Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ancient Astronauts 1

Ancient Astronauts 1
The brand Overcast Astronauts theories are summarized, one or exceptional extraterrestrial intelligences were in the ahead of time days of mankind visited Realm and committed human civilization, or even put taking part in place. This is ofteninterpreted are acquiesce in more or less all cultures traditions of encounters with gods and other improve creatures as visits from extraterrestrial beings.

The infer is based on the stakeout assumptions:

ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Mayan, Andean, etc.). did not own up the knowledge to Have an adverse effect on some of theirconstruction or production;

elements of ancient texts proffer remnant of an extraterrestrial presence: some disguised symbols acquiesce onfrescoes indicate the ancient astronauts, other factors back for the UFO, or runways;

the aliens grasp committed the advance of civilizations, teaching Earthlings the gardening, the mail, etc..or by shifting the DNA to send human expand towards a exceptional rapid kind. Assert This Relates to the infer of rapid perplexing found in several religious aerobics or sects prefer the Raelian Rush around with theElohim, or in Jean Sendy, who Argued that the Bible mentions the homeland of the Designate (Elohim) came to Realm in their wheels of light ; major peoples, faced with the aliens, would grasp deliberate that they were gods.

According to Erich von Daniken, the Wares Fashion is a expound section of religious beliefs from a tribalculture faces a mechanically advanced civilization.

As part of this infer, the geoglyphs of Nazca, in Peru, are deliberate as a landing belt for aliens, or some sympathetic of observe sent by aliens to the literal population.

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