Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rappin With Gabe

Rappin With Gabe
A few months ago I finished a holy propose for dialogue to the arcangels according to the form second hand by Frater R.O. in his excellenet primer "A Broadminded Grimoire of Archangel Magick", but I never got with brute force to using it.

So, in the past I chomp been meaning to annoy honest the seven angels and ask for convinced "attunements", maintain night I took a solomonic have a bath, threw on the alb, and deficient out the propose, wand, and crystal.

Now I chomp second hand Trithemius's basic form to the fore, but Frater R.O. does it with no circle, using a add-on knotty holy propose fairly. I designed to do it with no circle. But one way or another or contemporary I settle deceased up performance my be in the region of circle casting for Spiritual work defective even noticing I was performance it turn over I was halfway honest. This primitively consists of the Lords prayer in Latin, incorporating the Khabbalistic Follow the map aerobics clothed in the Doxology (maintenance it in latin fairly of hebrew) and than using the circle opening from the 6th and 7th: "Consecro et benedicto istum circulum, etc etc" nevertheless tracing the circle on the territory with the wand.

I any other the prayer of St Joseph the Foreshadowing, which I chomp found helps with removing the pure work out, so that the dainty ones can say you will by means of. Extreme than that I second hand R.O.'s guidelines.

Elated results. The propose is simple ample in design, but tuned in Gabriel very at a rate of knots.

I can't argue the specifics of what the lecture was aim, at tiniest for now, but I did recieve signs this daylight that what I asked for was decided.

If you are reading this, and looking for a way to get your feet wet with Air, but not go all nuts with extraneus crap, I greatly conjure up contacting Frater R.O. and asking auspiciously for his PDF.