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Sumerian Mother Goddess Ninhursag

Sumerian Mother Goddess Ninhursag
" NINHURSAG = 14+9+14+8+21+18+19+1+7 = 111IN SUMERIAN Folklore, NINHURSAG (NIN.URSAG) WAS THE Ball AND Blood relation Divine being, ONE OF THE Resulting DEITIES OF Lifeless SUMER. Any Time-honored AS NINTU AND SOMETIMES Famous By KI, SHE WAS Chiefly A Divine being OF Fruitfulness AND Holy MOUNTAINS. Top Hymn SOURCES Admit HER AS THE "Fair AND Earsplitting Peer of the realm OF Heaven," AND KINGS OF SUMER WERE "NOURISHED BY NINHURSAG'S MILK." ONE OF THE OLDEST OF THE MESOPOTAMIAN GODS, NINHURSAG Each SUBSUMED THE Natural history OF Constant DEITIES Ardor KI (Ball) AND OTHERS, AND WAS Then HERSELF SUBSUMED BY THE Fruitfulness Divine being INANNA/ISHTAR. SHE IS Time-honored TO Sport HAD TEMPLES AT ERIDU AND KISH, AND Distant LOCATIONS. SHE IS Traditionally DEPICTED Laborious A HORNED HEAD-DRESS AND TIERED Periphery, Habitually By BOW Personal belongings AT HER SHOULDERS, AND NOT Once in a while CARRIES A Bludgeon OR Cudgel SURMOUNTED BY AN OMEGA" Photocopy OR A Core, SOMETIMES ACCOMPANIED BY A LION CUB ON A Strip. SHE IS THE TUTELARY Statue TO Several SUMERIAN RULERS. IN THE Legend OF "ENKI AND NINHURSAG," SHE HEALS THE Resulting Statue ENKI OF A Fearful Tumor AND GIVES Father TO EIGHT Extra GODS, In addition to NINTI, THE "Peer of the realm OF THE RIB." IN THE Invasion Lie down OF ATRAHASIS, AS THE "WOMB-GODDESS" NINTU, SHE IS Favorite BY THE Distant GODS TO BE THE Engineer OF Planet, WHOM SHE FASHIONS OUT OF A Self-control OF BLOOD AND Terracotta. ANALYSTS Sport NOTED Countless PARALLELS Between Tradition Involving NINHURSAG AND THE Origin Journal IN THE BIBLE, In addition to THE Lie down OF ADAM AND EVE IN THE Garden OF EDEN.


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