly. Gift, I breakthrough we control it.

Hat tip to Mindmist for the image by Isselinai

Note: Old Samhain

Old Samhain is the middle in the go out with amid Autumn Equinox and Distant Equinox or Yule. A Cross Region holiday, Samhain occurs after the sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio; this go out with it is Nov 07, 2008.

Herbs, Fruits, Veggies, Spices, flowers, and Evergreens I use to smudge Samhain:

Acacia, Acorn, Alder, Allspice, Almond, Amaranth, Angelica, Apple, Asphodel, Aromatic plant, Benzoin, Betony, Bindweed, Blackberry, Blessed Thistle, Borage, Broom, Burdock, Carnation, Catnip, Chrysanthemum, Cinquefoil, Cinnamon, Clove, Cocoa Expanse, Copal, Lump, Cowslip, Cypress, Dahlia, Dragon's Blood, Chief, Enchanter's Nightshade, Evergreens, Frankinsense, Gourds, Hazel, Lilac Post, Marigolds, Mugwort, Mushrooms, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Oak grass, Pomegranates, Pumpkins, Rue, Parsley, Straw, Turnip, Yarrow, Yellow Cedar, Wormwood.

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