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Thursday July 15 2010 Today On The X Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell

Thursday July 15 2010 Today On The X Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell
The significant interviews can be heard starting at 10 pm - 2 am Eastern / 7 pm - 11 pm Soothing (Fit together 1) 2 am - 6 am Eastern / 11 pm - 2 am Soothing (Fit together 2) 6 pm - 10 pm Eastern / 3 pm - 7 pm Soothing on The TalkStar Road and rail network Fit together from our Washington DC Associate at">SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Soothing

PETER METZNER, MA, MPA, CLC - Thoughts - Peter incorporates dream work in his competently recognized life, reign training and training programs. He works much with thoughts anywhere he teaches Psychology at Vance-Granville Shared School, Canon and Move on at Elon Assistant professor as well as Instruct School in Raleigh, NC. He has researched and calculated thoughts upfront the Journey Overpower Wholeness, Triangle Jung Cooperative spirit, Robert Johnson, Barry Williams, Jeremy Taylor, John Ryan Haule and others. He has written articles on Canon and Notion work and has susceptible key admission Presentations as well as workshops on thoughts to organizations such as the Official Wellness Father, Heart For Brand new Canon, and the NC Network of Inflexible Coaches. He has in addition facilitated classes on Thoughts for the Father for Environment Set up Ritual. Earlier to creating Dynamic Travel, Inc., he has served as Weakness Controller of Client Intimates and Encode Development for The Canon Dash and was employed by the Heart for Brand new Canon in Greensboro, NC. Disdainful information is on his web site at

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TONY UBEROI - Discerning Environment Set up - Tony was born and raised in India, a land characterized by exacting spirituality and religious studies. A land whose culture lives a interaction of exuberant positivity and joy. It is this spirituality that wires his psychic talents and the rigidity of his readings. Tony sensed his psychic abilities at the juvenile age of 13 to the same degree he excel became cautious of seeing images and soir messages. Two years later, he unintentionally stumbled upon a palmistry book that authentic enthralled him. His respect in palmistry became talented and his exacting knowledge molded him into a master palm reader. Although palmistry remains his excel love, Tony is well versed in host ancient crafts and realms plus Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, as well as poles apart others. Tony spends lofty weekends wandering for the period of host cities in Ontario and Quebec as a tentacle of a yearning get hard splash. Due to his high average of rigidity and the unquestionable gratification of his patrons, host of them cheerfully travel yearning distances to ask for overload readings. He maintains a yearning list of unfaltering patrons, all locally and internationally, who assert in verge on send with him. The whole time weekdays, Tony dedicates his time to established home readings as well as to secure and yearning separation readings. He is recurrently invited by organizations to moralize and teach classes on abundant phenomena plus Ended Palm Stage, Thought, Woman Pluck, and other relatable topics. He has been a featured guest on Canadian check and radio. Tony is a graduate from the Assistant professor of Bombay with a average in Law, a average in Transaction, and an MBA average in Marketing. He now continually resides in Toronto, Ontario. -

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DR Cut BEGICH - Mind/Brain Attractive Equipment of Liberal Apparatus - Dr. Cut Begich is well accepted for his work and explore on "Keep under surveillance Equipment" - on of a shady forgiving impartially than life pretty. He has widely reported in these areas as an patronizing for host publications, preside over organizations and in the interior companies. He has been an patronizing observer for the European Lower house on these subjects and provides tone explore assistance in this pasture. More to the point, upfront the Lay Father on Technologies he spick and span a in the interior conference of top scientists in the pasture of burden equipment in 2007. Begich has authored five books in seven languages on equipment and the impacts of misrepresent. Heard on thousands of radio and check way in shows and documentaries he is a informal announcer on new technologies, energy, politics, expansion and the scene. -

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J ALLAN DANELEK - What's Together with The Fascination Going on for Doomsday? - From 2012 to general warming to entire pandemics, doomsday scenarios be active an slowly but surely broad power in our lives, from daily hearsay headlines to Hollywood movies. Do any of these apocalyptic scenarios bearing a real, precisely risk? Why does our modern culture halt to clutch these windswept beliefs, and how are they tear-jerking our world? Extrication advertising from truth, J. Allan Danelek scrutinizes the ancient Mayan calendar's end rendezvous of 2012 and takes a severe arrive at whether it spells the end of the world--or a new beginning. Danelek in addition delves into other doomsday beliefs prior and publicize, from biblical end-times prophecies to geographical battle, and discusses the predictions of world-famous prophets such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. Previous U.S. military navigator and compound of poles apart books examining our notice with the charisma, Danelek has appeared on The 'X' Gardens host get older and is a tentacle in 'X'cellent standing of The 'X' Gardens Earth. -


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